The Fay Family: Irish Guest Directory

While the Fay Family website emphasizes those Fay lines descended from John Fay of Marlborough, there have been other Fay (or Fahy or Feay) groups who have been welcomed to this site, as well as Fay "Cousins" who are connected to the Fay family in one way or other. This small directory has been created to introduce some guests who came from Ireland and reached America at varying times.
James and Bridget, Patrick and Phoebe
Patrick and Mary, son Frank L.
Michael and Margaret, sons James, Patrick, John, Michael
Margaret L. Fay Lentz
Patrick and Rosanna, children Ellen and Frederick
Thomas and Bridget, seven children
Patrick and Mary, children Peter, Martin, Emma, grandson Daniel P.
John and Mary, children Thomas, Matthew, Francis, ggrandson Charles F., Jr.
Michael and Mary, son Michael, grandson John Edward
William and Bridget, son Philip, granddaughter Maud Fay
Patrick and Mary (Riley), son Miles, grandsons Patrick, Miles, Thomas Sidney
Thomas and Bridget (Feeny), son John Francis, gson John Francis, ggson John Francis
John and Ann, son Bernard, gson John Francis, ggson John Francis
Nicholas and Ann (Gill), sons Nicholas (13 children), John, Patrick
The Ellis Island website is well known to those searching for immigrant ancestors. Not so well known is a new site, Castle Garden: America's First Immigration Center. The Ellis Island records arrivals from 1892 to 1924; the Castle Garden site records arrivals from 1830 to 1892. The Ellis Island site has copies of the ship manifests, whereas the Castle Garden site just has a list of transcriptions of name/occupation/age/date of arrival/origin/ship. Asking for all Fay immigrants just for the period 1830 through 1870 results in 822 names; among these, Patrick 39, Michael 25, Thomas 19, Bridget 30, Mary 84, Catherine 24, John 65, James 31. And this does not cover the variant spellings such as Fahy (another 664). One needs patience and some starting information.