The Hanlon Family of Washington Co, Ohio

An O'Hanlon couple along with two sons, James and Patrick, immigrated to Pennsylvania from Ireland ca. 1770. The two sons fought in the Revolutionary War and were awarded land in today's Tyler County, West Virginia. Prior to the Civil War this was the state of Virginia. Of the two sons the following has been recorded: (Name changed because of the Irish persecutions during the early 1800's.)

Patrick Hanlon b. ca. 1737 married Margaret Brannon and had three children when they settled in Tyler County. Birth records indicate that some children were born in Harrison County, now West Virginia.

James Hanlin/Hanlon b. ca. 1754 married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) and had two children: Sarah b.1797 in Franklin Co, PA and Richard (date and place of birth unknown).

My husband, who was born in Ohio, is descended from Patrick who has a Revolutionary War marker on his grave in the old Tice Cemetery surrounded by a cow pasture in Washington County, Ohio.

1) (Probably Richard) O'Hanlon m. (unknown) 2) Patrick Hanlon m. Margaret Brannon 3) Richard Hanlon m. Margaret Williamson 4) Felix Hanlon m. Nancy Jones 5) Norman David Hanlon m. Bertha Rose Haught 6) Harold Clinton Hanlon m. Kathryn Nancy Martin 7) Donald Emerson Hanlon m. LaVonne Rae Suchocki (me)

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