Fay Family Photographs: Joseph Mason Fay and Lyman J. Fay
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Contributed by Linda Fay Kaufman
from an old photographic album
This leather bound photo album was found in an antique mall in DeKalb County, Illinois, by Mary Anne Slobodnik. Mary Anne writes, "a handsome leather photo album from 1865 with thirty-nine images, many with names. The album was a gift to Miss Mary L. Fay on December 25, 1865 from 'a friend' (with the initials S.S.M.). Mary filled the album with photographs of her family and relations - Mr. & Mrs. Lyman Fay, Florella Fay, Cynthia & Ida Fay, Adelia Pierce Fay, Clara Fay, baby Mabel C. Fay, Carrie E. Fay, Thomas Wilcox, and a 'Mary'. The album was so charming and personalized that we eventually purchased it. In doing a little online research about these "instant ancestors", I quickly discovered your Fay Family Webpage. As family, you would certainly enjoy and treasure this album..."

Thus it is thanks to Mary Anne that we have an opportunity to enjoy these photographs. Mary was the granddaughter of Benajah Fay, the daughter of Benajah's son Joseph Mason Fay. I have prepared an updated overview of the lines of Joseph Mason and Lyman J. Fay. The album itself belongs with Jim Shreve, researcher and custodian of the line of Benajah Fay, and it is being sent to him at the completion of this project.
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