The Fay Family: Research Puzzles

Research Mysteries and Puzzles
Since the text below was first written, the name of the mother of the baby has been found.
Her name was Barbara Jean Fay.
Barbara Jean Fay came from North Carolina. She worked at Sears in Miami.
Does anyone know who Barbara Jean was, and who her parents or her sister were?
August 20, 1966

Coral Gables (Miami, Florida)

Doctor's Hospital (now called Health South Doctor's Hospital)

Fay Girl Born
A young woman, 19 years old, with blond-reddish hair and blue eyes, height 5'3" and weight about 125, had a baby girl. Her last name was probably FAY, since the baby was referred to as "The Fay Baby." The father of the baby had completed two years of college and was in business with his father. He had three sisters and one brother. He was 23 in 1966. He wore reading glasses, and he may have had dark hair and eyes, because the baby girl did.

The woman had moved from a "Mid-Atlantic" state to Miami to live with her sister and find work. Her family did not know about her pregnancy and she didn't want them to know. In January of the next year (1967), she was still in Miami, was a secretary at a major department store.

The Fay baby was adopted. Now she is 36 and would like to find out more about her biological roots. In Florida, adoption records are sealed by law regardless of your age. It is one of the toughest states in which to trace an adoption. The only right an adoptee has in Florida is to request "non-identifying information," from the state. The woman has done this, and the information above is taken from this "non-identifying" material and from a couple of other things that her adoptive parents had.

She has searched all the usual sources: Hospital; Lawyer; Newspapers; Telephone Books: a few searches are still underway, but most have come up against brick walls.

This quest is being posted here in the hope that one of our extended Fay family will see this, and will be able to help us further in this search. If you know anything about this, or have any ideas that could be checked out, please let me know. I will send it on to her immediately.

email if you can help!
June 2002