The Fay Family: Vital Records Data: Alphabetical List, Middlesex Counties
Alphabetical List of Fay Entries

Vital Records to 1849 or 1850
-------, inf. Park, Mar. 22, 1832. [Mar. 21, a. 1 y. 7 m., C.R.I.][Sarah Jane, d. Park and Sarah S., Mar. 31, a. 1 y. 7 m. G.R.3.] Holliston death
Aaron, s. Dauid and Sarah, April 18, 1719. Marlborough birth
Abby T. P., Sept. 22, 1841, a. 25. G.R.I. Medford death
Abby, see Tay, Abby. Lowell marriage
Abiel Heywood and Lucy Prescott Fay, both of Concord were joined in wedlock by Rev. Ezra Ripley Oct+o+. 31, 1822. Concord marriage
[A]bigail, d. Samuel, bap. June 17, 1711. c.R.1. Marlborough birth
Abigail-Brigham Fay, dau+r+ of Jon+a+ Fay & Lucy his wife was born Sept+r+ 18, 19, 1790. [sic] Concord birth
Abijah of Southboro, and Maria Parker, Dec. 9, 1819. Framingham marriage
Abijah, Sept. 14, 1796. G.R.2. Framingham birth
Abner S., s. of Socrates and Susan, Oct. 6, 1826. Framingham birth
Abraham, triplet s. Micajah, bap. May 15, 1796. 9 weeks old.C.R.1. Marlborough birth
Addison G. Fay of Concord & Ocean Anne Morse of Southborough, were married in Malboro, by Revd. Thomas J. Greenwood Sept. 26, 1842. Concord marriage
Addison Orville, son of Addison & Ocean Anne Fay July 9, 1843 Concord birth
Adolphus J., s. Josiah N. and Susan, Sept. ---, 1844, in Southboro. R.R. Hopkinton birth
Almira and Erasmus D. Leavitt of Lowell, int. Nov. 14, 1835. Dracut marriage
Almira of Southboro, and Martin Newton, int. Nov. 15, 1835. Framingham marriage
Almira [of Dracut. int.], and Erasmus D. Leavitt, both of L., Nov. 30, 1835. Lowell marriage
Almira, June 23, 1837. C.R.3. Framingham death
Alstein Irving Fay, son of Addison G. & Ocean A. Jan. 30, 1845 Concord marriage
Amanda, unm., of L., a. 22 y., b. Grantham, N.H., d. John and Sally, and Benj[ami]n N. Stuart, unm., of L., a. 29 y., contractor, b. Orford, N.H., s. Charles and Ann, Nov. 29, 1849. Lowell marriage
Amelia Bertha [-----], w. of Heman, Apr. 26, 1847. G.R.2. Framingham birth
Amy, -----, 1830. C.R.3. Framingham death
Artemas of Southboro [int. Southborough], and Hannah Dickman, June 30, 1818. [Artemas of Southboro, C.R.I.] Hopkinton marriage
Bathsheba, d. John and Elizabeth, Jan. 1, 1693. Marlborough birth
Benjamin Fay of Westborough and Martha Miles of Concord were married by Justice Minott. December:27:1739 Concord marriage
Benjamin H. of Southborough, and Virrilla A. Smith, Apr. 15, 1840. Hopkinton marriage
Benjamin Witherby, ch. Park and w., bp. Nov. 20, 1831. C.R.I. Holliston birth
Benjamin, s. John, bap. Sept. 21, 1712. C.R.1. Marlborough birth
Bent, July 24, 1831 [a 33 y 2 m]. GS4 Marlborough death
Bent, May 24, 1798. G.s.4. Marlborough birth
Betsey [w. Winslow. G.R.5.], disease of heart, Sept. 6, 1843, a. 58 y. Lowell death
Betsey, d. Micajah and Susanna, Jan. 29, 1791. Marlborough birth
Caroline M., d. Samuel C. and Nancy, Aug. 22, 1844. Marlborough birth
Caroline Sophia, d. Mark and Sophia, Dec. 31, 1829. Marlborough birth
Cate, d. Levi and Lucretia, Aug. 9, 1773 Marlborough birth
Cath[eri]n[e] (Fayes), smallpox, Dec. 19, 1848, a. 4 y. Lowell death
Caty, d. Levi and Elizabeth, May 24, 1789. Marlborough birth
Charles A., s. Josiah N. and Susan, Apr. 19, 1846, in Southboro. R.R. Hopkinton birth
Charles Brigham, s. of George and Mary, Oct. 12, 1842. G.R.2. Framingham birth
Charles Eugene. s. Sabinus. S. and Nancy T., fits, Nov. 26, 1847, a. 4 m. 16 d. Hopkinton death
Charles Lewis, s. Mark and Sophia, Sept. 29, 1822. Marlborough birth
Charles Parkman of Westborough & Joanna Phillips Fay of Concord married by E. Ripley, Jan. 26, 1811. Concord marriage
Charles (s. of Samuel P. P. and Harriet, C.R.2), July 21, 1808. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Charles, s. Daniel P. and Wealthy, April 28, 1829. Marlborough birth
Charlotte Amanda, d. Mark and Sophia, Oct. 1o, 1832. Marlborough birth
Charlotte Eliza, d. Edw[ar]d W. and Charlotte [Charlotte Kidder, C.R.2.], Apr. 21, 1842. Medford birth
Charlotte M., of Warwick, and Oliver P. Green of L., int. Mar. 20, 1831. Lowell marriage
Charlotte, Mrs. and John Davis, June 18, 1826. Cambridge marriage
Clara M., -----, 1813. G.R.2. Cambridge birth
Cyrus and Caroline Pope, June 1, 1837. Holliston marriage
Cyrus, Dr., of Brighton [Boulton, C.R.], and Rebecca Merriam, July 10, 1804. Bedford marriage
Daniel Dexter, s. Daniel P. and Wealthy, NOV. 2, 1831. Marlborough birth
Daued [David, c.R.], s. Dauid and Sarah, April 6, 1723. Marlborough birth
Dauid, s. John and Susannah, April 23, 1679. Marlborough birth
Dauid, s Dauid and Sarah, Oct. 4, 1720, a 13. Marlborough death
Dauid, s. Dauid and Sarah, March 25, 1707. Marlborough birth
David, s. John and Mary, Oct. I5, 1671. M.R. Marlborough birth
Delia A. [-----], w. of Sigourney W., Aug. 28, 1840. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Dilliuerance [Deliverance, M.R.], d. John and Susannah, Oct. 7, 1686. Marlborough birth
Dinah, d. John, bap. Oct. 21, 1705. C.R.I. Marlborough birth
Dolly, d. Daniel and Deborah, Dec. 27, 1772. Ashby birth
Ebenezer, s. Samuel, bap. Sept. 11, 1715. C.R.I. Marlborough birth
Ebnezer Jones of Concord & Hannah Fay of Lincoln was Married by John Cuming Esq+r+ October ye 22, 1767. Concord marriage
Ebnezer Jones, Jun+r+ & Sarah Fay both of Concord was Married by John Cuming Esq+r+. May y+e+ 27. 1769. Concord marriage
Edward L., Oct. 17, 1838. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Edward W. and Charlotte Kidder, Apr. 6, 1841. Medford marriage
Edward, s. Dauid and Sarah, May 16, 1717. Marlborough birth
Edward, "one month old," s. E. and Mary Ann, bp. May 21, 1843. C.R.3. Lowell birth
Effie Atkins, d. William H. and Sophia M., Sept. 24, 1848. Marlborough birth
Ela, s. of Solomon and Elizabeth, Jan. 16, 1810. Framingham birth
Elbridge, s. Daniel P. and Wealthy, May 18, 1838. Marlborough birth
Eli and Anna Fairbank of Framingham, int. Apr. 26, 1800. Hopkinton marriage
Eli of Hopkinton, and Anne Fairbank, May 11, 1800.* Framingham marriage
Eliza Davis (d. of Hon. Samuel P. P., C.R.2.) and Hon. Heman Allen of (Highgate, int.), Vermont, Mar. 5, 1844. Cambridge marriage
Eliza Davis, d. of Samuel P. P. and Harriet, Mar. 6, 1825. Cambridge birth
Eliza Jane, d. Mark and Sophia, Oct. 24, 1827. Marlborough birth
Elizabeth Chapman, d. Chester and Sally Ann, Aug. 16, 1829. Hopkinton birth
Elizabeth, twin d. Levi and Lucretia, July 24, 1781. Marlborough birth
Ellen Maria, d. of Socrates and Susan, Jan. 25, 1831. Framingham birth
Ellen M., d. Edward W., merchant, and Charlotte, Mar. 20, [18]45. [Ellen Maynard, d. Edward W. and Charlotte K., C.R.2.] Medford birth
Else, d. Micajah and Susanna, Dec. 17, 1798. Marlborough birth
Emma Althea, d. Hiram W. and Thankful B., Dec. 6, 1846. Marlborough birth
Eunice, d. John and Elizabeth, June 2, 1696. Marlborough birth
Europe and Anna Foster, Jan. 19, 1819. Holliston marriage
Francis F., July 25, 1820. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Frank Leslie Fay, aged 2 y. 12 d. son of Addison G. & Ocean A. July 17, 1848 Concord death
Frank Leslie Fay, son of Addison G. & Ocean A., July 5, 1846 Concord marriage
Frank Sullivan, s. George W. and Amanda A., Sept. 26, 1848. Marlborough birth
Franklin L., in Grafton, Aug. 21, 1818. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
George Albert, s. of Socrates and Susan, June 27, 1836. [Twin.] Framingham birth
George Austin; s. George W. and Amanda Almina, Aug. 29, 1838. Marlborough birth
George Williams, s. Josiah and Hepzibath, May 12, 1805. Marlborough birth
George W., -----, 1826. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
George, Jan. 7, 1809. G.R.2. Framingham birth
Georgianna, d. of Luke and w. of George H. Towne, Sept. 29, 1831. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Georgianna, d. of Socrates and Susan, June 27, 1836. [Twin.] Framingham birth
Gershom Fay of Concord & Cynthia Baldwin of Jaffrey, May 13, 1826. Concord marriage
Gershum, s. Gershum and Mary, Sept. 17, 1703. Marlborough birth
Gershum, s. John and Susannah, Oct. 19, 1811. Marlborough birth
Gilbert Park, ch. Park and w., bp. Nov. 20, 1831. C.R.I. Holliston birth
Gilbert Park, Mar. 5, 1825. G.R.I. Natick birth
Gilman, s. Jeremy and Lydia, July 2, 1814. Hopkinton birth
Grant of Southboro, and Mary Littlefield, Dec. 23, 1812. Framingham marriage
Hannah and Ebenezer Jones of Concord, int. Oct. 9, 1767. Lincoln marriage
Hannah Blackwood [-------], w. of Franklin L., in Utica, N.Y., Sept 16, 1825. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Hannah C., and Aaron Fisk, both of L., int. Dec. 18, 1848. Lowell marriage
Hannah F. of Southboro, and William F. Stone, int. May 12, 1839. Natick marriage
Hannah of Southboro, and William Chamberlain, int. May 16, 1803. Hopkinton marriage
Hannah, d. Micajah and Susanna, Dec. 18, 1779. Marlborough birth
Harriet A. of Southborough, and Josiah E. Fairbanks, int. Dec. 20, 1840. Newton marriage
Harriet Hastings, d. Mark and Sophia, June 11, 1818. Marlborough birth
Harriet Howard [-------], w. of Samuel P., inn Boston, Mar. 27, 1782. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Harriet Howard, d. of Samuel P. P. and Harriet, Apr. 22, 1810 (d. of Samuel P. and Harriet Howard and w. of William II. Greenough, Apr. 22, 1811. G.R.3). Cambridge birth
Harriet H. and William H. Greenough of New York City, Dec. 24, 1831. Cambridge marriage
Harriet N. S., Feb. 12, 1814. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Harriet, d. Daniel P. and Wealthy, Jan. 11, 1836. Marlborough birth
Helen Willard, in Boston, Nov. 3, 1846. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Heman, Jan. 4, 1820. G.R.2. Framingham birth
Henrietta Adriene, d. Charles L. and Olive C., April 5, 1847 Marlborough birth
Henry A. and Roxana Edwards (wid., int.), Nov. 29, 1849. Cambridge marriage
Hepzibah and Jonathan Rice, Mar. 27, 1815. Framingham marriage
Hepzibath, d. Josiah and Hepzibath, March 13, 1803. Marlborough birth
Herman, s. of Sylvester and Martha of Southboro, a. 28 y., b. in Southboro, and Adaline Rice, d. of Phinehas, dec., and Sally, a. 24 y., Oct. 17, 1848. Framingham marriage
Isaac of Boston, and Harriet Newell Shepard, Sept. 10, 1834. Framingham marriage
Isaac, July 25, 1805. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Isaac, triplet s. Micajah, bap. May 15, 1796, 9 weeks old. C.R.I. Marlborough birth
Isiah [int. Isaiah] F., 22, teacher, of Jersey City, N.J., s. Eli and Anna, and Lucy W. Taintor [int. Tayntor], 18, seamstress, d. Asa (Tayntor) and Almira, Nov. 11, 1844. [Isaiah F. and Lucy W. Tainter, C.R.2.] Holliston marriage
Jacob Ames & Jenney Fay both of Concerd was Married by m+r+. W+m+. Emerson December 19th. 1775 Concord marriage
Jacob, triplet s. Micajah, bap. May 15, 1796, 9 weeks old. C.R.I. Marlborough birth
Jahannah, d Dauid and Sarah, Nov. 22, 1720, a 19. Marlborough death
James, s. John, bap. April 11, 1708. C.R.I. Marlborough birth
Jane [-----], w. of Martin, June 1, 1810. G.R.2. Framingham birth
Jane, d. Silas and Hannah, Apr. 23, 1753. Lincoln birth
Jareb Amber, s. Josiah and Hepzibath, Dec. 14, 1808. Marlborough birth
Jeduthan of Westborough, July 11, 1786. P.R.I. Newton death
Jeduthan, s. Samuel, bap. May 22, 1709. c.R.I. Marlborough birth
Jeduthun and Sarah Shattuck, Dec. 12, 1739.* P.R.
Arlington marriage
Jeduthun (of Westboro, int.) and Sarah Shattuck, Dec. 12, 1739. Cambridge marriage
Joanah, d. Dauid and Sarah, Dec. 7, 1701. Marlborough birth
Joanna Philips Fay Daug+r+. of m+r+ Jona+th+. Fay & m+rs+ Lucy his wife was born October 27, 1784. Concord birth
Johana [Joanna, C.R.], d. Dauid and Sarah, July 3, 1721. Marlborough birth
John Bryant, s. of Joseph S. and Sarah S., Aug. 1, 1841. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
John Fay died Aged 82 and 8 month March 5th 1833 Littleton death
John H., -----, 1844. G.R.2. Framingham birth
John W. and Martha Hatch, June 1, 1834. C.R.2. Framingham marriage
John, Dec 5, 1690 Marlborough death
John, s Dauid, Dec 20, 1705 [Perhaps same as above] Marlborough death
John, s Dauid, Dec. 23, 1704 Marlborough death
John, s. Dauid and Sarah, Dec. 16, 1710. Marlborough birth
John, s. Dauid and Sarah, Jan. 30, 1699-700. Marlborough birth
John, s. John and Elizabeth, Dec. 5, 1700. Marlborough birth
John, s. John and Mary, Nov. 30, 1669. Marlborough birth
Jonas of Southboro (s. Brigham) and Charlotte Morse, Dec. 7, 1843. Marlborough marriage
Jonathan Fay, Esq. died June 1+t+, 1811. Aged 57. Concord death
Joseph Barrett of Concord & Sophia Fay of Cambridge, June 17, 1814. Concord marriage
Joseph Story Jr., Aug. 10, 1847. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Joseph Story, s. of Samuel P. P. and Harriet, Dec. 8, 1812. Cambridge birth
Josiah N., 21, miller, of Southborough [int. Southboro], s. Moses and Elizabeth, and Susan E. Temple, 17, d. Isaac M. and Mehitable, Aug. 4, 1844. Hopkinton marriage
Josiah (married), s Josiah and Mary, Feb. 18, 1845, a 87 y 1 m 8 d. Old age. Born in Southboro Marlborough death
Josiah, Feb 18, 1845 [a 86 y 8 m 8 d]. GS4 [Probably same as above] Marlborough death
Josiah, June 10, 1758. G.s.4. Marlborough birth
Julias Augustus, s. Josiah and Hepzibath, Oct. 15, 1812. Marlborough birth
Laura Sophia Brigham [------], w. of Gilbert P., Dec. 25, 1830. G.R.I. Natick birth
Levi and Elisabeth Hudson, Nov. 18, 1779. Marlborough marriage
Levi and Lucretia How, June 3, 1773. Marlborough marriage
Levi, twin s. Levi and Lucretia, July 24, 1781. Marlborough birth
Lois, d. Dauid and Sarah, March 11, 1708-9. Marlborough birth
Lorana, d. of Dea. Luther and Louisa, May 31, 1818. Framingham birth
Louisa and Israel Hemenway, Jan. 10, 1816. Framingham marriage
Louisa of Westborough, and Asa Bullard, int. Mar. 13, 1830. Holliston marriage
Louisa, d. Levi, bap. Oct. 15, 1775. c.R.I. Marlborough birth
Lovett of Southborough and Relief Russell, June 28, 1824. Marlborough marriage
Lovicy A., unm. of L., a. 22 y., operative, d. John and Sally, and George H. Davis, unm., of L., a. 24 y., operative, s. Nathan and Lydia Ann, Mar. 15, 1845. Lowell marriage
Lowell, of Southborough, and Caroline Seaver of L., Mar. 11, 1841 Lowell marriage
Lucian Dana, s. George W. and Amanda Almina, Sept. 19, 1836. Marlborough birth
Lucretia and Silas Felton, Jan. 17, 1799. Marlborough marriage
Lucretia of Southboro, and Alanson Briggs, int. Oct. 26, 1816. Hopkinton marriage
Lucretia, d. Levi and Lucretia, March 3, 1778. Marlborough birth
Lucy-Prescott Fay, dau+r+ of Jonathan Fay & Lucy his wife was born April 4, 1786. Concord birth
Lucy Fay, aged 34, [wife of Jonathan,] October 10, 1792 Concord death
Lucy, d. Micajah and Susanna, June 22, 1793. Marlborough birth
Lydia and Eli Wood, Aug. 21, 1794. Marlborough marriage
Lydia of Southborough, and Ira Felch, Dec. 30, 1829. Natick marriage
Lydia, d. John, bap. Oct. 21, 1705. c.R.I. Marlborough birth
Lydia, d. Levi and Lucretia, Oct. 21, 1775. Marlborough birth
Lyman and Sarah Colburn of Framingham, int. Mar. 17, 1838. Hopkinton marriage
Lyman of Hopkinton, and Sarah Colburn, Apr. 12, 1838. Framingham marriage
Maria and Daniel Denny Jr. of Boston, Apr. 22, 1819. Cambridge marriage
Maria C. ([Fay]}[w. Albert Adams], June 20, 1830. P.R.112. Hopkinton birth
Maria Denny, d. of Samuel P. P. and Harriet, June 6, 1820. Cambridge birth
Maria Fay, dau+r+. of Jonathan Fay & Lucy his wife was born Aug+t+. 28, 1788. Concord birth
Marilla Elizabeth, d. G. W. and Amanda Almina, Dec. 9, 1842. Marlborough birth
Mark and Sophia Brigham, Dec. 4, 1817. Marlborough marriage
Martha L., ------, 1845. G.R.2. Cambridge birth
Martin, Nov. 15, 1800. G.R.2. Framingham birth
Mary and Ashley Bartlett of Northboro, April 2, 1817. Marlborough marriage
Mary and Jonathan Brigham, March 26, 1696. Marlborough marriage
Mary and Solomon Whitney [int. Jr.], Jan. 14, 176[worn][int. 1762]. [Solomon Jr., Jan. 14, 1762, M.R.] Lincoln marriage
Mary Ann, d. George W. and Amanda Almina, Oct. 28, 1840. Marlborough birth
Mary Brigham Fay, daughter of Addison G. & Ocean A., Sept. 14, 1850 Concord marriage
Mary B. Carpenter, -----, 1808. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Mary Eames [-----], w. of George, July 3, 1813. G.R.2. Framingham birth
Mary E., -----, 1841. G.R.2. Cambridge birth
Mary Jane, d. of Park, bp. Aug. 18, 1833. C.R.2. Framingham birth
Mary of Sherburne, and Isaac Cozzens, int. Apr. 18, 1824. Holliston marriage
Mary P. P., May 26, 1808. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Mary, d Josiah and Mary (gr. D. Peter and Mary Bent), Jan 22, 1773, in her 15th year. GS2. Marlborough death
Mary, d. Gershum and Mary, July 10, 1705. Marlborough birth
Mary, d. John and Elizabeth, Sept. 29, 1698. Marlborough birth
Mary, d. John and Mary, Feb. 10, 1675. Marlborough birth
Mary, d. Silas and Hannah, Feb. 14, 1740. Lincoln birth
Mary, of Berlin, and Rev. Levi Brigham, int. May 14, 1837. Dunstable marriage
Mary, w. of Nathan, Feb. 25, 1807, a. 27 y. G.R.3. Reading death
[M]eheta*, d. John, bap. July 30, 1710. c.R.1. Marlborough birth
Mehitabel, d. Micajah and Susanna, Feb. 10, 1778 Marlborough birth
Mitty, d. of David and Jane, May 17, 1783. Framingham birth
Moses C. of Southboro, and Nancy Winch, int. Nov. 4, 1838. Framingham marriage
Moses of Southborough, and Betsey Haynes, May 20, 1812. Natick marriage
Moses, s. Dauid and Sarah, Oct. 7, 1712. Marlborough birth
Nahum, Dr. (of Boston, int.) and Mary Putnam, Apr. 11, 1799. Reading marriage
Nancy and Moses Eames 2d, July 9, 1809. Framingham marriage
Nathan Jr. of Southbrough [int. Southborough], and Mehitable Clements [int. Clemments], June 27, 1793. [Nathan Jr. of Southborough, and Mehittable Clements, C.R.I.] Hopkinton marriage
Nathaniel W., unm., of Westford, a. 31 y., farmer, b. Grantham, N.H., s. John and Sally, and Mary T. Powell, 2d m., of L., a. 35 y., b. Hampton Falls, N.H., d. Eben[eze]r and Sally Tilton, Nov. 15, 1849. Lowell marriage
Park [h. Sally S.], ----- [1800]. G.R.2. Lincoln birth
Pliny, s. of Solomon and Elizabeth, Mar. 4, 1812. Framingham birth
Polly and Lyman Hatch, Nov. 9, 1815. Hopkinton marriage
Polly of Warwick, and Abraham P. Sherman, int. Apr. 6, 1822. Cambridge marriage
Prudence [King, c.R.], d. Micajah and Susanna, June 29, 1788. Marlborough birth
Rachel of Westborough, and Noah Hide Jr., int. Apr. 14, 1774. Newton marriage
Rebecca and John Jones, Nov. 28, 1816. Bedford marriage
Rebecca R. Motley [-----], w. of Joseph S. Jr., June 10, 1849. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Rebeckah, d. Samuel and Tabitha, Feb. I9, 1699-700. Marlborough birth
Reuben Jr. of Southboro, and Esther Parks, July 24, 1796.* Framingham marriage
Richard Henry (Richard Sullivan dup.), s. of Samuel P. P. Esq. and Harriet, June 15, 1806. Cambridge birth
Robert and Mitty Rice, Mar. ---, 1783.* Framingham marriage
Robert, s. Dauid and Sarah, July 30, 1715. Marlborough birth
Roland Morse, s. Daniel P. and Wealthy, Aug- 7, 1833. Marlborough birth
Ruth and Increase Ward, June 28, 1706. Marlborough marriage
Ruth Reed, d. Daniel P. and Wealthy, Aug. 29, 1840. Marlborough birth
Ruth, d. John and Susannah, July __, 1684. Marlborough birth
Sabinus, 20, bootmaker, s. Daniel and Martha, and Nancy T. Putnam, 17, d. Royal F. and Mary A., Dec. 19, 1844. Hopkinton marriage
Sabinus, s. Daniel and Mary, June 13, 1824, in Westboro. R.R. Hopkinton birth
Sabinus, s. of Solomon and Elizabeth, Feb. 29, 1824. Framingham death
Sabinus, s. of Solomon and Elizabeth, in Southboro, Nov.20, 1803. Framingham birth
Sally and Aaron Brigham Jr., Jan. 9, 182 Marlborough marriage
Sally S. [-----], w. Park [Feb. --, 1801]. G.R.2. Lincoln birth
Sally, d. Josiah and Hepzibath, July 30, 18o1. Marlborough birth
Samuel and Tabitha Ward, May 16, 1699. Marlborough marriage
Samuel C. and Nancy Warren, June 13, 1839. Marlborough marriage
Samuel Howard, s. of Samuel P. P. Esq. and Harriet, July 22, 1804. Cambridge birth
Samuel Prescott Fay Son of M+r+ Jonathan Fay & M+rs+. Lucy his wife was born January y+e+.10th.1778 Concord birth
Samuel P., in Concord, Jan. 10, 1778. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Samuel (of Westboro, int.) and Elizabeth Cutter, Apr. 6, 1856. Cambridge marriage
Samuell, s. Samuell, bap. May 6, 1705. c.R.I. Marlborough birth
Samuel, jr., of L., and Sarah S. Taylor of Warwick, int. Sept. 29, 1839. Lowell marriage
Samuel, s. John, and Mary, Oct. 11, 1673. Marlborough birth
Sam[ue]l of Southboro, and Hannah Pike, Dec. 15, 1811. Hopkinton marriage
Sam[ue]l Prescott Phillips and Harriett Howard, int. July 31, 1803. Cambridge marriage
Sam[ue]l [of] Westboro, and Elisabeth Cutter, Apr. 6, 1756.* P.R. Arlington marriage
Sarah Abby, d. Hiram N. and Thankful B., Nov. 12, 1848. Marlborough birth
Sarah A., Oct. 14, 1828. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Sarah Elizabeth, d. of Jeremiah and Lydia, Apr. 28, 1820. Framingham birth
Sarah of Southborough and Ebenezer Pike of Framingham, Nov. 12, 1729. Marlborough marriage
Sarah of Southboro, and Ebenezer Pike, Nov. 20, 1729. In Marlboro.* Framingham marriage
Sarah, d. Dauid and Sarah, March 1, 1703-4. Marlborough birth
Sarah, d. Gershum and Mary, Oct. 2, 1710. Marlborough birth
Sarah, d. Levi and Elizabeth, 2d w., Feb. 12, 1783. Marlborough birth
Sarah, d. Silas and Hannah, Apr. 30, 1745. Lincoln birth
Seneca, s. of Solomon and Elizabeth, Aug. 9, 1805. Framingham birth
Sidney Granville [Grenville, c.R.], s. Mark and Sophia, June 7, 1825. Marlborough birth
Sigourney W., Feb. 6, 1836. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Silas, Sept. 22, 1758. Lincoln death
Silas, s. Gershum and Mary, Aug. 12, 1713. Marlborough birth
Silas, s. Micajah and Susanna, Dec. 24, 1785. Marlborough birth
Silas, s. Silas and Hannah, Nov. 14, 1747. Lincoln birth
Simon Adam, s. of Socrates and Susan, Sept. 21, 1828. Framingham birth
Socrates and Martha Stone, Mar. 11, 1840. Framingham marriage
Socrates and Susan Parminter, Feb. 2, 1824. Framingham marriage
Socrates, s. of Solomon and Elizabeth, in Southboro, May 28, 1800. Framingham birth
Solomon, Aug. 8, 1820. (a. 46 y., G.R.I.) Framingham death
Solon and Nancy Ellis of Hopkinton, int. Mar. 16, 1828. Framingham marriage
Solon of Framingham, and Nancy Ellis, Apr. 1, 1828. Hopkinton marriage
Solon, s. of Solomon and Elizabeth, in Southboro, Dec. 16, 1801. Framingham birth
Sophia and Joseph Barrett, Esq., of Concord, Aug. 22, 1814. Cambridge marriage
Sophia Fay, dau+r+ of Jonathan Fay & Lucy his wife was born Aug+t+ 28, 1788. Concord birth
Stephen, s. John, bap. July 3, 1715. C.R.I. Marlborough birth
Submit and Nathan Haven, Feb. 29, 1796. Marlborough marriage
Sukey of Southborough, and Benja[min] Parker, Jr., int. Dec. 30, 1810. Reading marriage
Sulivan and Lauria Sherwin, both of L., certif. Oct. 12, 1834. Lowell marriage
Susan Elizabeth, d. of Socrates and Susan, July 17, 1824. Framingham birth
Susan [------], w. of Samuel Howard, in Savannah, Ga., Feb. 20, 1808. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
Susanah, d. Gershum and Mary, Nov. 18, 1707. Marlborough birth
Susannah and Thomas Brigham, July 30, 1695. Marlborough marriage
Susanna, d. Micajah and Susanna, Nov. 27, 1783. Marlborough birth
Susan, d. Daniel P. and Welthy, June 30, 1844. Marlborough birth
Susan, w. of Socrates, May 30, 1839, a. 34 y. 8 m. G.R.I. Framingham death
Sylvanas Brigham, s. Lyman & Sarah Fay Oct. 8, 1848 Ashland birth
Tabitha, d. Samuel and Tabitha, Aug. 14, 1702. Marlborough birth
Thadeus of Northboro and Miss Mary Prescott of A., int. Dec. 11, 1805. Acton marriage
Thomas, -----, 1806. G.R.2. Cambridge birth
Thom[as], s. Silas and Hannah, Feb. 14, 1755. Lincoln birth
Timothy, s. Gershum and Mary, June 26, 1716. Marlborough birth
Unice of Westbrough and Isaac Prat, April 17 [19, e.R.], 1721. Marlborough marriage
William and Lucy Tift, Dec. 1, 1808. Newton marriage
William How, s Mark and Sophia, June 13, 1820 Marlborough birth
William of Southborough and Jerusha Parminter, April 9, 1828. Marlborough marriage
Willie M., s. Lyman and Sarah, farmer, Apr. 17, 1853. Ashby birth
Windsor, s John and Levina, July 15, 1780 Marlborough birth
W[illia]m C., -----, 1811. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
W[illia]m Henry, -----, 1835. G.R.3. Cambridge birth
W[illia]m of Barre, and Keziah Pike, Dec. 1, 1777. In Sudbury.* Framingham marriage