Vermont Links

Links to Further Information about Bennington and Vermont

The Bennington Museum. A good place to start, with important sections on Research, Genealogy Library,and the Bennington Historical Society.

Virtual Vermont Magazine: The Battle of Bennington seems very good. See also articles on Molly Stark, place names, towns/Windsor, much more.

New England for Visitors: Bennington and the Bennington Battle Monument, and other interesting information from See also their Hero Tales From American History by Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt, an essay entitled "Bennington by Henry Cabot Lodge".

The Battle of Bennington. An essay in the longer series on the Revolutionary War by a 4th grader, who also has some information to share about the Green Mountain Boys.

Ticonderoga and Crown Point from Study World.

And check out Vermont's State Owned Historic Sites and OnLine: Vermont Historical Society Web Site for further links. Enclyclopedia.Com has a list of articles on Vermont History which is worth checking out.

The New England Historic Genealogical Society

If your appetite for information is not yet satisfied, look at Other Battles of the American Revolution, the result of a search run at 25 pages of hits.

Historic Flags

The Bennington Flag

Flag Picture Gallery: historical American flags, including the Bennington flag.

Green Mountain Boys: contains the green flag with gold stars on blue canton.