The Delanson M. Griswold Family The first ambrotype may possibly be of Mary Gammet Griswold, wife of Daniel. (I know of no picture of Daniel, though he lived well into the age of photography.) It is one of the mystery pix found in L. D. Griswold's stuff after his son R. L. Griswold died. It was taken in the 1850's. In an Ashtabula Co. cemetery listing Dave Whipple sent, there's a Mary Griswold who died 4/11/1858. Could this be her? After that are the only three pictures I have of their 10 or 11 children. Going oldest to youngest: Lydia, (possibly) Delanson, and Charles Perry.

Lastly, the picture below from Rebecca Ott may be of Lydia Gammet Betts, sister of Mary Gammet Griswold. "I suggested it might be Lydia because of the head gear. It looks like something another Quaker ancestress wore in her picture." She says Lydia was a Quaker. "I compared it to your picture of Mary and they don't look like sisters to my thinking." Compare her to Mary's daughter Lydia, and the other children, though. I even think I see a resemblance to my grandfather L. D. Griswold.