The Fay Family: Genealogies: Moses Fay

Moses Fay, son of Gershom
And his Descendants
His Descendants: Overview
John of Marlborough

Gershom (10/19/1681-11/24/1720) m. Mary Brigham

Gershom (OPF #3) (9/17/1703-4/7/1784) m. Hannah Oakes

Gershom (OPF #16) (3/30/1729-?) m. Dinah Newton

Orlin lists 8 children for Gershom, including "6 Moses, b. June 18, 1761."
At the back of the book, on page 416, one finds:
The following is a record of a Moses Fay, who is said to have come from England, and whose ancestry has not been traced. He is said to have lived near Boston, Mass., served through the War of the Revolution, married, and resided in Hinsdale, near Olean, N.Y. 5 sons, b. there."
THIS Moses is Moses the son of Gershom. This identification will be discussed below. Continuing then with the line of descent as Orlin has it:
Moses Fay (6/18/1761-3/11/1842) m. 10/6/1785 Mary Hager (12/2/1761-aft 11/1843)

Lambert Fay (betw 1786 and 1790 to before 1880) m. Abigail Stafford

George B. W. Fay (ca 1812-btw. 1870 and 1880) m. ca. 1832 Nancy Otis (d. before 1870)

Maria Fanny Fay (2/20/1837-10/5/1900) m. 10/28/1860 John Conley (12/4/1836-4/5/1901)

George Conley (1/26/1863 - 10/25/1935) m. 10/17/1886 Jennie Troyer (2/13/1863-5/25/1965)

Fay Oliver Conley (3/28/1889)
This is the same line of descent proclaimed by Fay Oliver Conley as published in Sons & Daughters of Pilgrims, Vol III, pp. 295-296.

What Fay has done is to provide convincing evidence for the identification of the Moses on page 416 with the Moses on page 333, son of Gershom.

Fay was an ardent genealogist and member of several genealogical groups, and is not likely to have made mistakes in his own line. See the more complete discussion in connection with the genealogical article published by Fay Conley and other pages in this group. For a more complete look at the full pension file # W21086 that confirms the identies, click here.
Subject: Fay (Fred) O. Conley
Mr. Fay (Fred) O. Conley - 4869 Ridgewood Rd., Gull Lake, Richland, native of Barry County and resident of Detroit and Richland, Mich., passed away Tuesday Oct. 13, (1981). Born in Barry County, Maple Grove Township, March 28, 1899, Mr. Conley was a descendant of one of the oldest families in the country, with ancestors traced back to Mayflower immigrants in 1620. He was the founder and first president and distinguished member of the Society of Plastic Engineers, Inc. was a charter member of the Plastic Pioneers Assoc., a member (distinguished) of the Automotive Organization Team (formerly Automative Old Timers). He assisted Louis Chevrolet in the production of the first production model of the Chevrolet car. He was senior member of the Engineering Society of Detroit. Member of the Sons of the American Revolution and other automotive, genealogical and hereditary societies, as well as benevolent clubs such as the Boys Club of Detroit, Elks Club, etc. Genealogy was his principal hobby and he successfully traced his ancestry back to Charlemagne. His only survivors are Polly, his wife of 33 years, (no children), and nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the Truesdale Farley Colonial Chapel, Richland from 7 to 9 p.m., Friday. Devotional rosary to be recited at 8 p.m., Friday, Oct. 16. Mass of the Resurrection will be celebrated on Saturday, Oct. 17 at 11 a.m. at St. Ann Catholic Church, East DE Ave., Gull Lake. Interment will be at Lakeview Cemetery, Nashville, Mich.
Kalamazoo Gazette 14 Oct 1981 (Submitted by volunteer)(Ardis J Pierce)
CONLEY , Fay O (81)
Death Date: 13 October 81 Birth Date: 28 March 89
Gender: Male Residence: Prairieville, Barry, Michigan
Place of Death: Prairieville, Barry, Michigan
Conley, Fay Oliver 1889-
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Fay appears as a child of 10 with his parents in Wise, Isabella Co., Michigan, in 1900.
Vital Records of Westborough, Births:
Moses, s. Garsham Jr. and Dinah, June 18, 1761.

Vital Records of Shrewsbury, Marriages:
Moses of Bennington, Vt., and Mary Hagar, int. March 17, 1785.

Vital Records of Watertown, Births, Children of William Hagar and Mary Warren:
Mary Hagar, 12/2/1761
Sarah Hagar, 10/31/1753

Note that while Mary married Moses, her sister Sarah married Timothy, Moses' brother on May 6, 1777, in Shrewsbury. There is a slight discrepancy in dates for Mary and Moses. The Vital Records of Shrewsbury records the intentions on March 17; but in a formal attest that Mary signed in connection with Moses' pension, she declares that the date of her marriage was October 6.

Once we have established the line, we can continue it down and add to Orlin's material. Click here for further discussion of the line of Moses, son of Gershom, and for material from the census used to trace and fill out our knowledge. But there are two more questions: why does Orlin not make the identification himself? And what is the explanation of the duplicated autobiographical material? Orlin was the greatgrandson of Joseph; Moses was the son of Gershom; Joseph and Gershom were brothers. Orlin was the first cousin twice removed of Moses. Why didn't he know? see the more complete discussion in connection with the genealogical article published by Fay Conley.