The Fay Family: William Fay (1825 - 1868)

William Fay and Emeline Preston
And their Descendants
John Fay
David (OPF #6) (4/23/1679-4/10/1738) son of John and Susanna Shattuck
Aaron (OPF #10) (4/18/1719 - 1/1798) son of David and Sarah Larkin
Jeremiah (OPF #121) (1/31/1768 - 5/5/1827) son of Aaron and Eunice Bradish
Aaron (OPF #429) (1/26/1801 - 6/29/1840) son of Jeremiah and Lydia Bemis
William (OPF p. 263) (9/22/1825 - 6/5/1868) son of Aaron and Harriet A. Clark
Susan Sophia Fay and Vilas A. Preston
William Fay and Emeline Preston
Daniel Fay and Rachel Preston
Arvilla Fay and George Washington Preston
Descendants of William Fay and Emeline Preston
(Sixth Generation)
William Newell Fay was born 9/22/1825 in Grafton and died 6/5/1868 in Belchertown. He was a clergyman, and was twice married.
His first wife was Jerusha Bugbe Barrows, who was born in Attleboro on 3/3/1825 and died in Belchertown in 1861, the same year as her son.
William and Jerusha had two children, although Orlin only records one.
1.Hattie L. Fay was born in Belchertown in 1859 and died there on 9/16/1860. Her birth is not recorded in the vital records of Belchertown, but her death is. Her death record states that her parents are unknown. However, she is listed in the census of 1860 with William and Jerusha.
2.William B. Fay was born in Belchertown on 6/15/1861 and died in November of that same year.
After Jerusha's death, William married a second time. It is not clear when he married; the marriage is not listed in the vital records of Belchertown. Emeline Preston was born on 8/29/1840 to Joseph K. and Mary Marshall Preston.
3.Arthur P. Fay, the third child of William and first of Emeline, was born 4/15/1866, and died in 1867.
William died in 1868, and Emeline returned to her parents' home, where she is listed in the census for 1870. In 1872, Emeline married for a second time. Her husband was Samuel A. Hawks, born in Scotland in March of 1832, and coming to this country as a child. Samuel had been married before, and had at least two children from his previous marriage. After his marriage to Emeline on 9/9/1872, they moved to Illinois, where they remained. They had just one child together, Joseph K. Hawks, probably named for his grandfather Joseph K. Preston. Samuel died between 1900 and 1910. Joseph remained with his mother until her death, which seems to have come soon after 1910.
Joseph K. Hawks b: 8/1873 m: about 1912
+Esther J. Hart b: 1876
Esther J. Hawks b: 1917
Allen H. Hawks b: 4/16/1920 d: 1/15/2005