The Fay Family: Genealogies: Leonard D. Fay, son of Alvah Fay

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Census information for Leonard D. Fay (born 1845), son of Alvah
In 1860, Leonard is a 15 year old, living with his parents Alvah and Augusta, in Trenton, Dodge County, Wisconsin.
In 1870, Leonard is still in Alvah's household in Carlston, Freeborn County, MN. Now, however, he seems to be married. There is a Mary J., age 20, living with the family. Mary J. was born in PA. It can be concluded with some certainty that this is Leonard's wife Mary Jane. With Nathan Ellis, Augusta's father, and Hannah Ellis, Augusta's sister, as well as daughters Hannah and Emmogene, this is a multigenerational household.
By 1880, Leonard and Mary have set up their own household in Walnut Lake, MN, and have four children. The search for the names and dates of birth of the children of Leonard and Mary J. well illustrates both the power of the census and its limits. If one looks only at the 1880 census, one gets four names: Irene, age 8, born about 1872; Ella M., a daughter, age 5, born about 1875; Fred, age 3, born about 1877, and Luella, age 1, born about 1879.

In 1900, we learn that Mary J. had 8 children. At this point, five are living with their parents in Oregon, and for these, we now have a date of birth: Frederick Jan 1879; Charles C Sept 1880; Ethel May 1883; George April 1889; Earl May 1891. Luella is working as a servant in Granite Falls, Chippewa, MN. She was born in November of 1879. Missing are Irene and Ella. We assume they are married, and we do not know their last names.

Moving then to the 1920, we learn that "Ella" was really "Ellis", for Ellis is now back with his parents in Oregon. We also see Charles, George and Earl; and Luella has rejoined the family.

Looking back at 1900, we do find "Ellis" Fay, working on the railroad in Oregon. Only Irene is still missing.

Summing up what we know of the children, we get:

Irene about 1872
Ellis January 1876
Frederick Jan 1879
Luella November 1879
Charles C Sept 1880
Ethel May 1883
George April 1889
Earl May 1891
Census Place:	Walnut Lake, Faribault, Minnesota
Source:	FHL Film 1254618  National Archives Film T9-0618  Page 34A
	Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
Leonard FAY	Self	M	M	W	36	CAN.E.
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: NY	Mo: NY
Mary J. FAY	Wife	F	M	W	32	PA
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: PA	Mo: IRE
Irene FAY	Dau	F	S	W	8	MN
	Occ:	At School	Fa: CAN. E.	Mo: PA
Ella M. FAY	Dau	F	S	W	5	MN
	Occ:	At School	Fa: CAN. E.	Mo: PA
Fred FAY	Son	M	S	W	3	MN
			Fa: CAN. E.	Mo: PA
Luella FAY	Dau	F	S	W	1	MN
			Fa: CAN. E.	Mo: PA
In 1900, Leonard is in Oregon, North Grants Pass Precinct, Josephine County. Son Ellis is in Douglas County, Oregon, working on the Railroad. (he born MN, Father Canada, Mother PA). Daughter Luella is in Minnesota still, live in servant (born MN, Father Canada, mother IL).[The census takers, and perhaps the individuals, have trouble with the mother's state of birth.]
1920 finds Leonard still in Oregon, in Portland, Multnomah County. His household includes a grandson, Leonard D., who is now 2 7/12. There is no proof of Leonard D.'s parents; he was born in OR, his father was born in MN (as were all the children), and his mother also in MN. However, all the Fay boys are single with the exception of Earl, and Earl is a widower. It seems most likely that Leonard D. is Earl's son.
Name: Fay, Leonard
County: Portland
Death Date: 03 Aug 1940
Certificate: 2544
Spouse: Mary
Name: Fay, Mary
County: Portland
Death Date: 19 Jul 1932
Certificate: 1916
Spouse: Leonard
Name: Fay, Leonard D
County: Washington
Death Date: 17 Feb 1986
Certificate: 86-03036
Spouse: June
Birth Date: 19 Mar 1917
Name: Fay, Luella
County: Portland
Death Date: 01 Jun 1932
Certificate: 1554
Name: Fay, Charles
County: Multnomah
Death Date: 06 Jul 1944