The Fay Family: Arnold Fay (1840 - 1907)

Arnold Fay (born 1840)
And his Descendants
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Bennington and Vermont Directory
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Orlin's Biography of Arnold
John Fay

John (OPF #2) (11/30/1669 - 1/5/1747) son of John and Mary Brigham

Stephen (OPF #35) (5/5/1715? - 5/17/1781) son of John and Elizabeth Wellington

John (OPF #117) (12/23/1734 - 8/16/1777) son of Stephen and Ruth Child

Nathan (OPF #592) (11/15/1760 - 2/18/1838) son of John and Mary Fisk

Nathan (OPF #1737) (1/22/1791 - 8/17/1873) son of Nathan and Mary Safford

Arnold (OPF #3003) (3/4/1840 - 3/17/1907) son of Nathan and Mary Colby
Arnold is first seen with his family in 1850. Although the quality of the census is poor, Arnold is listed. Orlin says that Nathan had nine children, but there are more listed in 1850.
In 1860, Arnold is studying in New York, and living with his brother Harry C., and Harry's wife Nancy and child Lillie. Not long after this, Arnold enlisted as a Sergeant on 10 September 1862 at the age of 22. He was mustered out in Washington, D.C. on 7/14/1865. He returned home; and was married 10/10/1866.
The year 1870 finds Arnold and Helen living in Milton, Chittenden County, Vermont; they will remain there through 1900. Note that their household consists of four people: Arnold; Hellen; Herbert Rice; and Esther Ravine. There is no child in the household.
Living in the household in 1880 are A. C. (Arnold); Hellen M.; Carrie Griggs, a servant; and Mary Fay, daughter, a child of 10. This is the Mary who married Frank Page, and who on the census of 1900 reported her birthday as November 1869. This date would agree with her 1880 age of 10. But if this is all true, where was she in 1870? She is not reported with Arnold and Hellen. Was she there and just not reported? she would have been several months old by the time of the census of 1870.
There is one other piece of information to add to the census information. There is a book that gives the history of the Webster family from a very early date on. It is called "History and Genealogy of Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut" by William Holcomb Webster and Rev. Melville Reuben Webster. In that book appears this: " 3. Helen Maria Webster, b. Nov. 15, 1840, m. Oct. 10, 1866, Captain Arnold C. Fay, a farmer. She d. July 11,1881, at Milton, Vt. The end." Each person's entry seems to be marked with "The end" when the authors reached the end of the LINE. Other entries, where the person is still living at the time of publication, are not so marked. Does this mean that the authors of the book did not know of a continuation of the Webster line through Helen Maria? Or does it mean that there WAS no continuation? The failure to mention Mary does lead to further questions.