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The Fay Family
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Note to users of the Fayfamily site and those making inquiries:

With great sadness, the family of Linda Fay Kaufman would like to let you know that she passed away on March 30, 2009. We apologize for the delay in posting this note, as well as in finding someone to respond to your email inquiries. We will post current contact information as soon as we can. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

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Alphabetical Text Directory of Individual Line Additions to Orlin
Pedigree Text Directory of Individual Line Additions
Chronological Index of More Recent Additions sorted by Date Posted
Text Directory of Larger Groups and Families
The Irish Directory
Otis Converse Fay
(greatgrandfather of Linda Fay Kaufman)
some ancestral lines of Mary Alden, Linda's mother
Hannah Weston
Hannah Weston and the DAR
Hannah Dustin
RECENT ADDITIONS (November 2006)
Jedediah Fay and Caroline Roberts
and their descendants
Roxanna Fay and Daniel Fitch
and their descendants
Polly Fay and Almarin James
and their descendants
Eliza Fay, daughter of Elijah Brigham, and the Skadan Connection
Susan Sophia Fay and Vilas A. Preston
William Fay and Emeline Preston
Daniel Fay and Rachel Preston
Arvilla Fay and George Washington Preston
Cousins Farwell F. Fay and Beriah Fay
Ruth Fay 1807 - 1832
and her descendants
greatgranddaughter of Stephen Fay of Bennington
The Robinson Kin
The Robinson marriages of three of Stephen Fay's children:
Mary m. Moses Robinson; Sarah m. David Robinson; Benjamin m. Sarah Robinson
Charles L. Fay (1823 - 1905)
and his descendants
Deny thy father and refuse thy name....
'Tis but thy name that is my enemy....
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet....
What father and what birth name did he deny?
and more important why?
RECENT ADDITIONS (through July 2006)
Jane Fay (1834 - 1890)
and her descendants
Jasper Fay (1834 - 1890)
and his descendants
Jonas Fay (11/14/1768 - 10/30/1830)
and his descendants
Arnold Fay (born 1840)
and his descendants
Samuel Fay (6/17/1805 - 1/13/1779)
and his descendants, including Adeline Herrick Fay
Newton Mason Fay (born 6/25/1837)
and his descendants
Heman Allen Fay (1/12/1779 - 8/20/1865)
his descendants and his Cullum file
Lincoln Fay (5/9/1799 - 4/5/1897)
and his descendants
(modified and expanded)
RECENT ADDITIONS (through June 2006)
Edwin Fay (9/22/1794 - 10/1876)
and his descendants
Merritt Fay 1860
and his descendants
Adoniram Judson Fay (1831 - after 1910)
and his descendants
Nahum White Fay (3/15/1820 - 2/12/1895)
and his descendants
Barnabas Maynard Fay (7/27/1806 - 3/8/1885)
and his descendants
Jonathan Fay (4/28/1774 - 1/12/1837)
and his descendants
Thomas Fay (9/1/1795 - 4/28/1863)
and his descendants
Sally Fay (5/30/1776 - 9/9/1829)
and her descendants
William Augustus Fay (1810 - after 1880)
and his descendants
Jason Fay (1835 - before 1900)
and his descendants
Nathan Addison Fay (12/30/1818 - 6/17/1857)
and his descendants
RECENT ADDITIONS (February - May 2006)
Josiah Newton Fay
and his descendants
Collamer T. Fay
and his descendants
Ansel Asa Fay
his family
and a new mystery
Frank Hathaway Fay
his ancestors and his descendants
While the Fay Family website emphasizes those Fay lines descended from John Fay of Marlborough, other groups have been welcomed to this site. Irish guests can be reached through the Irish Guest Directory.
Elizabeth Fay
daughter of Daniel and Mary Crosby Fay
wife of Joseph Hunt
and her descendants
William Garland Fay
son of William Wirt Fay and Julia Griswold Phillips
and his family
Charles Jarvis Fay
son of Gilbert Otis Fay and Mary Jane Jarvis
and his family
RECENT ADDITIONS (November - December 2005)
Daughters of Nathan (son of Edward Revisited):
Betsy; Eunice; Polly and Millicent
and their descendants
Introducing another mystery, out of Pennsylvania
Joseph and Martha Fay
and their descendants
The Munger Connections: directory entrance into a large section
including Edward Revisited and other ties
Hungarian Cousins: aka Fay with Mayabb, Denton and Wellsted
Eva Frances Fay and Jay Earl Clough
Watson Fay: Five Men of this Name
Israel Fay 1815 - a Mystery and a Challenge
Josephine Fay
Charlotte Fay Foster
a mystery and its solution
   but who is Henry F. Fay, born 1797 in Vermont?
the answer: not Henry F. but rather Henry T.
HENRY T. FAY born 1797
son of Henry Fisk Fay and Betsy Talcott
great grandfather of Maud Amanda
January 2005, June 2005    
Henry Fisk Fay 1770 Henry T. Fay 1797
Henry Fisk Fay Probate Index
Daniel Merritt Fay 1828 Maud Amanda Fay 1878
Daniel Merritt Fay's Civil War Pension File Index
Partch and Ford Cousins
Ford Line of Descent Partch Line of Descent
Will of Ambrose Ford Biography of James Partch
Antique Photograph Album
belonging to Mary L. Fay, granddaughter of Benajah Fay
found in an antique shop and returned to the family
by the generosity of the finder
39 photographs, many identified
along with a revised line of descendants for Mary's father Joseph Mason Fay and Mary's uncle, Lyman J. Fay
November 16, 1929 - June 25, 2004
Richard (Dic) took over the Dave Fay Website (The John Fay Homepage) after Dave's sudden death, and held it until his own failing health prevented it. The site will continue to be linked to this one, but it will remain separate as a memorial to the two men, Dave Fay and Dic Carnes.
The two lines which are presented there with pictures, stories, memoirs and a great deal of detail, are also
shown here in an overview. Edgar Augustus Fay Eliphalet Rice Fay    
a mystery and its partial solution
   but who is Barbara Jean Fay? Can you help us find her family?
Birth Mysteries: Modern Adoptions
updated February 2005
North Carolina

Who is Levi Feay/Fay? a boatbuilder, born about 1783 in Maryland: a descendant of John? we think so; but there is a missing link.
February 2005    
Samuel Fay

Lury Ann Macomber Fay
"Can you help me find my father?"
Birth Mysteries: Early Scandals?
full directory available
expanded 2004      
several lines extended      
expanded 2004      
Jonathan Fay Nathan Fay 1772 Nathan Fay 1797
Daniel Fay William W. Fay Corydon Fay Joshua Fay
Royal Oaks Cemetery
Carleton Cemetery
Huron Cemetery
Deaths Obituaries Marriages Land Records Census Lists
Corydon Elijah Fay (1813 - 1875)
Michigan's lower peninsula was home for this branch of the family. It is not known when they arrived, but they were there in 1840. Eventually, this section will include the complete civil war pension file for Corydon's son, Corydon Jr., who died in 1874.
The Stone Bible
Betsey Fay and Moses Stone
found in an antique shop and returned to the family by the generosity of the finder
includes hand copied Scriptural passages

Downtown Auburn; from Hecht
Cayuga County, New York
Brigham Fay, Edwin Reed Fay, Fred Hollister Fay
including new material on Harold Van Vechten Fay
Eliza Fay and the Skadan Connection
expanded March 2004 and November 2006, includes annotated directory
Moses Fay (born 1740)(OPF #39)
A set of coincidences brought this large branch of the family into the site. Three of Moses' children are included by Orlin; the fourth, alluded to cryptically, has now been documented and his descendants listed.

John Fay, born 1755
John joined Col. S. B. Webb's regiment, Connecticut Line, in 1777. Later, after the law of 1818 was passed, John applied for a pension for himself and his wife. The full file, posted here, provides interesting insights into general procedure and John's specific situation.

"Flags to Color from the American Revolution"
(included by Randy Young)

Stafford Historical Society Museum
Edward Fay Revisited
Descendants of Edward Fay and Sarah Joslin
Orlin (page 229) has a lot of information about Edward, but some of it is incorrect. Edward moved from Marlborough to Stafford, CT, and the records of births and marriages were difficult to trace. A few additions and corrections can now be made. Included is a link to the descendancy of Edward's son David.
(expanded 6/18)
David Fay Revisited
Descendants of David Fay and Jane Ward
David and Jane had eight children.
Orlin shows descendants of one.
This is an attempt to collect information about the rest.
if you can add anything, please write!
son of
born in Wisconsin, entered the army from Indiana
First Lieutenant 395th Squadron 368th Fighter Bomber
Missing in Action on Jun 14 1944 in Normandy, France
Purple Heart Medal    Air Medal    Distinguished Flying Cross
please send any information to [email protected]
about 1000 new people, documents, photographs, discussions, Canadian and US census material--check it out!
ALVAH FAY, son of Josiah, son of Thomas
with additional material about other sons of Josiah
Under Construction
Anna Maria Fay
Victorian Days in England
originally published in 1923
now available as reprint with additional material
Click here for information
MOSES son of GERSHOM:     Fay Oliver Conley and Orlin P. Fay
Moses and His Ancestry

Moses and His Descendants
Pension File added November 2002
Three new branches
Two new mysteries
New family photographs
Now Searchable: Click Here!Orlin P. Fay, "John of Marlborough"
Look here for a list of some additions and revisions
For the townships of Grafton, Southborough, and Westborough
a selection of Census Records and Cemetery Records
Index Index
See indices for more complete listings

New Branches!!
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(Twenty nine new branches as of June 2002)
Major Offsite Fay Links
Gilbert Park Fay
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Dr. Fay Perry Greene Jr.
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Ken and Susan Barbi's site:
Fay photographs, documentation and background for this NH branch
onsite search engine
(new address for this site 2/2005)
Laura Greene's site
celebrating hundreds of years
of family history reflected in diaries, letters and photographs
Little did John Fay know, as he stepped off the Speedwell in 1656 to embark on a new adventure in a new land, that his descendants would be so numerous, or that, starting in Massachusetts, they would spread to so many parts of the New World, or, indeed, that they would be so interested in HIS life and doings.
But we, who are descended from this man, are interested, and we are trying now to trace our roots and map our lines of descent from him. In addition, we are discovering other cousins and other branches of Fays and, indeed, other cousins who spell their names in other ways. There are other colonial American lines, several Irish, English and German lines, and a line from Vermont which has yet to be connected. A great deal of research has been done and much of this is reported on the net.

This Fay Family site is trying to gather different strands and weave them together so that all of us engaged in this same search can find and give information. It includes the material put on the original Fay website, as well as material found elsewhere on the web and contributions from family members. For example, the following section includes links to several different websites containing important information about various family groups.
Genealogy is often compared to the creation of a jigsaw puzzle: the finding of one missing piece often can lead to the solution of a whole section of the puzzle. Here are some "bits and pieces" which I have gathered from the net.
The Speedwell's Passenger List
is now available here in image and transcription
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