The Fay Family: Genealogies: Josiah and Alvah Fay

These pages are really a group effort. Special thanks to:
Susan Montierth who provided the original book and encouragement
Michael Fay whose insistance on details supplied much that would have been lost
Lynn Waterman for her copious supply of documents and discussion
Brenda Wilson Birch, who, although not of this line, provided Canadian source material
All who provided photographs
All the others who have contributed to establishing this line.
Josiah Fay (b. 1787) of Vermont
Alvah Fay of Canada East
And their Descendants
Orlin P. Fay follows this family down to Thomas and Jemima:

Samuel (10/11/1673 - 11/10/1732) m. Tabitha Ward (b. 5/16/1675)

Jeduthan (OPF 13)(6/7/1707 - ?) son of Samuel; m. Sarah Shattuck (12/27/1719 - ?)

Thomas (11/23/1755 - 1/31/1837) son of Jeduthan m. Mina [Jemima] Garfield

Thus, according to Orlin, Jeduthan's "children had Shattuck, Brigham, Ward and Fay blood, all good stock."

Thomas Fay (11/23/1755 - 1/31/1837) was born in Westboro, MA. He and Jemima Garfield (2/2/1751 - 3/23/1824) were married March 10, 1782, in Grafton, MA. Then within a few years, they moved their growing family to Reading, Vermont.

After Jemima's death on March 23, 1824, Thomas married Lydia Hosmer (m. 4/6/1833).

The births of 8 children are recorded:

Roxy Fay (10/18/1783 - ?)
Mime (Jemima) Fay (9/12/1785 - ?) m. 11/29/1807 Joseph Philbrook
Josiah Fay (9/9/1787 - ?)
Cyrus Pollard Fay (9/25/1789 - 3/25/1815)
Avery Thomas Fay (1/10/1792 - 1/14/1862)(died in the poorhouse)
Ebenezer Manley Fay (4/13/1794) m - Philbrick/Philbrook
John Hiram Fay (7/9/1796 - ?)
Daniel Franklin Fay (3/24/1799 - 4/8/1833)
Daniel Franklin stayed in Vermont; his line can be followed here.
Mime Fay Philbrook also stayed in Vermont. In 1850, she appears in the census with Joseph Philbrick (double spelling.)
Cyrus died early.
Avery appears in 1850 in Vermont, apparently in some kind of detention facility since 1845; this MAY be the poorhouse where he died. The 1850 census calls him Avery C. and says that he was born in Ireland, but the Ireland has been erased partly, and it seems that this is indeed Avery Thomas.
Roxy, Ebenezer and John remain puzzles at the moment.
Josiah was born in Reading, Vermont, about 1787; he is said to have died in Minnesota about 1853, although it has not been possible so far to obtain evidence for this. When Josiah was about 18, he married a woman named Experience. It is not known exactly where he was married; his name does not appear in a list of marriages from Reading. He was probably married about 1804, although it might have been a bit earlier. He and Experience moved to Canada East at a very early date. Josiah must have been among the first settlers of Missisquoi, Quebec. All of his children were born in Canada, not far over the Vermont border.
Josiah and Experience had a large family. The 1831 census record shows them with 6 children living at home; Alvah and Israel have already established their own households.
1831 Census of Lower Canada - Sutton    Reel # 6 C-722
Houses inhabited:			1
Concession number:			4
Name of Head of Household:		Fay, Josiah
Trade, Occupation or Profession:	Farmer
Total Inmates:				8
Male 5 yrs. and under:			1	[Leonard]
Male 5 yrs. but not 14yrs:		2	[missing two boys]
Male Single 14 - 18yrs:			2	[Elisha; Josiah Jr.]
Male 18 but not 21yrs			X
Married Male: 21 but not 30 yrs. 	X
Married Male: 30 but not 60 yrs:	1	[Josiah Sr.]
60yrs and up:				X
Female Under 14yrs:			X
Female Single: 14 but not 45 yrs:	1	[missing one girl]
Married Female: 14 but not 45 yrs:	1	[Experience]	
Married Female 45 & up:			X
It can be said with confidence that Josiah Jr., Leonard, and Alvah are sons of Josiah. It is believed that Israel and Elisha are also his sons. Israel appears in the 1831 census in a separate household, but he has not been found in 1851. Elisha, on the other hand, does appear in 1851 and in later documentation. If I am correct, then a partial list of children would read:
Alvah 1805
Israel 1809
Josiah Jr. 1815
Elisha 1816
Leonard 1829
Circumstantial evidence can be found not only in ages and proximity, but also in the naming patterns. Josiah's line includes: Israel, Elisha, Melvina, John; Leonard's line includes Leonard, John; Alvah's line includes Leonard, Melvina; Elisha's first daughter has the name of his mother, Experience, and another daughter is named Melvina. In itself not sufficient, but supporting evidence.
This list also makes it clear that we have not found ALL of the children of Josiah and Experience. At least two boys and one girl have not been named.
Israel is a neighbor of Josiah. He is between 21 and 29, thus born between 1802 and 1810. He probably married at age 18; he has one daughter under five. A reasonable estimate for his birth date is 1809 (making him 22 in 1831). Living with him is a male 18 to 20. Who is this? It could be a brother, it could be a farm laborer. We do not yet find Israel after this.
1831 Census of Lower Canada - Dunham    Reel # 6 C-722
Houses inhabited:			1	
Concession number:			5	
Name of Head of Household:		Fay, Israll	
Trade, Occupation or Profession:	Farmer	
Total Inmates:				4	
5yrs. and under:			1	
5 yrs. but not 14yrs:			X	
Single 14 - 18yrs:			X	
18 but not 21yrs			1	
21 but not 30yrs married		1	
Married Male: 30 but not 60yrs:		X	
60yrs and up:				X	
Female Under 14yrs:			1	
Married Female: 14 but not 45yrs:	1	
Married Female 45 & up:			X	
Josiah (Jr.) born about 1815 in Canada, married Anna Mariah Bates, who was born about 1809 in Canada. Josiah was a farmer. See census evidence and discussion.

Elizabeth Experience born about 1841
  +William Wilkinson born about 1838
		[no further information found]
Milton Clark born about 1843
Lucy Ann born about 1845
  +George Shutles born about 1851
Israel M. born September 21, 1846
  +Emy born November 1863
		Edwin B. born May 1887
		  +Ethel B. born about 1883
		Leslie J. born April 1892
		  +Christina J. Wold  born about 1908
		Ralph born January 1897
Elisha Frank or Frank Elisha born January 1851
  +Minna born October 1859 in Canada
		Eve born about 1878 in MN
		Ralph Earl born July 1882
		  +Lottie E.   born about 1886  
			Elsie L. born about 1906
			  +Almquist, Theodore  born about 1902
			Blair F.  born about 1908 
			  +Madeline  born about 1908
			John E.  born about 1917
			Marjorie L.  born about 1924
		Floyd H. born March 26 1888
		  +Reena Call
		Clifford S. born May 17 1893
		  +Brenda G.
			Gladys E. born March 1915
John H. born about 1853
Melvina L. born 1/1855
  +Myron Call born 5/1853
		Myrtle F. Call born 6/1878
		  +Frederick M. Chase
			Eugene L. Chase born about 1905
1851 Census of Sutton
Range 9 - Lot # 5 - 60 acres

Elisha Fay, farmer, b. Canada, married, 37 ys.
Juliet Fay, b. US, 37 ys.
Candis Fay, b. Canada, single, 16 ys.
Elizabeth A. Fay, b. Canada, 13 ys.
Malvina C. Fay, b. Canada, 12 ys.
Margret Fay, b. Canada, 9 ys.
Ann Jane Fay, b. Canada, 7 ys.
Leonard D. Fay born about 1829, married Sarah, who was born about 1834. Leonard was a hotel keeper in 1880, living in Canton, Fillmore, Minnesota. While Leonard and Sarah, and their first child Louisa, were born in Canada, the other children were all born in Minnesota. See census evidence and discussion.
     		Laura Louisa Fay	b: 1851	
     		Sophia Fay	b: 1858	
     		Alma Fay	b: 9/1859	
     		Milton Fay	b: 10/1868	
     		Guy Fay	b: 5/1870	
     		N. C. Fay	b: 1872	
     		Effie Fay	b: 1873	
     		Leonard Herbert Fay	b: 8/1877  d: 8/9/1929
     		+Mary Agnes Busse	b: 1877	
            		Everett Clair Fay	b: 12/23/1909  d: 9/21/1992
            		+Eunice Miller		
                   		Thomas Everett Fay	
                          		Cindy Lynette Fay		
                          		Christopher Keene Fay		
                          		Andrea Vanessa Fay		
                   		John Leonard Fay	
                   		Donald Michael Fay	
                   		Karla Jean Fay	
                   		+Charles Warner
                          		Megan Fay Warner
            		Melville A. Fay	b: 1917	
                   		Patrick Fay		
                   		Dennis Fay		
                   		Gary Fay		
                   		Victoria Fay		
                   		Jean Fay		
     		John Adelbert Fay	b: 10/10/1878  d: 5/30/1968
     		+Sophia J. Sween	b: 9/19/1890  d: 9/9/1974
            		Leonard J. Fay	b: 1915	
            		Lester Adelbert Fay	b: 3/13/1916	
            		Leland E. Fay	b: 2/5/1918	
            		Francis T. Fay	b: 1922	
            		Marion V. Fay	b: 1930
Alvah, Josiah's son, went north with his father and brothers, married Augusta Ellis, and remained in Canada East for several years. All of his children were born in there. It was not until 1853 that he traveled from there to Wisconsin, and then to Minnesota. His branch has spread out from there.
In 1986, a woman named Floy C. Fletcher, of Taylor, Nebraska, put out in binder form the results of her studies of Alvah's descendants. In compiling FAY: Family History 1805 - 1986, she had "the purpose of keeping some of the history of the Alvah and Augusta (Ellis) Fay Family, my great-great-grandparents." By posting it here, I hope to add to the ever growing knowledge of the Fay family.
In reading the biographies written by Floy and the short notes attached to many of the individuals, one frequently encounters the words "sodhouse" and "dugout." A search for these terms brought up a site, Websteader: Pioneer Sod Houses, c. 1880 - 2001, that should be consulted by anyone who wants to know the history of such dwellings or their method of construction. The photo below is taken from that site.

Biographies, Maps, and Census
Nathan Ellis Fay
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Uriah and Elnora Fay Bromwich
Walford N. Fay
Albert and Cynthia Fay
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William Charles Fay
Donna Madora Fay Taylor Harvey
Moses, son of Alvah: Census Evidence
Josiah Fay, Jr., son of Josiah, brother of Alvah
Leonard D. Fay, son of Josiah, brother of Alvah
Leonard D. Fay, son of Alvah
Photographs of Alvah's Group
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Marriage Certificates
Land and Other Significant Documents
1860 Canada East
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