The Other CPG Bible All the handwriting in this Bible is in pencil except where indicated; most of it looks pretty unpracticed, and sometimes it looks a bit like the German Suetterlin script. It was published in 1854, and is small enough to have accompanied a pioneer family out West. First it was presented by Jones R. Broughton to Betsey Jane Broughton Griswold, wife of Charles Perry Griswold, who presented it to her daughter Phemia. It wound up in the hands of the Yellow Medicine County Museum in Granite Falls, MN, who sent it to Fred Griswold 6/2/2000. Then it went into the hands of Katherine E. Smith, then to her daughter Sandra K. Freestone of Littleton, CO.

Image1.jpg, the inside front cover, says "Jane B Broughton".

Image2.jpg faces the inside front cover and says, in what looks like a different hand: "Jones" - Jona? - "R Broughton/Presented/B Jane Broughton/1856/East Gannesville/Wumang Co/ NY". This was probably East Gainesville, Wyoming Co., though the G in Gannesville looks almost like a German H. Jones R. Broughton was probably Jonas R. Broughton. In the margin, at right angles, in yet another hand, it says, "Presented to Phemia from Mother on/her wedding day June 5th/1896".

Image3.jpg is the next page, and says "Jane Griswold died/March 11 1923" in yet another hand.

Image4.jpg is the next page, and says "Jane Broughton" in creative lettering.

From the back of the Bible: Image5.jpg says, in ink (probably a quill pen),
Mary S Griswold
Borned Sep 20th /58 <--- this might be Sept 21
Carrie ?A Griswold
Borned Jan 27th /60
Then, in pencil, in a different hand (some of it almost unreadable):
Mattie Griswold
Borned 24 October
?Claud Griswold
Born July 18 1877
Herb July 5 1877 <--- ?1878

Then, there's one blank page, then Image6.jpg contains the last page and the inside back cover. On the last page, possibly in the same hand:
Carre S. Griswold
died April 12 /62
Aged 2 ---s 2 Mon
and 16 days.
Sept 25 <--- this is in a different hand

On the inside back cover:
Earl W. Stein Born June 25//1897
Helen Leona Stein " aug 23/1899
Edna Mae Stein Sept 16/1901
And sideways, in the margin, possibly in the same hand as the "Sept 25":
Presented to Phemia Griswold
Stein June-5th 1896