The Fay Family: Merritt Fay

Merritt Fay
And his Descendants
John Fay
Samuel (OPF #2) (1673 - 1732) son of John and Mary Brigham
Ebenezer (OPF #15) (4/12/1713 - 10/13/1790) son of Samuel and Tabitha Ward
Benajah (OPF #95) (7/28/1773 - 4/15/1860) son of Ebenezer and Mary Mason
Benajah (OPF p. 182) (8/6/1806 - 7/24/1849) son of Benajah and Mary Ramsdell
Orlin provides information about Benajah Jr.'s first son Eli, but does not know of the other children of Benajah Jr. Benajah's line has been intensively researched by Jim Shreve, and the results have been reported here. The opening page for Benajah leads into many other pages with references to census, cemetery listings, necrology, marriages, and so on. One page of particular interest here is the overview of Benajah's descendants. Here, Shreve lists the children of Benajah Jr. and Lois Hodgeman: Eli; Amos; Henry; Lovina; Lovell B. He reports the marriage of Amos and Amelia, and includes their child Merritt. So far as he or I know, Merritt was an only child.
Amos Fay b: 1830 d: 12/16/1915, son of Benajah and Lois Hodgeman
+Amelia M. Sherman b: 1835 m: 12/30/1852 d: 11/25/1913
Merritt Fay b: 1860
Merritt was born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. He is found there in the census for 1860 and 1870. He married Alice Dunham on January 1, 1880, and is living with her and her parents in Wisconsin for the census of 1880. I do not know how long he stayed there, or how they met. By 1900, however, he is in Chesterfield Township, Fulton County, Ohio. The census of that year reports that his oldest son was born in Wisconsin in October of 1880, but Walter, the second son, was born in Ohio in 1883. By 1910, Merritt has moved the very short distance to Merenci, Lenawee County, Michigan.
Fulton County, Ohio
Lenawee County, Mich.
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Descendants of
Merritt Fay (b: 1860) and Alice F. Dunham (b: 1861)
(Seventh Generation)
8  Charles M. Fay   b: 10/2/1880
...+Berta  b: 1884  m: 1904  d: before 1918
8  Walter B. Fay  b: 8/15/1883
...+Roa Huldah Beebe  b: 7/22/1883 m: 1904  d: 4/1972 
.........9  Harold W. Fay  b: 1907
.........9  Mildred R. Fay  b: 1908
.........9  Glenn R. Fay  b: 1910
.........9  Hal B. Fay  b: 5/6/1913  d: 5/1971
.........9  Marie R. Fay  b: 11/21/1916 29  d: 3/1990
8  Mark D. Fay  b: 10/28/1887
...+Hazel Camburn  b: 1892
8  Rena Gladys Fay  b: 9/16/1890
8  Marguerite L. Fay  b: 1899