The Fay Family: Genealogies: Josiah Fay, Jr., brother of Leonard and Alvah

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Census information for Josiah Fay, Jr., brother of Leonard and Alvah
Josiah (Jr.) born about 1815 in Canada, married Anna Mariah Bates, who was born about 1809 in Canada. Josiah was a farmer. He and Anna had at least 6 children. It is probable that there were other children whose names we do not know. Anna was about 32 at the birth of Elizabeth, the first child of whom we know, and that would have been old for a first child.

Mistakes made by the census taker in 1860 have made it a bit more difficult to be certain about this family, for example, the date of their return to the States. The 1860 census locates the birth of the youngest child, Melvina, in Minnesota. However, in every census from then on, Melvina is said to have been born in Canada. And on the 1900 census for Frank and the 1920 for Melvina, the date of entry is given as 1856. Thus the evidence is in favor of 1856.

Below is a summary of the information I have found:

Elizabeth Experience born about 1839
  +William Wilkinson born about 1838
		[no further information found]

Milton Clark born about 1843

Lucy Ann born about 1845
  +George Shutles born about 1851

Israel M. born September 21, 1846
  +Emy born November 1863
		Edwin B. born May 1887
		  +Ethel B. born about 1883
		Leslie J. born April 1892
		  +Christina J. Wold  born about 1908
		Ralph born January 1897

Elisha Frank or Frank Elisha born January 1851
  +Minna born October 1859 in Canada
		Eve born about 1878 in MN
		Ralph Earl born July 1882
		  +Lottie E.   born about 1886  
			Elsie L. born about 1906
			  +Almquist, Theodore  born about 1902
			Blair F.  born about 1908 
			  +Madeline  born about 1908
			John E.  born about 1917
			Marjorie L.  born about 1924
		Floyd H. born March 26 1888
		  +Reena Call
		Clifford S. born May 17 1893
		  +Brenda G.
			Gladys E. born March 1915

John H. born about 1853

Melvina L. born 1/1855
  +Myron Call born 5/1853
		Myrtle F. Call born 6/1878
		  +Frederick M. Chase
			Eugene L. Chase born about 1905
1831 Census of Lower Canada - Sutton    Reel # 6 C-722
Houses inhabited:			1
Concession number:			4
Name of Head of Household:		Fay, Josiah
Trade, Occupation or Profession:	Farmer
Total Inmates:				8
Male 5 yrs. and under:			1	[Leonard]
Male 5 yrs. but not 14yrs:		2	[missing two boys]
Male Single 14 - 18yrs:			2	[Elisha; Josiah Jr.]
Male 18 but not 21yrs			X
Married Male: 21 but not 30 yrs. 	X
Married Male: 30 but not 60 yrs:	1	[Josiah Sr.]
60yrs and up:				X
Female Under 14yrs:			X
Female Single: 14 but not 45 yrs:	1	[missing one girl]
Married Female: 14 but not 45 yrs:	1	[Experience]	
Married Female 45 & up:			X
1851 Census of Dunham Twp. - District 1

Range 4 - Lot # part of 14 -15 - 175 acres
Josiah Fay, farmer, b. US, married, 68ys. [1783]
Experience Fay, b. Canada, married, 64ys. [1787]
Josiah Fay, laborer, b. Canada, married, 39ys. [1812]
Anna M. Fay, b. US, married, 44ys. [1807]
Elizabeth E. Fay, b. Canada, 12ys. [1839]
Milton C. Fay, b. Canada, 10ys. [1841]
Lucy Ann Fay, b. Canada, 8ys. [1843]
Israel M. Fay, b. Canada, 6ys. 1845]
Elisha F. Fay, b. Canada, 1yr. [1850]
Josiah apparently settled right away in Canton, Fillmore County, MN. In 1860, he is 45; Mariah's name is spelled with the "h"; she is 50. Five children are listed: Clark, Lucy, Israel, Elisha; Elizabeth. Elisha's middle name was Frank or Franklin; sometimes he is found as Elisha, sometimes as Frank and twice as Elisha F.
There are two interesting things to notice here. First, an entry for a son, John, age 17. Where was he in 1860? He would have been 6 or 7. He is not recorded with another family in Canton. He is still with the family in 1880. Was he simply overlooked in 1860, or was he visiting someone?
Mariah is called "Annie" (her full name was Anna Mariah Bates) and Elizabeth is called "Melvina."
By 1880, Frank has married Minnie Sprague, probably about 1877 (judging by age of first child). His household now includes two of his brothers, Israel and John, and it includes his mother Mariah (here Maria), listed as widow. Josiah Jr. must have died sometime between 1870 and 1880.

There is no sign of Clark.
Census Place:	Canton, Fillmore, Minnesota
Source:	FHL Film 1254619  National Archives Film T9-0619  Page 254A
	Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
Frank FAY	Self	M	M	W	29	CAN
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Minna FAY	Wife	F	M	W	21	CAN
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: ---	Mo: ---
Eve FAY	Dau	F	S	W	2	MN
			Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Israel FAY	Brother	M	S	W	32	CAN
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
John FAY	Brother	M	S	W	26	CAN
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Maria FAY	Mother	F	W	W	72	CAN
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Lucy is married to George Shutles and lives close by.
Census Place:	Canton, Fillmore, Minnesota
Source:	FHL Film 1254619  National Archives Film T9-0619  Page 254A
	Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
George SHUTLES	Self	M	M	W	29	WI
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: NY	Mo: NY
Lucy SHUTLES	Wife	F	M	W	34	CAN
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Melvina and Myron Call are living in Canton.
Census Place:	Canton, Fillmore, Minnesota
Source:	FHL Film 1254619  National Archives Film T9-0619  Page 257D
	Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
Myron CALL	Self	M	M	W	28	VT
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: VT	Mo: VT
Melvina CALL	Wife	F	M	W	25	CAN
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Mytie CALL	Dau	F	S	W	1	MN
			Fa: VT	Mo: VT
In 1900, Frank is still in Minnesota, but he has moved to Otter Tail Co, Western Township. He is using the name Elisha F. this time. His date of birth is given as January 1851; Minnie was born October 1859. They have had four children, and all four are living. With them are Earl, Floyd, and Clifford. Eve is not here; I assume she has married.
It was more difficult to find Israel. The index shows a "L. M. Fay" living in Canton in 1900. Although at first this seems not to be one of this group, a closer examination of the handwritten census page itself makes it clear that the first initial is NOT an "L" but rather an "I". With the other birth data, it is clear this is indeed Israel. He was born September 1846, and married Emy about 1885. Emy was born November 1863. They have three children, Edwin, born May 1887, Leslie, born April 1892, and Ralph, born January 1897.
The 1920 census shows us the kids out on their own. Floyd, Frank's son, is farming in Lilacs, Hill County, Montana. He is married to Reena Call; her parents, Harrison F. Call and Anne E. Call, are living with them.

Floyd returned to Minnesota at some point; for he died in Minnesota on May 31, 1951.
Clifford is in Western Township, Otter Tail County, MN, where his father was in 1900. He is married to Brenda G., and they have one daughter, Gladys E., who is 4 years and 10 months old. The census was taken in January, placing her birth in or very close to March of 1915. Clifford was born May 17, 1893 (MN birth record). That same record gives his wife's name as "Blonda" but I do not see that in the census. What I see is "Branda" and I am intrepreting it as "Brenda".
In 1920, there is an entry for a Fay group in Evergreen, Becker County, MN. The index lists "Rslyz" but this is one of the few cases where the index is just plain wrong. The name is pretty clearly "Ralph E." He is married with three children, Elsie, Blair and John.
In 1930, R[alph] Earl has moved to Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI. and two of his children, Elsie and Blair, have married.