The Fay Family: Daniel Bishop Fay and Ellery Channing Fay

Vermont Directory
From: Carleton, Hon. Hiram,
Vol. I, pp.9f.
The Fay family, which has been represented in the seventh, eighth and ninth generations, respectively, by John, Fay, Daniel Bishop Fay and Ellery Channing Fay, who became prrominent in the public affairs of the commonwealth, had its origin in David Fay (1), who came from England and settled at Sudbury, Massachusetts, probably about 1650. His family came later.
John (2), son of David, came to America in 1656, when eight years of age, and located at Marlboro, Massachusetts. In 1668 he married Mary Brigham, who bore him four children, of wohm John was the oldest. He became the father of four other children by a second marriage, and he died December 5, 1690.
John (3), son of John, was born in Marlboro, Massachusetts, November 30, 1669, and died January 5, 1747, aged seventy-eight years. He married Elizabeth Wellington, and they became the parents of ten children.
Stephen (4), son of John, was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, May 5, 1715, and died May 17, 1781. He removed to Bennington, Vermont, where he kept the most noted tavern in that part of the state. It was called the Catamount Hotel, and was the headquarters of the American officers at the time of the battle of Bennington. Stephen Fay was the father of eleven children; one of his daughters became the wife of Governor Moses Robinson, and another was married to General David Robinson.
John (5), son of Stephen, was born December 23, 1734, and he was killed in the battle of Bennington, August 16, 1777. His wife, who was Mary Fisk, died fifteen days later. They were the parents of eight children.
Nathan (6), son of John, was born in Bennington, November 15, 1760, and died February 18, 1838. His home was at Richmond, Vermont, from the time when he was eight years old. He was the father of ten children.
John (7), son of Nathan, was born in Richmond, Vermont, July 31, 1783, and died in Williston. He was a farmer by occupation, and represented his town in the legislature. He married Polly Bishop, a daughter of Daniel and Edith (Steel) Bishop, of Jericho, Vermont, and to them were born the following named children: Roswell B., who married Ann Cutler, of Richmond, and to whom were born five children; Electa, who became the wife of Reed Brown, of Williston, and bore him seven children; Roxana, who became the wife of Cory Thompson, of Jericho, and to whom were born five children; Daniel Bishop, named further hereinafter; Julius, who married Susan Swift, of Monkton, and afterward Georgiana Livingston, of Burlington, each of whom bore him a child; Ransom, who died at the age of nineteen years; Hiram John, who married Hester Morton, of Williston, and to whom were born five children; and Edith, who became the wife of John Whitcomb, of Williston, to whom she bore one child.
Daniel Bishop Fay (8), second son and fourth child of John, was born in Richmond, Vermont, July 8, 1819. He was educated in the common schools of his native village. He was a farmer by occupation, and a man of strong traits of character, upright and enterprising. He represented Williston in the legislature in 1864, when he served on the mileage and debenture committees, and in 1865, when he was a member of the committee on agriculture. He was a Universalist in religious belief. December 31, 1843, he married Amelia M. Taylor, who was born January 9, 1825, a daughter of Brimage and Miriam (Taplin) Taylor, of Williston. Of this marriage were born three children: Ransom T., born October 4, 1844, who was a soldier during the Civil war, serving in Company E, First Vermont Cavalry Regiment; Odella A., born April 28, 1865, and who was married to Clayton J. Wright, of Williston, October 2, 1890; and Ellery Channing Fay.
Ellery Channing Fay (9), only surviving son of Daniel Bishop Fay, was born August 10, 1846, in Williston, Vermont. He was afforded an excellent English education, beginning in the common school, and then taking an advanced course in the Williston Academy under the preceptorship of the scholarly Professor Cilley. From 1872 to 1877 he was engaged in mercantile business. In 1877 he removed to Jericho and purchased the farm when he now resides, and gives his attention to the management of his landed and other interests.
He is numbered among the most active and progressive citizens of his county, and he has labored industriously to promote its interests in industrial, educational and social lines. He has occupied numerous local offfices. In 1890 he represented Jericho in the legislature, and served as chairman of the committee on agriculture. In 1898 he was elected from Chittenden county to a seat in the state senate, and served as chairman of the committee on printing, and on the general committee. During his legislative terms he made a most creditable record, known as a most industrious and capable member, and entirely devoted to the furtherance of the well-being of his county and the state.
Mr. Fay was married January 10, 1868, to Miss Louise Wright, bortn June 8, 1847, a daughter of Smith and Clarissa (Loggins) Wright, of Williston. Three children were born of this marriage: Herbert Ransom, born January 21, 1869, and died July 1, 1885; Ellery Wright, born May 16, 1887; and Josephie Louise, born February 5, 1889. The mother of these children died January 13, 1900. Mr. Fay was married October 30, 1901, to Miss Melissa Hapgood, born August 31, 1861, a daughter of John and Deborah (Blair) Hapgood, of Jonesville.