The Fay Family: Charles Jarvis Fay

Charles Jarvis Fay (born 8/26/1871)
John Fay
John Fay II (OPF #2) (11/10/1669 - 1/5/1747) son of John and Mary Brigham
John Fay (OPF #25) (12/5/1700 - 11/10/1732) son of John II and Elizabeth Wellington
Jonathan Fay (OPF #60) (11/21/1724 - 3/3/1800) son of John and Hannah Child
David (OPF #131) (12/9/1756 - 12/23/1827) son of Jonathan and Joanna Phillips
Otis Fay (OPF #824) (1/29/1782 - 3/9/1853) son of David and Patience Harvey
Gilbert Fay (OPF page 68) (5/2/1803 - 10/27/1835) son of Otis and Mary Morse
Gilbert Otis Fay (OPF page 68) (11/8/1834 - 2/18/1910) son of Gilbert and Clarissa Walker
Charles Jarvis Fay (OPF page 68) (born 8/26/1871) son of Gilbert Otis and Mary Jane Jarvis
According to this short biography, Gilbert Otis' first wife, Adelia, died in 1866 without children; and he married Mary Jane in 1869. Elizabeth, the older of the two children born to Gilbert and Mary Jane, was born May 1870 (according to the census of 1870 and that of 1900). In the census of 1870, however, and the census of 1880, there is another child; and Orlin mentions Charles Jarvis and TWO daughters. The missing child is Adelia C. Fay, who was 3 in 1870, and 13 in 1880. Adelia Fay was born November 1866, and Adelia Allen died in January 1867. Mary Jane had 2 children only (census of 1900). For the rest of Adelia Fay's story, see below.
1870, Columbus, Franklin, OH
1880, Columbus, Franklin, OH
Adelia is listed as a teacher at the Deaf and Dumb Asylum by the Columbus, Ohio Directories, 1887-92. By 1900, Gilbert and Mary Jane have moved to Hartford, Connecticut, and Elizabeth is with them. Adelia was married in 1898 (see below) and was with her husband in Rochester, N.Y.
1900, Hartford, Hartford, CT
I don't see Charles Jarvis in the census of 1900; in 1910 he and Emily are in Richmond. That census was taken in April; Charles and Emily's first child was to be born in June. In 1930 the family is in Manhattan.
1930, Manhattan, New York, NY
8  Gilbert Otis Fay  b: 11/8/1834
...+Adelia Clara Allen  b: 5/6/1838  m: 8/25/1863  d: 1/11/1867
.....9  Adelia C. Fay  b: 11/1866  d: 1931
........+Zenas Freeman Westervelt  b: 1849  m: abt.1898  d: 2/17/1918
Adelia was Westervelt's second wife. His first wife, Mary Nodine, had helped him found the Rochester School for the Deaf, and was active in it with him until her death on 1/6/1893. Adelia Fay, raised in Ohio during her father's leadership of the Ohio Institute for the Deaf, and having herself been a teacher there, was a perfect match for Zenas, and they were married about 1898. Adelia was active in the Rochester School as teacher and helper. She and Zenas had no children, and after Zenas' death, Adelia became an 'inmate' at Brigham Hall, a Hospital for the Insane. The censuses of 1920 and 1930 find her there.
...+Mary Jane Jarvis  b: 9/9/1833  m: 4/14/1869  d: 3/15/1903
.....9  Elizabeth Fay  b: 5/1870
.....9  Charles Jarvis Fay  b: 8/26/1871  d: after 1933
........+Emily Bartlett Ives  m: 6/26/1909
..........10  John Gilbert Fay, Sr.  b: 6/10/1910  d: 12/1/2000
................11  John Gilbert Fay, Jr.  b: 9/12/1943  d: 5/23/1988
......................12  John Gilbert Fay III  b: 9/12/1971
............................13  Patrick Isaac Fay  b: 1/26/2006
..........10  Jane Ely Fay  b: 11/20/1911
..........10  Charles Jarvis, Jr. Fay  b: 2/12/1914
..........10  Elizabeth Ives Fay  b: 7/8/1916
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