The Fay Family: Henry Fisk Fay (born 1770): Probate Index

Henry Fisk Fay (1770 - 1818)
Probate Records, Chittenden Probate District
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There are six sections of the Probate Records containing direct references to the estate of Henry Fay of Richmond. Below are short summaries of each of the sections, with links to those sections which have so far been transcribed and posted. I am indebted to a Vermont researcher, Alice Eichholz, Ph.D., CG, of "New Trails!,", for her extremely valuable work in finding and obtaining these records for me, as well as providing the following summaries. Any errors in the summaries or transcriptions are mine.
Section 1, Film #1663 - Vol. 7 p. 344-8 (not yet transcribed)
Henry Fay estate probated 19 Jan 1819. Attachments include appointment of administrators (James Talcott and widow Betsey Fay), commissioners of claims and inventory.
Section 2: Film #1663, Vol. 8, pp. 393-8 (transcribed)
Guardianships for Jonathan and Louisa, minors over age 14 on 15 Jan 1821 to John Fay of Richmond. Guardianship for Laura Ann Fay over 14 years 16 Jan 1821 to John Fay of Richmond. Claims on the estate.
Section 3: Film #1664, Vol. 9, pp. 182-3 (transcribed)
Guardianships for David Fay, Nathan Fay, Mary Fay and Jerusha Caroline Fay, minors (under age 14) April 1822 to Betsey Fay (widow) of Richmond.
Authorisation to sell real estate valued at $150.
Section 4, Film 1664, Vol. 9 -- 202-3, not transcribed
21 May 1822 - License to sell Henry Fay real estate reports that part of estate sold to Artemas Flagg and Henry T. Fay [ It is clearly a "T."] to pay off some debts. The return under the license indicates gives bounds of the two pieces of land that had been part of the farm on which the deceased Henry Fay lived.
Section 5: Film 1664, Vol. 10 p. 15-16 (transcribed)
18 Nov 1823 - Henry Fay, guardian to Nathan, Mary, and Jerusha Fay, all minor children under age 14 of Henry Fay, late of Richmond; Henry Fay gave $3000 bond for guardianship with John Fay surety.
Section 6: Film 1664, Vol 10, pp. 190-8 (transcribed)
4 May 1824 - Maria Fay of Williston, one of the heirs of Henry Fay of Richmond filed a petition to have the estate divided to the heirs in the state and those legal representatives of those not in the state;
7 June 1824 - Henry (also called Henry T.) Fay from out of state has interest in the estate and appoints John Fay of Richmond to represent his interest. David Fay, from out of state - has an interest in the estate and appoints Harry Fay of Richmond to represent his interest
21 March 1825 - division of estate of 151+ acres to: Henry T. Fay, David Fay, Nathan Fay, Mary Fay, Jerusha C. Fay, Jonathan Fay, John Lyman [purchased from Betsey], S. Maria Fay, Laura Ann Fay