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Census information for Moses Fay, son of Alvah, and his Family
In 1860 Moses is already farming in Vivian, Waseca County, MN. His household includes his wife Eunice, age 25; Melvina, age 4; Ida, age 2; Nelly, age 1; and Ichabod and Lydia West, most probably Eunice's parents. Moses, age 25, was born in Lower Canada, as was Eunice. All three children were born in Wisconsin. That means that the family has moved to Minnesota within the last year, since Nelly is one, and was born in WI. There are two other West family groups next door to Moses, and in each case, the adults were born in Lower Canada, with the exception of the youngest children, who were born in Wisconsin. The West families were apparently travelling together as were the Fay families.

The daughter between Melvina and Nelly, who is said to be two (and thus born 1858), is here called Ida. This has to be the daughter we later see as Lydia in 1880 and 1900. Was she known as Ida, or did the census taker just make a mistake? The 1870 census only deepens the mystery, for she is not with the family in 1870, and does not appear again until 1880, where she is married, and her oldest child is 3. In 1870, she would have been 12, and able to 'live in' with another family as household help, but so far I have not found her.
In 1870, Moses is still farming in Vivian; four younger children have been born in Minnesota. As noted above, Lydia is missing; but Alva, Stella, Cynthis, and John are here. Moses is 34, Eunice 33 (this census was taken in June; the earlier one in July). And we know ages are the least dependable entry.
1880 is interesting. Lydia is married to Robert Stearnes (later spelled 'Stearns'). They have two sons, Lorenzo and Archie. Robert is a farmer in Minnesota, close to where Lydia grew up. With Lydia are her mother, Eunice Fay, her brother Alvah, her sister Martha, and her brother Clarence. In other words, Eunice has taken the three younger children and moved in with Lydia temporarily.

Moses has gone to Nebraska for the moment, and is found living with his niece, Donna Madora Fay Taylor, in 'unorganized territory,' probably the part that is later to become Loup County.

The other son, John Archer, is living with his grandparents in Wells, Faribault County, so close by.

Estella and Cynthia are mysteries in 1880. We find them again in 1900. But in 1880, they are missing. Estella married Peter King about 1880 (she had been married for 20 years in 1900). and Cynthia married George Verley about 1884. In 1900 they were part of the very close large family group living in Spencer, Boyd County, Nebraska. Where were they in 1880?
Census Place:	Dunbar, Faribault, Minnesota
Source:	FHL Film 1254618  National Archives Film T9-0618  Page 14A
	Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
Robert STEARNES	Self	M	M	W	22	WI
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: NY	Mo: NY
Lydia STEARNES	Wife	F	M	W	22	WI
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: CANADA	Mo: CAN.
Lorenzo STEARNES	Son	M	S	W	3	MN
			Fa: WI	Mo: WI
Archie STEARNES	Son	M	S	W	1	MN
			Fa: WI	Mo: WI
William TAYLOR	Other	M	S	W	35	NY
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: NY	Mo: NY
Eunice FAY	Mother	F	M	W	44	CANADA
	Occ:	Doing Housework	Fa: CAN.	Mo: CAN.
Aloah FAY	BroL	M	S	W	18	CANADA
	Occ:	Farm Laborer	Fa: CAN.	Mo: CAN.
Martha FAY	Sister	F	S	W	8	MN
			Fa: CAN.	Mo: CAN.
Clarrance FAY	Son	M	S	W	6	MN
			Fa: CAN.	Mo: CAN.
Eddy OBRIN	Other	M	S	W	24	NY
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: IRELAND	Mo: NY
Census Place:	Unorganized Territory, Unorganized Territory, Nebraska
Source:	FHL Film 1254757  National Archives Film T9-0757   Page 577A
	Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
E. C. TAYLOR	Self	M	M	W	33	IN
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: NY	Mo: GER
Donna TAYLOR	Wife	F	M	W	25	WI
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Albert L. TAYLOR	Son	M	S	W	6	MN
			Fa: IN	Mo: WI
Ernie C. TAYLOR	Son	M	S	W	4	MN
			Fa: IN	Mo: WI
Martha TAYLOR	Dau	F	S	W	2	MN
			Fa: IN	Mo: WI
Moses FAY	Other	M	M	W	45	CAN
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Census Place:	Wells, Faribault, Minnesota
Source:	FHL Film 1254618  National Archives Film T9-0618   Page 6B
	Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
Alva FAY	Self	F	M	W	75	CANADA
			Fa: MA	Mo: NY
Augusta FAY	Wife	F	M	W	69	CANADA
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: MA	Mo: NY
John A. FAY	GSon	M	S	W	11	MN
	Occ:	At School	Fa: CAN.	Mo: CAN.
In 1900, Boyd County, Nebraska is home for most of the family. Within a few houses of each other can be found Moses and Eunice, son Charles Alvah, daughter Lydia, and daughter Cynthia, along with their families.
Estella, married to Peter (Peder) King, remains in Minnesota, in King Township, Polk County.
In 1920, Charles Alvah is with his family in Dawson County, MT. All four of his children still live at home.
By 1930, Arnold has married, and has one son, Dennis; Charles Alvah lives with him.