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Genealogy Information

Descent Chart of Mendo Guterres

Francisco Antonio Doria has prepared a descent chart for the family of Mendo Guterres, together with comments and some details, plus the links to some well-known Portuguese families (Barbosa, Barreto, Coelhos, Vasconcelos, and so on). The chart is available in both PageMaker5 document and Adobe Acrobat formats. The fully open chart is 440 x 550 cm. He comments:-

Here you can find the descendants of count Hermenegildo (or Mendo) Guterres, count of Coimbra in the late 9th century. Main lines have been extracted from José Mattoso, "As famílias condais..." Later lines (with the relation to Portuguese families such as the Barbosa, Coelho, Azevedo, Baião, Vasconcelos, Barreto and Moniz) are described with the help of F. Gayo, *Nobiliário de Famílias de Portugal*.

Main emphasis has to do with the problem of the origins of the da Maia clan, and its relation to the Ummaya caliphs.

(Francisco Antonio Doria)

Select the required chart data format and file format from the following table to begin a download.

File format PageMaker5
data format
Adobe Acrobat
data format
BinHex compressed Chart 20 kB  
Zip compressed Chart 19 kB Chart 27 kB
Raw data format Chart 85 kB Chart 31 kB

Please contact Francisco Antonio Doria for any further particulars.

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Since December 2002 I have provided assistance to genealogist Leo van de Pas in the web presentation of his DOS based genealogy database - a work in progress since before 1990. In this matter I was initially helped by Rosie and Colin Bevan of New Zealand. Leo lives in Canberra, Australia.

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Details of my own ancestry are also recorded on the site. My initial interest in genealogy stemmed from receipt of advice that I had a recorded descent through my maternal line from King Edward III. This intrigued me and encouraged some further research. While it is not at all unusual to have such an ancestral line, I am lucky in the sense that identification of it has opened up an interesting slice of history and a fullfilling hobby.

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