Charles Perry Griswold Pix

Charles Perry Griswold Pix

Here is a picture of Charles Perry Griswold that came from "Compendium of History and Biography of Central and Northern Minnesota...", 1904. The picture of his wife Betsy Jane Broughton came off the same page. After that is a picture of both together, sent me by Katherine E. Smith.

On the back of the next picture it says, in notes by Ruth Lillian Broughton Donovan: "Great Aunt Jane (Broughton) & Uncle Charley Griswold & Thelma Conover. (granddaughter) / Aunt Jane was my father's, father's only sister - her mother sent seven son's to the Civil war. four come back - two died at Andersonville prison one was never accounted for - My Grandfather Eli died years later from some desease he got in the war". Eli would be Jane's brother. (In the 1890 veteran's census for Beaver Twp. there is a Francis U. Braughton of Beaver Center, private, Company I, 2nd PA Cavalry, served 14 July 1862 - July 8 1865, suffer from dispepsy. This from Crawford Co. Genealogy, v. 32 #2.) Thelma Conover was the eldest child of Mattie Belle's 1st marriage. Picture from Tom Donovan.

Next is a picture of an unidentified girl, but it say Grinnell, Iowa on it. The other says "Elmer Griswold/died at 18" on the back. Must be Elmer L. Griswold, son of Charles Perry. Both from K. E. Smith.

This family is unidentified, but the guy on the right sure looks like a Griswold. Says Des Moines on it. Also from K. E. Smith.

Also from Katherine Smith of Foster Oregon is this family reunion picture from 7/28/2001:

Back Row, L to R: Cousin Michael Smith; wife Jan; Blaine Freestone; Annie Anderson; Katie Smith; Brianne Smith; Taylor Smith

Middle Row: son of Michael & Jan Smith; Gordon Van Uiter; Vic Freestone; Sandra Anderson; Zach Anderson; Edi Smith; Brenda; Joshua Smith

Front Row: Cousin Janet ?Susee; Susan Van Uitert; Sandra Freestone; Sharyn Smith; Katherine Smith, Charles Smith, Maury Smith, Prof. Philip Smith, Cousin Judy Wylie