Introduction: A Fay Family Bible
"Information Taken from the
(Courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Johnson)"
"This Bible was originally the property of Stephen Fay and the record of himself and wife, and their children, entered by him.

It descended from him to his youngest son, David Fay, and given by him to his nephew and grandson of Stephen Fay; Samuel Fay, who retained it in his possession until his death, which occurred in the 93 year of his age.

In the year 1866, it passed entirely from the family and came into my possession March 3, 1888, when I found much of the Record missing and which I replaced according to my best knowledge.
(signed) Margaret H. Fay Brown"

Sheet 1 of 11 - The Record of the Age of Stephen Fay and Ruth Child, his Wife.

Sheet 2 of 11 - Continued Record of children born to Stephen Fay and Ruth Child, his Wife.

Sheet 3 of 11 - Deaths

Sheet 4 of 11 - A Record of Benjamin Fay and Sarah his wife.

Sheet 5 of 11 - John Fay, Eldest son of Stephen Fay and Ruth his wife.

Sheet 6 of 11 - The history of "John Fay, Grandfather, and Elizabeth Fay, Grandmother"

Sheet 7 of 11 - Introduction

Sheet 8 of 11 sheets - Copy of a letter by Peter Fay

Sheet 9 of 11 sheets - Capt. Stephen Fay

Sheet 10 of 11 sheets - Misc. dates

Sheet 11 of 11 sheets - Vital statistics 1802-1906

Family Bibles often provide a great deal of information that would otherwise have been lost. This Fay Bible was probably started somewhere between 1733 (the time of Stephen's marriage) and 1761 (the birth of the last child). The Bible pictured below comes from the next century; it was published in 1859 and started almost immediately. The Bible contains pages, bound between the Old and New Testaments, specifically designed for the recording of marriages, births, and deaths. This Bible has provided the paradigm for the following pages.