The Fay Family: Ephraim Brigham Fay (1764 - 1814)

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Fay Burials in Fort Hill Cemetery
Auburn Cousins: Ward, Reed, Van Vechten
The following information is included with many thanks to Bob Merritt and E. Hutson
of the Fort Hill Cemetery Association for website details and private communications. Burial details and locations for cousin burials can be found at the Fort Hill Cemetery site.
Both Mr. Merritt and Ms Hutson have helped me a lot in tracing this family.
There are several groups of burials. These are: the Mausoleum (Ridgeland 1); Forest Lawn; North Side; Ridgeland 37 (down the hill from the Mausoleum); Greenwood; Mount Hope.
(This list may not be complete. Dates are date of death)
Edwin R. Fay / Jane Maria Van Vechten Fay / Frederick Hollister Fay / Charles R. Fay
The mausoleum provides a resting place for Edwin Reed Fay, died January 1, 1930, and his wife Jane Maria, died 8/3/1906. It was completed in October 1907 by Edwin. There are ten places in the Mausoleum; of these, four are occupied according to the cemetery records. With Edwin and Jane are their sons Fred Hollister, died January 26, 1926, and Charles R., died August 13, 1930. The burial of Charles' wife Harriet Adams Fay, who was still living in June of 1930, is not listed in the records. The grave of Flora Ward Fay, Fred's wife, is in another area of the cemetery; she lies in North Side, beside her son Dudley. Her adamant refusal to be buried near Fred, expressed in very strong terms, has been passed down to us (see, for example, Auburn's Fort Hill Cemetery, by Lydia J. Rosell, page 60.
These photographs, and all on this
page, were taken by Bob Merritt
and used with permission

Dudley Ward Fay / Aimee Bartens Fay / Caroline Van Vechten Fay / Flora Ward Fay
Dudley, Fred's and Flora's oldest son, died January 25, 1973, and his wife Aimee, died April 27, 1981. Close to them, Caroline Van Vechten Fay, stillborn February 22, 1925. Flora, mother of Dudley, is buried here in accordance with her wishes (see above).
Brigham Fay / Joanna Reed Fay / Adele M. Fay / George R. Fay
The lot in Forest Lawn contains 15 graves. It was purchased by James W. Fay and Shubal Cottle, James' father in law. Sone of the graves were never used or else didn't have stones. The Fay monument marks four burials. In grave #1 is Joanna Reed Fay, born October 8, 1802 and died February 28, 1894 at the age of 91. In grave #2 is Brigham Fay, born July 5, 1796 and died August 6, 1846 at the age of 50. According to the cemetery records, Brigham was removed from the North St. Cemetery and reburied at Fort Hill which opened in 1851.
On the east side of the stone are listed George R. Fay, born March 6, 1857 and died August 31, 1873 16 yrs old. and Adele M. Fay born July 1, 1851 died April 12, 1852. These are the children of James W. and Elizabeth Cottle Fay. At the time of their birth and death, James and his family were living in Illinois, but he brought the children home to Auburn. James may have planned to be buried here with Elizabeth. Since there are unmarked graves in the lot, it may be that he does lie here.
Also on this lot are buried Delia Wyer, 1826-1896, Rebecca Sager, wife of Shubael Cottle, 1798-1891, Shubael Cottle, 1792-1864, Frederick M. Cottle, 1834-1888, Sarah Cottle, 1836-1890 and Shubael Cottle, 1839-1887 On the Cottle monument are the following readings: William H. Cottle, 1821-1851 and Frederick W. Cottle, 1823-1825.
Hilem Fay / Olive M. Fay
In the section called Ridgeland, several hundred yards downhill from the Mausoleum, is a lot listed to J. S. Elliott and Clark Mastin, purchased in May 11, 1867.
Hilem Fay, died age 90 February 4, 1935 and Olive M. Fay, his wife, age 82, died April 12, 1929, are both buried on this lot.
Also on the lot are several Elliotts and Mastins. Research has clearly indicated that Olive M. Fay was the daughter of Clark Mastin; she appears in his household in 1850 in Auburn. [The maiden name given in Orlin is wrong, but it is easy to see how that mistake was made.]
Edmund B. Fay / Mary Jane Fay / Edmund B. Fay / Clarence Fay
Originally listed as "Edward B. Fay" on the roster, the headstone itself is clear: this is Edmund B. Fay, son of Anson Fay. Edmund and Mary Jane Lester, his wife, are buried here. Edmund died on July 18, 1888; Mary Jane on January 25, 1906; Edmund on October 1, 1861, in childhood. There is no stone for the younger Edmund. The roster lists him as "Edward B.", but the Hughes book calls him "E. Frank." It would be easy to mistake a "B" for an "F"; my guess is that he was "Edmund Franklin" or "Edmund Francis."
Clarence Fay, died July 18, 1876, is a mystery. I think he is another son of Edmund who died in infancy. There is no stone for him at present.
Walter C. Fay
Walter C. Fay, died August 12, 1891, is a mystery. We know of two Walters in the lines; Walter S. was the son of James W. and Elizabeth Cottle. But he was alive until after 1900. Walter L. was the son of Edmund B. and Mary Jane Lester. He also was alive until 1910. Perhaps when we establish date of birth for Walter C., we can identify him.