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Walford N. Fay
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Walford was born in Canada. On his tombstone his name is spelled Woolford, on legal papers we found it Wolford and Walford, on the family Census while they lived in Canada for the year 1851 it is plainly written Walford N. -- We learned that one of the children died in early childhood, we think that is Emogene. The other daughter is Mrs. Albert Fuhlbrigge or Tuhlbrugge, we do not have any way of knowing which name is correct. --Emogene and Luella were both born in Minnesota. -- The nephews referred to Walford as Uncle Colonel with no other name used. In his obituary he is referred to as Colonel. We suppose he was in the service during the Civil War. --Lucinda lived 41 years in South Dakota, near Hermosa.
Lucinda was born May 18, 1837 and married May 6, 1873, according to the Whitney Genealogy.
The 1860 census shows "Walford N" in a very clear hand. The 1880 doesn't help, for it just shows initials:
Census Place:	Carlston, Freeborn, Minnesota
Source:	FHL Film 1254620  National Archives Film T9-0620 Page 169A     
Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: CAN	Mo: CAN
Lucinda FAY	Wife	F	M	W	42	IL
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: NY	Mo: VT
Emogene FAY	Dau	F	S	W	6	MN
			Fa: L CAN	Mo: IL
Luella FAY	Dau	F	S	W	7M	MN
			Fa: L CAN	Mo: IL
Eunice RUSSEL	MotherL	F	W	W	73	VT
			Fa: MA	Mo: NY
Cassius CLASON	Other	M	S	W	20	MN
	Occ:	Farm Laborer	Fa: NY	Mo: NY
Hannah ELLIS	Aunt	F	S	W	67	CAN
			Fa: MA	Mo: NY
The 1900 adds yet another variant: Wolfard.
The 1920 solves one mystery: the name of the man that Walford and Lucinda's daughter married was Albert Fuhlbrugge, and Lucinda is living with him, his wife and two children. Note that the daughter is called Edith L., and she is 40. This is Luella, then, and Emogene died young.