The Fay Family: Daniel Franklin Fay

Daniel Franklin Fay (1789 - 1833) of Vermont
And his Descendants
Orlin P. Fay follows this family down to Thomas and Jemima:

Samuel (10/11/1673 - 11/10/1732) m. Tabitha Ward (b. 5/16/1675)

Jeduthan (OPF 13)(6/7/1707 - ?) son of Samuel; m. Sarah Shattuck (12/27/1719 - ?)

Thomas (11/23/1755 - 1/31/1837) son of Jeduthan m. Mina [Jemima] Garfield

Thus, according to Orlin, Jeduthan's "children had Shattuck, Brigham, Ward and Fay blood, all good stock."

Thomas Fay (11/23/1755 - 1/31/1837) was born in Westboro, MA. He and Jemima Garfield (2/2/1751 - 3/23/1824) were married March 10, 1782, in Grafton, MA. Then within a few years, they moved their growing family to Reading, Vermont.

After Jemima's death on March 23, 1824, Thomas married Lydia Hosmer (m. 4/6/1833).

The births of 8 children are recorded:

Roxy Fay(10/18/1783 - ?)
Mime (Jemima) Fay(9/12/1785 - ?)
Josiah Fay(9/9/1787 - ?)
Cyrus Pollard Fay9/25/1789 - 3/25/1815)
Avery Thomas Fay(1/10/1792 - 1/14/1862)
Ebenezer Manley Fay(4/13/1794)
John Hiram Fay(7/9/1796 - ?)
Daniel Franklin Fay(3/24/1799 - 4/8/1833)
+Betsey Newtonm: 3/23/1824(8/12/1804 - 4/12/1874)
1831 Map of Vermont (Anthony Finley)
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Daniel Franklin Fay was born at Reading, Vermont, on March 24, 1789. On March 23, 1825, he married Betsey Newton in Reading. She was born August 12, 1804, the daughter of Samuel & Hannah (Holt) Newton. The Newton ancestry is well documented.

After Daniel's suicide on April 8, 1833, Betsey married again. Her second husband (m. 12/13/1846) was Thomas J. Emery (her brother-in-law, & widower of her sister, Maria Newton). Betsey died at Reading on April 12, 1874 (age 69).
Descendants of Daniel Franklin Fay
Contributed by Joe Hanley
2Nathan Holt Fay(10/21/1825 - 10/5/1845)
2Hiram Silvester Fay(3/20/1827 - 11/15/1910)
+Carolyn Burnhamm: 6/8/1860(1843 - 1/27/1898)
3Vernon Sylvester Fay(10/15/1860 - 12/23/1943)
+Delia M. Lanem. 9/25/1887
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3Winfield Fay (5/9/1862 - ?)
3Donald M. Fay(9/23/1863 - ?)
3Dayton Marshall Fay(7/7/1865 - ?)
+Sophronia Wheeler
3Erwin A. Fay (6/16/1867 - 8/16/1878)
3Carolyn E. Fay(1/19/1869 - 7/8/1951)
+Ernest Allenm: 1/1/1890(6/24/1864 - 6/23/1904)
4Irene Eliza Nellie Allen(10/18/1890 - ?)
+Frank N. Kingm: 7/12/1910(11/21/1869 - 2/27/1938)
4Alfred Scott Allen(3/3/1893 - 11/10/1926)
+Mabel Flora Sanders m: 11/10/1915 (10/15/1892 - 4/8/1944)
*2nd Husband of Carolyn E. Fay:
+George Clark m: 6/6/1911 (11/6/1868 - 12/13/1954)
3Bertha Fay(4/10/1871 - ?)
3Etta M. Fay(4/18/1872 - ?)
+Clarence L. Daileym: 3/9/1892
3Leula L. Fay(10/7/1873 - ?)
3Mary S. Fay(2/14/1874 - ?)
3Flora Fay(4/19/1878 - 5/16/1878)
3Gary Hiram Fay(8/7/1880 - ?)
2Roxanna Sophronia Fay(12/31/1829 - ?)
+Chauncey White
2Daniel Marshall Fay(4/19/1830 - 1/7/1882)
+Sarah Louise Bigelowm: 5/22/1850(1/1/1833 - 5/1911)
3Sarah J. Fay (3/23/1851 - ?)
+Simon Roby
3Viroqua O. Fay(5/14/1853 - 8/17/1876)
+George F. Castle
3Charles Henry Fay(9/24/1855)
+Lydia J. Wassm: 4/27/1879
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3Hattie N. Fay(6/19/1857)
+Alexander P. Colvinm: 11/20/1881)
3Anita L. Fay (1/15/1876)
2Mary Ann Fay (4/20/1832 - 5/27/1907)
+[1] Anson Wheelerm: 5/12/1850(11/1821 - 2/24/1859)
3Eugene F. Wheeler (ABT 1851 - 10/29/1854)
3Stauton F. Wheeler(1855 - 1930)
+Lucy A. Hughes(? - 1920)
3Lilla Belle Wheeler(6/1858 - ?)
+Almon Adams
3Sophronia Wheeler
+Dayton Marshall Fay(7/7/1865 - ?)
+[2] Asa H. Popem: 1866
Vernon Sylvester Fay

Delia M. Lane
Vernon Sylvester Fay was born October 18, 1859 in Reading, Vermont to Hiram S. Fay and Carolyn M. Burnham. Vernon was the oldest of twelve children: Winfield, Don, Dayton, Erwin, Carolyn, Bertha, Etta, Leula, Mary, Flora, and Gary. Vernon operated a trucking business delivering goods, first in horse-drawn wagons, and later in large trucks. In the early years, Vernon’s company 'V.S. Fay Trucking' was known for its teams of 6 white and 8 black horses. The picture above shows Vernon tending his work-horses. Vernon married Delia M. Lane on September 25, 1887 in Fitchburg, MA. Vernon died December 23, 1943 in Fitchburg, MA.

Delia M. Lane was born March 25, 1863 in Ashburnham, MA to Milton Lane and Mary Parkhurst. Delia was the youngest child, and had two sisters, Ella M. Lane (b. September 10, 1855) and Hattie P. Lane (b. December 16, 1857) and one brother, Genery M. Lane (b. October 19, 1860). Delia attended the exclusive prep school, Cushing Academy, which is located in Ashburnham, MA. Delia died suddenly on April 08, 1928, at the family home at 30 Berry Street in Fitchburg, MA. An interesting note toward the accuracy of civil records, is the listing of Delia’s parents on her death record as Leonard and Lucy Lane. This information was provided by Vernon Fay, Delia’s husband. Leonard and Lucy turn out to be Delia’s Uncle and Aunt, with Delia’s real parents having died when she was quite young. Delia’s mother Mary Parkhurst Lane died when Delia was 7 months old, and her father Milton died when Delia was 13 years old. This Lane family is included in the published genealogy entitled Lane Genealogies, Volume III, compiled by James Hill Fitts in 1902.
Royal Vernon Fay

Yvonne-Marie Girouard
Royal Vernon Fay was born June 11, 1896, in Fitchburg, MA to Vernon Sylvester Fay and Delia M. Lane. Roy grew up in the Fitchburg area, with his sister Elsie and brother Leon. Roy worked as a truckman and later in life a part owner in a restaurant. Roy enlisted in the U.S. Army and fought overseas in World War I. Roy was active in Veterans’ groups and marched in his uniform in the yearly veteran’s parades. Roy was known as an avid hunter and fisherman, a lot of outdoor gear was left behind when he passed away April 04, 1973 in Boston, MA. Roy is buried in the Forrest Hills Cemetery, Fitchburg, MA next to his wife Yvonne and parents Vernon and Delia. A government veteran’s grave marker is also there listing: ‘Royal Vernon Fay, Massachusetts, CPL. U.S. Army, World War 1’.

Yvonne Marie Girouard was born November 18, 1900 to Irenee Girouard and Euphemia Le Blanc. Yvonne was one of nine children: Lionel Girouard, Francis Girouard who married ?, Clement J. Girouard who married Stephanie (Pasierb), Alice Girouard who married Levi Collette, Marie A. (Babe) Girouard who married Morris Lyanaisse, M. Anne Girouard (1911-1996) who married Carl Shallenmuller (1909-1987), Ester Girouard who married Jim Leach, and Alfred J. Girouard who married Tensy. Yvonne’s family was very much involved in St. Cecilia’s Church in Leominster, MA and Yvonne attended the parish school. Yvonne modeled occasionally and lived in New York City for several years working in this trade. Yvonne was involved in an automobile accident in Fitchburg, MA in 1966, where she is believed to have been stopped in a car, and struck from behind by a delivery truck. Yvonne succumbed to head and neck injuries several months later on September 28, 1967. Yvonne’s sister Anne is buried next to their parents in Leominster, MA.

Pierre Girouard runs a geneaological site for the Girouard family, and has created a website that allows us to backtrack eight generations from Yvonne Girouard. The web address for Yvonne’s web site is: Family: Royal Vernon Fay and Yvonne-Marie Girouard.
Dorothy June Fay

Wilbur Alden Turcott
Dorothy June Fay was born January 25, 1921, in Fitchburg, MA to Royal Vernon Fay and Yvonne Marie Girouard. Dorothy was an only child and grew up in Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. When ‘Dotty’ was about 10 years old, she went to New York City to live with her mother - who was pursuing her modeling career there. Dotty recalls roller-skating in the vast city parks near where she lived in the ‘Big Apple’. After a few years, they returned to the Fitchburg area and Dotty later graduated from Fitchburg High School. Dotty married Wilbur Alden Turcott on September 05, 1941. Dorothy and Wilbur had 5 children: Yvonne, William, George, Charles, and Darlene.

The photo above is of my grandmother Dorothy with her grandmother, Delia M. Lane, wife of Vernon Sylvester Fay, in Leominster, MA - photo taken @ 1925.

Below is a photo of Dorothy June Fay with her father Royal Vernon Fay.