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956  |DANIEL GRISWOLD (1755-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
762  |  |DANIEL GRISWOLD (1787-1863)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
712  |  |+MARY GAMMET (    -    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
276  |  |  |LESTER GRISWOLD (1817-1899)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
354  |  |  |GILBERT GRISWOLD (1826-1907) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
994  |  |  |LYDIA SAMANTHA GRISWOLD (1827-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
039  |  |  |DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (1828-1872)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
081  |  |  |+LOVINA G. BOYCE (1831-1917) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
118  |  |  |  |MARY ELIZA GRISWOLD (1850-1932) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
189  |  |  |  |+FRANK DELANSON SALISBURY (1843-1924) |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
692  |  |  |  |  |RALPH DELANSON SALISBURY (1872-1945)  |  |  |  |  |  | 
696  |  |  |  |  |+MATTIE ---- (1873-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
697  |  |  |  |  |  |KATHLEEN A. (E?) SALISBURY (1900-    )|  |  |  |  | 
693  |  |  |  |  |AGNES LEVINA SALISBURY (1875-1968) |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
700  |  |  |  |  |+PHILIP JAMES RISLEY (1871-1941)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
701  |  |  |  |  |  |HAZEL MARIE RISLEY (1896-1991)  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
702  |  |  |  |  |  |CHARLES F. RISLEY (1899-1990)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
694  |  |  |  |  |FRANK G. SALISBURY (1878-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
763  |  |  |  |  |  |EVELINE E. SALISBURY (1910-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  | 
695  |  |  |  |  |ONEY SALISBURY (1885-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
724  |  |  |  |  |+EVA ---- (    -    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
725  |  |  |  |  |  |FREDERICE M. SALISBURY (1908-    ) |  |  |  |  |  | 
119  |  |  |  |LESTER GRISWOLD (1851-1926)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
680  |  |  |  |+FLORENCE S. WRIGHT (1854-1884) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
681  |  |  |  |  |HERBERT E. GRISWOLD (1872-1899) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
682  |  |  |  |  |ALTA A. GRISWOLD (1876-1965) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
698  |  |  |  |  |+THERON H. GRUEY (1877-1942) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
718  |  |  |  |  |  |LESTER S. GRUEY (1899-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
719  |  |  |  |  |  |ADA M. GRUEY (1900-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
683  |  |  |  |  |GRACE GRISWOLD (1879-1967)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
714  |  |  |  |  |  |HARRY G. LEWIS (1901-1954)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
715  |  |  |  |  |  |ALTA V. LEWIS (1904-    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
716  |  |  |  |  |  |EMMA E. LEWIS (1906-    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
717  |  |  |  |  |  |LESTER L. LEWIS (1908-1912)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
684  |  |  |  |  |HARRIET GRISWOLD (1883-1974) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
713  |  |  |  |  |ADA GRISWOLD (1887-1889)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
685  |  |  |  |  |FLORENCE M. GRISWOLD (1891-1970)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
699  |  |  |  |  |+GLENN BARTLETT (1891-1961)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
686  |  |  |  |  |HARRY S. GRISWOLD (1893-1900)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
038  |  |  |  |RALPH KING WRIGHT GRISWOLD (1854-1934)|  |  |  |  |  |  | 
080  |  |  |  |+CAROLINE C. BROWN (1859-1934)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
035  |  |  |  |  |LYNN DELANSON GRISWOLD (1882-1982) |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
037  |  |  |  |  |+RUTH ESTELLA DUTE (1891-1952)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
036  |  |  |  |  |+JESHER URIEL GARDNER (1906-1972)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
002  |  |  |  |  |  |ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (1924-1995)|  |  |  |  |  |  | 
003  |  |  |  |  |  |+NATALIE MOSHER (1926-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
006  |  |  |  |  |  |+FAYE MARIAN NEES (1926-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
004  |  |  |  |  |  |  |LEWIS LYNN GRISWOLD (1952-    ) |  |  |  |  |  | 
948  |  |  |  |  |  |  |+PATRICIA MCKAY (    -    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
955  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |PATRICIA NATALIE GRISWOLD (1999-    ) |  |  | 
001  |  |  |  |  |  |  |FREDERICK ROBERT GRISWOLD (1954-    ) |  |  |  | 
005  |  |  |  |  |  |  |ROGER WALLING GRISWOLD (1959-    ) |  |  |  |  | 
007  |  |  |  |  |  |  |+SILVIA MORAES SATHLER (1964-    ) |  |  |  |  | 
947  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |ERIC SATHLER GRISWOLD (1998-    )  |  |  |  | 
995  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |JULIANA SATHLER GRISWOLD (2003-    )  |  |  |
120  |  |  |  |LYNN D. GRISWOLD (1860-1879) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
121  |  |  |  |HERMAN SYLVESTER GRISWOLD (1862-1957) |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
687  |  |  |  |+NORAH ROBERTS (1864-1909)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
688  |  |  |  |  |MARION CADWELL GRISWOLD (1891-1966)|  |  |  |  |  |  | 
689  |  |  |  |  |HOWARD S. GRISWOLD (1896-1972)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
690  |  |  |  |  |+LOUELLA MARVIN (1896-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
691  |  |  |  |  |  |MARJORIE ANN GRISWOLD (1919-1977)  |  |  |  |  |  | 
954  |  |  |  |  |  |  |MOLLIE LOU ROGGER (1956-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  | 
355  |  |  |CHARLES PERRY GRISWOLD (1831-1925) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
957  |  |ELIND GRISWOLD (1794-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
958  |  |GILBERT G. GRISWOLD (1803-1880) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |

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956  |  |  |  |  |DANIEL GRISWOLD (1755-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
762  |  |  |  |DANIEL GRISWOLD (1787-1863)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
039  |  |  |DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (1828-1872)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
712  |  |  |  |MARY GAMMET (    -    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
038  |  |RALPH KING WRIGHT GRISWOLD (1854-1934)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
081  |  |  |LOVINA G. BOYCE (1831-1917)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
035  |LYNN DELANSON GRISWOLD (1882-1982) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
080  |  |CAROLINE C. BROWN (1859-1934)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |

ID: 001
Sex: M
Birth place: Berkeley, Ca.            
Mother: NATALIE MOSHER (003) (    -    )
Father: ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (002) (1924-1995)
Note: Born at Herrick Hospital.                                   
Computer programmer, mainly on Tandem machines, though I like to
program in PHP these days. Amateur genealogist too, with 4 genealogy
websites. I'm also a musician, having been a guitar player once upon a
time (classical mostly, studying with people like Michael Lorimer and
Abel Carlevaro) and even a composer. I've been on college radio 2 or 3
times, even got myself on TV once. I have a Bachelor's in linguistics
from Berkeley, where I studied the Indo-European languages. I'm good
enough with German and French to claim a reading knowledge. Other
interests include evolutionary theory including the ideas of Gregory
Bateson, science generally, politics etc.

ID: 002
Sex: M
Birth date: Feb. 13, 1924
Birth place: Cleveland, Ohio          
Date of death: Dec. 22, 1995
Place of death: Stockton, Ca.            
Age at death: 71 years, 10 months, 9 days.
Mother: RUTH ESTELLA DUTE (037) (1891-1952)
Father: LYNN DELANSON GRISWOLD (035) (1882-1982)
Spouse: NATALIE MOSHER (003) (    -    )
Wedding: 6/11/1949, Erie, Pa.     
Spouse 2: FAYE MARIAN NEES (006) (    -    )
Wedding 2: 2/17/1969                
Child 1: LEWIS LYNN GRISWOLD (004) (    -    )
Child 2: FREDERICK ROBERT GRISWOLD (001) (    -    )
Child 3: ROGER WALLING GRISWOLD (005) (    -    )
For years a psychiatrist in private practice. Before that headed the
San Joaquin County Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program, and before that did
medical research, mostly on schzophrenia. He was sometimes mistaken by
strangers for Orville Redenbacher, the popcorn king. No foolin.
    He had many interests. He would stick with a hobby for a year or
two and then go on to something else. They included, in approximate
chronological order, airplanes (he would go down to the Cleveland
airport when he was a kid and watch the autogyros and airplanes take
off), playing the saxophone (he was in a jazz band in high school, led
by a guy named Fred Coke. You've heard of "Swing and sway with Sammy
Kaye"? This was "Choke and croak with Freddy Coke". Then when I was a
kid he gave sax lessons to one of Dr. Kimmock's sons, they'd get in
the kitchen and blast away), stamp collecting, the Russian language,
collecting postmarks from all over California (whenever we went on
vacation he would send an empty envelope back home just for the
postmark), making mosaics, building electronic components from kits,
making beer in the basement, playing the recorder, an abacus (he used
to do his checking account on it before calculators), the Spanish
language, shorthand (he invented his own), hydroponics, playing the
marimba, fractals, genealogy, growing little miniature cactuses, etc.
He had long-term interests in Dixielnd jazz, photography (he had his
own darkroom, and for a while he had a tiny little Minox camera, not
much bigger than your finger. One time he was in Berkeley during one
of the riots and took a few pictures. One of the young longhairs must
have thought he was CIA and tried to grab it from him), travel (they
did a lot of international traveling the last 20 years or so of his
life), and computing (he learned Fortran way back, then later got an
Apple II on which he did a lot of programming in Basic, then got a PC
for his office. When I was a kid, before mainframes were common, he
used to drive a stack of IBM cards from the State Hospital down to U.
C. Berkeley every Friday to get them processed.) He also had some
interest in languages - besides a sketchy knowledge of Russian and
Spanish, he had to learn enough French and German, I think, to get his
Ph. D. Mom says he also learned some Pidgin English when he worked at
the hospital in Hawaii. He had some exposure to Latin, too, as did all
educated members of his generation. He knew a guy once who went over
to England to go to medical school. As soon as he got there, "the
professor gave him two books in Latin, and two weeks to read 'em. And
he read 'em."
    He was a typical secular humanist and a scientific empiricist. He
would do experiments on rats and stuff like that at work. He didn't
believe in faith, he thought you should have independently verifiable
evidence for what you believed in. He was an atheist - they never even
went to church when he was a kid - but in later years he developed an
interest in Taoism. Once when he was in the hospital he even put that
down as his religion. It was probably the wierdest thing he ever did
in his life. It's a good thing he didn't start dying, they would
probably have brought in some priest with beads and rattles and a
stringy beard.
    Concerning where his academic side came from, it's true that his
father was an optometrist when he was a kid, but they seem to have
been mostly lumbermen, harness makers and such on that side of the
family. Probably it came from the Dute side - Uncle Glenn was the
first Dute who ever went to college; I believe Cousin Lois was a top
student; and Gust (born Anton August Dute) seems to have been named
after his father's uncle Anton, the teacher in Rotenburg. Germans in
those days took such relationships seriously. And Uncle Anton had both
the name and the profession of his godfather Anton Gleim, a teacher in
Ottrau. Plus the Dutes were probably Huguenots, and the Huguenots did
a lot to spread French culture to other countries. 
    Professionally, after working at Walter Reed in D. C. he came to
Stockton State Hospital and did research on schizophrenia, publishing
a few papers in technical journals, as well as being in charge of a
ward called D-2, and another later called H-8, as well as maybe one or
two others, which I've been told was quite an accomplishment for
someone who wasn't even a psychiatrist. He did shock treatments, too,
a duty which got him peripherally involved in a big mess at the
hospital once, in which the main player was his boss Dr. Gunn-Smith.
Dad was on administrative suspension for a little while, but in the
end Dr. Gunn-Smith permanently separated from the hospital. Dad became
a psychiatrist around the time Gov. Reagan closed down the mental
hospitals, and after that he ran the drug abuse program at the County
Hospital and then went into private practice working mainly with
schizophrenics. Dad would sometines act as an expert witness in
trials, and in his later years he was in the board of some corporation
that did research.
    Politically he was a liberal Republican when I was a kid, until
Goldwater changed the party (though years later I asked him and he had
completely forgotten about this), then he was a Democrat for a long
time, then he voted for Reagan for President twice (though I remember
him expressing surprise when he found out his father had voted for
Reagan for Governor). When I was a kid he was friends with a prominent
American Communist named Steve Murdock, who wrote a column for the
People's World newspaper. We also knew Jessica Mitford, a colorful
semi-radical English lady who stayed at our house once or twice when I
was a kid. She was going to give a talk at the University of the
Pacific, but the President of the University wouldn't let her because
she was suspected of being a Communist. (Years later this turned out
to be true.) I was probably around 9 then. Dad was never a radical,
but he was the kind of person who believed in the right to express
unpopular views. This liberated side may be from the part of Ohio his
mother was from - Oberlin College, where Cousin Valerie teaches, was
the first college in the country to admit blacks, and the first to
admit women. 
    I remember the time in Santa Barbara when he had to lie to a cop.
It was the 4th of July, and we were on the street up above Grandpa's
house, setting off firecrackers. Some cop drove up and asked us if
we'd been setting off firecrackers. Dead silence from Grandpa. So
after a few seconds Dad had to speak up: "No, officer, we haven't been
setting off any firecrackers." The cop gave us a little propaganda
about how setting off firecrackers is against the law, and it's a fire
hazard and such, then he let us go and that was the end of the fun
that night. I was probably around 10 or 12. 
    He got appendicitis when he was in med school, and diagnosed it
himself. He always had a scar on his abdomen where it was taken out.
    He was a lifelong asthmatic. Second Cousin Virginia McKalip: "I
remember as a child when we were growing up that Bob had severe
athsmatic problems and that his parents did everything possible to
find help for him." Dr. DiPolo in Stockton tells me that he had a lot
of scarring in his lungs that they could never determine the source
    Cousin Lois, in a letter she wrote me 2/7/96: "As youngsters we
spent a lot of time together but even though we lived in the same area
of Rocky River our lives went in different directions. He graduated
from High School in 1942 and I graduated in 1947.
    "It wasn't until about 1980 that I wrote to Bob and after that we
kept in touch. He stayed with us on his trips here and it was great."
She goes on to describe some of the furnishings of Grandma and Grandpa
Dute's that she still has - a clock, 2 tables, a sewing machine and so
    Cousin Elizabeth Dute Cody, in a letter she wrote Dad on
Thanksgiving 1995: "Through your mother I came to know you. Your room
remains in my memory since we frequently visited there while she
talked of you. On your bureau was a most marvelous figurine which I
believe you had carved out of soap, a 'see-no-evil, hear-no-evil,
speak-no-evil'. I've always had the hope that you had saved it." I
don't think he did.
    "Aunt Ruth spoke proudly of your many scholarly achievements both
in high school and in college (Phi Beta Kappa, no less). I knew of
your being in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, graduation from Western
Reserve as an undergraduate and from its medical school, and your
internship at Queens Hospital, Honolulu. When Aunt Ruth died, I heard
no more news of you."
    He was the valedictorian of his high school class, though I never
found that out until I was going thru his stuff after he died. His
bachelor's degree was in chemistry. (He said once he would have been a
chemist if he couldn't have been a doctor.) He got his MD degree in
1949 from Case Western School of Medicine in Ohio. His post-graduate
training included a year at Stockton State Hospital (7/69 to 6/70) and
he did his psychiatric residency there from 7/70 to 6/72.     
    Mariln Tyler ran across an obit for him from one of the Cleveland
papers, in the "G" obit book at the Amherst Historical Soiety. It says
he was director of research at Stockton State Hospital, which he
joined in 1957 (that was the year we moved out here from Washington).
"The 1949 Western Reserve University Medical School graduate served
his medical internship at Queens Hospital in Hawaii." He enrolled at
Berlekey in 1950 where he got his Ph. D. in biophysics in 1954. "Then,
Dr. Griswold investigated burn shock as a staff member at the Walter
Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, D. C." He had Q
clearance there, which means top secret. This obit is much like the
one that appeared in the Stockton Record (which I helped write, along
with Lew and the rest of us - Lew knows some people at the Stockton
Record). Marilyn says it probably appeared in the Cleveland Plain
Dealer or Press, or even the Chronicle Telegram or Lorain Journal.
They must have picked it up off a wire service.

ID: 003
Sex: F
Birth place: Erie, PA.                
Mother: MARIETTA MARSHALL WALLING (011) (1897-1962)
Father: LEWIS SAXTON MOSHER (012) (1896-1973)
Spouse: ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (002) (1924-1995)
Wedding: 6/11/1949, Erie, PA.     
Child 1: LEWIS LYNN GRISWOLD (004) (    -    )
Child 2: FREDERICK ROBERT GRISWOLD (001) (    -    )
Child 3: ROGER WALLING GRISWOLD (005) (    -    )
Attended Strong Vincent High School in Erie, then majored in English
at Allegheny College. This was during the War years, and when she got
to college in 1944 there were 300 girls in her class and only 100
boys. She met Dad at a fraternity party. Their wedding was conducted
by Rev. Cyrus Moorhead, son-in-law of Uncle Will Walling, in the house
on Cherry Street where she grew up. After they were married they moved
to Hawaii where she worked in a photography shop. When Dad was in grad
school at Berkeley she was a receptionist at a psychological clinic
there. She was secretary at Bidwell School for a couple years when I
was a student there. After they got divorced in 1968 she moved from
Stockton to Palo Alto where she worked for a few years at a hi-tech
start-up run by Bill Odell (who was the son of Carey Odell, a
Hollywood set designer whose name can occasionally be seen in the
credits of old movies). After that went bust, she worked for various
other Silicon Valley hi-tech places including as a secretary at Xerox
for 10 years, mostly at the Palo Alto Research Center, one of the
highest-tech places in the Valley. Currently lives in Menlo Park, Ca.
next to Rog and Silvia.
    She was a kid during the Depression. She says some people didn't
have enough to eat and literally froze in their homes during the cold
winters right next to Lake Erie. The depression didn't really end
until 1939 when the war started, and then there was rationing. Along
about 1943 was when it got worse; nobody could get enough gasoline to
drive very far, and Mom sometimes had trouble getting back to college
at Allegheny in Meadville, only 45 miles away. Sometimes she would
stop off with Uncle Ralph in Corry. It paid to know your butcher so
maybe he would slip in a little extra meat; you might not even know
what it was til you got home. (Mom continued this habit of going to a
butcher store years later, she always got her meat from the Yosemite
Meat Market in Stockton when I was a kid.) But they got plenty of
eggs, they could always get a few dozen from Mr. Crossman out by the
    Work was easy to find during the war, and she had one job in
accounting making out payrolls, right next to the New York Central
Railroad station, so at break time she was always treated to the
dramatic partings and homecomings of soldiers outside. She said she
also had a job modeling clothes in a department store, and another
testing bomb warheads for the last 5 or 6 weeks of the war, and then
suddenly the jobs were all gone. 
    Mom grew up in Erie with Ann Bradford Davis, the actress who
played the housekeeper on the Brady Bunch. Mom calls her Schultzie. We
have a kindergarten picture of them. Schultzie had an identical twin
sister, Harriet. Mom was practically the only person who could ever
tell them apart. They were both good actresses, in fact the whole
family were born performers, all you had to do was put a microphone in
front of them. Mom says that in a few of the Brady Buch episodes she
thinks it's really Harriet playing the housekeeper, not Schultzie. 

ID: 004
Sex: M
Birth place: Oakland, Ca.             
Mother: NATALIE MOSHER (003) (    -    )
Father: ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (002) (1924-1995)
Spouse: PATRICIA MCKAY (948) (    -    )
Child 1: PATRICIA NATALIE GRISWOLD (955) (    -    )
Writes a column for the Fresno Bee. While working for a small paper in
Ely, Nevada, his paper came in third behind the Reno and Las Vegas
papers in an editorial writing contest, and he wrote 2 of the 3
editorials they submitted. 

ID: 005
Sex: M
Birth place: Stockton, CA.            
Mother: NATALIE MOSHER (003) (    -    )
Father: ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (002) (1924-1995)
Spouse: SILVIA MORAES SATHLER (007) (    -    )
Wedding: 7/19/1987, Palo Alto, CA 
Child 1: ERIC SATHLER GRISWOLD (947) (    -    )
Child 2: JULIANA SATHLER GRISWOLD (995) (    -    )
Note: Born at St. Joseph's Hospital.                              
Worked on one or two of the space telescopes when he was at Lockheed.
Used to be in a rock band that played at Keystone Palo Alto. 

ID: 006
Sex: F
Birth place: San Francisco, Ca.       
Spouse: ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (002) (1924-1995)
A patron of the arts. Has konwn one or two artists who achieved some
recognition, notably an Australian named Kmit. Faye worked for years
as an occupational therapist at Stockton State Hospital, starting on
July 4, 1950 and going til April Fool's Day, I forget what year - in
the 70's, I think. (Kmit, by the way, was a patient at the State
Hospital. He was sent there for slapping a priest. Faye has a few of
his works, one of which is a picture probably of Dad, and one of which
is the first thing he made after coming to the hospital, a little
painting on a piece of wood he made when he was sent to the
woodworking room that Faye was in charge of. Faye says that one time
Kmit saw Rog at the age of three riding his trike up California
street, so he took him back home to Mom.)
    She is big on music too, Arthur Fiedler and that sort of thing
(even though she says she doesn't like violins). She was also an
amateur ballet dancer for many years.  
    Her mother, whose maiden name was Harriet Lucy Foster, was a
nurse. She was a great old lady with a positive attitude. Faye said
once that she came out west in a covered wagon. (This was probably
actually her parents, since the public records say she was born in
CA.) She graduated from the UCSF School of Nursing in 1921 - the 1920
census lists Harriet Foster in SF, 21, student nurse, b. CA, father b.
Ill, mother b. Missouri. Two years later she was working as an office
nurse in San Francisco ("The Nugget", CGS's semi-annual mag, Winter
'98). She grew up near Ashland, OR. Faye says she was herding the cows
in one day when one of them got struck by lightning and killed. After
that she would always run and hide under the covers at the sound of
thunder. The SSDI has her death date as Jan. 1981, last rersidence
Petaluma 94952, SSN 567-40-3640, born 7/13/1897. 
    Faye's father, George Beatty Nees, whom I never met because he
died not long after Dad and Faye were married, was big on art just
like Faye. He took Faye and her sister Mary to the deYoung museum once
(practically their second home; they lived a few blocks north of
there, west of 19th in the Sunset district) to see a van Gough exibit.
The people there were all amused by and making fun of the paintings.
Faye's father told her and Mary to remember that day; he knew a good
artist when he saw one. He fell on hard times during the Depression.
He was an accountant, and he would get up early every day, catch the
bus, and go out to look for a job, with little success. Faye says this
gave her a lifelong thrifty attitude as a result. Faye remembers going
down to the basement, seeing 6 cans of food on the shelf, and
wondering whether there would be enough food to go around for the
whole family.
    Faye says she had an uncle who was the most important person to
her while she was growing up. Well, he wasn't actually a relative, but
she called him "Unc". His name was Walter (?) Allen Reinhardt, a
German Jew who went to MIT and became an architect. His last name was
originally Reinhertz, but that sounded too Jewish so he changed it
because of the persecution of the Jews in those days. He taught
himself to play the piano well enough to go see a musical and come
home and play all the music by ear. She thinks he met her mother when
his father was in the hospital at the UC Med Center. He lived with
them for a while. "Unkie" paid for a mastoid operation in Faye's ear
when she was 15 months old which her family couldn't afford, and
without which she probably would have died. 
    A few words on Faye's in-laws. Faye's older sister Mary was a
nurse for years, like her mom. She effectively retired at one point
but would still take the yearly nurse's exam just in case. Finally she
gave up on that, deciding she had better uses for the $50 they charged
her to take the test. She and her husband Irv Fumigali live in
Petaluma, in Sonoma County, the ancient ancestral homeland. Irv was a
high school science teacher for years, when they lived in Daly City,
but was able to retire rather early to Petaluma due to some favorable
investments he made. Irv and his brother Guido were both in the Navy
in WW II; Guido has his own record in this database. Irv and Mary have
three kids: Peter, born about 1950; Tina, born 1954; and Gina, born
about 1959. Peter worked once at a naval base in the North Bay, where
he had a job making tools - he would actually make specially designed,
one-off tools for specific purposes. Now he works at the Federal mint
in San Francisco as a supervisor. He is divorced and has two
daughters, the older of whom is named Danielle and the younger Alyssa.
Tina got married and moved to Dallas, got divorced, and has two
daughters, the older of whom is named Laura Faye. Gina got married to
Kenny Ebertus and they run a produce business in Petaluma that Kenny
inherited from his father Werner "Vern" Ebertus. Vern was a German
immigrant who was in the German navy during WW II, assigned to the
Bismark. He was an intelligent and competent guy, and he attracted the
attention of an older officer who needed somebody to take notes of
what he said every time he gave a talk somewhere, so Vern was
transferred off the Bismark - lucky him - before it sank. Vern and his
wife had, besides Kenny, a couple of daughters, and they all spoke
German. Tina's father-in-law was a friend of Vern's, and also from
    Here is an ancestral chart for Faye, drawn from the censuses, the
CA birth and death records, the Social Security Death Index, and from
"History of Klamath County, Oregon", 1941, p. 361:
        --- Nees b. PA
      Wellington Nees b. 8/1818 PA; farmer
        --- b. PA
    William Nees b. Iowa 1856?, d. young
        --- b. PA
      Margaret --- b. PA 1817? 
        --- b. PA
  George Beatty Nees b. WI 2/2/2885, d. SF 1/1970; SSN 558-03-3487
      --- b. Virginia; farmer
    Molly --- b. WI May 1861; 3 kids
      --- b. PA
Faye Marian Nees
      --- Foster, b. PA
    Adam Simpson Foster b. 1852 in IN; d. 12/2/1936; m. 1883?
      --- b. IN
  Harriet L. Foster b. 7/13/1897; d. Petaluma 1/1981; SSN 567-40-3640
      --- Helm, b. Virginia
    Mary Emma Helm b. Bosworth MI 1862, d. 11/8/1938 Petaluma; 9+ kids
      --- b. Virginia

ID: 007
Sex: F
Birth place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   
Spouse: ROGER WALLING GRISWOLD (005) (    -    )
Wedding: 7/19/1987, Palo Alto, CA.
Child 1: ERIC SATHLER GRISWOLD (947) (    -    )
Child 2: JULIANA SATHLER GRISWOLD (995) (    -    )
From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Came here as an exchange student. She has
a degree in business, I thnk, from Cal State Hayward. Her father
worked for years as an executive for IBM in Brazil, and as a
management consultant.  Her younger brother Eddie came here from
Brazil some years ago, has a degree in physics, and works in computer
hardware. She also has an older brother Piedro. Her father and her
mother Diana are divorced. 
    Rog and Silvia had a stillborn son on Aug. 1, 2001 at 12:58 PM. A
kink had developed in the umbilical cord. He was well-formed and
weighed two pounds. They named him Martin. 

ID: 035
Sex: M
Birth date: June 28, 1882
Birth place: New London, Ohio         
Date of death: June 28, 1982
Place of death: Stockton, Ca.            
Age at death: 100 years, 0 months, 0 days.
Mother: CAROLINE C. BROWN (080) (1859-1934)
Father: RALPH KING WRIGHT GRISWOLD (038) (1854-1934)
Spouse: RUTH ESTELLA DUTE (037) (1891-1952)
Wedding: Second wife, actually    
Spouse 2: JESHER URIEL GARDNER (036) (1906-1973)
Wedding 2: Third wife               
Child 1: ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (002) (1924-1995)
Note: Grandpa Griz, AKA "Pop", "Griz", "Big Griz".                
Died on his 100th birthday, if you can believe that. Grew up in Ohio.
Was born 3 years and one month to the day after his uncle, for whom he
was named, drowned. Sometimes people in positions like that feel as if
they have to live life for two, and he just about did that. He was
also born 10 years, 1 month, and 10 days after his grandfather
Delanson Griswold died. Had a horse when he was a kid. He wasn't a
religious man, but he told me he went to a Disciple church when he was
a kid. I have a note that says LDG was baptized at the Christian
Church in Akron (Amherst?) Ohio, age 20-25. It also says LDG's family
was Methodist/Congregational. (The Disciples of Christ, headquartered
in Indianapolis, were started inadvertently in the early 1800's when
their founders decided that there should be a reunion of all the
different Christian churches. The other churches didn't necessarily
agree, so of course they wound up starting another one.) He was first
married at the age of 22, on 2/14/1904, Valentine's Day, in Greenwich,
OH, to Lottie Schweitzer. (She was born in Greenwich, Ohio c. 1880.
Her father sold hardware and buggies.) "That lasted four years", he
told me and Lew. He never told Dad about it until about 1972. "I
didn't divorce her, I just left her," he told Faye and Dad. But his
diary says he was divorced in 1913 in Conneaut. Then he didn't get
married again til he was about 40, on my birthday, to Ruth Dute, my
grandmother. After she died in the early 50's, he married Jess Van
Kampen, a divorcee, from Macon, Georgia. She was about 25 years
younger than him. He outlived her.
    When I was down in Santa Barbara once visiting Lew, Grandpa was
driving us home and Lew asked him what a good age to get married was.
He said 35. Lew found this amusing. Then Lew asked him how old he was
when he had gotten married, and that's when he told us about his first
marriage. This was sometime in the early 70's. Faye told me later that
Dad first found out about it around this time. I may have known about
this before Dad did.
    He never fought in a war. He said he was too young for the first,
and too old for the second. He was talking about the Spanish-American
War and the First World War.
    He had a good business head and did well for himself. He was an
optometrist in the 20's when he got married and when my dad was a kid,
which is probably where Dad got the idea to be a doctor (though he
never had any interest in business). Grandpa went into the automobile
title business during the Depression. (Dad says he was too much of a
workaholic.) He made beer in a bathtub during Prohibition. He liked to
travel - he went to every state except Alaska, and crossed the country
20 or 25 times. He lived in Santa Barbara when I was a kid - first in
a suburb called Montecito, then another one called Carpinteria, then
long-term at a fancy house on Portesuello Ave. I used to think that he
and Jess were in Dallas the day Kennedy was shot, and saw Oswald run
into that theater, but nobody else seems to remember anything about
this. Politically he was pretty conservative, but maybe that's because
he was born so long ago. Coolidge was his favorite president. He
didn't like long hair. He said if your hair got down to your collar,
it was too long. He gave up driving when he turned 90. He grew a beard
when he was 95 - he'd had a mustache all the time I knew him, but he
never had a beard before. He was a skinny and stiff-necked old man,
with a high, stringy voice. The neck was because of an operation he
had where a bone from his leg was transplanted up to his neck. He died
in Stockton, Ca., at a little hospital next to Fulton Villa, the old
folks home where he spent his last years, and was buried in Macon,
Ga., next to his third wife, the one he apparently liked the best,
though he was moved a few years ago to make room for one of Jess's
brothers. It might not be a bad idea to move him up to Ohio someday,
where there is an extra gravesite where his parents are buried.
    Regarding the Griswold house in Rocky River, Elizabeth Ann Dute
Cody wrote on 11/25/1995: "Am sending a couple of views of the
Griswold house as it was in Sept. when I visited. No one was home but
I talked to the neighbor on the south side who said that 'the house is
in need of a lot of love'! It is owned by a man who is absent most of
the year and leases it short term to various people -- no one doing
anything to keep it up. There is a rumor that the owner will sell the
house soon and everyone is keeping fingers crossed. Almost all homes
in the neighborhood are owned rather than rented or leased, and owners
seem to be young couples with large families. One sees many 'for sale'
signs when driving through, and none of the homes are as well cared
for as they were in your parents time."
    She also refers to Grandpa as "a distinctly flirtatious man". I
remember he did have an eye for the ladies. He "most probably pursued
his pleasures on his own. I have nothing to support this, but I would
have to be a poor judge of individuals and human nature to believe
otherwise. His work required 3 - 4 hours a day and he didn't golf but
he was never at home."
    And: "Your grandfather was considered by many in the family as
very debonair -- just short of a dandy -- always nattily dressed."
This he had in common with my grandmother. "He was the
ascots-and-spats sort with perfectly trimmed mustache which looked
funny to me because beards and mustaches in those days were unpopular
unless your name was Hitler or Marx (bros.)" I remember he always had
a mustache, and he even grew a beard for a while in his 90's. And he
always wore these little string ties. They were once the height of
    And, she says that he and his wife slept in different rooms. "To
my questioning, Aunt Ruth just said it worked out better that way
(what a nosy wretch)." I remember he and Jess slept in different rooms
in Santa Barbara, too.
    His wife Ruth wrote the following about him on Tues., Jan. 18th,
1949 to Mom a few months before Mom and Dad were married: "Dear
Natalie -  Yes, pop left a week ago Sunday for Florida. Had three
telephone calls from him en route, besides several cards and letters,
and I gather he is having a wonderful time. He found a small apartment
in a motor court, even to kitchenette, and is having himself a time
fixing breakfast and before-sleeping snacks."
    Here's a poem Grandpa wrote, an echo of the old oral culture
that's mostly gone now. It is written on the back a couple of forms
that seem to be left over from his automobile title business. He must
have kept them around as scratch paper for 20 or 30 years. Faye gave
it to me. It's written for "Fay & Bob". It goes:
        I wished for a peach and a peach I got,
        I think it came from your back lot.
        It was so good you should have them by the score
        then I would ask for more   
        So let me thank this little tree
        and next year it may have two or three
        I think of you quite often too 
        when using the napkin of blue
        Oh - nuts here I go for better or worse
        I just cant help but write in vese
        But the day will come when I get my se-nses
        thn (?) I can mend my run down fences
                Love Pop
It seems to be about Faye's backyard, which is one of the leafier
backyards in Stockton - lots of trees and apples and flowers and
things like that. The "napkin of blue" probably refers to the color of
Grandpa's napkin ring - Faye keeps track  of everyone's napkin by
giving each person a napkin ring of a different color. "Pop" is what
Dad always called his father.

ID: 036
Sex: F
Birth date: Aug. 14, 1906
Birth place: Macon?                   
Date of death: 1973?     
Place of death: Santa Barbara?           
Age at death: 66 or 67
Spouse 2: LYNN DELANSON GRISWOLD (035) (1882-1982)
Note: Jess. Her SSN was 425-16-2026.                              
L. D. Griswold's third wife. She was something of a religious
fundamentalist, believeing that certain Biblical characters lived 200
or 300 years. She was a good grandma and liked to share her memories
and things she knew - I remember her showing me where the Seven
Sisters were. She told about the settlers coming out West - "they had
to fight the Indians, and those Indians weren't dumb." Her first
husband's name was Van Kampen. I believe that marriage ended in
divorce. She was a nurse once. She died in about 1973 and is buried in
Macon. She was big on genealogy, and was a member of the National
Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons. She has a daughter named Uriel
- Jesher and Uriel are names of angels in the Bible, I think - who
lived in St. Helena I believe, and another named Mrs. Mary E.
Thompson. St. Helena is no more than an hour or so from Stockton, and
she was always talking about it, but I never met that family until I
was maybe into my late teens. Mary was her successor in the NSMCDB,
and the last address they have for her is in Concord, CA. There is
currently on Yahoo a Mary E. Thompson living in Concord.
    I vaguely remember Grandma and Grandpa telling about being in
Dallas the day Kennedy was shot, and seeing Oswald run into the
theater. Maybe it was them, and maybe it was somebody they knew. I
looked in William Manchester's book "Death of a President" and could
find no mention of them. 
    This undated newspaper article was found in with Grandpa Griz's
stuff. The headline is "345 Persons Attend Tourist Howdy Dance." It
says: "LAKE WORTH - The Tourist Howdy Club had its largest attendance
of the season at its weekly dance Wednesday night at the Casino
ballroom. A total of 345 persions attended the Valentine dance.    
    "Dance winners included Miss Jesse Van Campen, Washington, DC, L.
D. Griswold, Cleveland, Ohio;... L. D. Griswold was welcomed as a new
member." There is a Lake Worth in Florida a bit north of Pompano
Beach, where Grandpa Griz lived after he moved away from Cleveland.

ID: 037
Sex: F
Birth date: Oct. 26, 1891
Birth place: Amherst, Ohio            
Date of death: Mar. 22, 1952
Place of death: Cleveland, Ohio          
Age at death: 60 years, 4 months, 25 days.
Mother: ELIZABETH ALICE MILLER (077) (1873-1959)
Father: AUGUST ANTON DUTE (043) (1867-1951)
Spouse: JOHN ALBERT PLATO (143) (1886-1914)
Wedding: Amherst, Oh.             
Spouse 2: LYNN DELANSON GRISWOLD (035) (1882-1982)
Wedding 2: 1/26/1922                
Child 1: ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (002) (1924-1995)
Note: "Mom Gris".                                                 
She played Bach on the piano, the first prelude from the Well-Tempered
Clavier and things like that. An old movie exists taken with her
brother Bill's movie camera in Rocky River, Ohio, showing her, my
father (her son) as a kid, Uncle Bill, Uncle Glenn, his girlfriend
Dorothy Cox, Grandpa Griz, Cousin Lois, and various other people in
Roaring 20's attire.
    She probably did not graduate from high school. "I have looked up
the graduates from Amherst High School and don't find her listed
anywhere." Valerie, 5/9/2000. A picture I have of her with a group of
other women all dressed in white (which was the custom in the
summertime in Ohio) is likely to be from a commercial school, Valerie
adds. "They had one in Lorain." 
    One source I have shows her date of death as 8/16/1952. She died
of a brain tumor. He came home one day and found her passed out on the
kitchen floor. It wasn't diagnosed until after she died.
    Valerie Jenkins: "Ruth was a very pretty woman who always dressed
fashionably. She worked at the steel mill" - the same one where her
father worked, I guess - "as a secretary." She doesn't seem to have
graduated from high school, though. "Her first marriage was
short-lived and no children resulted. Ruth played the organ in the
Catholic church for a while. She later met and married Lynn Griswold,
better knowm to everyone as Griz. Their only child, Robert" - also
called Griz - "suffered from asthma to such an extent that their
vacations were often spent in trying to find a better climate for
    Elizabeth A. Dute Cody says that after Uncle Glenn joined the
family business, "Ruth and Gris were now able to spend a month at a
time a couple of times a year in Hawaii where they stayed at the Royal
Hawaiian (for one of those years your father was in his internship at
Queens Hospital). While on one of those trips Ruth became ill, was
rushed home and very quickly died. I lost my wonderful aunt and mentor
and Dad was devastated - this occurred only 11 mnonths after his and
Ruth's father had died." From 5/7/1996.
    From her obituary: "Services for Mrs. Ruth E. Griswold, a founder
of the West Shore Women's Club and a former member of the Lakewood
Women's Club, have been set for 3 p. m. tomorrow in the Zilch (sic)
funeral home, Amherst, O. Burial will be in Ridge Hill Memorial Park,
Lorain, O.
    "Mrs. Griswold, who lived at 240 Argyle Road, had been a Rocky
River resident for almost three decades. She died Saturday night in an
Oberlin (O.) rest home."
    Cousin Lois: "She was very neat and organized and was a stylish
dresser. I spent time with her in my younger grade school years, but
our families didn't do much together during the High School years and
then she died in 1952." And when my Dad visited Lois he stayed in a
bedroom that "had the furniture that his mother used when she was
single and living in Amherst. I got the set in 1954 and re-finished it
and my daughter Donna used it and now her daughter Jessica who is 9 is
using it." 
    Dad, 9/27/92: "My earliest memories are of a yellow house on
Sloane Avenue in Lakewood, where my parents lived after their
marriage. Mother found it difficult take care of me, as I was full of
allergies and related conditions, and I naturally passed the miseries
on to her, and she had to assume them, even though she was not well
equipped to do so. The toll it took on her showed up in later years, I
    "My evidence is thin, but I somehow have the idea that mother
liked to party as a single woman, and that her life revolved around
her job at the steel plant office, and the friends she made there. She
was actually married before she met my Dad, to John Plato, but he died
of tuberculosis within one year, so she was left a widow early in
life. She was a pretty woman, judging by the photos I have of her.
    "My mother had a secretarial job in Cleveland, in the office of
Arthur H. Bill, M.D., a prominent obstetrician. She was very proud of
this association, and she bragged about it frequently. Dr. Bill
delivered me. Years later, when I attended medical school at Western
Reserve, I found his portrait on the wall. An imposing figure he
certainly was." My doctor, Frank Reynolds, went to Western Reserve,
and remembers Dr. Bill. Dr. Bill invented an obstetrical instrument
called the Bill Handle, which was commonly used for years by doctors.
He also remembers Dr. Bill's son, who was also an obstetrician, though
not near as talented as the old man.
     Cousin Elizabeth Dute Cody wrote to Dad on Thanksgiving, 1995:
"Have thought of you many many times through the years and was shocked
to learn from Lois that you thought possibly I wouldn't remember you.
Oh yes indeed! Though we seldom had any personal contact you may
recall that your lovely mother rather adopted me and I spent many
wonderful times with her. She began visiting us when we were living in
Camp Hill in the 1940's. I was in a little ice show at Hershey and she
came for that. She took me shopping and bought me clothes. I can still
remember the outfits and how wonderful I felt each time I wore one. A
number of times she picked me up and we went up to Le Bon Air at Old
Forge in the Adirondacks. What a treat that was; our family never went
on vacations. I believe she was driving a gray LaSalle convertible
with red leather upholstery. As we were driving along, if she were
going to sneeze she wanted me to hold the wheel. She didn't want to
take her eyes off the road even for a split second."
    Cousin Elizabeth wrote me not long after Dad died. She remembers
meeting Mom once for about 5 minutes when she was 11: "Your
grandmother seemed to feel that your mother was the perfect choice for
her son. As always Bob did EVERYTHING to perfection. Natalie was very
bright, vivacious, and a beautiful girl, I believe your grandmother
felt that even she could not have made a better choice. She was
ecstatic with the pairing."
    Then, written on Feb. 10, 1996: "A couple of months ago I could
not have written you a very honest account of your grandmother, my
Aunt Ruth. Some of my impressions might have hurt your father's
feelings, had he come across the information. Harmless as it is, I
wouldn't have wanted to take the chance.
    "One item, not included in the Dute history by Valerie
Gerstenberger," - formerly Valerie Eppley Jenkins - "out of deference
to your father, concerns Ruth's musical talents. She played the organ
at the old Catholic Church in Amherst. There was considerable gossip
because Ruth always spent so much time practicing at the church while
the priest was there as opposed to being in the rectory, I guess. Of
course, had she been homely no one would have taken notice; but Ruth
was a very attractive young lady who received considerable attention
for being well dressed and blessed with large eyes, perfect skin, and
light brown hair which was always neatly coifed. If there waas a grain
of truth in any of the inferences, which was unlikely since such
relationships were nearly impossible to keep secret in small towns,
we'll never know. Apparently she never confided in anyone nor did she
leave town, as was the custom, any time during this period. To do so
have certainly proclaimed her 'guilty' whether she was or not. It has
always been fascinating contemplating that there are some who are able
to seduce the theoretically 'unseduceable'". She could probably get on
Oprah with a story like that these days.
    "Ultimately, your grandmother married John E. Plato, one of the
good Catholic boys in town who owned a business.... I asked your
great-grandmother a number of things about Plato but she never would
talk to me about him. Later I discovered that that was her habit with
everyone. Poor Plato had the misfortune of being born into a family
with the wrong religion. That made it an inappropriate marriage, and
your great-grandmother was most relieved when Ruth married your father
-- he was well liked." I guess she means grandfather.
    Cousin Valerie has a couple of comments relevant to this in a note
she sent with a picture of John Plato's store on 2/22/2000: "Aunt
Lizzie had a fit when they were married because he was Catholic.
    "I remember my family talking about how Aunt Lizzie thought Ruth
had disgraced the family. 
    Then, written on March 25, 1996: "Your grandmother, Ruth Estella,
was meticulous about her person. One could never imagine her in a
house dress or work clothes. Slacks were not popular with the average
woman of the day, and then of course she had a maid come in weekly and
a man to take care of the yard so that may have been part of the
reason she appeared so 'dressed-up' all the time. She always wore
makle-up (attractively, not overdone) and jewelry and dressy shoes
even to sit around home. My mother being 16 years younger was prettier
at the time, but I always wished my mother could be as 'elegant' as my
Aunt Ruth. I admired her for her class, sophistication, and
refinement. I had the feeling she had always been so, even when your
father was young; whereas my mother was the harried and frazzled
Mom-type, the result of trying to keep up with two wild, boisterous
kids (which your father was not), and one sickly child terrified of
his own shadow.
    "Perhaps this is why Aunt Ruth was such a movie buff (today she
might have immersed herself in romance novels). What's more, she
seemed to me to be somewhat obsessed with the lives of the stars and
was always conveying the latest gossip from Hedda Hopper about this
star and that. Her favorites were Fred Astair, Ginger Rogers, Vera
Ellen (both were his dance partners), Gene Kelly, Montgomery Clift,
Carey Grant, Olivia De Havilland, Vivian Leigh, Sir Lawrence Olivier
and, her idol, Clark Gable. Not surprisingly her favorite movie was
'Gone With the Wind'. One time your grandparents were having dinner in
a Hollywood restaurant frequented by the stars when she realized that
Clark Gable was there. She, of the impeccable manners desperately
hated to intrude for an autograph, but as she put it knew she'd
'regret it for the rest of my life' if she didn't." I've never seen
this autograph, probably it doesn't exist any more. "The way she told
the story made me quite embarrassed for your grandfather. I always
felt attuned to the unsatisfied side of this dynamic woman --I loved
her so much--and wanted (not being sure myself what it was) a great
love for her. Perhaps she knew that earlier, I surely hope so; she was
in no way ordinary and surely deserved it and would have appreciated
    And again, on 4/28/1996: "Your parents were, I believe, married at
your grand-parents' home as was customary in the Dute Family; and it
was attended by the immediate family only.... since only immediate
family attended neither of the two uncles, Glenn and William, nor
their families were invited. Our family was told that if we wished we
could come by after the ceremony and see the couple off. We all
dressed in our Sunday best and went over at the appointed time to find
the bridal couple and her parents long gone. My parents were furious
(to themselves, of course); at home I heard them discussing how they
thought that your grandmother deliberately told us to come at a time
when she knew everyone would be gone. This time it seemed as if she
wanted our whole family hidden."
    I have five letters written to Mom by Ruth during the months
leading up to the wedding. From the one written Tues., June 7, four
days before the wedding: "I haven't heard from Glenn yet, but doubt
they will be able to make it on account of getting someone to
    On 6/20/96, Cousin Elizabeth writes about her being a fan of the
Cleveland Indians. "Although she never attended the games she never
missed one on T.V. How she loved those Indians. Nothing could
interrupt her viewing on the nights they were playing." Snappy
dresser, too. Competitive, maybe. "Oddly again (as with the movies) I
got the impression that it was particular players rather than the game
itself that interested her. The favorites were Bob Feller, Jack
Lemmon, and #1 favorite, Lou Boudreau. Lou was my favorite, too. He
was gorgeous. During the 7th inning stretch she would make us her
favorite summer drink, a black cow (a.k.a. root beer float): several
scoops of vanilla ice cream with root beer poured over topped with
whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. By the time the Indians had won
the pennant the summer of 1950 (I believe it  was), I had gained
considerable weight." Dad was always a root beer float fan, as am I.
For a while he would go down to A & W Root Beer regularly in Stockton
to get a gallon of root beer and make root beer floats with it.
    "Aunt Ruth was also a big fan of Mel Torme, ('the Velvet Fog" as
he was called), a tremendously good looking guy who had a regular spot
on T.V. He has been on the circuit ever since and after about 40 years
I saw him for the first time this year. What a shock. He has not aged
well." He looks like Nikita Kruschev to me.
    "Her other favorite was 'Candid Camera' with Alan Funt. If you
have ever seen any re-runs, you'll know that program was quite funny.
As far as I know, those were her only T.V. interests."

ID: 038
Sex: M
Birth date: Mar. 18, 1854
Birth place: Springboro, Pa.          
Date of death: Jan. 2, 1934
Place of death: Conneaut, Ohio           
Age at death: 79 years, 9 months, 15 days.
Mother: LOVINA G. BOYCE (081) (1831-1917)
Father: DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (039) (1828-1872)
Spouse: CAROLINE C. BROWN (080) (1859-1934)
Wedding: 6/12/1881, Ripley, Ohio  
Child 1: LYNN DELANSON GRISWOLD (035) (1882-1982)
He was a harness maker. He owned a shop where he sold harnesses and
buggy whips and stuff. L. D. Griswold said he was born in Stoneboro,
Pa., but his death certificate says it was Springboro, which is
probably right, since there is a Springboro in Crawford Co., Pa., and
it's not far from Conneaut, Oh. It also says his mother was Lavina
Boise. This info was given by Charles Brown, who was on the other side
of the family. 
    An article about Lynn D.'s funeral in the Conneaut Reporter, 1879,
says Ralph was living in Greenwich, Ohio then. Greenwich was where his
future wife Caroline was living in 1880.
    I found in the Mormon IGI database the marriage certificate for
Ralph K. Griswold and Callie C. Brown, ceremony performed on 6/12/1881
by Rev. A. C. Potter in what looks like Ripley in Huron Co., Ohio.
Ripley is a township a few miles from New London, where Grandpa was
    Ralph Griswold is in the 1880 census for New London. He's 26, a
harness maker, b. Pa., both parents b. New York, boarding in the house
of John Wells. John Wells and his son Frank are both harness makers.
    He is listed in the 1860 census for Crawford Co., Pa, as age 7,
and in the 1870 census for Ashtabula Co. Oh. as age 16.
    He's in Greenwich, Huron Co., Ohio in 1900:
        Griswold, Ralph, b. 3/1855 (sic), 45, m. 19 years, b. Pa., 
            both parents b. NY, harness maker, home owned free;
        --------, Caroline, wife, b. 11/1858 (sic), 41, m. 19 years, 1
            child, child living, b. Ohio, mother b. Maryland.
    The following news clipping, from usgenweb's Astabula Co. section,
farm book 1, is undated but I gather it's from about 1908:
        A few days ago, a man wanted some gloves, and had no money, it
is presumed, to buy them. So he entered the store of Smith & Griswold
and stole, as he thought, two pairs of nice, warm gloves. But alas, he
got four gloves, all for the same left hand. Messrs. Smith & Griswold
say that if the poor man will be kind enough to come back, they will
present him with the other four gloves.
    In 1910, Ralph's in Conneaut again: 
        Griswold, Ralph K., 55, m. 28 years, b. Pa, both parents b. 
            NY, harness maker, shop owner;
        --------, Caroline C., wife, 50, m. 28 years, 1 child
            (living), b. Ohio, mother b. Maryland.
    He's in the 1912 City Directory for Ashtabula and Conneaut
(Sutro): "Griswold Ralph K. (Caroline) (Smith & Griswold), h 582
Broad". The business also has a listing: "Smith & Griswold (J P Smith
and R K Griswold), harness and carriages, 222 Washington." 
    Parenthetically, the  Kingsville Library sent me an ad from the
1895 Kingsville Tribune for J. P. Smith's carriage & harness shop. And
there is in the 1897 phone directory for Conneaut a listing for
the livery stable of Smith, J.P. (Ancestor Hunt, Nov. 2009 p. 131).
And in Johnson's business and professional directory of 1902 on
Heritage Quest is listed Smitt, J. P., Livery , 244 State, in
Conneaut. There is no mention of RKW Griswold in these three sources,
so he was probably still living in New London/Greenwich then. 
    In 1920 Conneaut, they have Grandpa living with them again:
        Griswold, Ralph K., 64, renter, b. Pa., father b. Conn., 
            mother b. NY, owner of a harness shop;
        --------, Caroline, wife, 61, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio this
            time, mother b. Maryland;
        --------, Lynn, 36, son, single (sic), optician, wage earner.
Ralph was apparently a bit on the tall side. At least one picture of
him still exists. Grandpa said he got up in the morning and made
flapjacks "every day I knew him". 
    There was a Ralph Griswold who was a charter member of a Church of
Christ in Hartsgrove in Ashtabula Co. in 1929. It was a consolidation
of some existing churches ("History of Ashtabula County", 1985,
Sutro.) That's a bit distant from Conneaut, and I suspect it may have
been another Ralph Griswold. 
    When he died, he lived at 150 Poplar St. He died of myocarditis
following a heart attack. He is buried in City Cemetery in Conneaut,
in section B, lot 40, along with his wife and his brother-in-law
    His death seems to have been front-page news in the Conneaut
News-Herald. It's right next to a story about Roosevelt needing to
borrow 10 billion (sic) dollars. It says he had been a harness maker
in Conneaut for 25 years. "Besides his widow, he is survived by one
son, L. D. Griswold, Rock" - sic - "River; one brother, Herman S.
Griswold of Fredonia, N. Y., three nephews, Ralph and Frank Salisbury
of Conneaut, and Owen" - Oney - "Salisbury of Detroit;" - sons of his
sister Mary Eliza - "and five nieces, Mrs. Phil Risley," - Mary
Eliza's daughter Agnes - "Mrs. Ford Cody," - Lester's daughter
Harriet, probably - "and Mrs. Grace Lewis of Conneaut," - Lester's
daughter - "Mrs. Theron Gruey of Los Angeles, Calif.," - Lester's
daughter Alta - "and Mrs. Glen Bartlett of Warren, O." - Lester's
other daughter Florence. The account of his funeral says: "The
pallbearers, all nephews of the deceased, were Frank Salisbury, Ralph
Salisbury, Ford Cody and Phillip Risley". No mention of his son as
having been a pallbearer, or even at the funeral. Maybe he was off on
one of his many travels.
    He must have been named after the Ralph K. Wright who's in 1870
Conneaut, p. 4: he's a 60-year-old farmer, wife Ann was born in NY,
all his kids b. Ohio. He has a 12-year-old daughter whose name looks a
lot like Lovina; in 1860 she's Mary L. They're in Conneaut in both
1860 and 1850. Daughter Florence must be the one who married Lester.
All this implies a connection between the two families that far
predates Delanson's move to Conneaut. 
    He was a gadgeteer, like his son and some of his other
descendants. He had one of those homemade crystal radio sets, which
was probably a pretty high-tech item for those days. 
    We have a book of poems which says, on one of the blank pages in
front, in fancy handwriting which looks as if it was done with a quill
    "L. D. Griswold Esq."
           Was drowned at 
              "Kellies Island"
                 May 28th 1879  
           "Presented to" R. K. Griswold.
             In memory of his "Bro:"Lynn"
It's called "Farm Ballads", by Will Carleton. The name "Call C
Griswold" also appears on one of the front pages (Caroline Brown), and
it was entered according to an Act of Congress in the year 1873. It's
full of homespun wisdom and phonetic 19th-century spellings. Many of
the poems seem to extoll the virtues of the common man, as opposed to
the educated elite. In "Over the Hill to the Poor-House", an old woman
is describing her son's bride: 
    She was somewhat dressy, an' hadn't a pleasant smile-
    She was quite conceity, and carried a heap o' style;
    But if ever I tried to be friends, I did with her, I know;
    But she was hard and proud, an' I couldn't make it go.
    She had an edication, an' that was good for her;
    But when she twitted me on mine, 'twas carryin' things too fur;
    An' I told her once, 'fore company (an' it almost made her sick),
    That I never swallowed a grammar, or 'et a 'rithmetic.
The poem "Johnny Rich", about a man caught out on a stormy night, is
on the subject of temperance:
                Ah! 'twas you then, Johnny Rich,
                Yelling out at such a pitch,
    For a decent man to help you, while you fell into the ditch:
                'Tisn't quite the thing to say,
                But we ought to have let you lay,
    While your drunken carcass died a-drinkin' water any way.
On the inside back cover, it says:
         L Griswold Esq.
          Conneaut Ohio
             Dec 25 1878 
And, in what must be the original L. D.'s own handwriting:
    L. D. Griswold
I suoppose the original L. D. must have gotten this for Christmas,
1878, and then after he drowned next year it was given to his brother

ID: 039
Sex: M
Birth date: Dec. 8, 1828
Birth place: NY (Tyrone? Otsego?)     
Date of death: May 18, 1872
Place of death: Conneaut, Ohio           
Age at death: 43 years, 5 months, 10 days.
Mother: MARY GAMMET (712) (    -    )
Father: DANIEL GRISWOLD (762) (1787-1863)
Spouse: LOVINA G. BOYCE (081) (1831-1917)
Child 1: MARY ELIZA GRISWOLD (118) (1850-1932)
Child 2: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Child 3: RALPH KING WRIGHT GRISWOLD (038) (1854-1934)
Child 4: LYNN D. GRISWOLD (120) (1860-1879)
Child 5: HERMAN SYLVESTER GRISWOLD (121) (1862-1957)
He was a tailor in Conneaut, Oh. Listed in the death records of
Ashtabula Co, Oh. at the Probate Court in Jefferson, which says he
died of typhoid and spinal fever at 43 in Conneaut. May Colling can't
find him listed in the tombstone readings for Conneaut. A look in
Crawford County might be productive. The obituary in the Conneaut
Reporter for May 23, 1872 says that he was a Mason and that "He was
one of those quiet, unobtrusive men and was a favorite with all his
acquaintances." He had been ill for about 10 days with typhoid fever.
(If you ever get a copy of this, take a look at the article next to it
about the ax murder.) As for other obituaries, this article implies
there may also be another one in another local paper; so I checked the
Erie obit index which has nothing on him; but the May 2009 Ancestor
Hunt has a list of the ACGS microfilmed newspapers, some of which may
be worth checking. Elsie Berg at the ACGS checked the microfilm reel
for Ashtabula, the closest town to the west, but found nothing. To the
east, across the PA line, the Albion and maybe Springfield papers, and
any newspapers in Beaver Twp., might be worth a look, too. Crawford
Co. doesn't have him in their list of obits. William B. Moore checked
the CCHS master obit file there for me and couldn't find him in any of
the Meadville papers. He also checked the Conneautville Courier, just
east of Beaver Twp., with no luck. 
    He's not listed as a farmer in any of the three censuses he's in,
a bit unusual for those days. In two of those he's living in towns. 
    He's found on p. 128 of the 1850 census in the town of Orange, in
Steuben Co., N. Y.:
        Delanson M. Griswold, 22, tailor, b. NY;
        Lovina, 20, b. NY;
        Mary E. Griswold, 5/12, NY.
Now that town is in Schuyler Co. It would be worth a look in the land
records in Orange for him.
    The Schuyler Co. clerk checked the 1855 NY state census for Tyrone
and Orange and couldn't find him, but he seems to be gone from NY by
then anyway.
    A deed of 11/20/1860 (see below) states that on 11/23/1853 Daniel
Griswold and wife conveyed 105 acres in Beaver to Delanson. But if you
look at the deed for 1/20/1858, what probably actually happened is
Daniel first conveyed it to Charles, and then in 1858 Charles conveyed
it to Delanson. 
    On ?/1/1854 (wives' statements taken 3/1/1854, recorded 6/2/1854)
Delanson, Lovina, Lester and Fannie of Beaver Twp. sold 66 2/3 perches
of land in Spring Twp. to Ebenezer H. Hall for $110. That's about
enough room for a house, maybe. (Notice that son Ralph was born in
Springboro 3/18/1854.)
    On 6/3/1857 Lester sold some land (that may have included his
store) which was right next to some land owned by D. M. Griswold.
    On 1/20/1858, he bought about 105 acres in Beaver for $2500 from
Charles, recorded 5/17/1858. He was living in Beaver then. It was the
same land Daniel sold to Charles on 11/23/1853. 
    In 1860, Beaver Twp., Crawford Co., are listed two Griswold
families right together:
        Charles Griswold, 28?, lumberman, pers. estate $1200, b. NY;
        June (?), 25, b. NY;
        Mary, 1, b. Penn;
        Carry, 3 mos.?, b. Penn.
        Delanson Griswold, 30, lumberman, pers. estate $2000, b. NY;
        Lavina, 29, b. NY;
        Eliza, 10, student, b. NY;
        Lester, 9, student, b. NY;
        Ralph, 7, student, b. Pa.;
        Lynn, 1, b. Pa.;
        Sylvester Boyce, 22, b. NY.
Note the presence of Sylvester Boyce. That's where Herman Sylvester
Griswold's middle name must have come from. Charles is probably
Delanson's brother. (There is a Charles F? Griswold in 1870 Conneaut,
but it's a different Charles - maybe the Charles T. Griswold of Camp
Sheridan in Montgomery AL that Dave Whipple says his grandmother
corresponded with.)
    Not only does Delanson live next to Charles P., but there's a
whole group of deeds that indicate that the Griswold brothers, the
parents, and maybe some sisters all lived right near each other. Note
also that Delanson and Charles are both listed as lumbermen. My guess
is the Griswolds, who came to PA in about 1832, shipped their lumber
to NYC down the Erie Canal which had opened in 1825, giving a big
boost to the economy of the Great Lakes and of New York. Now, in the
Erie Directory, 1861/62, there is listed "James H. Griswold, lumber
and staves". James and family are in the 1870 census for Erie, though
they're not in PA. 1860 or 1880. James Henry Griswold died 2/8/1884,
was born 10/17/1819, and is buried in Erie Cemetery. Evidence
indicates they probably came from the family of Caleb Griswold, a
hotelkeeper in Conneautville Twp., Crawford Co.
    Anyway, on 11/20/1860 Delanson and Lovina sold 105 acres in Beaver
to Truman B. Welch for $2000 (recorded 4/1/1861) - same acreage,
according to this deed, that he got from Daniel on 11/23/1853, but
that's not quite right - that land had originally been sold to Charles
for $1300, then Charles sold it to Delanson for $2500, so Delanson
actually lost money on this deal.
    In the 1870 census for Conneaut Borough, p. 118, are listed:    
        Griswolde, Delanson M., 41, tailor, worth $500, b. NY;
        Lovina,  39, b. NY;
        Lester, 18, harness maker, b. NY;
        Ralph, 16, b. Pa.;
        Lynn, 9, b. Pa;
        Herman, 7, b. Pa.
    Delanson M. Griswold purchased 1 3/4 acres in lot 3, Tp 14, from
Miles and Lizzie Dorman on Jan. 18, 1872, for $900, recorded in Deed
Book 82, page 612 for Ashtabula County. The land was bordered on the
west by Broad St. and on the east by Harbor Rd. This was probably in
the northeast part of the town, about a mile and a half south of the
harbor. Delanson also took out two mortgages to Miles Dorman that day,
for $200 each (mortgage vol 17 p. 328) a move which was to have dire
consequences for his wife later on.
     Even though he died in 1872, for some reason his estate wasn't
administered til 1874. There is no will, and there's no inventory or
anything that says what happened to his estate but there are
Administrator's Letters and an Administrator's Bond, in book 1, p.
206. L. G. Griswold was named the admistratrix of his estate on
7/15/1874 (must be Lovina), there was a notice about it published in
the Conneaut Reporter, and she posted $1000 bond, and she, O. R.
Goddard, and P. M. Darling were named appraisers of the estate, and
their signatures are affixed to the Adminisrtator's Bond.
    Proof about who his father was is elusive. Looking at the land
records and censuses in Crawford County - who he was living next to,
who he transacted deeds with - Daniel Griswold b. 1787 is most likely.
Other possibilitiies are Anson Griswold who was up north in Hopkinton,
St. Lawrence Co. in 1830; and Gilbert Griswold b. 1803.
    His birthplace is a puzzle. His death record is hastily written,
but a close look and a comparison to other words in the same hand on
the same page reveals that it's Otsego, NY. Otsego was "a lake,
township and county which was a way station for Vermonters moving
west, particularly lumbermen", accoring to Robert French, GFA
genealogist. Grandpa said he thought it was Tyrone, N. Y. (in Steuben
Co. then; now it's in Schuyler Co.). Delanson's daughter Mary Eliza's
death certificate also says Tyrone; this info was given by Agnes
Risley, who was I suppose Mary Eliza's daughter. Another confirmation
that he lived in Tyrone is that his son Lester's death certificate
says Lester was born in Tyrone (though it says Tyrone, Pa. There's a
Tyrone in Blair Co., Pa. Lester's entries in both the 1910 and 1920
censuses say Pa., though 1880 says NY. Is it possible he forgot what
state he was born in? One of Mary Eliza's censuses says Pa., and
another says NY. Most of Ralph's say NY.) Anyway, from the foregoing,
Tyrone, NY would seem most likely. The problem is I can't find any
Griswolds in Tyrone in 1820, 1830, or 1840, though Delanson does first
show up in Orange in 1850, which was in Steuben Co. If Daniel was his
father, then he was probably born in Otsego Co. in or around Milford.
The evidence above for Tyrone can be explained as follows: Delanson's
children all knew that their mother was from Tyrone, and Delanson did
in fact live there before he moved to PA; and she outlived their
father; so they jumped to the conclusion that he was from Tyrone too.
But she herself was probably the informant for the info on Delanson's
death record, and she knew the right answer.
    One fact about the origin of the name Delanson seems to argue in
favor of the Daniel hypothesis. There is a town Delanson just to the
west of Schenectady, not more than 30 miles from Milford. The town
Delanson, NY apparently got its name from the Delaware and Hudson
Railroad. (Interestingly, the name of the town is pronounced
"dee-LAN-son", the same way Dad pronounced it.) Railroading was a very
high-tech enterprise in the late 1820's. The Delaware and Hudson Canal
Company was the first American company to order locomotives, from
England, in 1828, the year Delanson was born. Maybe the Griswold
gadgeteering spirit was alive even in those days. (On the minus side,
the town historian in Delanson says the town wasn't started until
1892; and there's no post office there in 1850 or 1857.)
    As for other possible leads on Delanson's parentage, records from
the Church of Christ that his family attended in Conneaut might still
exist. O. T. Wyman was pastor there starting in 1862 - see "History of
Ashtabula County Ohio", 1878, by Williams, p. 169 and p. 162. It was
started in 1818, and was located in a couple of other places before
moving to Buffalo St. in Conneaut next to the town house in 1841. The
records from when the Griswolds moved to Crawford Co. in 1832 to when
Delanson died in 1872 would be the ones to get. Today there is a
Christian Churh at 448 W. Main Rd, but (e-mail of 10/14/02) that's not
the one from Chris Wade's youth in South Ridge - rather, Chris thinks
that the church where Gilbert Griswold b. 1803 may have been married
is at 924 Center Rd., where the South Ridge Baptist Church or South
Ridge Christian Academy is now.
    Other relevant Churches of Christ were one at Beaver Center,
organized by Rev. I. R. Spencer in 1870, so Delanson may still have
lived there;  and it was preceded by one organized "about 1840,
continuing eight or ten years, with Elder J. E. Church as its pastor.
- [Information furnished by Mr. Luther Gates." - this from the
Gazeteer and Business Directory of Crawford Co. PA, 1874, p. 39. They
apparently never built a church building. Notice that this came from a
Gates, which means the Gateses must have been members of the same
church as the Griswolds. There was also a Church of Christ at
Portlandville, Otsego Co. NY, but it was organized in 1838, after the
Griswolds moved out of there.
    Another possible lead on Delanson's birth: Ray Dute (5/25/01) sent
me a file containing a marriage date of 8/17/1832 in Otsego Co. for
David Mallory Gamet (son of Sophia Griswold) and Hannah Pember Hyde.
If that's from a church record it might contain birth records and
such. I looked in the IGI and it's in there; it's on film 458838,
which is entitled "Sealings for the dead, couples and children...",
done by the LDS Idaho Falls Temple, so it's probably some LDS church
    The name Delanson shows up as a middle name for four different
people: his grandson Lynn Delanson Griswold, his son of the same name
(actually all we have for him is his middle initial, so that's really
just a guess), Frank Delanson Salisbury, and Ralph Delanson Salisbury.
    Whereabouts of Delanson M. Griswold:
        1850, Jan. 3: Tyrone, NY (birth of Mary Eliza)
        1850: Orange, Steuben Co., NY, age 22
        1851: Tyrone (NY? Pa.?), age 22 (birth of Lester)
        1854: Springboro, Crawford Co., Pa., age 26 (birth of Ralph)
        1854-1860: various Crawford Co. land records
        1860: Beaver Twp., Crawford Co., Pa.
        1862: Beaver Twp., Pa. (birth of Herman)
        1870: Conneaut, Ohio, age 41
        1872: died in Conneaut, age 43

ID: 080
Sex: F
Birth date: Nov. 10, 1859
Birth place: Ohio (Amanda?)           
Date of death: July 24, 1934
Place of death: Conneaut, Oh.            
Age at death: 74 years, 8 months, 14 days.
Mother: MARY ANN EVIE (125) (1835-    )
Father: ARTHUR BROWN (124) (1835-1864)
Spouse: RALPH KING WRIGHT GRISWOLD (038) (1854-1934)
Wedding: Prob 6/12/1881, Huron Co.
Child 1: LYNN DELANSON GRISWOLD (035) (1882-1982)
Note: "Callie"                                                              
Lived at 395 Beaver St. when she died of senile gangrene and senile
dementia. Buried in City Cemetery in Conneaut. Regarding the
birthdate, p. 74 of some records Dave Whipple sent me say she lived
    Her obit says pallbearers at her funeral were "Ford Cody, Paul
Whipple, Ralph Salisbury, Frank Salisbury," - both were sons of Mary
Eliza - "Charles Risley and Earl Ahlberg." Her death certificate says
her doctor was C. T. Risley.
    She's listed with her father in the census for 1860, 1 year old,
born in Ohio.
    At age 7 in the record for her father's estate, she's listed as
living in Huron County.
    I can't find her in 1870 Amanda.
    Her guardian was Wm. McDowell. According to her guardianship
record, in 1872 he paid out for her:
        to Miss Jay (?), tuition in music               $1.35
        Paid for one pair shoes for ward                $2.25
        Dr Marvin for professional services for ward    $1.00
        pd to ward at Carey and ticket to ----          $4.20
        pd for trunk for ward                           $2.25
    (Carey is in Wyandot Co.) It also says she got a couple of bucks
for the rental of some pasture, so maybe she owned some land. Mr.
McDowell signed his name to all this, and then it says "Affirmed to
and subscribed before me this 2" day of March AD 1876_ ", followed by
the signature of the probate judge. The word "Affirmed" is written
over the word "Sworn", implying Mr. McDowell may not have been a
    This accounting was apparently in response to a summons also in
the guardianship file: "The State of Ohio, Hancock County, ss.  To the
Sheriff of Said County, Greeting: We Command You That you summon
William McDowell Guardian of the estate of Eliza Brown and Caroline
Brown if he be found in your bailwick, to return and file in the
office of the Probate Court of said County, a true account of his
guardianship of said estate of said Eliza Brown and Caroline Brown
according to law, by the 25th day of February A. D. 1876, or show
cause before the Court why an attachment should not be issued against
him said Wm. McDowell. Herein fail not, but of this writ and service
make due return..." and it's dated 2/17/1876, signed by S. R. Huffman,
Probate Judge. On the back of it, there's some handwriting that seems
to indicate that it was transferred over to Wyandot County, with this
note: "Your fees will be forth coming as soon as I get a little pmt
(?) out of the old fellow.", signed S. R. Huffman. Apparently Mr.
McDowell wasn't the ideal guardian, even in spite of the music
    In 1876 she (not her guardian) got $29 from the estate of Elisha
    Then from her guardianship record again: "Received of Joseph
Patterson surety on the bond of William McDowell my late guardian, the
Sum of twenty eight Dollars and Sixty-one cents in full of the balance
found due me, upon final Settlement of said Guardianship in the
Probate Court of Hancock County Ohio.", dated 8/22/1878, and signed
Caroline Brown.
    She's in the 1880 census for Greenwich, Huron County, Ohio, as
Caroline Brown, servant in the household of J. Bishop, 21 years old,
single, b. Ohio, both parents b. Ohio. Amanda Twp., Ohio is her most
likely birthplace. The censuses for 1860, 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920
all say Ohio. Grandpa's family tree that he drew says it was
Hagerstown, Md., but this census and her death certificate both say it
was Ohio, and the informant for her death certificate was Grandpa. 

ID: 081
Sex: F
Birth date: Nov. 22, 1831
Birth place: Tyrone, New York         
Date of death: May 16, 1917
Place of death: Conneaut, Oh.            
Age at death: 85 years, 5 months, 24 days.
Spouse: DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (039) (1828-1872)
Wedding 2: 9/29/1879, Conneaut Twp. 
Child 1: MARY ELIZA GRISWOLD (118) (1850-1932)
Child 2: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Child 3: RALPH KING WRIGHT GRISWOLD (038) (1854-1934)
Child 4: LYNN D. GRISWOLD (120) (1860-1879)
Child 5: HERMAN SYLVESTER GRISWOLD (121) (1862-1957)
She was married three times. She died about the time America was
getting involved in World War I.
    Her first name is spelled variously as Lavina, Lovina, Elvina, and
Lavinia. Her last name is given as Boyce on her death certificate; as
Wright in a hand-written family tree Grandpa did; as Boise in her son
Ralph's death certificate; as Sebring in her daughter Mary Eliza's
death certificate; and as Boyce on her son Lester's death certificate.
And in 1860 a Sylvester Boyce is listed with her family. Boyce seems
most likely.
    Her birthplace is given as Tyrone, N. Y. on her own death
certificate, and on her daughter Mary Eliza's death certificate, as N.
Y. in the 1850 census; and her son Ralph's death certificate says
she's of Tyrone, N. Y. On her own entry in the both the 1880 and 1900
census, it's New York, and in 1910 it says Pa. Ralph's censuses
consistently say NY.
    Her birth and death dates given here come from her death record.
(The 1900 census says she was born 12/1829, though.) She was buried in
Conneaut City Cemetery, by the Marcy Funeral Home. 
    As for her parents, the 1880 and 1900 censuses seem to say they
were born in New Jersey, and the 1910 census says Pa.
    There is in the 1840 census for Reading township, which is right
next to Tyrone, a Leonard Boyce, in his 50's, 9 people in the house,
including one girl between 5 an 10, who is the right age to be Lavina
Boyce. In the 1820 census for Herkimer County (just north of Otsego
Co.), in German Flats, there is a Leonard Boyce, with 3 boys under 10.
One of them could have been the 36-year-old David Boyce, born in New
Jersey, in the 1850 census for Reading. Maybe he was Leonard's son.
(There was an Ira Boyce, son of Leonard and Mary Ann, buried in the
Covert Baptist Cemetery, AKA the Old Covert Cemetery, 1/16/1835, age
3-4-11. "Some Cemeteries Between the Lakes", CGS.) There were also
some Sebrings in Steuben County before 1850. 
    She is listed with her husband Delanson as age 20 in 1850 in
Orange, Steuben Co.; as 29 in 1860 in Beaver Twp., Crawford Co. Pa,
and as 39 in 1870 in Conneaut. 
    In the estate record of her husband D. M. Griswold, L. G. Griswold
is named administratrix. That's the first I've heard of her having a
middle name, but it must be her because she is named as the
administratrix in the subsequent court action. Her signature,
apparently in her own handwriting, is in it.
    There are two consecutive deeds for her in Ashtabula Co. deed book
88, pp. 221-223, both done 9/12/1874. They're for about 3 acres in lot
120 in Conneaut, bounded on the north by the Lake Shore & Michigan
Southern Railway Co., and on the west by Broad St. On an 1874 map I
have, there is a place that matches this description pretty closely;
there's some land bordering Broad St. owned by M. Capron and next to
the L. S. & M. S. R. R. Co., which is to the east. It's within walking
distance of the lake. In the first deed Orange F. Capron and his wife
Caroline M. sell it to Lovina for $2000; in the second she sells it
back to Caroline for the same amount. They're both quitclaim deeds,
which means the seller does not guarantee the title; they are often
used in the settlement of estates. Go figure. 
    She seems to have fallen on hard times after her husband died in
1872. There is a deed recorded on 1/2/1875 for the sale of her house.
The seller was the Sheriff. Apparently she was obligated to pay $816
by 11/27/1874 as a result of a civil action brought by Addie J.
Graham, but she missed it, so they sold the house to the said Addie J.
Graham, the highest bidder, on 1/2/1875 at auction at the door of the
courthouse. It was 1 3/4 acres, apparently close to the 3 acres above.
Hard to see why this had to happen, a couple of her sons were grown by
that time.
    There is a record of the civil suit in Book 17 (apparently), p.
102-105 of the Ashtabula Co. records. The court action happened
11/23/1874 (21 years to the day after her father-in-law retired)
before the Hon. Milton C. Campbell. There were three causes of action.
In the first, it seems that Benjamin H. Kennon had taken out an 8%,
$1000 mortgage on 5/17/1869 with Luman Kennon as the mortgagee,
payable 5 years from 5/1/1869 (recorded 12/16/1869, v. 15 pp. 260 &
261). This must have been before Delanson owned the house. Then Luman
Kennan sold the mortgage to Martha R. Blair, who sold it to the
plaintiff. Four payments of $100 were made on it, but $685 was still
due. In the second cause of action, Delanson had taken out two
mortgages on 1/18/1872, both for $200, both to Miles Dorman (Ashtabula
Co. records v. 17 pp. 328 & 329). The first was payable 5/1/1875 and
the second 5/1/1876. No payments were recorded on them. Addie J.
Graham bought these too, and $50 interest was due on them. In the
third cause of action, the plaintiff says that she had to pay $18 for
a tax certificate to protect her mortgage, plus she paid $125 to have
the house blocked up and shingled. In addition, Lovina's dower
interest in the property had been quitclaimed to B. J. Graham, the
plaintiff's husband. The Sheriff served a summons to Lovina on
10/8/1874 informing her that she had been sued and had to answer by
10/31/1874. In a follow-on action of 11/24/1874 (Journal T, p. 240)
she had still failed to answer, and in addition to the $816 she owed,
$232 would come due 4/1/1875 and $244 on 4/1/1876; so the judge
decreed that if in three days the $816 plus court costs hadn't been
paid the Sheriff would have the house appraised, advertised and sold,
and it was, for $1000.
    On 9/25/1879, a few months after her son died, she was remarried
to Walker S. (or Walter B.) Bennett of Monroe Twp., a little south of
Conneaut. O. T. Wyman did the ceremony. "My dad pointed out an
abandoned corner shop in Amboy, OH and he told me that it was the
Bennett's gas station." - e-mail from Dave Whipple, 4/3/2000.
    In 1880, she's listed with him in Monroe. p. 511B:
        Bennett, Walker S., 62, farmer, he and both parents b. Conn.;
        -------, Lovina, 49, wife, b. NY, both parents b. N. J.;
        Lillie, 17, daughter, b. Oh., both parents b. Conn.
None of her children are listed with her, but her youngest, Herman,
was 17 by that time. Dave Whipple: "According to the Ashtabula County
death records, a married farmer named Walker Bennett from Monroe, OH
died from heart disease on December 26, 1883, at the age of 66-years,
4-months, & 1-day."
    She married third James Stewart in Ashtabula Co. on 9/1/1885. The
license was applied for by B. E. Thayer and issued to James Stewart
and Mrs. Lovina Bennett of Conneaut. They were married by Rev. Myron
Tyler in Conneaut Twp. Dave Whipple: James Stewart "owned a rather
large tract of land" - so this was probably a pretty smart move,
considering what had happened to her before - "which ultimately
included the residences of my grandmother (Hazel Risley Whipple), my
great grandmother & her husband (Agnes Lovina Salisbury Risley &
Phillip James Risley), her brother & his wife (Ralph and Mattie
Salisbury), and the last home of Lovina Stewart who was living with
Frank & Mary Salisbury." 
    There are two deeds involving J. Stewart and wife which I haven't
gotten the land records for, but the first is in the index, v. 2. p.
350: J. Stewart and wife sold M. E. Salisbury (that would be her
daughter) 31 acres in lot 20, section E, with conditions (Conneaut bk.
152, p. 626,1/12/1899). In the second (index v. 3 p. 348) J. T.
Steward and wife sold Jos. Tommer lots 37 and 41 in Crittenden Plat,
7/22/1901 (bk. 160, p. 563). This second deed seems a bit doubtful,
though, since she was widowed by 1900 (see below). Dave Whipple can't
find any record of James Stewart's death, but Lovina's obit says he
died around this time. It would be worth looking for his obit. There
is a James Stewart in St. Charles MN in 1880, b. ca. 1838 (Crawford
Co. Genealogy, v. 32 #2 p. 83); and on p. 92 of the same mag is
mentioned a James E. Stewart, son of Adam and J. J. Stewart. 
    In 1900 she is listed as a widow in the household of her
son-in-law Frank Salisbury in Conneaut, called "Mother". This could
hardly have been Frank's mother, who was named Sarah and was several
years older, so it is probably his mother-in-law. Her name here seems
to be Lavina Stewart, and she is called Lavina Stuart in 1910, where
she's living at age 80 with her granddaughter Agnes Salisbury Risley
and grandson-in-law Philip Risley. And there's a James Stewart near
the Salisburys in 1880 Conneaut, with wife Sarah E. and son U. Grant. 
    The "Conneaut News Herald", 5/17/1917, says Lovina Stewart, "one
of the oldest and most eminently respected members of this vicinity
passed away at her home on the Lake road at four o'clock yesterday
afternoon", of old age, at 86. Her third husband James Stewart had
predeceased her by 16 years. All her children but Lynn outlived her,
and all but Herman lived in Conneaut at the time. Services were
conducted by A. E. Kemp of the Christian Church.
    She was buried May 19, 1917, by the Chas. Marcy Funeral Home in
Conneaut City Cemetery.
    One of Lavina's sons was named Herman Sylvester. With her in 1860
is a Sylvester Boyce, 22, b. NY, seven years younger. The following
tantalizing clue is found at in an Astabula
Co. Ohio newspaper file, probably from around 1913: "Mr. and Mrs.
Wilbur Peters have been spending a few days at the home of Mrs.
Peters' parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Boyce." 
    One is also tempted to look for a Herman Boyce. In 1860 Caton, NY,
which is due south of Tyrone on the PA border, there are:
        Harmon Bois, 29, b. NY, farmer/?lumberer
        Pattie A., 32, b. NY
        Wm., 4, b. NY
        John, 2, b. NY
        Sally Ackerman, 64, b. NY
Harmon would probably have been a common pronunciation of the name
Herman then. Notice he's the same age as Lavina, born in the same
state, and has the same occupation as her husband. Harmon Bois also
shows up on in the Elmira directories (near Caton),
1889-1893, as a laborer or teamster, at 422 Tuttle Ave. 
    Neither Harmon nor Sylvester is anywhere in Pa. 1850, or Steuben
Co. 1850. The closest I came was Harmon Boyce in Southport, Chemung
Co. NY, 1850, age 21. That's right next to Caton and Elmira.
Researcher Denise Griswold says there's also a Harmon Bois, age 26,
with a Barney P. Griswold in 1855 Steuben Co. From her info and mine I
tentatively reconstruct the following descendant charts:
    Samuel Griswold 1775-1844, of Apalachin-Owego, Tioga Co. NY
    + Hilda Willoughby
        Steuben Griswold b. c. 1800, prob. d. bef. 1830
        + Maria Bills - Steuben was her first husband 
            Polly Griswold
            Martha Griswold
            Belle (?Isabelle) Griswold
            Jake Griswold
            Barney P. Griswold b. 1824 in Tioga Co; in 1845 m. 
            + Elizabeth Ackerman - sister of Patty Ackerman
    --- Bois
    + Maria Bills Griswold - Bois was her second husband
        Harmon H. Bois b. 1829? 1831? 1837? in Tioga Co. NY, d. 1898
        + Patty Ackerman 1836-1901 sister of Elizabeth Ackerman
            William b. c. 1856
            John T. 1859-1925, of Corning NY

    Isaac Ackerman   
        Isaac Ackerman of Saratoga Co., then Owego, then Caton
        + Sally ---
            Elizabeth b. 1826 Saratoga Springs NY; m. Barney Griswold
            Patty m. Harmon Bois - 2 sisters m. 2 brothers
    Denise believes Harmon Bois and Barney P. Griswold were probably
half-brothers because Harmon is called Barney's brother on the 1855
census. That's why she postulates a Bois as Maria's second husband. It
is also possible that "brother" in the census really means
"brother-in-law", because Harmon and Barney married sisters, but she
doubts that because she doesn't think they were married yet. And she's
not certain that Steuben was the father of Barney.

ID: 118
Sex: F
Birth date: Jan. 3, 1850
Birth place: Tyrone, New York         
Date of death: Apr. 29, 1932
Place of death: Conneaut, Ohio           
Age at death: 82 years, 3 months, 26 days.
Mother: LOVINA G. BOYCE (081) (1831-1917)
Father: DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (039) (1828-1872)
Spouse: FRANK DELANSON SALISBURY (189) (1843-1924)
Wedding: 1/31/1866, Conneaut      
Child 1: RALPH DELANSON SALISBURY (692) (1872-1945)
Child 2: AGNES LEVINA SALISBURY (693) (1875-1968)
Child 3: FRANK G. SALISBURY (694) (1878-    )
Child 4: ONEY SALISBURY (695) (1885-    )
Note: Lived in Conneaut.                                          
Oldest of her siblings. Listed as 3/12 (3 months) in the 1850 census
for Orange, in Steuben Co., NY., and as 10 in the 1860 census for
Crawford Co., Pa. Her marriage certificate, out of the Mormon IGI
database, says Mary E. Griswold was married to Frank D. Salisbury on
1/31/1866, in Conneaut, by Rev. O. T. Wyman. She must have only been
    Dave Whipple has one page which must be from the Salisbury Bible,
listing the birthdates of her four children. 
    In 1870, she's in the census for Conneaut, p. 108:
        Frank Salisbury, 27, fisherman;
        Mary, 20, b. NY.
There were three other fishermen living with them.
    In 1880, she's in Conneaut with her husband Frank:
        Salisbury, Frank, 36, farmer;
        ---------, Mary E., 30, b. NY, father b. Pa, mother b. NY;
        ---------, Ralph D., 8, son;
        ---------, Agnes L., 5, daughter;
        ---------, Frank, 1, son.
They also had a farmhand living with them. They were also living right
next to Frank's parents, as well as Milo O. Salisbury and his family.
    In 1900, they're still in Conneaut:
        Salesbery, Frank, b. 12/1844 (sic), age 55 or 56, m, 34 years,
        ---------, Mara E., b. 1/1850, m. 34 years, 4 kids, all
            living, she and both parents b. NY;
        ---------, Frank, son, b. 12/1879, age 20 or 21, 
        ---------, Oney, son, b. 7/1885, 15;
        Staud? Stewart?, Lovina, mother, b. 12/1829, 71, widow, 1
            child (sic), child living, b. NY, parents b. New Jersey?
Also listed are two boarders.
    In 1910, she's still there:
        Salisbury, Frank D., 66, m. 45 years, first marriage;
        ---------, Mary E., 62, m. 45 years, first marriage, 4 kids,
            all living.
    In 1920, she's with her husband, still in Conneaut, still right
next to P. J. Risley:
        Salisbury, Frank, 76, home owned free, farmer;
        ---------, Mary Eliza, 69.
    Her obit from 4/30/1932 says she died at home the previous Friday
from an illness of two years. She was born in Tyron, NY and was widely
known in the vicinity, having lived there the greater part of her
    She and her husband are buried in Conneaut City Cemetery along
with Philip J. Risley in a lot owned by Frank Salisbury.
    There was a Mary Eliza Griswold born 5/4/1847, in Leroy, in
Genesee Co., NY., but this was apparently a different one. Her parents
were William Griswold and Lucinda Bannister. Maybe they were cousins.
The IGI says she married Charles Martin Kelsey in Genesee 2/17/1870. 

ID: 119
Sex: M
Birth date: Oct. 20, 1851
Birth place: Tyrone? NY? Pa?          
Date of death: Feb. 28, 1926
Place of death: Conneaut                 
Age at death: 74 years, 4 months, 8 days.
Mother: LOVINA G. BOYCE (081) (1831-1917)
Father: DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (039) (1828-1872)
Spouse: FLORENCE S. WRIGHT (680) (1854-1884)
Wedding: 3/8/1871, Conneaut       
Child 1: HERBERT E. GRISWOLD (681) (1872-1899)
Child 2: ALTA A. GRISWOLD (682) (1876-1965)
Child 3: GRACE GRISWOLD (683) (1879-1967)
Child 4: HARRIET GRISWOLD (684) (1883-1974)
Child 5: ADA GRISWOLD (713) (1887-1889)
Child 6: FLORENCE M. GRISWOLD (685) (1891-1970)
Child 7: HARRY S. GRISWOLD (686) (1893-1900)
Note: Listed as Lesta in 1860 census for Crawford Co. Pa., age 9. 
Note: Also in 1870 census for Ashtabula Co., age 18.                        
Harness maker, like his brother. First wife was Florence S. Wright
(married by Rev. O. T. Wyman), second was Blanche Eaton, third was Ida
M. Turner. 4 daughters: Alta, who was living in L. A. a few years ago;
Florence, of Warren, Ohio; and Harriet and Grace, both of Conneaut. He
also had a son Herbert who died aged 12 - 15, probably crippled. Lived
at 159 Grant St. in Conneaut. 
    According to the Mormon IGI database, Lester Griswold married
Florence S. Wright on March 8, 1871, in Conneaut, Ohio; and they had a
son Herbert E. Griswold, Oct 7, 1872, in Conneaut.
    His death certificate says he was born in Tyrone, Pa. This info
was given by Grace Lewis, who was the above-mentioned daughter. His
census records in 1880, 1900, and 1910 say he was born in Pa, as does
the 1910 census for his daughter Alta. On the other hand, the 1870
census says he was born in N. Y., as does the 1920 census for his
daughter Alta. His obit says Tyrone, NY. The evidence is inconclusive.
    In the Conneaut Church of Christ member list sent me by Elsie
Berg, Lester Griswold is listed - see the record of Lester 1817-1899.
    He may have lived in Minnesota for a while during the 1870's,
since his daughter Alta's birthplace is given as Minnesota in both the
1910 and 1920 censuses.
    An article about Lynn D.'s funeral says Lester was living in
Greenwich then (Conneaut Reporter).
    Listed in the 1880 census for Greenwich, Huron County, Ohio, are:
        Lester, 28, harness maker, b. Pa, parents b. N. Y.;
        Florence, 26;
        Herbert, 7;
        Alta (?), 5;
        Grace, 6 mos.;
        Armena Wright, 29, sister-in-law, tailoress.
All but Lester were b. Ohio.
    He seems to have married Blanche Eaton after Florence died in
1884. They had children Ada (1887-1889), Florence (b. 1891) and Harry
(1893-1900) according to the Ashtabula Co. birth/death records Dave
Whipple sent me, and Blanche is also listed as the mother in
Florence's death record. Blanche died 12/27/1895 in Conneaut.
    In the 1895 Conneaut city directory, he's listed as "Griswold
Leslie  harness maker  8 Marshall st". (Ancestor Hunt, Nov. 97.) In
the 1895 Conneaut business directory, he's listed under Harness Makers
as "Griswold, L., Washington st." (Ancestor Hunt, May 1999.)
    In 1900, he's in Conneaut at 8 Marshall St., with a different
        Griswold, L., b. 10/1852 (sic; probably 1851), 47, b. Pa.
            (sic), no birthplaces for parents, harness maker, renter,
            married 4 years;
        --------, Ida, wife, b. 12/1858, age 41, m. 4 years, no
            children, b. Ohio, father b. Pa., mother b. Conn;
        --------, Grace, daughter, b. 12/1879 in Ohio, 20, single,
            press operator (?);
        --------, Hattie, daughter, b. 3/1883 in Ohio, 17;
        --------, Florence, daughter, b. 6/1891 in Ohio, 8;
        --------, Harry, son, b. 10/1892, 8, b. Ohio.
The census taker wrote in 29 for the number of years Lester was
married, then crossed it out and put 4. The 29 must be the total
number of years he was married, meaning he was married to Florence and
then Blanche for 25 years, and then he married Ida about 1896. No
children are found from the third marriage. 
     In 1910, he's in Warren, in Trumbull Co. (where his daughter
Florence wound up), at 18 Riverside Place:
        Griswold, Lester, 57, b. Pa (sic), father b. Pa. (sic), mother
            b. NY, harness maker, renter, may have been in the  
            service, married 14 years;
          ", Ida, wife, 52, married 14 years.
    Wife Ida had a sister whose obit is on the usgenweb Ashtabula Co.
section in farm book 2. She was Iva J. Lane, nee Turner. It's undated
but her sister in Warren survived her.
    In 1917, his mother's obit says he's in Conneaut. 
    In 1920, he's still in Conneaut, at 159 Grant St:
        Griswold, Lester, home owned free, 68, b. NY, father b. Pa.,
            mother b. NY, harness maker, shop owner. 
    His obit, from the Conneaut News Herald, 3/1/1926, says he died
Sunday morning of a heart attack at 11:30 AM at his home on Grant St.
He had started over to his daughter Mrs. Harley Lewis's house but
turned back and died shortly after. "He was born in Tyrone, N. Y., on
Oct. 20, 1851, the son of Delance and Lovina Griswold. Mr. Griswold
came to Conneaut with his parents while very young and continued to
reside here until his death.... He was one of the oldest business men
in Conneaut, having managed a harness shop here all his life. When a
young boy he studied that business under Henry Allen... In business as
well as his daily life, Mr. Griswold was held in high esteem by all,
his genial spirit and straight-forward character winning him many
    "He was a faithful member of the Christian Church of this city.
    "Mr. Griswold was one of the oldest members of Evergreen Lodge No.
222 F. and A. M. and also belonged to the Protected Home Circle of
this city."

ID: 120
Sex: M
Birth date: 1860?     
Birth place: New York or Pa.          
Date of death: May 28, 1879
Age at death: 18 or 19
Mother: LOVINA G. BOYCE (081) (1831-1917)
Father: DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (039) (1828-1872)
Note: Drowned off Kelleys Island in Lake Erie. Age 1 in 1860      
Note: census for Crawford Co., Pa., & age 9 1870 census for Ashtabula Co.   
    He was drowned off Kelleys Island in Lake Erie. He was drowned on
May 28, 1879, and my grandfather, who was named after him, was born on
June 28, 1882. His younger brother Herman, on the other hand, was born
on July 28, 1862.
    The following obituary for him appeared in the Conneaut Reporter:

                "A Sad Death
    "On Wednesday afternoon a dispatch was received from Capt. O. F.
Capron, of the schooner M. Capron, announcing the death of Lynn
Griswold by drowning. Mr. Griswold seemed to have a presentment when
he left, on the Monday previous, that he should never see his mother
and friends again, as he bade all farewell with tears in his manly
eyes. The details of the sad acccident are contained in the following
letter from Mr. B. E. Fredericks, a fellow sailor, to his father, in
this place:
        "Kelley's Island, May 28, 1879.
"Dear Parent:
    "With regret I take my pen in hand to pen you the sad tidings,
which, no doubt, you will hear before you get this. It is a terrible
blow to us all; it is terrible to think of. About one o'clock as we
were nearing Kelley's Island, the men were lowering the small boat, as
they lowered it, they lowered Lynn in it; as it was filling with
water, we suppose he thought it was going to capsize, at least he let
go and jumped clear from it. The mizzen boom penant was made fast to
the bow which he grabbed, and towed along very well, as long as he
could. After letting go of it he kept up about two minutes, but was
drifting away. The small boat was filled with water, so the man could
not skull fast enough to get to him. He got to him within about three
lengths of the small boat when he went down to rise no more. It was
about five miles from the Island. Please excuse this short letter, for
I am so nervous it is impossible for me to write. 
    "Mr. Griswold was a most highly esteemed young man, and besides
his family there are many who sincerely mourn his untimely death. He
was an active member of the Conneaut Commandery, No. 1, U. B., and the
first member lost by death since the organization of order in Conneaut
 At a special meeting on Friday afternoon, May 30th, a committee was
appointed to draft suitable resolutions, which we print below:" There
follow a few paragraphs of sympathy to his widowed mother, his sister,
and his brothers, to "be published in the Conneaut Reporter and
Conneaut Express". There are no copies of the Conneaut Express extant,
according to May Colling.
    I gather they lowered Lynn D. in the small boat from the schooner,
but it had a leak in it, so he jumped into the water. He grabbed the
pennant, but couldn't hold on, and the schooner sped away from him.
Someone else jumped into the small boat and tried to row back to him,
but the boat was filling with water so he couldn't row fast enough to
get to him. (In those days not many people knew how to swim, that
didn't happen til leisure time became common later on.)
    There is also a note about his funeral services, to be held "next
Sabbath at the Christian Church at 1 o'clock P. M. The sermon will be
preached by Rev. O. T. Wyman." There is an account of the services
from the same paper from June 12, 1879: "The funeral services of the
late L. D. Griswold were held at the Christian Church on Sunday
afternoon. The family were met at their residence on Broad street by
Commandery No. 1, U. B., and escorted to the church, which was filled
to overflowing..." No mention of where he was buried. The family tree
Grandpa drew says he is buried on Kelleys Island.
    Also: "Lester and Ralph Griswold of Greenwich, O., were unable to
attend the the funeral services of their brother, Lynn, the 8th Inst.,
on account of the illness of Lester's wife. It is a great comfort to
Mrs. Griswold, the children and friends to know that the body of the
deceased was recovered and properly buried." Conneaut Reporter,
    Reading the Conneaut Reporter, there seems to have been a lot of
petty crime in those days. Horse thievery and stuff. "The post-office
has been rifled of three or four dollars."  And: "Quite a row occurred
at Ashtabula Harbor on Saturday night. On the evening previous a
number of tramps boarded the schooner Helena, with a view of passing
the night on her; but were driven off. On Saturday evening as she was
being hauled up the creek, she was assailed with stones and chunks of
iron, breaking the cabin windows and driving the man from the wheel."
    There is also a short obit for him from 5/28/1879, apparently from
the Sandusky Register, on the website. It adds only that
he drowned about noon two or three miles below the island. The Erie
obit index has nothing on him.

ID: 121
Sex: M
Birth date: July 28, 1862
Birth place: Beaver Center, Pa.       
Date of death: Dec. 10, 1957
Place of death: Fredonia, N. Y.          
Age at death: 95 years, 4 months, 12 days.
Mother: LOVINA G. BOYCE (081) (1831-1917)
Father: DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (039) (1828-1872)
Spouse 2: NORAH ROBERTS (687) (1864-1909)
Wedding 2: c. 1893                  
Child 1: MARION CADWELL GRISWOLD (688) (1891-1966)
Child 2: HOWARD S. GRISWOLD (689) (1896-1972)
Note: Lived in Fredonia 75 years.                                           
Shoe merchant. Died at age 95. 2 sons: Howard, of Fredonia, N. Y., who
manufactured or sold cures for corns; and Marion, of Silver Creek, N.
Y., an auto manufacturer's representative. Fredonia is in Chautauqua
Co., over by Erie. He was born on July 28 - compare that with other
birth and death dates in his family.
    His middle name apparently comes from Sylvester Boyce, who must be
his uncle. He's listed with Delanson's family in 1860 Pa, age 22. The
first name may come from Harmon Bois, who is in Caton, Steuben Co., in
1860, age 29. His occupation looks like farmer/lumberer, and Delanson
is also described as a lumberman in 1860.
    Herman is listed with his father in the 1870 census for Ashtabula
Co. Ohio, age 7.
    H. S. Griswold appears in Conneaut in the 1880 census, 17, a
druggist's clerk, b. Pa., living in the household of R. F. Kennedy
    His first wife, mother of his oldest son, was Mary Cadwell. She
died in Fredonia, 12 Nov 1891, "...wife of Herman S. Griswold. This
was a very sad event, which evoked general sympathy in the village,
leaving little babe motherless, and sadly bereaving the young husband.
Mrs. Griswold was a remarkably bright and interesting lady, and her
death was generally mourned. The funeral was very largely attended
last Sunday." Then in the section for the town of Stockton, which is a
little south of Fredonia, there's another article about her: "...Mr.
Cadwell resided in this place for a short time and Mrs. Griswold, then
Miss Cadwell, made many friends here; every one speaks in praise of
the departed and sympathy for those bereaved, also of the very
appropriate and able address given on the occasion by Rev. Wyman, of
Dewittville, her old pastor, who performed her marriage ceremony a
little over four years ago." Doug Shepeard tells me that occurred
8/31/1887. The above articles are from the Fredonia Censor newspaper
dated 18 Nov 1891.
    He next appears in the 1900 census for Fredonia, Pomfret Twp., NY,
on 104 E. Main:
        Herman S. Griswold, 37, b. 7/1862 in Pa., m. 7 years, father
            b. Conn. (sic), mother b. NY, shoe dealer, owned mortgaged
        Norah N., wife, 36, b. 3/1864 in NY, 1 child, child alive;
        Marion, son, 8, b. 11/1881;  <-- Must be 1891.
        Howard, son, 4, b. 5/1896.
Norah Roberts was his second wife, eldest daughter of James Risley
Roberts of Fredonia. Doug Shepeard tells me they were married
3/15/1893 and that she died 12/14/1909; also that he moved his store
to 7 East Main about 1895.  
    Herman is in the Dunkirk/Fredonia city directory for 1912/13:
"Griswold Herman S, (Margaret) shoes, 7 E Main, h 104 E Main". He's
listed the same way in 1917, right next to his son Howard.
    In 1920, he's still there on 104 E. Main:
        Griswold, Herman S., 56, b. Pa., both parents b. NY, home
            owned free, merchant & employer at a shoe store;
        Margaret B., his wife, 40, b. NY, parents b. Scotland;
        Howard S., son, 23, laborer at a preserving co. (?);
        Lou Ellen, daughter-in-law, 24, b. Ohio;
        Marjorie Ann, grand-daughter, 3 months.
Margaret B. Hall was his third wife. Born in Troy. Sibs: Mrs. A. F.
Soch and Warren J. Hall of Fredonia, and James Hall of Rock Island,
Il. She died 12/22/1934, at their then residence at 164 E. Main St.
says Doug Shepeard, in Fredonia; buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.
    His 86th birthday was celebrated at the home of his son Howard in
Fredonia, according to Donna Mills, who also says he was b. 7/24/1862.
This apparently came out of the Fredonia paper of 7/26/1948. Then his
90th birthday was celebrated at the same place, apparently from the
paper of 7/30/1952; this time his birthdate is 7/27/1862.
    Herman is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Fredonia. He is listed
there as having been born in Beaver City, Pa., which I suppose must be
either Beaver Center, where Lester had his store, or Beaver Township.
He was still living at 104 E. Main when he died.
    The Larson Funeral Home in Fredonia says his middle name was
Sylvester, and that he was born in Beaver City. They also say his
wife's name was Norah. This info was given by Howard Griswold.
    His death certificate says he died of a coronary embolism (1 day)
and arteriosclerosis (20 years), and that his wife, who predeceased
him, was Nora Roberts. His SSN was 118-16-9496.
    There is an obit which includes a picture of him in the Fredonia
Censor from 12/12/1957. "Herman S. Griswold, who may have been
Fredonia's oldest resident, died Tuesday", 12/10/1957, at home.
"Apparently stricken after making his own breakfast, a routine he had
followed for many years," - as did his brother Ralph - "Mr. Griswold
slumped to the floor in his kitchen. Fully clothed, he had apparently
planned to make his usual walk to the business section to visit his
many friends." He had visited his sons Howard S. on E. Main Rd. and
Marion S. in Silver Creek that weekend. "These events had been the
pattern of his life for the past several years. For despite his age he
had been active and alert, independent and self-reliant throughout his
life. It was only recently he had forgone driving his own car. He
maintained his own house, kept a garden and enjoyed the radio and
television." Then it says he had been retired since 1935 after nearly
50 years in business. Sounds like a carbon copy of L. D. Griswold, his
nephew, who drove til he was 95, was always pretty self-reliant,
always liked watching Lawrence Welk on TV, was married three times,
was a successful businessman, and was retired the whole time I knew
    It goes on to say he had come to Fredonia from Conneaut in 1882 at
age 20, got a job at J. Henry Clark's dry goods store, then "caught
on" with H. P. Perrin at a shoe store there, which he eventually
bought out. "Mr. Griswold was born July 28, 1862, in Beaver City, Pa.
'I don't know where Beaver City is,' he once said, 'because I left
there as an infant and never went back'..... A lifelong Democrat, Mr.
Griswold cast his first vote for Grover Cleveland and not long
afterward was elected to office here himself. He served five years as
Pomfret town clerk.
    "Mr. Griswold never claimed to have a formula for longevity. 'I
can't tell you why I'm still here,' he had said. 'The only reason I
might think of is that I did some hunting and fishing when I was
younger--got out of doors--but I don't really believe that's had much
to do with it." He was survived by two sons and five gr-grandchildren,
but it doesn't say anything about any grandchildren. It does say he
was a member of Forest Masonic Lodge 166. 
    Another article, on the occasion of his 91st birthday, which
contains some of the same information, is on my Griswold website on
the Herman S. Griswold page.
    Much of the info in this DB about his family came from Donna Mills
of the Chautauqua County Genealogical Society, and from his
great-granddaughter Mollie Rogger Wiliams Burgess.

ID: 189
Sex: M
Birth date: Dec. 3, 1843
Birth place: Conneaut, Ohio           
Date of death: Dec. 29, 1924
Place of death: Conneaut                 
Age at death: 81 years, 0 months, 26 days.
Spouse: MARY ELIZA GRISWOLD (118) (1850-1932)
Wedding: 1/31/1866, Conneaut      
Child 1: RALPH DELANSON SALISBURY (692) (1872-1945)
Child 2: AGNES LEVINA SALISBURY (693) (1875-1968)
Child 3: FRANK G. SALISBURY (694) (1878-    )
Child 4: ONEY SALISBURY (695) (1885-    )
Dave Whipple: "Frank was not particularly handsome or had an injury to
his eye which makes identifying him in photo's rather easy."
    It's interesting to speculate how he may have come by the middle
name Delanson. Delanson Griswold didn't move to Conneaut til about
1870, but before that he lived in Beaver Twp. not much more than about
10 miles from Conneaut. That's close enough that they might have gone
to church there.
    In Conneaut, 1860:
        Oney Salisbury, 47, farmer (?), b. NY;
        Sarah, 42, b. NY;
        Frank, 16, b. Ohio;    <-- Married Mary Eliza Griswold
        Milo, 15, b. Ohio;
        Oney, 4, b. Ohio;
        Sarah Benjamin, 71, b. Mass.
    Frank D. Salisbury's death date is a bit of mystery. His death
record from the Ohio Department of Health clearly says Dec. 29, 1924.
But Dave Whipple says: "However, according to the Ashtabula death
records, Frank (b. 1843) is listed as dying in 1925... Mary's obituary
says that Frank died seven (7) years prior to her, and their tombstone
also confirms that as well." But since Mary died in April, 1932, seven
years before that would have been April, 1925, which is closer to Dec.
1924 than to Dec. 1925. Plus he died right around New Year's, which
may have led to some confusion. Getting the obit would probably clear
this up. Anyway, "Both Frank & Mary are buried in City Cemetery,
Conneaut, OH next to Philip & Agnes Risley."
    "The History of Ashtabula County", 1873, says Frank's father Oney
was b. in Cortland Co., NY, in 1812. Some records Dave Whipple sent
say he lived 10/23/1812-5/17/1887. Other sources say that Oney and his
wife (nee Sarah Benjamin) were born in Vermont. Sarah Benjamin, 71 in
1860, must be Mrs. Salisbury's mother. That means that the Benjamins,
at least, probably went from Massachusetts to Vermont maybe to New
York to Ohio, a typical westward migration path.
    Oney Salisbury, son of Oleander Salisbury (R. I.) and Rebecca
Tolbert (Killingly, Conn.), was a sailor from age 14. He was captain
of eight sail- and eleven steam-vessels. "During the entire time the
captain sailed he never met with any serious misfortune, and never
cost an insurance company one dollar; and when he retired he was well
and favorably known throughout the entire chain of lakes." ("History
of Ashtabula County".) He's in the 1870 census for Conneaut, p. 29,
two doors down from Milo Salisbury. He's also in the 1880 census,
right next to his son Frank. In 1900 and 1910 he's still in Conneaut.
Salisbury Road in Conneaut is named after him, and Dave Whipple says
he owned almost 200 acres on the west side of it. (The 1875 atlas of
Conneaut has him owning 92 3/4 acres just west of a road.) Dave says
he took command of his first vessel, the sloop "Dart", at age 22, and
he "built the highly successful Empire flour mill in Conneaut before
he retired to his house and farm on Lake Road."

ID: 276
Sex: M
Birth date: Oct. 28, 1817
Birth place: NY                       
Date of death: June 23, 1899
Age at death: 81 years, 7 months, 26 days.
Mother: MARY GAMMET (712) (    -    )
Father: DANIEL GRISWOLD (762) (1787-1863)
Wedding: July 4, 1838             
His parentage is unproven, but Daniel Griswold b. 1787 seems most
    He was the first storekeeper in Beaver Township, and a Justice of
the Peace. He bought and sold a lot of land; his name appears in the
direct index (of land sellers) in Crawford County 10 times in a row in
one place; he's known to have witnessed more than one deed for others;
he helped build a steam saw mill in 1847; and Daniel lived with him in
his later years in Minnesota. A number of people in subsequent
generations were named Lester. His daughter Hattie married a prominent
South Dakota judge. He seems to have been a bit of an achiever.
    In the member list of the Church of Christ of Conneaut OH, kindly
sent me by Elsie Berg, there is listed a "Griswold, Lester",
apparently member #1305. This is on ACGS reel 3, frame 63. It's
undated, but that church was started in 1819. Next to him on the list
is Almond Gray, and there is a 2-yr-old Almond Gray in Ashtabula in
1880; Lester lived 1817-1899 so this could be him, assuming Almond and
Lester joined about the same time; but the other Lester, Delanson's
son, lived 1851-1926 so it could be him too. In addition, in the
margin next to Lester's name it says what looks like "Sandusky Grant".
This could be a person's name, or it could be two peoples' names, or
it could be a reference to a land grant over in Sandusky. I know of no
other evidence that places Laster in Sandusky. 
    In Milford, Otsego Co. NY in 1820, in Daniel Griswold's household
there are two boys under 10, and one of them is probably Lester, age
3. And in 1830, Daniel is still there, and there's a boy 10-15 who is
probably Lester age 13.
    He shows up in the 1840 census in Beaver Twp., Crawford Co., Pa: a
man in his 20's, a girl under 5, and a female 15-20. 
    On 3/10/1846 Lester Griswold bought about 110 acres from Stephen,
Orrin, and Ursula Post in Beaver Twp. for $400. It was recorded
2/9/1852, same day as 3 other deeds Lester was the buyer in. It says
the land was bounded on the east by land owned by Griswold, but it
doesn't say which Griswold. The deed was witnessed by Gilbert
    Then on 8/6/1847 Lester bought about 16 acres for $50 in Beaver
from Edwin R. Adams, recorded same day, 2/9/1852.
    I have an incomplete mortgage record wherein it looks like on
1/13/1848 (recorded 7/10/1848) Lester Griswold and Obadiah J. Morrison
of Beaver took out a mortgage to G. Sweet and N. N. Whitaker of
Livingston Co. NY for $700, to be paid back in two installments of
$350 each, for a small piece of land, bordered on at least two sides
by the land of L. Griswold, containing the Steam Saw Mill erected in
1847 by Griswold and Morrison. Gilbert Griswold and Calvin Gates
witnessed the deal, and J. P. Calvin Gates took the acknowledgement.
(I find a mention of Calvin Gates as well as a Frank A. Boyce in the
bio of Luther Gates on the Crawford County Genealogy site on
    Also recorded 2/9/1852 was a deed of 8/27/1849 in which Daniel
Griswold sold 50 acres and 148 perches for $100 to Lester. Charles and
Adeline witnessed it. It was apparently just west of some land owned
by D. Griswold.
    He's still there in 1850, 33 years old, with:
        A woman Fanny or Nanny, age 26, b. in NY (c. 1824)
        A girl Adelaide, age 11, b. in Pa. (c. 1839)
        A girl named Adeline, age 8, b. in Pa. (c. 1842)
        A girl named Celestina, age 4, b. in Pa. (c. 1846)
        A boy named Franklin, age 1, b. in Pa. (c. 1849)
    On 9/8/1851 Lester and Fannie sold, for $1400, a piece of land to
William J. Wilber and John B. Wilber, recorded 8/15/1854. The acreage
is not given, but it apparently contained the Griswold Steam Saw Mill,
at or near the center of Beaver Twp. Note that Charles P. Griswold ran
a saw mill for a while in Beaver. 
    In 1851 (no day given) Lester Griswold and David Taylor Esq.
bought 30 acres from Daniel Griswold and his wife Mary for $300. That
works out to $10 an acre. Notice that the land purchase of 3/10/1846
was a little under $4 an acre. Mary's statement was taken 10/10/1851.
Since Lester was (probably) Daniel's son, one wonders if David Taylor
was Daniel's son-in-law. 
    On 7/7/1852,recorded 8/18/1854 Lester and Fanny of Beaver sold one
acre and 20 perches to William J. Wilber for $105, "being part of the
50 acres and 148 perches deeded to first part by Daniel Griswold."
    In 1852 he sold 25 acres for $175 to Abijah Lerned in Beaver. No
day or month is given for the sale, but the deed was recorded
6/3/1856, and Fanny's statement was taken 7/7/1852. It was right next
to Joab Hayford's land. In a similar deed, done the same year with no
day or month given, but wife's statement taken 7/7/1852, also recorded
6/3/1856, Lester and Fanny sold 25 acres and 26 perches in Beaver to
Joab Hayford for $250, right next to some land owned by Michael
Broughton. In another deed recorded the same day, for land sold by O.
B. Spalding to Gilbert G. Griswold, Lester witnessed the deed and took
the statement of Spalding's wife.
    On 11/23/1853 Daniel Griswold sold some land in Beaver Twp. to his
son Charles P. which was right next to a piece of land to the
southwest owned by Lester Griswold. There is also a reference in this
deed to the "land of L. Griswold and Wilber", which is just to the
    On 12/22/1853 William J. Wilber assigned a mortgage that he owned
(original in mortgage book G, pp. 98 & 99 - it might be worth it to
get this) to Lester Griswold for $250. 
    On ?/1/1854 (wives' statements taken 3/1/1854, recorded 6/2/1854)
Lester, Fanny, Delanson and Lovina sold 66 2/3 perches of land in
Spring Twp. to Ebenezer H. Hall for $110.
    On 3/31/1854 (recorded 4/10/1857) Lester Griswold bought some land
for $90 from Calvin Gates. The deed says it was 65 rods; if that means
square rods, it was a small piece of land, less than half an acre.
Maybe that's where he put his store.
    On 12/5/1855 (recorded 4/10/1857) Lester Griswold bought 3 acres
for $90 from Calvin Gates. Notice this is recorded the same day as the
other small piece of land he bought from Calvin Gates, though the sale
itself occured a year and a half later. For some reason he paid the
same amount for it.
    On 3/22/1856 (recorded 4/6/1856) Lester and Fanny of Beaver sold
25 acres in Beaver to Charles Rodeo of Sallisbury, Herkimer Co. NY for
$625. It was next to C. P. Griswold's land, "it being a part of the
North East quarter of the S. Durham tract deeded by Andrew Merrit and
wife and Patton & Co to Daniel Griswold, and from Daniel Griswold to
Lester Griswold and David Taylor." David Taylor, J. P., by the way,
took Fanny's statement. 
    On 10/11/1856 Lester Griswold witnessed a deed whereby Wm.
Hollenbeak sold land to George D. Gates (bk. Q2, c. p. 71, recorded
11/9/1857). Not only that, but Lester Griswold took the declaration of
Hollenbeak's wife, and he was a Justice of the Peace.
    On 10/14/1856 (recorded 10/17/1856) Lester and Fanny of Beaver
sold about an acre to James Nims for $150, "the same land on which
second part now resides." It was right next to a mill owned by
Griswold and (H. H.) McDowell. It was also the north east part of 3
acres that had been sold to Lester by Calvin Gates. 
    In a deed of 12/15/1856 (also recorded 4/10/1857) Lester and Fanny
sold 100 acres to George Davoll for $2800. It adjoined a piece of land
owned by Charles P. Griswold and another owned by Gilbert Griswold.
Apparently there's a saw mill on it that will remain leased to J. & J.
Wilber and assigns so long as it's kept in service.
    Also on 12/15/1856 (recorded 1/30/1857) Lester and Fanny sold 117
28/100ths perches of land to P. G. Hays in Beaver for $20, part of the
land conveyed by Daniel Griswold to Lester Griswold (but it doesn't
say on what date).
    George Davoll (of North Collins, Erie Co., NY) took out a $2800
mortgage to Lester Griswold on 12/17/1856 (book H, p. 656), apparently
on the same 100 acres that Lester sold him two days before. It
bordered on lands owned by Charles Perry Griswold, David Taylor,
Gilbert Griswold, P. G. Hays, C. T. Norton, Goodnoe (?), and George
Leonard. Lester Griswold was living on the farm at that point. In the
margin there is a note about Lester transferring the mortgage to
Frederic Williams, 6/16/1857, so Lester must have regained ownership
of it by that time. This note is signed by Lester, probably in his own
    On 6/3/1857 (recorded 8/3/1857) "Lester Griswold and Fanny his
wife of the town of Beaver" sold half an acre in the town of Beaver to
Maxon L. Potter for $100, "as Deeded to first part by Calvin Gates it
being the North west Corner of land owned by C. Gates with Dwelling
House and Store house" - Lester's store? - "thereon the Boundaries and
Chains to be the same as described in Deed from Calvin Gates to party
of the first...", and was just west of some land owned by D. M.
Griswold. Note that Lester had a son-in-law named Monson L. Potter.
    Also on 6/3/1857 (also recorded 8/3/1857) Lester and Fanny "of the
town of Beaver" sold, for $700, one acre and 138 perches in the
township of Beaver, to Maxon L. Potter, "It Being the south part of
three acres of land which said L Griswold purchased of C Gates" (see
above, 12/5/1855). There seems to have been a mill on this land. The
three acres was originally bought for $90, so the price has gone up.
It sounds as if Lester may have sold his mill and his store to Maxon
L. Potter on the same day.
    There may have been some overlap between when he was last seen in
Pa. and when he shows up in Newburg Twp., Fillmore Co. MN, where he is
counted as one of the early settlers in 1855 ("History of Fillmore
Co.", 1912). 1855 agrees with the arrival date in Dreiveld's "History
of Rushford" of the Griswolds in MN, even if it doesn't mention
Lester. But Fannie's obit (see below) says 1857. And I can't find
Lester in the 1857 MN state census.
    In 1860 Lester is in Newburgh Twp., Fillmore Co. Minnesota on p.
38. With him is Daniel:
        Lester Griswold, 42, farmer, $1000 land, $300 pers, b. NY
        Fanny      "     40, b. NY
        ?Adeline   "     18, b. Penn.
        Celestine  "     15, b. Penn.
        ?Harriet   "     5, b. Penn.
        Harry      "     3, b. Penn.
        Daniel     "     74, b. New Hampshire
From the birthdates of his children, one would think he had moved
there within the last three years. Right next door are Gilbert and
    His name is on a number of land records in Fillmore Co. for the
1860's and 1870's. 
    In 1865 he shows up in the MN state census, Lester along with
Fannie, Adeline, Celestine, Hattie, Harry, and Cora.
    In 1870 he's in Spring Valley Twp., Fillmore Co., Minn., p. 596,
though he's not in the index:
        Griswold, Lester, 52, b. NY; $1800 land, $800 pers. property
        --------, Fanny, 50, b. NY
        --------, Harriet, 15, b. Pa.
        --------, Harry, 13, b. Pa.
        --------, Cora, 11, b. Min.
No Daniel in 1870.
    Lester is in Spring Valley in 1875 MN: 
      Griswold, Lester, 57
         "      Fannie, 56
         "      Hattie, 19, b. PA
         "      Harry, 18, b. PA
         "      Cora, 14, b. MN
Lester's birthplace and both his parents' can be read as either NY or
NJ, though they really look more like NY to me. Ditto for Fannie.
    In 1880 he's listed in Spring Valley again, on p. 19:
      Lester Griswold, 62, b. NY, Farmer, fa b. NH, mo b. VT
      Fanny Griswold, wife, 60, b. NY, fa b. NY, mo b. VT
      Hattie Grswold, dau, 25, b. PA, Teaching School    
      Fanny Polter, 14, GDau
    I can't find Lester in the 1890 census fragment for WA or MN, or
in the 1895 MN state census. 
    I have Lester's date of death as 6/23/1899; this came from Diana
STUCK on the Griswold GenForum site, message #1344. Lester's obit is
in the Buckley (Washington) Banner, June 30, 1899, in the Enumclaw
Department, so Enumclaw is apparently where he died. The copy I have
is barely readable and it might be worth getting it from the State
Library on interlibrary loan. The heading looks like it might contain
his middle initial. It says he was born in Otsego Co., then they went
to Beaver Twp., where "most of his life was spent and all his children
except one were born", though the dates of his travels are unreadable.
And the censuses give various places for the births of his children.
After his wife died in 1892 "he has lived with his children who are
scattered over the West. Two living in California," - these would be
Cora Deninger and either Adeline or Harry; see below - "one in
Washington," - Adelade Potter - "one in Dakota," - Hattie Brown - "one
in Nebraska" - Celestine Battey - "and one in Minnesota" - Adeline or
Harry. The funeral was at the home of his daughter Mrs. Adelade
Potter. It describes him as "a grand type of an American.... well
balanced, sturdy, intelligent..." Not much real info is in this
article, though, not even his death date. As for other possible obits,
the Enumclaw Courier didn't start publishing til 1900. Ron Tyler at
the Enumclaw Plateau Historical Society in Enumclaw looked in his
books and couldn't find anything. The Seattle Central Library was not
much help. The State Library has an online catalog, and they did find
a White River Journal in Kent that I may want to look at, and the
Seattle and Tacoma papers might even be worth a look. The State
Library also has a book called "Black Diamond: Mining the Memories"
published in 1988 which is available on interlibrary loan. The
Washington State Dept. of Health Biostats office has the pre-1907
death records for $17 each, which might be worth pursuing. And it
might also be worth looking in the Spring Valley Mercury around
6/23/1899 for an obit. 
    Lester is buried in Spring Valley Cemetery. His tombstone says
1817-1899. He was buried there in 1901; Diana Stuck's messsage says
"Lester died in Enumclaw, Washinton and was later reburied in Spring
Valley, Minn". "The remains of Lester Griswold were brought here last
evening for burial", says his death notice from the Spring Valley
Mercury, 4/25/1901. Fillmore Co. has no will for him.   
    As for Fannie and the children, she died 4/30/1892 at age 72 and
is buried same place as her husband. Her headstone says 1820-1892.
Renee Gall found (5/9/08) her death record at the Minnesota Historical
Society Library; it says her parents were Henry and Samantha Gates,
her death date agrees with the above, and she lived 71 years, ll
months, and 25 days, which means, according to Renee's math, that she
was born May 5, 1820. Her obit (Spring Valley Mercury, 5/5/1892) says
she was born 4/5/1820 (a month off from what Renee calculated) in
Chautauqua Co. NY. Her family moved to Pa. in 1836. She entered the
Christian Church in Crawford County (RKW was also a member of the
Church of Christ) at age 16. She married Lester July 4, 1838. They had
7 kids born in Pa., of whom a daughter and a son died there. Cora, the
last, was born in Newburg after they moved there in 1857. In 1865 they
moved to Spring Valley and stayed there til she died except for a few
months when they went to Blue Earth City (can't find that but I do
find a Blue Earth County in MN) where Lester was in the clothing
trade. She bought and sold a fair amount of land in Fillmore Co. in
the 1860's and 1870's. Her Petition for Letters of Administration,
submitted by Lester, says she owned a house and lot in the village of
Spring Valley, plus a vacant lot. At her death, her six children were:
Mrs. Adelade Potter of Washington State, age 53; Mrs. Adeline Braden,
50, of St. Paul; Mrs. Celestine Battey, 47, who lived in Hemingford,
Nebraska (though the Petition says Kansas); Mrs. Hattie Brown, 37, of
Sioux Falls; Harry G., age 35, of St. Paul; Mrs. Cora Deninger, 32, of
San Jose, Ca.  
    Regarding the children listed, there is an Adelade Potter in
Fillmore Co. 1880. I can't find Adeline Braden in St. Paul, though I
do find her in 1880 Fillmore Co. Coralee (1/234/05) thinks her husband
died in Otter Tail Co. MN, which makes it unlikely that she was one of
the children who wound up in CA. Celestine A. Battey is in 1900
Hemingford, Box Butte Co., Nebraska, b. 6/1845, with her 59-year-old
husband (name unreadable), daughters Mary b. 6/1874, Hattie L. b.
6/1876, Fanny E. b. 7/1882 (all daughters b. MN), and Lois C. b.
9/1887 in SD. For Hattie Griswold see below. Harry is in Mower Co. MN
in 1880 though I don't find him in St. Paul. I can't find any death or
marriage record for Cora (Mrs. Paul G.) Deninger in the Santa Clara
County courthouse, but her son Paul J. Deninger (12/14/1879-9/12/1948)
died in Whittier CA survived only by his second wife Ethel. 
    Buried with Lester and Fannie are a J. D. Griswold (1838-1880) and
maybe a Mary G. Ward. The lot is owned by J. D. or J. H. Griswold.
    More on the Sioux Falls connection: Coralee Griswold of the GFA
found in "History of South Dakota" (1915) in the Judge Theron G. Brown
bio at, that Lester's
daughter Harriet O. (b. 12/22/1854 in Beaver, Pa.) married Judge Brown
of Sioux Falls in 1896. (This date must be wrong, since her obit says
they were married by 1892.) They moved to Spring Valley, Minn., and
had 3 kids who survived: Huldah M., Harold G., and Wallace A.
Harriet's parents were Lester Griswold (b. 10/28/1817) and Fannie
Gates (b. 4/5/1820 - this matches her age in 1860 but not 1850.) 
    The "History of South Dakota", v. 3, 1930, adds: "Judge Brown's
children by his second marriage" - to Harriet - "are: Cora Margaret,
who died in infancy; Huldah, widow of Albert Van Dornum, and she now
resides with her mother at Belle Fourche; Harold Griswold, who died
May 30, 1930; and Wallace A., of San Francisco, California." In the
1920 SD soundex there is a 23-year-old Wallace Brown living in Sioux
Falls. And Theron Gibbs Brown (63) and his wife Hattie O. (65) are in
Belle Fourche. Wallace A. Brown, 12/16/1897-1/22/1983, 553-09-0878,
died in Palo Alto, Ca. His wife Valerie C. Perryman,
3/24/1903-12/17/1985, died same place. They're buried in Alta Mesa
Cemetery. Their son Robert Wallace Brown m. Irene Lucille Wind
6/18/1955 and lives in Los Altos. 
    Regarding daughter Huldah who m. Albert Van Dornum, in 1928 she
was living in Goldfield, NV. Albert is buried in Pine Slope Cemetery
with the Browns but Huldah isn't. Maybe she got married again and is
buried with her second husband. There is an unexplained Theron Van
Dornum buried next to Albert, maybe he was their son. The county has
no record of his death or burial. Harry E. van Doornum of Holland has
sources that say Albert married a mail-order bride and lived in
Goldfield, NV where he died of throat cancer; and that his father
arrived in the US at age 65 the same day Lincoln was shot, and lived
to about 100 (e-mail, 9/23/02).
    Regarding son Harold Griswold Brown, he's the only one in Block D,
Pine Slope Cemetery who has any info on his headstone. He was in a
machine gun battalion in WW I. His obit says he took sick and died in
Petersburg, AK where he worked on a fox farm. His half-brother Curt of
Crookston, MN was getting ready to go bring him back. He married Ellen
Weiler of Blue Earth, MN in Dec. 1919. A Curtis E. Brown shows up in
the Crookston directories in 1956 and 1958 - this may or may not be
the right Curtis.
    There is a mysterious C. M. (Cora) Hayes buried with the Browns in
Pine Slope Cemetery. Maybe she was named after the Cora Margaret Brown
who died young. There is a Cora Hayes in the SSDI, who d. 11/1974, zip
code 57501, same zip as Florence Brown below. This lead might be worth
    Judge Brown also had children by his first wife, including Curt
(above) and Florence Brown. A Florence H. Brown shows up in the 1945
SD census in Pierre, single, age 58, 58 years in SD. She died
11/11/1973 in Pierre, SD. She's in the SSDI. Her obit says she had a
niece Mrs. Edward (Marjorie) Hildebrandt of Kettering, OH near Dayton.
There is an Edward Hildebrand in the Dayton phone book in 1977/78, but
he's gone after that. 
    Regarding other Theron/Hattie leads, Judge Brown's obit says that
at his funeral there were "Mrs. J. W. Platt and son, Aaron, of
Montrose," - McCork Co. - "S. D., the former a cousin of Mrs. Brown;
and Mrs. Frank Lynn of Canova," - Miner Co. - "S. D., also a cousin of
Mrs. Brown..." If they were Griswold first cousins, they would have
been grandchildren of Daniel, and maybe children of Daniel's
daughters. Daniel's daughters would be Delanson's siblings, so this
sounds like a promising lead. The online SD death records at cleared these two mysteries up for me. Turns out
Mrs. Frank Lynn's maiden name was Mabel Martha Battey and her mother
was Celestine A. Griswold Battey, daughter of Lester b. 1817, so Mabel
was really Hattie's niece, not her cousin. Dead end. On the other
hand, Mrs. John W. Platt's maiden name was Marcia L. Sexton, and her
mother's name was apparently Katherine Lacy; if Lacy, not Griswold,
was her maiden name, then this, too, must be a dead end.
    Judge Theron G. Brown's obit, by the way, says that he was the
stenographer at the SD constitutional convention, and the original SD
constitution was largely in his handwriting. A document sent me by
Irene Lucille Brown says much of it is in his words and of his own
    And speaking of Minnesota, Delanson's son Lester had a daughter
Alta born in Minnesota in 1876.
    Here's a partial descendant chart based on the above info, on the
censuses, on Coralee Griswold's e-mail to me of 1/24/05, on Genforum
Griswold msg #1467, and on e-mails to me from Renee Gall 5/9/08 and
  Lester Griswold b. Oct. 28, 1817 in New York
  + Fanny Gates
    Adelade; 41 in 1880; b. OH (sic), parents b. NY
    + Monson L. Potter; in Lenora, Fillmore Co., 1880; 47, blacksmith
      Frank, son, 21 in 1880, b. MN
      Fred, son, 19 in 1880, b. MN
      + probably Marnie P. Gilmore 9/13/1889, Spokane Falls;
      Fannie, dau, 14 in 1880, b. MN
      Jennie, 1 in 1870, b. MN
      Maud, dau, 1 in 1880, b. MN
    Adeline E.; 37 in 1880, b. PA, parents b. PA, m. March 7, 1866
    + Capt. Wm Wallace Braden; b. c. 1868 OH; County Treasurer, State
        Legislature; d. probably in Otter Tail Co. MN 6/22/1919
      Herbert C. Braden, son, 12 in 1880 b. MN
      Charles W. Braden, son, 8 in 1880, b. MN
      Fred Braden, 2 in 1880, b. MN
      Louisa Braden, 6 months in 1880, b. MN
    Celestine A. b.  6/26/1845 PA, d. 9/19/1914 in Salem, Oregon 
          see Genforum Griswold msg 1461
    + George Jonathan Battey; b. VT (1910 census); m.Oct 10 1865
      Clarence A., b. c. 1866 in IA (Winneshiek Co?)
      Mabel Martha b. IA, mom b. PA, 41 in 1910, m. 19y, 7 live kids  
      + Frank H. Lynn, 53 in 1910 in Canova Twp SD, b. ME
        ?Persis, dau, b. SD, 18 in 1910
        ?Leo, son, b. SD, 15 in 1910
        Hazel, 13 in 1910
        Kenneth, 7 in 1910
        ?Harold, 5 in 1910
        Margaret, b. SD, 3 in 1910
        Gertrude, b. SD, 7 months in 1910
      Mary b. Jun 1874, MN
      Hattie L. b. Jun 1876, MN
      George N. b. c. 1879, MN
      Fanny E. b. Jul 1882, MN
      Lois C. b. Sep 1887, SD
    Franklin - only source for him is Geforum Griswold msg #1346
    Harriet "Hattie" O.
    + Theron Gibbs Brown; 44 in Howard SD 1900; in Belle Fourche 1920
      Cora Margaret
      Huldah M.
      + Albert Van Dornum
      Harold Griswold
      + Ellen Weiler
      Wallace A. - in Sioux Falls, 1920
      + Valerie C. Perryman
        Robert Wallace Brown - of Los Altos
        + Irene Lucille Wind
    Harry G. Griswold b. 2/27/1857 Pa, d. 1/3/1917 St. Paul; bookkeepr
    + Sarah A. Yates b. abt. 1860 in Lansing; in Mower Co MN 1860-80
      Pluma Almena Griswold; bur at Forest Lawn, St Paul w/ fa & bro
      + --- Ullman 
      Harry Yates Griswold b. 7/22/1879 in Austin, MN, d. 12/30/1946
      + Alice E. Atchison b. 8/25/1881 in ND. d. 6/16/1924 St. Paul
        Irene F. Griswold, b. 2/12/1902 in St. Paul, d. 3/3/1922
        Harry Nyal Griswold, b. 11/29/1908 in Great Falls; no kids
        + Anita Louise Walls b. 12/9/1911 St Paul, d. 7/26/1987 CA    
    Lucille Marion Griswold b. 4/24/1904 St. Paul; d. there 1979
        + Herbert H. Gall b. 4/19/1895 in St. Paul, d. there 1/4/1961
          Marion Gall
          Richard Gall
          Lucille Gall
          Delores Gall
          Harry Gall
          William Gall b. Aug. 2, 1930 in St. Paul, Mn
          + Arle

ID: 354
Sex: M
Birth date: 1826      
Birth place: Milford, Otsego, NY      
Date of death: May 12, 1907
Place of death: Tacoma, Washington       
Age at death: 80 or 81
Mother: MARY GAMMET (712) (    -    )
Father: DANIEL GRISWOLD (762) (1787-1863)
There is a book on this line of the family written by Harlan B.
Griswold Sr. in 1980. It traces the line all the way back to Edward
the immigrant. He says Gilbert was a farmer and carpenter. Harlan Jr.
lives in Fort Jones, CA and his son Kent lives in Veneta, Oregon. 
    Regarding Gilbert's birthdate, his death certificate from
Washington says 1827, but I'm using 1826 since that's what the GFA
says, that's what Harlan Griswold says, and it agrees with his age in
1850 and 1860.
    Gilbert Griswold is in the 1850 census in Beaver Twp. Crawford Co.
Pa. right next to his father Daniel:
        Gilert (sic) Griswold, 24, b. NY
        Adaline?, 25, b. NY. 
        Margaret?, 1, male (sic), b. Penna.
    On 5/3/1853 (recorded 2/13/1857) Gilbert Griswold of Beaver bought
16 acres and 163 perches of land for $160 from C. C. Wolcott. It was
right next to some land of Lester Griswold's. No telling whether this
was our Gilbert or the one born in 1803.
    On 8/23/1855 Gilbert G. Griswold of Beaver bought 30 acres in
Beaver from A. B. Spalding for $175. It was recorded 6/2/1856. Lester
witnessed the deed and took the statement of Spalding's wife. I think
this is more likely to have been Gilbert b. 1803, though, because of
his middle initial, which the other Gilbert never seems to have used.
    Gilbert is mentioned in a deed of 12/15/1856 where Lester sold
some land in Beaver Twp.
    I can't find him in the 1857 MN census.
    Gilbert is in the 1860 census in Newburgh Twp. Fillmore Co.
Minnesota, right next to Lester, and to father Daniel:
        Gilbert, 34, laborer b. NY. Doesn't look like he owns any land
        Adaline, 34, b. NY.
        Mazuret?, 11, female (sic), b. Pa.
    I can't find him in 1865 MN, but according to Tom Griswold, in the
La Crosse WI city directories for 1866-67 and 1870, there's a Gilbert
Griswold, carpenter. Harlan Griswold says he moved to Sleepy Eye,
Brown Co., MN about 1872, and Charles' sons Walter and Roy were born
there. The censuses confirm they were born in MN; death records might
tell us where exactly. On the other hand, in the WI state census for
1875, in 3rd ward La Crosse, Tom finds a Gilbert Griswold - 1 male, 1
female (Mazuret would have moved out by then.) He's also in some land
records there. Note that Gilbert's grandson Andrew was born in
Wisconsin in about 1876 (see below).
     I also find Gilbert in the 1878/79 La Crosse directory. I gather
that he lived at 172 Rose in North La Crosse; he was in the raft
furnishings business with his son M. C.; his son lived at 166 Rose;
and G. Griswold and Son was located at the SW corner of Rose and Gold.
By 1885/86 they both seem to be gone.
    But he's in the 1880 census for La Crosse:
      Gilbert Griswold 54, carpenter, he and parents b. NY
      Adeline Griswold 54, hosekeeper, ditto
    Gilbert Griswold is in the 1885 MN state census, Brown Co., Sleepy
Eye. Brown Co. is next to Blue Earth County where brother Lester wound
up at one point:
      Gilbert Griswold, 58, b. NY
      Adalina Griswold, 58, b. NY; first name hard to read
    Harlan Griswold says he moved to Vashon Island, WA about 1887. 
    A Charles Griswold, sawyer, turns up in King County, WA if you do
a search in the Seattle city dirs, 1888-1890, on 
    But I can't find Gilbert Griswold in Wisconsin 1900 (1870 has
probably not been indexed), Minnesota in 1870, or 1900, or in
Washington in 1870, 1890 (sic) or 1900, or even Oregon 1900.So far I
know of 6 places where he lived, maybe there were more.    
    Gilbert is buried in Vashon Cemetery on Vashon Island near Seattle
(in King County, though it used to be in Pierce County). His "Return
of a Death" from Washington State says he died 5/12/1907 at age 80,
born in 1927 in NY, both parents born in NH. It also says he was a
carpenter, that he was a widower, that his last residence was in
Burton on Vashon Island, and that he died in the Western Washington
Hospital for the Insane. Barbara Steen, the Vashon Island historian,
says he died 1897 and wasn't buried there til 1907, but that must be a
    The Tacoma Daily Ledger, 5/14/1907, p. 5, does have an obit for
him: "The funeral of Gilbert Griswold, 80 years of age, who died
Sunday at Fort Steilacoom," - Western State Hospital is at 9601
Steilacoom Blvd. SW in Tacoma - "will be held from the residence of
his son, C. M. Griswold, at Burton at 11 o'clock this forenoon. The
remains will be taken from Hoska's undertaking parlors at 9 o'cock
this morning and placed aboard a steamer for Burton. The interment
will be in the cemetery there." I can't find a Hoska funeral parlor in
that area. 
    Buried with Gilbert are Charles M. Griswold (1849-1938; not buried
til 12/8/1940; Harlan Griswold has his birthdate as 5/3/1849); Aldulia
(1853-1940); and Adeline (mother, 4/21/1826-6/29/1900). Adeline must
be Gilbert's wife, and Charles M. must surely be Gilbert's son
Mazurete - right age, and from the Soundex for the 6/21/1880 census
for Stark, in Brown Co. MN, we can see that Aldulia is his wife:
        Griswold, Charles M., 31, b. Pa.
        --------, Aldulia E., 27, wife, b. Ind.
        --------, Walter S., 6, son, b. MN.
        --------, Andrew E., 4, son, b. WI.
        --------, Roy J., 1 month, b. MN.
C. M. and Aldulia are in 1910 Takoma as well, p. 33:
        C. M. Griswold, 60, m. 37 yrs, b. Penna, parents b. NY, grocer
        Aldulia  "    , 56?, m. 37 yrs, 3 kids all living, b. Indiana
    Adeline Griswold is listed in "King County Wa. Deaths, 1891-1907",
as dying 1/9/1900 (doesn't match the date from the cemetery above) in
Burton (that's on Vashon Island), age 73, b. NY. The GFA has her
maiden name as Mazurete, but Harlan Griswold's book says it was
Morrison; and he also has her birth year as 1825. It would be
worthwhile to find an obit.
    Another note on Adeline: in the Conneaut Church of Christ records
sent me by Elsie Berg of the ACGS, there is listed a Mrs. A. M.
Griswold, member #615. The only person I can find in this part of
the family with those initials is Adeline M. Griswold. She's on the
same page with Lester Griswold, who seems to have joined the church
some time about or after 1880, and Lester's member number is 1305, so
she probably joined several years before he did; and this agrees with
her 1825-1900 lifespan.
    The Roy J. Griswold in 1880, grandson of Gilbert, may be identical
with the Roy A. Griswold I find as a boarder in Seattle 5th Ward,
1900, who was born Apr 1880 in MN (parents b. Ill.).

ID: 355
Sex: M
Birth date: June 27, 1831
Birth place: Milford, Otsego Co. NY   
Date of death: July 31, 1925
Place of death: Orient, Faulk Co., SD    
Age at death: 94 years, 1 month, 4 days.
Mother: MARY GAMMET (712) (    -    )
Father: DANIEL GRISWOLD (762) (1787-1863)
Wedding: 3/8/1857, OH (but where?)
Note: Married Betsy Jane Broughton.                               
E-mail from Jay Meierdierck, 3/21/2000: "Charles wore a hearing aid,
which at that time was a pretty crude affair, a black box that rested
on his chest with a sort of dial to control the volume. He always had
a long white beard. Frances Davis... his granddaughter, remembers him
"being so kind and full of fun."...
    "They lived on a farm in Minnesota. The farm was on the banks of
the Minnesota River, in Yelow Medicine County, just outside of Granite
Falls, Minnesota and adjacent to a Sioux Indian Reservation. The house
was one story with lots of trees. There was a curtain door between the
two main rooms, the curtain was made of a material similar to colorful
wallpaper. The water supply was a hand pump just outside the kitchen
door. In 1919 he traded his farm in Minnesota for one in Orient, South
Dakota. Their daughter, Mattie Belle Smith, and son-in-law, William
Henry Smith, and their four children, including Frances Jane Smith
moved onto this farm to help. 
    "They usually spent the winter months in California visiting a
son, his wife and their boy. They would always come back to Minnesota
with crates of oranges, a very special treat at that time. They would
tell the family about being able to pick oranges from their bed-room
window in California."
    "Compendium of History and Biography of Central and Northern
Minnesota...", 1904, says his father was Daniel Griswold and he was
the youngest of 10 children.
    His birthdate comes from "An Illustrated History of Yellow
Medicine County, Minnesota", by Arthur P. Rose, 1914. The GFA says he
was born on the 21st. His mother was Mary Gammett. The IGI says he was
born in Cooperstown - this did not apparently come out of the Bible
that Sandra K. Freestone has; so it's just another one of those
genealogical mysteries.
    There is a child age 5-10 with Daniel Griswold, Beaver Twp.
Crawford Co. Pa. in 1840, the right age to be Charles.
    Charles is with his father Daniel in 1850 Beaver Twp., age 18, b.
    On 11/23/1853, Daniel, age about 66, sold about 105 acres (right
next to Lester's land which was just southwest) in Beaver to his son
Charles. There is a mortgage record from the same day, for a different
piece of land, which establishes Charles' parentage, in Book G, p.
575. Charles of Beaver Twp. is the mortgagor and Daniel and Mary are
the mortgagees. The mortgage is for $2400, "conditioned for the
maintaining of said Daniel Griswold and Mary his wife Father and
mother of said Charles P Griswold, during their natural lives or the
life of the survivor of them as mentioned in said Bond..." The Bond
seems to be some other legal document. The deal seems to be that if
Charles fails to follow through on maintaining his parents, they get
the $2400. In addition, Daniel pays Charles $1 at the time the
mortgage is taken. The mortgage record I have is incomplete so I don't
know how many acres it is, but it's in Beaver and it's right next to
land owned by Calvin Gates and Brown, Charles P. Griswold, David
Taylor, Wilber and Griswold, and maybe Lester Griswold. David Taylor
was the J. P. who took C. P.'s acknowledgement (no mention of his
wife, since this was before they were married).
    Then on 1/20/1858 Charles sold the same 105 acres mentioned above
to Delanson. By then Lester's land was owned by Charles Rodeo. And the
neighboring land just to the northeast that had been owned by L.
Griswold and Wilber was now owned by George Davoll.
    Lester Griswold sold some land right next to C. P. Griswold's in
Beaver on 3/22/1856. And Charles P. is also mentioned in a deed of
12/15/1856 where Lester sold some land in Beaver.
    On Feb. 1? 1859 Charley wrote a letter (in the possession of Chris
Eschbaugh) to sister Lydia (Mrs. Thomas) Hall in Newburgh, MN, where
Lester also lived then. Del (Delanson?) is mentioned in passing at the
    He's still in Beaver Twp. on 8/18/1860, right next to Delanson:
        Charles Griswold, 28, lumberman, worth $1200, b. NY
        ?Jane       "   , 25, b. NY
        Mary        "   , 1, b. Penn.
        Carry       "   , ?5 months, b. Penn.
    He is in Caledonia, Houston Co., MN again in 1865:
        Griswold Chas. P. m
            "    Jane f
            "    Estella f
        No Carrie here like you would expect
            "    Sarah  f
            "    Jessie  f
        Boughton Pulaski b. m   <--- Brother-in-law
    Also in 1865, there was a Charles Griswold, clergyman, in the
Minnesota State Legislature ("Minnesota in Three Centuries", III, p.
    CPG probably lived in Ohio about 1862, judging by the birthplace
in the censuses of his daughter Sarah.
    The first assessment in Redwood County was taken 8/1/1868. C. P.
Griswold had land in section 31 of Delhi Twp. and some in Redwood
Falls Twp. Pulaski Broughton, for his part, had land in Redwood Falls
(twp?) and P. B. Broughton had land in Redwood Falls Twp. ("The
History of Redwood County, Minnesota", Franklyn, 1916.) There was also
a Michael Broughton who had some land right next to some land Lester
Griswold sold in Beaver Twp. in 1852. Walt Broughton of Sierra Vista
AZ informs me that Pulaski and P. B. are both Pulaski Barnes
Broughton, son of Michael and brother of Betsy Jane. The mother was
Sara Gillam/Gillum b. 1/17/1802 in Ottawa. (E-mail, 12/8/02; see more
    In 1870 Minnesota, Redwood Falls, Redwood County, p. 26, are:
        Griswold, C P, 38, farmer, b. NY, $4000 rl & $400 pers estate
           "    , E J, 34, keeps house, b. NY, $400 rl & $40 pers
                                estate, mother of foreign biorth
           "    , M E, 11, at school, b. PA
           "    , S L, 8,     "     , b. OH
           "    , J L, 6,     "     , b. MN
           "    , Bertie, 1, b. MN
           "    , ---, 2 months, b. MN
        Broughton, J D, 33, farmer, b. NY, mother of foreign birth
        Broughton, E A, 43, carpenter, b. NY, mother of foreign birth
These last two are probably Elizabeth Jane Griswold's brothers. Their
mother was born in Canada. 
     In 1872/73, C. Griswold was the pastor of the ME Church in Red
Wing, which is a couple of counties north of Fillmore Co. Then in 1874
he was a charter member of the Red Wing Commandery #10, which was a
lodge like the Masons, I think. ("History of Goodhue Co.", 1878.) This
must be the wrong one, though, because in 1870 Winona Co. (which is
one county north of Fillmore Co.) there is a Charles Griswold,
    But on 4/5/1873 C. P. Griswold (probably the right one this time)
was elected overseer of the poor at the first town meeting for
Minnesota Falls ("History of the Minnesota Valley", Neill, 1882). 
    CPG is in the MN 1875 state census for Minnesota Falls: 
      C. P. Griswold, 42, he and parents b. NY
      B. J.    "      39  b. NY
      Mary C.  "      16, b. PA
      Sarah    "      13, b. Ohio
      Jessie   "      11, b. Minn
      Bertie   "      6, b. Minn
      Elmer    "      5, b. Minn
      ?Pernille "     3, b. Minn
      ?Metta   "      1, b. Minn    
    In 1880, he's in the Minnesota soundex:
        Griswold, C. P., 49, Village of Granite Falls, Yellow Medicine
              Co., druggist, he and both parents b. NY
        --------, B. J., 45, wife, b. NY
        --------, S., 18, dau, b. OH
        --------, J. L., 16, dau, b. MN
        --------, B. H., 11, son, b. MN
        --------, E. L., 10, son, b. MN
        --------, L. P., 8, dau, b. MN
        --------, M. B., 6, dau, b. MN
        --------, Claude, 3, son, b. MN
        --------, H. H., 11 months, son, b. MN
    They are also found in the 1885 MN state census in Minn Falls:
Charles P. 53, Betsy J. 49, Jessie L. 22, Bertie B. 16, Elmer L. 14,
Phemia L. 13, Mattie B. 11, Claud A. 7, and Halle H. 5. The first two
are b. NY, the rest MN.
    In the 1895 MN state census, taken 6/11/1895, in Minnesota Falls,
P. O. Granite Falls, are:
      Griswold, Charles P., 63, b. NY, 32y 10m in this state, 19y in 
            this enumeration district, farmer
      ------, Jane B., 59, NY, house keeper
      ------, Bertie B., 27, b. Minn, 27y in this state, 19y in 
            this enumeration disctict, farming
      ------, Phemie L., 23, b. Minn, dressmaker for 6m of the last yr
      ------, Mattie L., 21, b. Minn, house keeper
      ------, Claud A., 17, b. Minn
      ------, Herfie/Herbie H., 15, b. Minn
If CPG was in Minnesota for 32 years 10 months in June 1895, that
means he got there about August 1862. If he left Ohio, where Sarah was
born, in March of that year (see below), that means it took him 5 or 6
months to get there.
    In 1900, he's in the Minnesota soundex:
        Griswold, Chas. P., 68, b. 6/1831 in NY, of Minnesota Falls 
                    Twp., Yellow Medicine Co. parents b. NY
        --------, Betsy J., wife, 64, b. 8/1835 in NY
        --------, ?Bertie B., son, 31, b. 9/1868 in MN
        --------, Claude A., son, 22, b. 7/1877 in MN
        Swenson, Joseph, servant?, 26, b. 2/1874 in MN
    The 1905 MN state census for Minnesota Falls, Yellow Medicine Co.,
taken June 6 & 7 has:
      Griswold, C. P., 73 yrs 11 mo old, stock raising, 48 yrs in the
                 state, 35 in the enum dist, he and parents b. NY
         "   , B. J., 64 yrs 9 mo 
         "   , Bert B., 38, farm laborer
         "   , Mattie, 30 yrs 11 mo
      Howd, Inez B, 12 yrs 1 mo <-- granddaughter
      Conover, Thelma, 6 yrs 5 mo <-- granddaughter
      Baur, Cathy R., 6  <-- Who's this?
The math here for C. P. and his wife doesn't really match other
    1910 Minnesota still has them in Minnesota Falls: 
      Charles P/R Griswold 78, farmer (stock farm?), he & pars b. NY  
      Jane B Griswold, 74, 11 kids, 7 living, b. NY, fa b. VT, mo b.  
     Canada English
    In 1920:
        Griswold, Charles, 88, Granite Falls, Yellow Medicine Co, 
                he & parents b. NY
        --------, Betsy, wife, 84, b. NY, fa b. VT, mo b. Canada
    The Yellow Medicine County book by Rose calls him "one of the
grand old men of Yellow Medicine County, one who has played an
important part in the affairs of the communities in which he has
lived. He is a pioneer of both Redwood and Yellow Medicine Counties,
and in the early days was a force in shaping the destinies of both.
Mr. Griswold has now retired from active life and lives at his old
home on the banks of the Minnesota river. During his long residence in
the county he has prospered and is today the owner of 705 acres of
land in Minnesota Falls township, as well as other property....
    "When C. P. Griswold was one year old the family moved from New
York state to Crawford county, Pennsylvania, three miles from the Ohio
line. There our subject resided until the spring of 1862, being reared
on a farm and educated in the district school. After growing up he
engaged in farming and for five years was in the sawmill business."
There was a Griswold Saw Mill in Beaver which Lester sold in 1851, but
that was about the time Charles became an adult. "In March, 1862, he
bade farewell to his old home and came West. He located in Houston
County, Minnesota, and for three years was engaged in farming there. 
    "In November, 1865, Mr. Griswold set out for the frontier regions,
driving through in a prarie schooner to the newly founded village of
Redwood Falls. At the time of his arrival there was not a white man
living to the west of him in Minnesota." He bought a quarter section
of land next to Redwood Falls. He was assessor of Redwood County in
1867 before it was divided up into smaller counties, then sherriff for
one term, then deputy sherriff for one term. 
    "In 1873, when Minnesota Falls was the largest town of Yellow
Medicine county, Mr. Griswold located in that village. For four years
he conducted the Austin & Worden sawmill and part of the time was also
the proprieter of a drug store there. In 1877 he moved to Granite
Falls, built a drug store, and was in the business two years. He
continued to live in the county seat village until 1883 and then moved
to his Minnesota Falls township farm, part of which he had purchased
some years before. His home has ever since been on that farm, although
he has retired from its active management. 
    "By purchase Mr. Griswold added to his holdngs until today" - 1914
- "he is the owner of 705 acres of land on setions 10, 3 and 4. He
also owns a quarter section of land in St. Louis county, near the
Canadian line, village property in Monroe, Snohomish county,
Washington, and other property. Mr. Griswold has been assessor and
supervisor of his township, and nearly all of the time he has lived on
the farm has been treasurer of school district No. 6." 
    Then it describes his 11 children, from which, along with info
from the GFA, Jay Meierdierck, the Granite Falls museum, Kathy Cornish
Giles, Maury Smith, the Sandra K. Freestone Bible, Katherine E. Smith,
Charles Smith, and the censuses, I reconstruct the following chart: 
    Charles Perry Griswold
    + Betsy Jane Broughton b. 8/18/1835 in Geneseo Co. NY; m. 3/8/1857
      Mary Estella b. in PA 9/21/1858; of Detroit
      + K. T. Hazelberg
      Carrie A. 1/27(21?)/1860-4/12/1862; b. PA
      Sarah L. "Sadie" b. 8/24/1861 in OH; of Minneapolis
      + C. Reynolds
      Jessie L. 11/13/1863-3/26/1905; b. MN
      + Edward J. Howd (1st husband); bur. in Doncaster Cem.
        Ines Howd McLean of Washington
      + Welshans?
      Frank E. 9/4/1865-1/24/1870
      Bertie B. b. in MN 9/10(18?)/1868; of Monroe, WA
      Elmer L. 3/29/1870-4/12/1894; b. MN; bur. in Doncaster Cem.
      Phemia "Pheamy" L., b. in MN 10/21/1872; of Minneapolis
      + Ed Stine
      Mathilda/Mattie Belle b. in Granite Falls 10/24/1874 or 1875; of
            Minnesota Falls; d. 3/29/1949; bur. in Portland, OR
      + ? Conover; they probably separated or divorced
        Thelma - eldest; died at 90
        + Ray Thompson; they lived in Missoula, MT
      + William Henry Smith
        Kathryn Smith 
          Kathy Cornish Giles of Oakdale CA - genealogy fan
        LeRoy (Lee) Smith; divorced in 1973 & remarried
        + Katherine E. Stanton; of Foster OR 
          Sandra K. Freestone of Littleton CO - has both old Bibles
          + Vic Freestone - 4 kids
            Blaine Freestone
          + Gordon Van Uitert - 5 kids
          Maury of Allen TX - 5 kids; some interest in genealogy
          + Brenda
            Caitlin Smith
            Jenny Smith 
            + ---
              dau b. 7/15/2001 
            Brianne Smith
            Taylor Smith
            Joshua Smith
          Professor Phil of Leesburg VA; 4 kids
            Sandra D. Anderson - 2 kids
              Zack Anderson       
          Charles Smith - 3 kids
          + Edi 
            Emily Smith
            Travis Smith
            Katie Smith
        Charles Smith - geologist of Las Cruces NM - remembers CPG
      Claude A. b. in MN 7/18/1877; of California & Alaska; d. 1930
      Herb (?Hallie) H. b. MN; 7/5/1879-1936; of Washington; unmarried
    A bit more about these children. The museum in Granite Falls gives
this (undated) comment: "A grandson stops in once and a while from
Oregon; Claude and Herbert were raising silver fox in Alaska in 1934
but no one seem to know about" And from the Granite Falls
Tribune, 1919, p. 25: "Claude Griswold, former Granite Falls man,
spent several years in Alaska. He had a chance to buy a gold mine for
$25 but turned it down because the old man who wished to sell would
not throw cabin in with it. Later the same mine turned out to be a
wonder, $700,000 being taken out of it.... Father now located at
Orient, South Dakota."
    Regarding Thelma Conover, her half-brother Charles Smith says:
"Thelma had a son--much older than I whom I have never met. I don't
even know his name. She was very secretive about that part of her life
and would not tell me anything concerning his life...." E-mail,
    There is a bit more about Charles Perry Griswold in "A History of
Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, 1872-1972", Narvestad, 1972.
"Charles P. Griswold, who pioneered Minnesota Falls township as a
resident of the village in 1873, was no stranger to the area. He was
one of the most versatile men in the early settlements of Redwood and
Yellow Medicine counties." It says he sold his farm to Bert Sebring in
1915 and moved to Orient, SD (hard to tell when the move actually
occurred; the 1919 article has him in SD, but in the 1920 census he's
still in Granite Falls) and died there in 1925 at age 94. It adds that
he got married on 3/8/1857 in Ohio, and "six surviving children were
Mrs. Hazelberg, Mrs. Stine, Mrs. Smith, Bert, Herbert and Claude."
     His obit from the Granite Falls newspaper, 8/5/1925, adds the
services were held at the Congregational Church and he was buried in
Doncaster cemetery. After living for 30 years or more on his farm in
Minnesota Falls Twp. he retired to Granite Falls, then at the death of
his wife he moved to Orient to live with his daughter. But since his
wife died in Orient, it seems more likely that he moved there before
she died. It mentions among his children "Bert and Herbert of Alaska."
    His death certificate says he died in Orient, SD on 7/31/1925 and
lived 94 years, 1 month and 4 days. He had been living there two
years, and the informant was Wm. Smith. His undertaker (name
unreadable) was of Faulkton, SD, and he was buried in Granite Falls,
MN. His Record of Funeral says he died SE of Orient in Hand Co. Hand
County seems to have no death or burial record for him there, and the
public library there in Miller can find no obit.
    His grandson Charles Smith of Las Cruces remembers him. "I am 82
years old and was born n a farm in South Dakota where my mother,
Mattie and dad lived. Charles Perry Griswold was living there at the
time of my birth, June 20, 1920 and stayed there until the time of his
death in 1925.... He remained more, or less active until his death at
the age of 94, but all of his family relatives lived in Minnesota at
the time and I did not get to know any of them. The only relic that we
possess concerning Granddad is an old leather bound book that was kept
as a ledger while working as a druggist." E-mail, 10/8/02. 
    As for Betsey Jane Broughton, her Record of Funeral says she lived
8/18/1835-3/11/1923, was born in Pa. (Tom Donovan says NY), died in
Hand Co. SD like her husband, and is buried in Granite Falls. (The
museum in Granite Falls has her buried in Doncaster Cemetery, with a
death date of 1930, and says she had a sister Marie Broughton who had
a daughter Edith Allen Johnson.) Her parents were both born in Pa. and
her mother's maiden name looks like Gillum. One of Sandra K.
Freestone's Bibles says she died 3/14/1924. Jay Meierdierck says she
was born "probably in Gaines, New York. She was a short, plump lady.
She wore small, gold-rimmed glasses. Her father was Michael Broughton
and her mother was Sally Gillam Broughton." She may be the Jane
Broughton who is in 1850 Conneautville, Crawford Co, age 13, b. OH.
The Narvestad book, p. 644, gives this puzzling comment: "Eli
Broughton and Charles P. Griswold were married to sisters named
Barnes. The Barnes family was from England, tracing their ancestry in
the same line as that of Winston Churchill." Churchill's mother, by
the way, was born in America, of Indian ancestry.
    A small Bible of hers was sent me by the Yellow Medicine County
Museum in Granite Falls. In the front it says "Jones (?) R
Broughton/Presented/B. Jane Broughton/1856/East Gannesville/Wumang Co/
NY". That's probably supposed to be East Gainesville, Wyoming Co. 1856
was before they were married, but this Bible is small enough to have
accompanied a pioneer family out West. In the back there are the
birthdates of some of their children. On the back cover it says
"Presented to Phemia Griswold Stein/June-5th 1896", and it has the
birthdates of three Stein children.
    There is another Bible in the possession of Sandra K. Freestone of
Littleton, CO, which contains the birthdates of CPG's children, five
Smith family birthdates, and some Broughton info, so it was probaby
owned by the CPG family or the Mattie Belle Griswold Smith family or

ID: 680
Sex: F
Birth date: 1854      
Birth place: Conneaut, OH             
Date of death: May 12, 1884
Place of death: Conneaut, OH             
Age at death: 29 or 30
Spouse: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Wedding: 3/8/1871, Ashtabula (Co?)
Child 1: HERBERT E. GRISWOLD (681) (1872-1899)
Child 2: ALTA A. GRISWOLD (682) (1876-1965)
Child 3: GRACE GRISWOLD (683) (1879-1967)
Child 4: HARRIET GRISWOLD (684) (1883-1974)
She was the daughter of Ralph K. Wright of Conneaut, after whom Ralph
King Wright Griswold was apparently named. She's with him in 1860 (age
6) and 1870 (age 17). In 1880 she's with her husband Lester, and
sister Armena is living with them.
    "Mrs. L. G. Griswold was buried yesterday afternoon. The deceased
was the daughter of the late Ralph Wright, and a woman of a most
amiable character. She has been in delicate health for a number of
years, and death came at last to relieve her from this world's
sufferings. Aside from a devoted husband and four loving children, she
leaves a large circle of friends and acquaintances to mourn her
untimely death." From her obituary of May 14, 1884, from, I take it,
the Conneaut Reporter.
    Ralph Wright attended a Conneaut Anti-Slavery Society meeting,
10/14/1839. This was probably Ralph K. Wright's father, the
abolitionist, who was with him in 1850, 68, shoemaker, blind. 
    Most of the birth/death info above comes from Dave Whipple's
Ashtabula Co. birth and death records. On p. 74 of what appear to be
some cemetery records, it says Florence lived 1854-1881 and is buried
in City Cemetery. The 1881 must be a mistake since her daughter Hattie
was born in 1883. 
    Suzy Wellman is married to Roger Wellman, a descendant of Ralph
King Wright and Ann Griswold Wright, and provides some surprising
information, which came from her husband's Uncle John Wellman. First
off, here's a list of their children:
    Lovina M., m. Forest Elton Wellman 3/10/1881, Conneaut, OH. Born
        1/5/1859, in OH Suzy believes, and d. 1/19/1913 in Conneaut
    Eugene M. of Lola (probably Iola, in Allen Co.) KS
    Josephine m. a Ripley of Lansing (Ingham Co.) Michigan
    Armena m. a Randall of Vassar (Tuscola Co.) Michigan
    Electa M., m. A B Randall of Bushnell OH near Conneaut
    Harriet m. ? Brooks
    Florence m. Lester Griswold    
The Ashtabula Couty death records have both Ralph and Ann dying on the
same day, July 12 1870; Ann's birthplace is Otsego NY, and from the
1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses, which list this family, we can estimate
her birth year as 1816. 
    The reason Ralph K. Wright and his wife died on the same day is a
very tragic one. From the Erie Weekly Gazette, Thurs. 7/14/1870: "A
terrible tragedy occurred on Tuesday morning, at 3 o'clock, about two
miles and a half from Conneaut, Ohio. A man by the name of Ralph
Wright awakened his wife by a murderous attack upon her with a
hatchet. She screamed and her daughters came into the room, one of
them springing before her father wrenching the hatchet from his hand.
Mrs. Wright ran down stairs into the woodshed, followed by her husband
who picked up the axe and buried the blade deep in her skull." It's
not clear from the other accounts whether she actually went into the
woodshed. "Meanwhile the neighbors had been aroused and tracked the
murderer up stairs again where he had taken the axe into his
daughter's room, probably intending to kill them also. Before quitting
the house the murderer set fire to it, which was with some difficulty
quelled. A search was made for him on the premises and he was found
hanging in a stable, his body yet warm, having committed suicide. Mrs.
Wright died in about half an hour after she recieved the cut with the
axe. She was otherwise cut and slashed about the arms, hands, and head
by the hatchet. The tragedy is one of the worst ever known in that
part of the state. Mrs. Wright was buried yesterday afternoon at 3
    And from the Ashtabula Sentinel, 7/21/1870: "Murder and Suicide in
Conneaut.--A very distressing case of compound homicide took place at
South Ridge in Conneaut, on  Tuesday morning, July 12th. Ralph K.
Wright, a farmer who has lived his lifetime in the neighborhood, and
who was esteemed an orderly and respectable citizen, killed his wife
and himself and fired his house, in a manifest fit of insanity. The
circumstances as nearly as we can learn fronm the Reporter," - must be
the Conneaut Reporter newspaper - "and a conversation with our former
Sherriff, Marshall Wright, are these. Early in the morning his
daughters, of whom there are four, were aroused by a noise in their
mother's room, whither they went to find her terribly wounded in the
head. She was then able to speak, and the eldest daughter was giving
her assistance when her father came in, in a high state of frenzy,
holding a hatchet behind him, which one of the girls snatched out of
his hand. He then went to the wood-house and returned with an ax; when
they all fled in terror, to alarm the neighbors. From appearances
their mother got up and rang the dinner bell for alarm; but on the
arrival of the neighbors she was found lying dead near the wood house,
with a cut of the whole bit of the ax in her head. A lumber room over
the woodhouse was found to be on fire, which was with great difficulty
extinguished. Search was then made for him, when he was found in the
barn, in an out of the way place, where he had hung himself till dead.
    "There is no rational explanation to be given of this melancholy
tragedy, but that he was temporarily insane, as otherwise he was a
correct and good citizen." 
    There is another account of this on Andy Pochatko's site,, in Rufus Clark's "History of South
Ridge" part 10, which was published in the Conneaut Reporter starting
1880. It adds to the above and differs in a few particulars. "Ralph K.
Wright, a man of unusual kindness, for a few weeks had shown signs of
mental aberration, declaring at times that he had a duty to perform,
with defining the nature of it." And, "...the oldest one ran to her
father and catching the ax told him to give it to her, which he
readily did. But on surrendering it he rushed to the woodshed and
returned with another...". The neighbors came and started looking for
him: "...fears were entertained at every step that he would leap from
some secluded place and attempt the same work of death upon them. With
great caution they proceeded in the search of the house, following the
tracks of blood from room to room and up the chamber stairs, beholding
his bloody fibngerprints on the wall and his steps into the girls'
rooms, which led to the impression that he intended to have taken
their lives also and did not remember that they had fled." 
    Now, the connections between the Griswold family and Ralph K.
Wright are four: 1) Delanson Griswold named a son Ralph King Wright;
2) Ann named a daughter Lovina, possibly after Delanson's wife; 3)
Ralph K. Wright's daughter Florence married my grandfather's uncle
Lester; 4) Ralph K. Wright married Ann Griswold (her last name is
established on p. 502 of "Descendants of Thomas Wellman of Lynn, MA",
by J. W. Wellman, 1918). Now, Ann couldn't have been a daughter of
Daniel Griswold and Mary Gammet else she would be listed with them in
the pre-1850 censuses, which means the marriage of Lester b. 1851 and
Florence Wright was not a first cousin marriage; on the other hand,
there are two girls the right age to be Ann in 1820 Otsego Co. with
Elind Griswold (two also for Lyman Griswold), so it may have been a
second-cousin marriage. This may help explain why their oldest son was
crippled. It may also explain why my grandfather misidentified his
grandmother Lovina Boyce as Elvina Wright one time. Also, it sounds as
if Ralph K. Wright was probably a paranoid schizophrenic, which is the
disease my father spent much of his career researching. I'm sure he
didn't know about this incident, else he would have said something. My
grandfather, for his part, was born only twelve years later, so it's
hard to believe he wouldn't have known something about it. On the
other hand, he only shows up in Conneaut once, in 1920, and none of
the later newspaper accounts for this family mention it. Maybe they
hushed it up somehow. You learn the damndest things doing genealogy.
Dee Heilner adds this: "Paranoid Schizophrenia or maybe a brain tumor
or something.  If the man had been paranoid all his life it is
unlikely he would have ever been referred to as an upstanding normal
citizen." E-mail, 6/3/04.
    Another possible Wright/Griswold connection: in the 2003 Ancestor
Hunt, p. 56, there is a Lydia S. Wright of Chardon marrying a Wm. E.
Strong on July 6,, 1871, as part of a double marriage. Delanson
Griswold probably had a sister Lydia Samantha Griswold.
    The Conneaut Carnegie Library can't find an obit for Lovina Wright
Wellman. The Ohio Genealogical Society does have her death record,
which might be worth getting. Here's a partial descendant chart for
her family:
    Solomon Wright of Mass; reached Conneaut 10/1811
        Ralph - prominent abolitionist in Ashtabula Co.
        + Polly
            Ralph King Wright, b. 1810?, d. 7/12/1870
            + Ann Griswold, b. Otsego Co. 1816?, d. 7/12/1870
                Harriet J or A, b. Conneaut 5/16/1839; d. 11/6/1907
                + Lewis Thurber of Conneaut; m. 1857; Co. H, 39th Reg
                        OVI, d. Camp Denison OH 7/13/1865, bur in Conn
                    Frank W of Chattway, WA
                    Chas L (George?) of Chatfield, MN
                    Orrin; d. age 2
                + Edward C. Brooks, b. 1830? OH; m. 1875; in Conn 1880
                    Nathaniel C, b. 1874? in OH; 
                Eugene M (Asaph A, Aceph); b. 1842?; in Iola by 1870
                + Tacy, 26 in 1870, b. OH
                    Ada, b. 1868? in OH
                    Ralph A., 10 mos. old in 1870, b. KS; gone in 1880
                    Blanche, b. 1879? in KS
                Josephine M. b. 1846?; in Bloomfield, MI by 1880
                + Luther Ripley, b. 1845? in Canada; in Monroe OH 1870
                    Albert E, b. 1869? in OH
                    Ralph S, b. 1874? in MI
                    Myrta, 26 in 1910 MI
                Armena M. b. 12/1847; w/ Lester & Flo in 1860, 1880
                + John Alonzo Randall w/ Menia, 1900 Mich
                Florence S., b. 1854
                + Lester Griswold
                Mary L, 2 in 1860, b. Oh
                Lavinia Wright, b. 1/5/1859, d. 1/19/1913 or 1/22/1913
                + Forest Wellman, b. 12/4/1857; of Conneaut & Clevel
                    Monta Gertrude, 2/27/1882-4/2/1899
                    Edward L. Wellman, b. 6/24/1885 Conneaut; m. 1907 
                    + Julia, dau of John & Lorain Smith Chapman
                        John DeForest, b. Clevel 3/23/1908
                        Richard Elton, b. Conneaut 3/11/1912
                    Ralph Alonzo, lived in Cleveland; b. 6/22/1888
                    + Jean Battles Baldwin b. 5/8/1890 in Pittsburgh
                        Winthrop Baldwin Wellman, b. 11/30/1913 Akron
                Electa M, b. 1860?, m. 10/28/1880, 2nd wife of
                + Alonzo B. Randall, JP, of Monroe & Bushnell; b. 1851
                        See Ashtabula Co. 1910.
                    Phebe Randall, 7/4/1882-8/25/1978. Schoolteacher.
                    + Robert Spicer of Albion, PA; m. 1903; 1879-1943
                        Ruth, b. 1904
                        Esther - stillborn
                        Jeanette, b. 1913
                    Ruby Elecia, m. on Xmas. Teacher in Kellogsville
                    + Vern Louis Meacham; teacher in Bushnell
                        Joseph, b. 1912; living in FL, 1985
                        + Dorothy 
                        Bernice - 2 daus
                        + Robert Hunter - airline employee in Africa
                        + ? Kibler - 4 sons, live in FL, 1985
            Asaph, crippled at age 11, d. 6/18/1830 age 15
        + Lemuel Jones
        Miss Marcia, 2nd wife of 
        + Mr. Edwards
    More on Armena Wright Randall: She was probably John Alonzo
Randall's second wife (the first being Mary A.). They're in Tuscola
Co. Mich. in 1900; he's 71, she's ?52, m 5 years (probably in OH), no
kids. Armena is still alive in Tuscola Twp, 1910, age 62. All three
of them are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Vassar, Tuscola Co. (see - her dates are 12/11/1847-6/16/1914. Her obit might be
worth getting. In 1910 Armena is with her 65-year-old sister Josephine
Ripley and 26-year-old niece Myrta Ripley, both of whom are in WI by
1920; Josephine's obit might be worth getting too. Most of this info
is from Dwayne/Gloria Hall, emails of 4/19/2006 and 4/20/2006. 
    Additional sources for the Wright info: "History of Ashtabula
County", 1924, by Moina W. Large (for Wellman info); "Ashtabula County
History, Then and Now", 1985 (for Wellman and Randall); e-mails from
Suzy Wellman to the GFA of Jan. 2004; two files of newspaper clippings
contributed by Carol Pfile at in the
Ashtabula Co. OH section; one of the articles identifies the RKW place
as two miles south of Conneaut on Center Rd. atop the hill. 

ID: 681
Sex: M
Birth date: Oct. 7, 1872
Birth place: Conneaut, Oh.            
Date of death: Nov. 15, 1899
Place of death: Conneaut                 
Age at death: 27 years, 1 month, 8 days.
Mother: FLORENCE S. WRIGHT (680) (1854-1884)
Father: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Died young, "defective, crippled", according to Grandpa. Grandpa also
noted that he died age 12-15, but the Ashtabula County records say he
lived to 27. Died of typhoid, according to the death records on Sharon
Wick's Conneaut site. The Conneaut Carnegie Library can find no obit
for him. 

ID: 682
Sex: F
Birth date: Apr. 4, 1876
Birth place: Minnesota?               
Date of death: Jan. 7, 1965
Place of death: Los Angeles              
Age at death: 88 years, 9 months, 3 days.
Mother: FLORENCE S. WRIGHT (680) (1854-1884)
Father: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Spouse: THERON H. GRUEY (698) (1877-1942)
Wedding: 10/14/1897 Ashtabula Co. 
Child 1: LESTER S. GRUEY (718) (1899-    )
Child 2: ADA M. GRUEY (719) (1900-    )
Note: Of L. A. Mrs. Theron Gruey.                                 
Note: No living descendants.                                                
They're in the 1910 census for Conneaut:
        Gruey, Theron H., 33, m. 13 yrs., brakeman;
        -----, Alta A., wife, 34, m. 13 yrs., 2 kids, both living, b. 
            Minn., father b. NY, mother b. Ohio;
        -----, Lester S., son, 11, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b.
        -----, Ada M., daughter, 10, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother
            b. Minn.
    In 1912, they are listed in the Ashtabula/Conneaut city directory:
"Gruey Thereon H (Alta), flagman, h 442 Mill."
    In 1920, they're still in Conneaut, at 268 Harbor St.:
        Gruey, Theron H., 42, conductor, steam railroad;
        -----, Alta G., wife, 42, b. Minn., father b. Pa., mother
            b. Ohio;
        -----, Lester, son, 21, proprieter of an electrical shop,
        -----, Ada, daughter, 20, saleswoman at a drugstore.
There was also a lodger from Greece.
    They first show up in the LA city directories in 1921. There are 5
of them: Ada M., stenographer; Hazel M., stenographer; Lester S.,
electrician; Selden H., carpenter; and Theron H., wood turner. They're
all at 274 N. Belmont Ave., and Selden seems to be the homeowner.   In
1922 Hazel and Seldin are still at 274 Belmont; Theron is at 249
    In 1924 Theron H. Gruey, woodworker, shows up at 1522 1/2 Council;
in 1927 he's residing at 1624 Council. In 1931 he and Alta are still
at 1624 Council; he seems to own it now (and Selden is still at 274).
In 1939 and 1942 they're listed at 1626 Council.
    Theron is in the California Death Index, dying 8/12/1942. His SSN
is 562-05-9778. Selden H. Gruey is right next to him, dying 3/25/1949
- no SSN.
    Don Gruey, a descendant of Theron's, informs me that Selden was
Theron's father. They went to California because of Theron's mother's
health. Theron died from a fall from a ladder. Hazel was Selden's
daughter and was still alive in 1998 at the age of 101. He says Alta's
name was Maltia Alta, and Theron was born 10/8/1876. Alta had children
Lester and Ada both of whom married (Ada twice) but doesn't think
either had any children. Don Gruey seems to be descended from Theron's
first wife.

ID: 683
Sex: F
Birth date: Dec. 10, 1879
Birth place: Ohio                     
Date of death: Dec. 10, 1967
Place of death: Conneaut                 
Age at death: 88 years, 0 months, 0 days.
Mother: FLORENCE S. WRIGHT (680) (1854-1884)
Father: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Child 1: HARRY G. LEWIS (714) (1901-1954)
Child 2: ALTA V. LEWIS (715) (1904-    )
Child 3: EMMA E. LEWIS (716) (1906-    )
Child 4: LESTER L. LEWIS (717) (1908-1912)
Note: Mrs. Harley Lewis.                                          
In 1910, she's found in Akron, Summit Co., at 90 Lake St. Apparently
her first marriage has already broken up:
        Lewis, Grace G., head, 26, on first marriage but it doesn't
            say how long married, renter, 4 kids, all living;
        -----, Harry B., son, 7, b. Ohio;
        -----, Alta V., daughter, 6, b. Indiana;
        -----, Elmer E., son, 4, b. Indiana;
        -----, Lester L., son, 1, b. Ohio.
Also listed are 2 boarders. Lester Leroy Lewis was born 6/5/1908 in
Akron, according to the probate court there, and died 5/13/1912,
according to the Morley Health Center.
    By 1920, the children, at least, are at 2733 Forest Rd. in
Kenmore, Summit Co. (look for Harry D. in OH, p. 156, on Heritage
Quest). The wife is the right age but here she's called Gertrude:
        Beak, William H., 36, worker in a rubber shop;
        ----, Gertrude G., wife, 36, she and both parents b. Ohio;
        Lewis, Harry D., step-son, 17, he & both parents b. Ohio;
        -----, Alta V., step-daughter, 15, b. Ind., parents b. Ohio;
        -----, Emma, step-daughter, 13, b. Indiana, parents b. Ohio.
Lester is gone, and Elmer is called Emma here, but this must still be
the same family. The wife here may or may not be the Mrs. Grace
Lewis in Ralph K. Griswold's obit of 1934; she seems to have moved
back to Conneaut by then. On the other hand, Coralee Griswold, in her
e-mail to me of 2/4/04, came up with an equally plausible theory: "I
did find Harley and Grace LEWIS" - in 1920 - "on MIll Street in
Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., OH (p.15b, Fam #367) it shows:
    Harley A. LEWIS, 44y, b. PA; clerk, post office
    Grace L., 39y, b. OH
    Harry G., 18y, b. OH, electrician, hardware store (son)
    Dorothy A., 15y, b. OH (dtr)
"So not sure what to make of these two records without looking at the
Summit County census, but this would place Harley's birth year at
about 1875, which matches the cemetery record you found" - see below.
She also found Harley at age 5 just across the state line in 1880
Conneaut, Erie Co., PA (p.83c), son of A. Lewis (45) and A. C. Lewis
(36, b. NY).
    In her father's obit of 3/1/1926 she is called Mrs. Harley Lewis
of Harbor St. in Conneaut. In the IGI I found a Harley Lewis b.
1/9/1889 in Rosedale, IN, son of Charles Lewis and Amanda Grizzle (!)
- a tantalizing find even if the birthdate is wrong.
    Beth Bartlett (Zubal) remembers meeting her Aunt Grace in
Conneaut. I can't find anything about the Lewises in the Ashtabula Co.
books at Sutro.
    She's in the SSDI under Grace Lewis: 273-48-7899. It gives her
death date and zip code: 44030.
    There is a Grace L. Lewis, 1879-1867, buried in Glenwood Cemetery,
Conneaut, next to Harley A. Lewis, 1875-1925, with some other Lewises,
Kozlowskis, etc. including Rick M. Kozlowski, and Mark A. Kozlowski

ID: 684
Sex: F
Birth date: Mar. 18, 1883
Birth place: Ashtabula Co. Ohio       
Date of death: May 21, 1974
Place of death: Ashtabula (City)         
Age at death: 91 years, 2 months, 3 days.
Mother: FLORENCE S. WRIGHT (680) (1854-1884)
Father: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Note: "Hattie". Mrs. Ford Cody, probably. I can't find them in    
Note: 1910 or 1920 Ohio, or 1920 Pa.                                        
I can't find Harriet Cody or Ford Cody or Fred Cody in 1900 Ohio.
    The birth info is from the Ashtabula Co. birth records Dave
Whipple sent me.
    The death info comes from the Ashtabula City Health Dept.   
    They have no death record for her husband.

ID: 685
Sex: F
Birth date: June 17, 1891
Birth place: Conneaut Tp.             
Date of death: Dec. 3, 1970
Place of death: Warren, Ohio             
Age at death: 79 years, 5 months, 16 days.
Father: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Spouse: GLENN BARTLETT (699) (1891-1961)
Note: Of Warren, Ohio.                                            
A tree of her descendants:
    Florence M. Griswold 288-20-4382
    + Glenn E. Bartlett of Warren; millworker
        Maxine Mary Bartlett of Warren; 11/18/1913-10/28/1983; no kids
        + James M. Berry m. 9/19/1936; d. 1987/88
        Edward Bartlett b. 1/1916; of Phoenix; d. before Maxine
            Linda Bartlett of Arizona <---- May be worth contacting
        Seth W. Bartlett 10/25/1920-12/31/1991; bur. in Kerr Cem.
        + Jane Mullen
            Edward Bartlett of North Fork, ID
            + --- Royce
            Jim Bartlett of Warren
            Beth Bartlett of Youngstown. Genealogy fan
            + John Zubal
    In the city directory for Warren, Ohio, 1912, are: Bartlett, Glenn
E., forester; Bartlett, Harvey J., driver; and Bartlett, Noel J.,
plater, all living at 20 Riverside Alley.
    In the census taken 1/13/1920 for Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio, at
427 Bank St:
        Glenn E. Bartlett, 29, helper at a steel mill;
        Florence, wife, 28, she and both parents b. Ohio;
        Maxine, 6, daughter;
        Edward, 4 years and 0 months, son.
    In the 1921 city directory, are:
        Bartlett Glenn E [Florence M] wks Trumbull S Co res 427 Bank
        Bartlett Noel J [Anna E] contractor res 1406 Youngstown ave
    Florence died 12/3/1970 in Warren. Coralee Griswold says her SSN
was 288-20-4382; and she's in the SSDI. Both her birth record and her
death record say her mother was Blanche Eaton, Lester's second wife;
nonetheless she seems to have been named after his first.
    Beth Bartlett (Zubal) says of her: "My Grandparents were divorced
and I really only remember seeing my Grandfather once before he died,
however my Grandmother, Florence was a big part of my childhood. She
was a very quiet woman, timid i would say.... She was a big woman,
tall and big bone. Pretty too." (E-mail, 12/10/99.)
    Her death cert says she's buried in Crown Hill Burial Park in
Vienna, OH., and the funeral home was Carl W. Hall Funeral Services.
She was living at 700 Buckeye NW in Warren when she died. The
informant for the death cert was Mrs. James Berry (this would be
Maxine) of 1195 Niles-Cortland Rd. SE, in Warren.
    Her obit says she was employed by the Heller Collection Agency for
20 years, then was retired for 20 years. "Survivors include two sons,
Edward of Phoenix, Ariz., Seth of Warren; a daughter, Mrs. James
(Maxine) Berry of Warren; a sister, Mrs. W. F. (Harriet) Cody of
Ashtabula; and four grandchildren." Regarding these children, Seth W.
"Red" Bartlett (10/25/1920-12/31/1991) died in Warren; was an
electrician; his SSN was 298-10-7853; he's buried in Kerr Cemetery in
Weathersfield Twp; and his wife Jane Mullen Bartlett lived at 2691
Ridge Rd. #13, in Warren, 44484, at the time. And Maxine Mary Berry
(11/18/1913-10/28/1983) died in Warren; her SSN was 279-16-8204; was
living at 1195 Cortland Rd. 44484; was buried at Crown Hill Burial
Park by the Carl W. Hall Funeral Home; and the informant was her
husband James M. Berry of the same address. Maxine Berry, James Berry,
Glenn E. Bartlett, and Florence Griswold are all buried together.
    Beth Bartlett (Zubal) on Maxine and Ed: "My Aunt Maxine was very
close to my Grandmother, I guess being the only girl of three children
and the caretaker type. My Uncle Ed lived in Arizona all my chuildhood
so I never really knew him. His wife died when I was very young, they
had one daughter, Linda Bartlett. She would be about 50. I last saw
her when my Aunt Maxine died, she is my only cousin on the Bartlett
side but unfortunately we were not close and since she lives in
Arizona I have lost contact with her." From 12/10/99.
    Seth W. Bartlett's obit (Warren Tribune Chronicle, 1/1/1992) says
he lived 10/25/1920-12/31/1991, was in the Navy for 20 years, in WW II
and the Korean War, retired in 1978 after 15 years at Packard Electric
Division, was married 8/5/1943, and his children were Ed of North
Fork, Idaho; Jim of Warren; Mrs. John (Beth) Zubal of North Jackson;
and four grandchildren.
    Beth: "My mom always said the Bartlett family was very private and
"odd" about things and I don't think they were much on keeping in
touch or what I would call a close family. My Dad, Seth and Maxine
lived within miles of each other for most of their lives but I would
not say they were close. We did the usual Christmas, Thanksgiving
family time but not a whole lot more. As you noticed when you mailed
me the original letter, my name was Beth Bartlett Zubal. I was married
for 18 year and upon my divorce I decided to take back my maiden name.
I had always used Bartlett Zubal but chose to drop Zubal after the
divorce. Since my two brothers and I are the last of the Bartlett's I
thought we were a dying breed or something!!!!!!! My brother Jim has
never been married and my brother Ed has one son who uses his mothers
last name of Royce so I don't see the Bartlett name being carried
on!!!" (E-mail, 12/10/99.)

ID: 686
Sex: M
Birth date: Sep. 10, 1893
Birth place: Conneaut, OH             
Date of death: Nov. 23, 1900
Place of death: Conneaut                 
Age at death: 7 years, 2 months, 13 days.
Father: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Died of diphtheria, according to the death records on Sharon Wick's
Conneaut site. 

ID: 687
Sex: F
Birth date: Mar. 1864
Birth place: New York                 
Date of death: Dec. 14, 1909
Age at death: 44 or 45
Spouse: HERMAN SYLVESTER GRISWOLD (121) (1862-1957)
Wedding: 1893?                    
Child 1: HOWARD S. GRISWOLD (689) (1896-1972)
Died age 45 (on E. Main St. in Fredonia?). Eldest dau of M/M James
Risley Roberts of Fredonia. Survived by siblings Mrs. Harry Hickey of
Fredonia, Samuel N. Roberts and Charles Roberts.

ID: 688
Sex: M
Birth date: Nov. 7, 1891
Birth place: Fredonia, NY             
Date of death: July 5, 1966
Place of death: Silver Creek             
Age at death: 74 years, 7 months, 28 days.
Father: HERMAN SYLVESTER GRISWOLD (121) (1862-1957)
Wedding: 12/26/1913, Silver Creek 
Note: Of Silver Creek, N. Y. Auto manufacturer's representative.  
Note: "Mark"                                                                
I can't find him in 1920 NY. Gone from the Fredonia phone book by
    Son of Mary Cadwell, his father's first wife.
    Donna Mills tells me he had a son named Fred Griswold. Cousin
Mollie Rogger Burgess says he and his wife Marie also had a daughter
Dorothy Jane, who married N. Bentham. She stills live in Sliver Creek.
    Donna Mills says he md. Marie E. Cranston 12/26/1913 in Silver
Creek at the home of her parents M/M F. L. Cranston.
    The birthdate here comes from the SSDI (126-05-0003).

ID: 689
Sex: M
Birth date: May 1896
Date of death: May 5, 1972
Place of death: Clearwater, Fla.         
Age at death: 75 or 76
Mother: NORAH ROBERTS (687) (1864-1909)
Father: HERMAN SYLVESTER GRISWOLD (121) (1862-1957)
Spouse: LOUELLA MARVIN (690) (1896-    )
Wedding: 1/1/1918, Conneaut, Oh.  
Child 1: MARJORIE ANN GRISWOLD (691) (1919-1977)
Note: Of Fredonia. Manufactured or sold cures for corns.          
He's in the 1917 Dunkirk/Fredonia City Directory: "Griswold Howard,
farmer, res 104 E Main". That's his father's address.
    Married at the residence of his wife's parents, M/M Wm. Marvin. 
    Died in Clearwater, Fla. at 75, but buried in Forest Hills
Cemetery in Fredonia. 
    Donna Mills, 3/26/1999: "My father who would be 96 if living had a
friend Howard Griswold. His wife was a schoolteacher at Fredonia High

ID: 690
Sex: F
Birth date: 1896?     
Birth place: Ohio                     
Spouse: HOWARD S. GRISWOLD (689) (1896-1972)
Wedding: 1/1/1918, Conneaut, Ohio 
Child 1: MARJORIE ANN GRISWOLD (691) (1919-1977)

ID: 691
Sex: F
Birth date: 1919      
Birth place: Fredonia, NY             
Date of death: Dec. 23, 1977
Place of death: Fredonia, NY             
Age at death: 57 or 58
Mother: LOUELLA MARVIN (690) (1896-    )
Father: HOWARD S. GRISWOLD (689) (1896-1972)
Wedding: 4/16/1955, Fredonia      
Child 1: MOLLIE LOU ROGGER (954) (    -    )
M. Clifford C. Rogger, at Fredonia Baptist Church. (Lived at 121
Center St., Fredonia?) He was b. Fredonia, d. age 60 on 6/2/1965 in
Brooks; 3 sisters. After he died she remarried to Myron H. Kurtz. She
died at age 58.

ID: 692
Sex: M
Birth date: Mar. 12, 1872
Birth place: Conneaut, Ohio           
Date of death: Aug. 28, 1945
Place of death: Detroit                  
Age at death: 73 years, 5 months, 16 days.
Mother: MARY ELIZA GRISWOLD (118) (1850-1932)
Father: FRANK DELANSON SALISBURY (189) (1843-1924)
Spouse: MATTIE ---- (696) (1873-    )
Wedding: 1895?                    
Child 1: KATHLEEN A. (E?) SALISBURY (697) (1900-    )
Note: Lifelong resident of Conneaut.                              
Dave Whipple: in 1941, Ralph and Mattie "were living in Conneaut
proper, while in 1945 Ralph lived across the street from my
grandmother and his parents. On the north side of Lake Road (west side
of Conneaut), Ralph lived on a tall, cliff overlooking Lake Erie @
1300 Lake Road. Directly opposite to his house (actually a cottage) on
the south side of the road, Frank & Mary lived in (I'm guessing)
1301-1305 Lake Road. My great-grandmother Agnes (Salisbury) Risley
lived next door to Ralph (opposite my grandmother's house) and on the
other side of her house is a doctor's office @ 1310 Lake road."
    He's listed with his father in 1880. In 1900, he's listed with
his own family:
        Salisbury, Ralph, b. 3/1872, 28, m. 5 years, farmer;
           " , Mattie, wife, b. 10/1873, 26, m. 5 yrs, 1 kid (living);
           " , Kathleen A., daughter, b. 1/1900, 5 months;
        Dain, Elon, boarder.
    In 1910, he's still in Conneaut:
        Salisbury, Ralph D., 38, m. 15 yrs, first marriage, cooper at
            a tin can company;
        ---------, Mattie E., wife, 37, m. 15 yrs, first marriage,
            1 kid (living);
        ---------, Kathline E., daughter, 10.
    I can't find him in 1920 Ohio.
    Mattie's obit says she died 1/3/1941. She was a "widely known and
active women's civic affairs worker." The Marcy Funeral Home was
filled to overflowing. 

ID: 693
Sex: F
Birth date: Jan. 23, 1875
Birth place: Ohio                     
Date of death: 1968      
Age at death: 92 or 93
Mother: MARY ELIZA GRISWOLD (118) (1850-1932)
Father: FRANK DELANSON SALISBURY (189) (1843-1924)
Spouse: PHILIP JAMES RISLEY (700) (1871-1941)
Wedding: 1893                     
Child 1: HAZEL MARIE RISLEY (701) (1896-1991)
Child 2: CHARLES F. RISLEY (702) (1899-1990)
Note: Buried 12/7/1968 in Conneaut City Cemetery.                 
Dave Whipple has an invitation to the marriage of Agnes to Phillip J.
Risley, for Wednesday, 4/19/1893. He also says this about her: "One of
my favorite activities as a child was when she used to take us out to
the field to stomp on wild 'puffball' mushrooms which created a big
cloud of mushroom spoors. Grandma Whipple" - nee Hazel Risley -
"definitely got her feisty behavior from Grandma Risley" - that's
Agnes L. Salisbury who d. 1968 at age 93. 
    In 1900 Conneaut, p. 240B:
        Risley, Phillip, 29, b. 1/1871, farmer, b. Ohio, father b. NY,
            mother b. Ohio;
        ------, Agnes L., 25, b. 1/1875, m. 7 years, 2 kids (living);
        ------, Hazel, daughter, 4, b. 5/1896;
        ------, Chas., son, b. 12/1899, 5 months.
    In 1910, she's in the census in Conneaut with her husband:
        Risley, Philip, 34, m. 17 years, b. Ohio, farmer;
          "   , Agnes S., 35, wife, m. 17 years, 2 kids, both living,
                she and both parents b. Ohio;
          "   , Hazel M., daughter, 14, b. Ohio;
          "   , Charles F. (?), son, 10, b. Ohio;
-->     Stuart, Lovina, grandmother, 80, widow, 5 kids, 4 living, 
                she and both parents b. Pa., living on own income 
                (retired I guess). This is my great-great-grandmother.
    In 1920, she's still there, right next to Frank Salisbury and Mary
        Risley, P. J., 48?, farmer;
        ------, Agnes, 44.
    Agnes Salisbury was the mother-in-law of Lillian W. Risley of San
Jose, in her nineties as of June 2000, who says "She lived with us for
her last eighteen winters and returned to Conneaut in the spring."
(From her letter of 6/19/2000.)

ID: 694
Sex: M
Birth date: Dec. 31, 1878
Birth place: Ohio                     
Mother: MARY ELIZA GRISWOLD (118) (1850-1932)
Father: FRANK DELANSON SALISBURY (189) (1843-1924)
Child 1: EVELINE E. SALISBURY (763) (1910-    )
Note: Of Conneaut. The birthdate is from a family Bible.          
"Mrs. Karl A. McNulty went to Conneaut on Wednesday to attend the
wedding of Dora Eaton to Frank Salisbury in that city at 4 P.Pm Dec.
2." From the Sentinel, 12/3/1903; see Ancestor Hunt, 2/2010, p. 18.
    He's listed in 1910 in the west half of Conneaut Twp.:
        Salisbury, Frank G., 31, he & parents b. Ohio, homeowner,
            1st marrriage, m. 6 yrs, street car conductor;
        ---------, Dora L., 27, wife, b. Ohio, 1st marriage, 1 child
        ---------, Evelyne E., 7 mos., daughter, b. Ohio.
    In 1912, he's in the Conneaut directory: "Salisbury Frank G (Dora
L), condr, h Main nr city line."
    In 1920, they're on North Ridge Road in Conneaut:
        Salisbury, Frank G., 41, he & both parents b. Ohio, homeowner,
            pool room proprieter?;
        ---------, Dora L., 36, wife, b. Ohio;
        ---------, Eveline, 10, daughter, b. Ohio.

ID: 695
Sex: M
Birth date: July 18, 1885
Birth place: Ohio                     
Mother: MARY ELIZA GRISWOLD (118) (1850-1932)
Father: FRANK DELANSON SALISBURY (189) (1843-1924)
Spouse: EVA ---- (724) (    -    )
Child 1: FREDERICE M. SALISBURY (725) (1908-    )
Note: Of Detroit. Named after his grandfather. Sometimes called   
Note: Owen. The birthdate is from  Dave Whipple's Bible page.               
He's in Cleveland in 1910. I found him in the Soundex but I couldn't
find him on the census:
        Owen Salisbury, 25, b. Ohio;
        Eva, wife, 25, b. Michigan;
        Frederice M., daughter, 2, b. Ohio.
    I can't find him in 1920 Michigan or 1920 Ohio.

ID: 696
Name: MATTIE ----
Sex: F
Birth date: Nov. 1873
Birth place: Ohio                     
Spouse: RALPH DELANSON SALISBURY (692) (1872-1945)
Wedding: 1895?                    
Child 1: KATHLEEN A. (E?) SALISBURY (697) (1900-    )

ID: 697
Sex: F
Birth date: Jan. 1900
Birth place: Ohio                     
Mother: MATTIE ---- (696) (1873-    )
Father: RALPH DELANSON SALISBURY (692) (1872-1945)

ID: 698
Sex: M
Birth date: 1877?     
Date of death: Aug. 12, 1942
Place of death: Ca.                      
Age at death: 64 or 65
Spouse: ALTA A. GRISWOLD (682) (1876-1965)
Wedding: 10/14/1897 Ashtabula Co. 
Child 1: LESTER S. GRUEY (718) (1899-    )
Child 2: ADA M. GRUEY (719) (1900-    )
Note: Of Los Angeles. SSN: 562-05-9778.                           

ID: 699
Sex: M
Birth date: 1891?     
Date of death: 1961      
Age at death: 69 or 70
Spouse: FLORENCE M. GRISWOLD (685) (1891-1970)
Note: Of Warren, Ohio.                                            

ID: 700
Sex: M
Birth date: Jan. 18, 1871
Birth place: Conneaut, Ohio           
Date of death: Oct. 31, 1941
Age at death: 70 years, 9 months, 13 days.
Spouse: AGNES LEVINA SALISBURY (693) (1875-1968)
Wedding: 1893                     
Child 1: HAZEL MARIE RISLEY (701) (1896-1991)
Child 2: CHARLES F. RISLEY (702) (1899-1990)
He was the paternal great-grandfather of Dave Whipple, who says: "An
interesting thing occurred within the Whipple-Risley families; Charles
Risley married Paul Whipple, Sr.'s sister Lillian and Paul Whipple,
Sr. married Hazel Risley (brother/sister married sister/brother).
Philip was employed as a dairy farmer and also built several houses.
Philip built the house on Lake Road in Conneaut that my grandmother
was raised and lived in (see Risley photos). Later he and Agnes moved
into the house next door to take care of my aging
great-great-grandmother Salisbury. Not school-wise, but brilliant in
practical farming matters, Great-Grandpa Risley's most spectacular
feat was the moving of an entire intact barn about 75-yards from
Grandma Salisbury's house to Grandma Whipple's house with nothing more
than a complicated block & tackle arrangement, two (2) teams of
horses, and rolling logs." 
    Philip Risley was the 9th generation in America, according to Jim
Risley of Westerville, Ohio. He died in his sleep. Buried 10/31/1941
in Conneaut City Cemetery in a lot owned by Frank Salisbury who is
also buried there with wife Mary E. Father: Charles R. Mother: Mary
Jane Hart. 
    The Risleys were Vikings who settled in Normandy. "Risle" means
brook, and the French word "ruisseau" comes from it. It might come
from the Latin word for laugh. 

ID: 701
Sex: F
Birth date: May 18, 1896
Birth place: Ashtabula Co. Ohio       
Date of death: 1991      
Age at death: 94 or 95
Mother: AGNES LEVINA SALISBURY (693) (1875-1968)
Father: PHILIP JAMES RISLEY (700) (1871-1941)
Wedding: 7/26/1914                
The birth info is from the Ashtabula Co. birth records. The following
info came from Jim Risley, Paul D. Whipple Jr., and David Lee Whipple:
Hazel Risley d. 1991; m. 7/26/1914; of Conneaut; bur. in Glenwood Cem
+ Paul D. Whipple 1/2/1892?-1962; bur. in Glenwood Cem.
    Graedon Pauline 
    + Ralph Hunt - deceased
        Diane Gay 
        Judith Joy 
        Ralph Neal 
        Mary Ann b. 
    Sherman 11/13/1918-4/1976; m. 11/1/1941 in Ann Arbor; was in 
           Berea KY 1950; d. in Alabama; 280-12-0969 in SSDI
    + Jean Higley - deceased
        Richard Allen 
        Duane Douglas 
    Phyllis Martha  
    + Paul Carnell
        Nancy Lou 
        Michael Paul 
        Cheryl Ann 
    Paul D. Jr.   
   + Dorla Olds
        David Lee  Family genealogist.
        Douglas Paul 
        Patti Lynn 
        + Paul Kochman
    David Lee Whipple sent me a package of stuff (undated) from which
much of the information on this part of the tree comes. It contains a
4-page letter, some pix, obits, Ashtabula Co. birth and death records,
a map of Conneaut from an 1875 atlas, Agnes (Salisbury) Risley's
marriage invitation, a census record, some marriage returns, a Bible
page, some marriage records for Lavina Boyce, some typed-out death
records, some Youmans/Griswold records not particularly relevant to
me, and - last but not least - photocopies of handwritten death
records for O. Salisbury, Walker Bennett, and Delanson Griswold.

ID: 702
Sex: M
Birth date: 1899      
Birth place: Ohio                     
Date of death: Dec. 16, 1990
Age at death: 90 or 91
Mother: AGNES LEVINA SALISBURY (693) (1875-1968)
Father: PHILIP JAMES RISLEY (700) (1871-1941)
Note: Son: Gary Whipple Risley b. 7/9/1935 in Cleveland.          
There's a Charles Risley in East Cleveland in 1920, at 1366 E. 141th
St. He's 19, b. Ohio, a boarder with Homer C. Warner. His occupation
is trimmer of automobiles. 
    He lived 90 years and was buried 6/25/1991 in Glenwood Cemetery in
Conneaut, sec. 6, lot 142, lot purchased in 1930 by A. B. Whipple. A.
B. Whipple was probably the father of Lillian Risley below. The
Ashtabula Co.records have him and Stella Van Slyke as the parents of
Lillian E.  and Paul D. (b. 1/2/1892). See
record for Philip Risley.
    This descendant chart is from Paul D. Whipple Jr.:
Charles Risley
+ Lillian - of San Jose, CA. In her nineties as of 3/17/2000
    Gary -      "    "   

ID: 712
Sex: F
Spouse: DANIEL GRISWOLD (762) (1787-1863)
Child 1: LESTER GRISWOLD (276) (1817-1899)
Child 2: GILBERT GRISWOLD (354) (1826-1907)
Child 3: LYDIA SAMANTHA GRISWOLD (994) (1827-1911)
Child 4: DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (039) (1828-1872)
Child 5: CHARLES PERRY GRISWOLD (355) (1831-1925)
Note: "Polly"                                                     
She "was a dear little dumpling. Mother" - her granddaughter Ann Hall
- "said she could just reach around her waist." From Jennie Pierce's
1967 letter.
    Regarding her birthdate, "An Illustrated History of Yellow
Medicine County, MN", 1914, by Rose, says 1791; the Harlan B. Griswold
book says 1792, and that's what the 1850 census implies. 1791 is
probably more reliable. 
    Regarding her birthplace, the 1850 census, son Lester's 1880
census, and Harlan B. Griswold say Vt., son Gilbert's death
certificate says NH, daughter Lydia's 1875, 1900 and 1910 census
entries say Conn., Lydia's 1880 census says PA, son Lester's 1875
state census can be read as either NY or NJ, son Gilbert's 1800 census
says NY, son Charles Perry's censuses consistently say NY, and the
Yellow Medicine County book says Otsego Co. (though it says the same,
wrongly, about Daniel). 
    Regarding her name, the Yellow Medicine County book says it was
Mary Gammet. There is a record in the IGI that Harlan cites that says
Daniel Griswold married Mary S. Dunham on 9/30/1816 in NYC; she would
have been about 24 and he 29, and it's about a year before Lester was
born; but that's not a very likely place for them to get married, and
there are younger children with them in the censuses, and the last
name doesn't match the other evidence. There are a couple of other
possible maybes in the IGI too. 
    Regarding her death date, the land records indicate she was still
alive on 11/23/1853. The Yellow Medicine County book says she died in
1853, though that would only give her 5 weeks left that year to die
in. Now, on p. 74 of what appears to be a cemetery listing of
Ashtabula Co. that Dave Whipple sent me, there's a Mary Griswold
buried in City Cemetery in Conneaut who died on 4/11/1858. "1853" and
"1858" could easily be confused with each other. Delanson hadn't moved
to Conneaut yet in 1858, but Beaver Twp. isn't more than 10 or 12
miles away. Following up this lead, I have checked the Crawford County
obits and wills, the Ashtabula County wills, and 4 of the local
libraries with no luck. Ditto for the Conneaut City Cemetery, where
the sexton can find no written info about her at all, nor even a
grave. Nor does the Erie obit index have a listing for her. On the
other hand, the Jennie Pierce letter of 1967 says she went to
Minnesota with her husband, daughter Lydia and some other family
members "a few years before the Civil War.... They ended their journey
in S. E. Minnesota on what was known on the south Fork of Root River".
And the History of Rushford by Dreiveld says she went to MN in 1855
with her family. So maybe she died there. She was not found in
Rushford Oak Grove Cemetery, though. If the Mary Griswold buried in
Conneaut is her, one might expect to find her husband Daniel with her,
and maybe even transport certificates for one or both of them. 
    Next in the birth order after Daniel Griswold (b. 1787) was Sophia
(b. 1789). Daniel married Mary Gammet; Sophia is said to have married
William Henry Gammet. Maybe they were sister and brother. Two records
in the IGI give the date of the Sophia/William marriage as 11/4/1807,
but they give different places: 1) Earl DeLyle Flowers of Lake City FL
says it was in NYC, but he won't say where he got this info. He also
says Sophia was born 5/12/1789 in Hartford, Washington Co., NY. 2) The
other record, which I do find in the IGI, says Sophia Griswold married
William Henry Gamet in 1808 in Laurens, Otsego Co., NY. It gives her
birthdate as 14 May 1789 in Hartsford, Washington Co. New York and the
source is film 458828 which I haven't gotten yet; "The Griswold
Family", 1990, by French says Sophia was b. 5/14/1789 in Hartford, so
these three sources are all in pretty close agreement. Laurens is a
township and town just west of Milford. Some of the descendants in
this line were born in Nauvoo, Ill. so maybe they were Mormons. Ray
Dute is also descended from this line. 
    On the search for Mary Gammet's birthplace, this info about
William Henry Gamet may shed some light. The Ancestral File, and (see Rebecca Ott's
e-mail of 1/23/05), agree that WHG was b. 5/22/1789, and if his
possible sister Mary was b. 1791 they're pretty close in the birth
order so they were probably born in the same place. The sources also
agree that his father was Paul Gammet/Cammet/Gamet/Gammut of Pownal,
Bennington Co. VT, and they agree pretty well on Paul's children, but
neither mentions a Mary among them. Neither mentions any daughters at
all, as a matter of fact. I e-mailed the town clerk in Pownal for her
birth record but never got a response. It seems that Paul Gammet moved
to Otsego Co. sometime before 1802, and died in Oneonta 6/7/1832, so I
wrote to the Surrogate's Court there for his probate record but they
couldn't find one.

ID: 713
Sex: F
Birth date: Sep. 22, 1887
Birth place: Ashtabula Co. OH         
Date of death: Jan. 3, 1889
Place of death: Conneaut Bor.            
Age at death: 1 year, 3 months, 12 days.
Father: LESTER GRISWOLD (119) (1851-1926)
Note: Mother was Blanche Eaton. All this info comes from the      
Note: Ashtabula Co. birth & death records.                                  

ID: 714
Sex: M
Birth date: July 23, 1901
Birth place: Conneaut, Ohio           
Date of death: 1954      
Age at death: 52 or 53
Mother: GRACE GRISWOLD (683) (1879-1967)
His birth info here comes from his birth record, but the birthdate
differs from the Aug. 8, 1901 calculated from his marriage license.
His marriage license also says his father was Harley Lewis, he was a
resident of and born in Conneaut, was an electrician, and was married
11/30/1921 to Bertha E. Yarnell of Conneaut/Ashtabula, daughter of C.
R. Yarnell and Nellie Gabriel, born 2/13/1904 in Liberty, OH. 
    I can't find a likely-looking Harry Lewis in the SSDI for either
birthdate. Or Bertha Lewis, either.
    Harry G. Lewis is buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Conneaut, in the
same lot with the other Lewises, Dorothy Hogle, etc. He lived
1901-1954. There is a Harry Lewis Jr., 1924-1925, buried next to him,
as well as a Keith J. Lewis, 1954-1970. 

ID: 715
Sex: F
Birth date: 1904?     
Birth place: Indiana                  
Mother: GRACE GRISWOLD (683) (1879-1967)
There is an Alta Lewis buried in Conneaut, d. 6/6/1949, but she was b.
1881 so she's the wrong one. 
    There was an Elma Louise Lewis born in Ashtabula Co. 8/12/1910,
father John Lewis, so she's the wrong one. 

ID: 716
Sex: F
Birth date: 1906?     
Birth place: Indiana                  
Mother: GRACE GRISWOLD (683) (1879-1967)
There is an Elmer Lewis buried in Conneaut, d. 6/5/1944, but he was b.
1882 so it's the wrong one.

ID: 717
Sex: M
Birth date: June 5, 1908
Birth place: Akron, Ohio              
Date of death: May 13, 1912
Place of death: Akron                    
Age at death: 3 years, 11 months, 8 days.
Mother: GRACE GRISWOLD (683) (1879-1967)

ID: 718
Sex: M
Birth date: 1899?     
Birth place: Ohio                     
Mother: ALTA A. GRISWOLD (682) (1876-1965)
Father: THERON H. GRUEY (698) (1877-1942)
Note: Had his own electrical shop at age 21.                      
Note: Don Gruey says he married but never had any children.                 

ID: 719
Sex: F
Birth date: 1900?     
Birth place: Ohio                     
Mother: ALTA A. GRISWOLD (682) (1876-1965)
Father: THERON H. GRUEY (698) (1877-1942)
Note: Don Gruey says she married twice, but knows of no children. 

ID: 724
Name: EVA ----
Sex: F
Spouse: ONEY SALISBURY (695) (1885-    )
Child 1: FREDERICE M. SALISBURY (725) (1908-    )

ID: 725
Sex: F
Birth date: 1908?     
Birth place: Ohio                     
Mother: EVA ---- (724) (    -    )
Father: ONEY SALISBURY (695) (1885-    )

ID: 762
Sex: M
Birth date: 1787      
Birth place: Walpole, Cheshire Co, NH 
Date of death: 1863      
Place of death: Minnesota                
Age at death: 75 or 76
Father: DANIEL GRISWOLD (956) (1755-    )
Spouse: MARY GAMMET (712) (    -    )
Child 1: LESTER GRISWOLD (276) (1817-1899)
Child 2: GILBERT GRISWOLD (354) (1826-1907)
Child 3: LYDIA SAMANTHA GRISWOLD (994) (1827-1911)
Child 4: DELANSON M. GRISWOLD (039) (1828-1872)
Child 5: CHARLES PERRY GRISWOLD (355) (1831-1925)
Baptized 5/27/1787 in Walpole. The year and place of death come from
the 1914 Yellow Medicine County book by Rose, which also gives 1789
for the birth year; the 1850 and 1860 censuses seem to contradict
    The IGI says that he married Mary Gammett (and that Daniel's
sister Sophia married a William Henry Gammett). See Mary's record.
    From his great-granddaughter Jennie Pierce's 1967 letter: "Great
Grandfather Griswold was a kind of preacher, mother" - Ann Hall - "and
her brother Virg did not like him." Maybe he was a product of the
Second Great Awakening, a revivalist movement that swept the country
when he was young, a part of the great American effort at
self-definition of those days.
    Coralee Griswold theorizes that Daniel had at least these
children: Lester b. c. 1817 in NY; Gilbert b. 1826 in Milford, Otsego
Co. NY; Delanson M. b. 12/8/1828 in Otsego Co.; and Charles Perry b.
6/21/1831 in Milford. Lydia can be added to this. (The Milford Town
Clerk says there are no town birth records from that far back, Milford
wasn't incorporated til later.) All of them, Daniel included, except
Delanson show up in Minnesota at some point. It does seem strange that
after all I've found out about the known children, I've never found
the names of any of the other ones. A good strategy for finding the
other children would be to look in the census records for the ones we
know about and see if there are any possible siblings listed with
them. I've found Lydia in all the Federal censuses she's in, and none
of the people with her look like siblings. Ditto for her MN state
censuses for 1857, 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, and 1905. Son Gilbert's
census records, for 1850, 1860, 1880, and 1885, are no help either,
though there are several censuses (notably state) where I can't find
him. Neither are the Federal censuses for son Charles Perry of any
help. Nor Delanson's - and I looked for neighbors of his with a female
in the household the right age to be one of Daniel's daughters, with a
last name familiar from the Griswold land records, and born in New
York, with no luck. 
     I do find one stray R. Griswold in Springboro PA 1870, b. NY; at
30 he's too young to have been one of Delanson's sibs, but he's in the
right place, so maybe he was the next generation. It looks like he
works on a canal lock, though I know of no canals right near there.
And he's right next door to a Barney Hall.
    "Compendium of History and Biography of Central and Northern
Minnesota...", 1904, which contains a bio of Charles Perry, says there
were 10 children, but from the census info, including the ones before
1850, it looks like Daniel probably had 11 children:
        boy b. 1794-1802 - problem: Daniel turned 15 in 1802
        boy b. 1794-1802 - ditto
        boy b. 1810-1815
        Lester b. 1817
        Gilbert b. 1826
        Delanson b. 1828
        Charles b. 1831
        girl b. 1794-1804 
        girl b. 1804-1810 (?Susan b. c. 1808)
        girl b. 1804-1810
        girl b. 1820-1825 (must be Lydia b. 1827)
I'm guessing Susan Taylor may have been his daughter. She's with David
Taylor in 1850 (in Summerhill) & 1860 (in Beaver), b. NY. David Taylor
is one of the names that keep popping up in the land records with
Delanson and Charles Perry and the rest. He was 12 years older than
her, so she may have been his second wife. Their oldest daughter is
named Adelaide. There is a gap in the birth order between Mary b. NY
c. 1837 and Meriba b. PA c. 1846, so he probably married Susan about
1845; she would have been about 37 then. He must also have moved to PA
in that gap. 
    Besides Taylor, other names that keep showing up in the land
records are Wilbur, Davoll, Reynolds, and Merrit. Some other names to
keep an eye out for (in-laws and such) are Gammet, Gates, Mazurete,
Boyce, and Broughton.
    I can't find Daniel in NH in 1810. There's a Daniel Griswold in
Walpole like there ought to be, but his family members match neither
this Daniel nor his father. He's right next to a Josiah Griswold who
is probably his uncle; problem is there's no one in that household
Josiah's age (34). There is also a Gilbert nearby. In NY, there are
only two Daniel Griswolds in 1810, and they're right next to each
other, on p. 385, in Fairfield Twp., Herkimer Co. The first one is
called Daniel Jr., but in neither family does the breakdown match our
Daniel. Harlan B. Griswold says he's living with his mother in New
York City in 1810: "At the 1810 census, Abigail (Nabby) Griswold, was
living alone with three children including son Daniel in New York
City." He says she was with 2 males 16-26 and 1 female 10-16. But I
can't find her in the 1810 index, or 1820, though I do find Abigail in
the NYC directories; problem is she's at the same address as Dr.
Thomas E. Griswold, and according to the Boston Transcript he's her
son and they have a different lineage.
    Daniel Griswold was in the War of 1812. From "Military Minutes of
the Council of Appointment of the State of NY 1783-1821" at Sutro:
"Daniel Griswold, ensign, vice J. Goodrich, promoted." This is from
1811, probably April 10, regarding Lt. Col. John Moore's regiment of
Otsego Co. (p. 1270). He would have been 23 then. Vice probably means
he was Goodrich's second-in-command. And on p. 1873/74, under the 60th
regiment of infantry for Otsego Co., Daniel Griswold is listed as a
captain - this is from 1818, probably April 24. And under the 60th
regiment of infantry for Otsego Co., listed under Captains, is: "Henry
Hopkins, vice Griswold, resigned." This is 1819, probably March 27,
when Daniel was 31. He's not in NARA's "Index to Compiled Service
Records of Volunteer Soldiers who Served During the War of 1812",
though. He doesn't seem to have applied for a pension - he's not in
Sutro's "Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files" (M313), or
NARA's "Index to War of 1812 Pension Files" (1992), or NARA's "War of
1812 Military Bounty-land Warrants, 1815-1858", or Sutro's "Index of
Awards of Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812". I can't find
anything about the 60th Regiment in the Otsego Co. books at Sutro
    Daniel Griswold is in the 1820 census for Milford, Otsego Co., NY,
next to a John Griswold (who's not in the census index) and Elind (?)
who must be his younger brother. Norman and Wickham Griswold are also
on nearby pages. There are in his household: 
        2 males under 10 (One must be Lester, age 3)
        1 male 10-16
        2 males 18-26 
        1 male 26-45 (Daniel, age 33)
        2 females 10-16
        1 female 16-26
        1 female 26-45 (wife Mary, age 28)
        1 female over 45 (?Daniel's mother, age 60)
        3 people engaged in agriculture
If the marriage date was 1816, that doesn't explain the teenagers and
young adults here. On the other hand, if we grant them a marriage date
of 1808 when Mary was about 17, that still doesn't explain the female
16-26 who would have been born 1804 at the latest; or the 2 males
    On 1/1/1828 Daniel and Mary of the town of Milford sold 62 acres
in Laurens (just east of Milford) to Edmund Bridges of Laurens for
$555. It was part of a survey done in 12/1827. Mary signed her name
with a mark. The wife's statement wasn't taken til 3/6/1829, and it
wasn't recorded til 7/2/1831.
    Daniel Griswold is still in Milford in 1830:
        2 males under 5 (Delanson age 2, and Gilbert age 4)
        1 male 10-15 (Lester, age 13)
        1 male 15-20
        1 male 40-50 (Daniel, age 43)
        1 female 5-10 (Lydia, maybe? Gone in 1840, though.)
        1 female 30-40 (Mary, age 38)
    There are two land records for him in the Otsego Co. deed books
wherein he seems to have bought the same land twice: 118 acres, half
of subdivision lot #1 in great lot #51 in Otsego Co., for $400. The
first transaction was on 2/18/1831: Daniel Griswold of Otsego Co.
bought it from Joseph Fowler, Emily his wife, and John M. L. Lawrence
- something about a marriage settlement. The land was "subject also to
all taxes assessed thereon or any part thereof, since the first day of
May Eighteen hundred twenty." The second transaction (though it
appears before the first in the deed book) was on 3/28/1831: with the
help of an attorney, Daniel Bolton and wife Ann of Upper Canada sold
it to Daniel Griswold of Milford. (I wonder if this wasn't Broughton -
see Charles Perry's record.)
    On 1/12/1832 Daniel and Mary of Onaonta (must be Oneonta, just
south of Milford) sold some land to Samuel Carpenter for $1300. The
deed is hard to decipher, but there seem to be more than one parcel
concerned. One is "in the town of Onaonta Subdivision Lot No. one in
Great No. fifty one in the Otego Patent Otsego County"; this seems to
be 118 acres, so it's the same land he bought before. 10 and 6/100ths
acres of it may have been conveyed to a William Richardson "for the
priveleges of flowing". There are also about 10 acres in Laurens
bordering on Oneonta. "The above Land is Mortgaged by the said parties
of the first part to Janus Boyd of Laurens on the second day of June
one thousand eight hundred and thirty one for Five hundred and forty
Seven Dollars & thirty three cents with the interest to be paid
    We learn more about the 10 and 6/100ths acres in a deed from
2/21/1832, recorded 2/27/1832, where Daniel (no mention of Mary) sold
it to William Richardson for $56. It had been surveyed in 1831 and was
on the south side of Subdivision #1 in Great Lot #51, "adjacent to and
being part of the land covered (?) by the mill pond of William
Richardson in Oneonta containing about Ten acres and six hundredths of
an acre of land or so much as the said Mill pond of the said Willim
Richardson will flow of the lands of the said Daniel Griswold when the
dam of the said pond is raised two feet higher than the same dam was
in June one thousand eight hundred & thirty one so far as the said
land and priveleges shall be necessary to the raising & keeping up the
said dam and mill pond for the purposes of operating any kind of wheel
or machinery." Sounds like Richardson needed the land so he could
improve his mill. 
    The Yellow Medicine County book by Rose says Daniel Griswold moved
to Crawford Co. when Charles P. was one, so that was probably 1832.
They must have been real pioneers, sicne in 1836 there was still "not
a rod of graded road or a bridge in the township", according to the
bio of Luther Gates on the Crawford County website. Edythe Heilner:
"My husband and I made a trip up to Ohio and PA last year and drove
into Beaver. It is still the same as it was back in the day. The Amish
have huge farm tracts there and since they make no effort to modernize
things have been somewhat frozen in time." E-mail, 6/3/04.
    I first find him in the Crawford Co. land records in 1835: Daniel
Griswold and wife Polly of Beaver Twp. sold the old James Thompson
place, 150 acres in Beaver, to Carle W. Flower for $538 on 5/7/1835.
Polly's statement was taken the same day. I can't tell how they got
that land.  
    There are 3 deeds for land bought in Beaver Twp. by Daniel
Griswold all recorded May 1, 1837. The first was for 150 acres from
David and William Thompson for $225, on 5/9/1835; the second for about
49 acres from Barlow and Baldwin for $87.57 on 5/8/1835; the third 100
acres on 4/29/1837 for $400 from Isaac W. Pond. Notice that the second
of these was a day after he sold the old Thompson place, and the first
was a day after that. 
    Then Daniel Grizzle (which is probably how Griswold was pronounced
then) bought 100 acres in Beaver Twp. for $200 from Andrew Merritt et
al. in July 1835, recorded 11/30/1836. 
    On 9/26/1836 Daniel Griswold sold 50 acres in Beaver to Philemon
Monger for $200, recorded 8/29/1857. No statement was taken from Mary.
    In the Crawford Democrat, 4/17/1838, Dan'l. Griswold is listed as
one of nine men from Beaver appointed to the Committee of Vigilance
for that township at a county meeting of the Democratic Republican
(now called the Democratic) party. They unanimously adopted
resolutions supporting things the Democrats would still support today
like opposition to monopolies and opposition to debtor's prison ("the
Indian caught no beaver in jail"), and cherishing "the political
doctrines laid down by Jefferson and Jackson." Put this together with
their ownership of a steam saw mill, a hi-tech item for those days,
with their membership in the left-leaning Disciple Church, and with
the possibility that Delanson was named after a railroad, and it
sounds like they were technologically-minded liberals, the kind of
people you would find in Silicon Valley today. 
    Daniel Griswold is on p. 278 of the census for Beaver Twp. in
1840. (On the next page are Lester Griswold and what looks like Eline
G. Griswold; Lester is in the index but the other two aren't.) With
Daniel are:
        1 male 5-10 (Charles, age 9)
        2 males 10-15 (Delanson age 12, Gilbert age 14)
        1 male 50-60 (Daniel, age 53)
        1 female 40-50 (Mary, age 48)
    On 8/27/1849 Daniel sold 50 acres in Beaver to Lester Griswold for
$100. It was apparently just west of some other land owned by D.
Griswold. It was witnessed by Charles Griswold and Adeline Griswold.
Mary Griswold signed her name with a mark.  
    In 1850 he's in Beaver Twp., Crawford Co. Pa.:
        Daniel Griswold, 63, $2280 rl estate, b. NH
        Mary    "      , 58, b. Vt.
        Charles "      , 18, b. NY
Right next door to him is Gilert Griswold and his family, which must
be his son Gilbert.
    On 2/20/1850 there was an assignment, whatever that is, of some
land from A. Stuart Riddle to Daniel Griswold, recorded 5/14/1853. On
the same day (but not recorded til 9/27/1860) Daniel Griswold sold 20
acres in Beaver, right next to some other land he owned, to John
Reynolds for $65. Wife Mary OK'ed the deal, signing her name with a
mark, and it was witnessed by Adaline Griswold (must be Gilbert's
wife). John Reynolds, by the way, was a lawyer in Crawford Co. who
practiced law little, he mostly applied himself to the real estate
business (Crawford County Genealogy v. 29 #2). There was also a John
Reynolds who was a teacher in Meadville in 1811 (CCG v. 30 #1). The
same mag (v. 32 #2) mentions a Rev. John Van Liew Reynolds of
    In 1851 (no day given, but recorded 2/9/1852) Daniel and Mary sold
30 acres in Beaver to Lester Griswold and David Taylor Esq. which was
apparently part of the land Daniel had bought from Andrew Merritt.
Mary signed her name with a mark. Her statement was taken 10/10/1851. 
    On 11/23/1853, when he was about 66, he sold about 105 acres in
Beaver not too far from the Erie County line to his son Charles P. for
$1300, recorded 5/22/1854 - apparently the same land Charles sold to
Delanson in 1858. It was part of the land he bought from Andrew
Merritt on July 4, 1835 and the land he bought later from W. Pond.
This land was right next to Lester Griswold's. So then Charles was
living right next to Lester; and in 1850 Daniel was living right next
to Gilbert; and in 1860 Delanson was living right next to Charles.
    At one point in this deed there is a reference to the "land of L.
Griswold and Wilber". L. Griswold was probably either Lester, or
Lucius G. Griswold who lived there then. And there were a couple
people of last name Wilber in Beaver then. 
    Also on 11/23/1853 there was a mortgage arrangement made whereby
Daniel and Mary were to be maintained on a piece of land by their son
Charles Perry (see his record). There is a note in the margin from
Feb. 4, 1860 that says "Satisfaction in full in the annexed Mortgage,
Witness my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid", and it seems to
have the actual signature of Daniel Greswold. 
    There aren't any land records for him in Ashtabula Co.
    The "History of Rushford" by Dreiveld says he and Mary went to
Minnesota in 1855. I can't find him in the 1857 MN census, though, or,
for that matter, in Iowa 1856, Iowa 1859, or Wisconsin 1855.
    Daniel shows up in Newburgh, Fillmore Co., Minn in 1860, with
Lester, 74 years old. There's a Daniel Griswold in 1865 MN, but he's
in Eureka which is nowhere near Fillmore Co. He's not with Lydia in
1865 MN, or with Lester either. They can find no death record, obit or
cemetery inscription for him there, but that may be because he died so
far back. Fillmore Co. has no estate record for him either. And I'm
told there's no will or letters of administration for him in Crawford
Co., though a look in the Crawford Co. Will Books, 1813-1906 or in the
Register's Dockets, 1800-1889, which are in the LDS site library
catalog, wouldn't hurt. There's no headstone for him in Spring Valley
Cemetery where Lester is buried, but it was started in 1862, and
didn't start keeping records til 1879. It might be worth it to look in
Rushford Oak Grove Cemetery (Fillmore Co.) where daughter Lydia is
buried. He may even have been buried back in Conneaut.
    Whereabouts of Daniel Griswold:
        1787: born in Walpole, NH
        1789: Hartford, Washington Co. NY (birth of Sophia)
        ----: father moved to Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer Co. NY 
        1820-1832: Milford or Oneonta, Otsego Co. NY  
        1832 or 1833: moved to Crawford Co.        
        1835-1853: Beaver Twp., Crawford Co. PA (land recs etc.)
        1855: emigrated with family to MN
        1860: Newburgh, Fillmore Co. MN

ID: 763
Sex: F
Birth date: 1910?     
Birth place: Conneaut                 
Father: FRANK G. SALISBURY (694) (1878-    )

ID: 947
Sex: M
Birth place: Palo Alto, Ca.           
Mother: SILVIA MORAES SATHLER (007) (    -    )
Father: ROGER WALLING GRISWOLD (005) (    -    )
Born at 4:42 AM after 20 hours of labor. 7 pounds 4 ounces, 19 1/2
inches long.
    Silvia and I have had a long-running disagreement about the value
of religion. She's a (lapsed) Catholic, I'm a doubter. She never much
cared about it until Eric was born, then she rediscovered her faith
and her strong opinions about it. Rog agrees with me. This went
unresolved until Eric decided the issue himself at the age of four
when he declaared in church one day that he didn't believe in God. How
about that?

ID: 948
Sex: F
Spouse: LEWIS LYNN GRISWOLD (004) (    -    )
Wedding: 11/7/1998, Pensacloa Fla.
Child 1: PATRICIA NATALIE GRISWOLD (955) (    -    )

ID: 954
Sex: F
Mother: MARJORIE ANN GRISWOLD (691) (1919-1977)
Wedding: 9/22/1979                
Wedding 2: 1998                     
First husband was Henry Kirke "Mike" Williams IV.  
    Divorced in 1996. Remarried in 1998 to Michael G. Burgess of
Sacramento, currently lives in Buffalo.

ID: 955
Sex: F
Birth place: Visalia, Ca.             
Mother: PATRICIA MCKAY (948) (    -    )
Father: LEWIS LYNN GRISWOLD (004) (    -    )
Born at 12:59 AM, 5 days late, at Kaweah Hospital. 9 pounds, 3 ounces.
Blondish hair. Named after her mother, there's a long line of
Patricias in that family.
    8/2001: To me she looks a bit like Dad. Mom thinks she that looks
like Dad's Mother Ruth Dute, and that they share a way of keeping
busy, too.

ID: 956
Sex: M
Birth date: July 18, 1755
Birth place: Killingworth, Conn       
Child 1: DANIEL GRISWOLD (762) (1787-1863)
Child 2: ELIND GRISWOLD (957) (1794-1877)
Child 3: GILBERT G. GRISWOLD (958) (1803-1880)
Married first Abigail Graves, then (possibly) Laura Bolster. Fought in
the Revolution in a special unit called Knowlton's Connecticut
    Edythe Heilner found "a little side thing on IGI that recorded a
1755 christening of an Abigail Graves in Hampstead, Rockingham, NH."
    He may or may not be the Daniel Griswold in the 1810 census for
Walpole, NH, p. 248, where there were also a Gilbert Griswold and
Josiah Griswold. There are also several people named Graves there,
including an Anson Graves.
    Coralee Griswold now postulates the following children for him and
        Allen b. 1780
        Abigail b. 1782
        Daniel b. 1787
        Sophia b. 1789
        Elind b. 1794
        Hezekiah b. 1802/1805 - in 1850 Beaver, next to Elind
        Gilbert b. 1803
    Besides his children with Abigail, he also had at least one with
Laura Bolster: Frances D. (from Coralee). Their date of marriage in
the Griswold book is 10/26/1829, which doesn't seem likely because he
would have been 74 then. But regarding other possible children of his,
next to Daniel Jr. in 1820 Milford NY are John Griswold with a male in
the household age 16-26, and Elind is right next to John. Most likely
the three were brothers. Then in Crawford Co., on 1/20/1849, John L.
and Nathaniel L. Griswold of New York City sold via an attorney $187
of land in the village of Cambridge to Daniel Root in trust for
Huntington Jones (book C2 p. 394). These two seem to be merchants in
the NYC directories, from 1812 to at least 1818.
    Knowlton's Rangers was a small body of select troops, not over 130
or 140, chosen from different regiments early in the war, after the
disastrous defeat at the Battle of Long Island, by Lt. Col. Thomas
Knowlton. Pvt. Daniel Griswold was detached from Sargent's
Massachusetts Regiment. The British took New York early in the war and
held it for the duration, it was their main stronghold. During the
run-up to this, the Rangers' "first service gave it no little
reputation in the army. After the retreat from New York, Sept. 15,
'76... Washington ordered Knowlton to move out early on the 16th from
Harlem Heights and ascertain the position of the enemy. Knowlton
marched over to Bloomingdale Heights, and found the enemy's outposts
somewhere along the line of 110th St. on the main road, now Broadway.
A skirmish occurred and Knowlton fell back to the American lines....
The British light infantry followed him. Washington thereupon directed
Knowlton to attack again, turning their right, while other troops
attacked them in front and left. A successful engagement followed, the
enemy being driven back over the Bloomingdale grounds with loss."
Knowlton was killed in this battle, as was no less a person than
Nathan Hale, a captain in this unit, a few days later on Sept. 22.
America's biggest defeat of the war in the north occurred at Ft.
Washington on Nov. 16, up in the northern tip of Manhattan, across
from Ft. Lee, NJ. The colonel at Ft. Washington requested the 
continuance of Knowtlon's Rangers rather than disbanding them, "as
being his main dependence for the security of his outposts." One
combatant said that near Harlem "we were warmly engaged on all sides.
We were about two miles below the fort and well sustained the attack
until the enemy made good their landing across Harlem River, when we
had hard fighting to reach the fort. Just as we had reached the gate,
the flag went out and surrenderd the fort and ourselves prisoners of
war." Daniel Griswold was one of 3000 POW's taken and was held
probably for two years, and the treatment the British gave
prisoners of war in those days was just awful, this being before the
Geneva Conventions. Sources: Connecticut Men in the Military and
Naval Service, 1775-1783. p. 121-122; Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th
Edition, v. 1 p. 843. 

ID: 957
Sex: M
Birth date: Apr. 6, 1794
Birth place: RI? CT?                  
Date of death: Apr. 8, 1877
Place of death: WI?                      
Age at death: 83 years, 0 months, 2 days.
Father: DANIEL GRISWOLD (956) (1755-    )
Wedding: 8/15/1813                
M. Matilda Robinson. There is a land record for them on the Otsego Co.
grantor list, from 1818 or 1819 (recorded in book Y, p. 374). 
    He seems to be in 1820 Milford, NY, p. 69, right next to John and
Daniel Griswold (Norman and Wickham are on nearby pages). There are:
        1 male, 16-26 (must be Elind, age about 26)
        2 females under 10 
        1 female 16-45 (must be the wife, age 29)
    In 1850 Beaver Twp, Crawford Co. PA, right next to Hezekiah
Griswold, are:
        Eliend, 56, b. NY
        Malilda, 59, b. CT
        Malilda, 17, b. NY
        Lucius, 13, b. PA        
    Elind G. Griswold and Lucius G. Griswold of Crawford Co. bought 40
acres from John Reynolds, 12/1/1852, recorded 8/10/1853, for $60.
Lucius must have only been about 15, assuming this is the right
Lucius. (Book G2, p. 554.)
    In the 1860 census, Beaver Twp, Crawford Co. PA:
        Elind, 66, b. NY
        Matilda, 69, b. CT
        Lucius, 22, b. PA
        Amanda, 20, b. PA
Lucius G. Griswold m. Amanda Burrington, both of Beaver, in Beaver
Twp. (Conneaut Reporter, 6/17/1858). So Amanda here must be Lucius's
wife. (From Annette Lynch of the Crawford Co. GS.)
    Tom Griswold says (9/30/99) that Lucius G. Griswold was in
LaCrosse WI, in the early days of that city, along with Gilbert and
William Griswold.
    Most of the following info is from Mary Foster Ludvigsen,
gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Alonzo and Matilda Rockwell. She has a
family tree written by Matilda Rockwell. In 1870 Arcadia, Trempleneau
Co. WI. are:
        Griswold, Elina J., 76, farmer, b. NY
           "      Matilda, 79
Alonzo and Matilda Rockwell are listed nearby. Here's a tree:
    Elind Griswold m. on 4/15/1813 to
    + Matilda Robinson 1790-7/21/1873; b. CT
        Matilda R; b. 10/29/1833, Oneonta Plains, NY; d. 3/20/1920;
              bur. Roselawn Cem;  m. 8/24/1851 in Crawford Co. to
        + Dr. Alonzo Prentice Rockwell, 1827-1910
            Adella Matilda "Dell" Rockwell 1854-1927; b. Crawf Co.
            + John Wesley Bray; 1849-1916; m. 1872 in Arcadia, WI
                Cora Emma "Corrine" Bray 1881-1971
                + Benjamin T. Hoyt 1876-1917
                    Elizabeth Sue "Betty" Hoyt 1905-1992
                    + Vene Foster 1893-1982
                        Mary Elizabeth Foster - genealogy fan
                        + Sverre Johannes Ludvigsen
                Bertha Matilda "Bert" Bray 1888-1983
                + Fred Angelus Eaton 1883-1962
                    Lucile Matilda Eaton - genealogy fan
                    + Donald Ryder Town 1913-1973
        Lucius G., b. c. 1837 in PA; in Beaver 1850; m. 1858 to
        + Amanda Burrington
Matilda and Alonzo homesteaded in Arcadia, recorded 7/15/1873. 
    Mary found Elind and Matilda's interment records on Google.
They're buried in Campbell Cemetery, in West Salem, LaCrosse Co. WI,
just across from Trempleneau Co. 
    J. W. Bray wrote a 56-page memoir of his travels. It mentions
Lydia Samantha Griswold and Sim Pierce of Lenona (Winona?) who is
either her son or daughter. Winona is in MN across from Trempleneau
    Regarding Elind's middle name, some sources have it as Layard. The
Otsego Co. land record has two middle initials for him; neither looks
like L, but one may be G. Mary is confident it was G. 

ID: 958
Sex: M
Birth date: Apr. 8, 1803
Birth place: NY                       
Date of death: Feb. 6, 1880
Place of death: Hortonville, Outagamie WI
Age at death: 76 years, 9 months, 29 days.
Father: DANIEL GRISWOLD (956) (1755-    )
Note: The G. may stand for Graves, his mother's maiden name.      
He was (first?) married to Judy A. (7/8/1815-4/18/1859; bur. in Beaver
Center Cem.) This and other basic info about him came from Mrs. Paul
Otto and Ethel Brockway, out of The Griswold Linkage, v. 3, #2, p. 13.
    On 4/19/1860, Gilbert G. Griswold m. Orilla A. George, both of
Beaver, in South Ridge, OH - Conneaut Reporter, 4/25/1860 (this from
Annette Lynch of the Crawford Co. GS). There was a South Ridge just
south of Conneaut with an old church when Chris Wade was growing up
there. It's not on my township map, but it is on the map Chris
e-mailed me (10/4/02) from "25 Bicycle Tours in Ohio's Western
Reserve", p. 50. This implies a possible Delanson connection, but
Delanson doesn't seem to have moved to Conneaut til a few years later.
    There's no Gilbert Griswold in NY in 1820 or 1830. There are, to
be sure, a couple of Griswolds in 1820 Astabula Co. 
    There is a Gilbert Griswold in the index for Niagara, Lockport, NY
in 1840. If there was a mark in his census record for Gilbert himself,
it's been obliterated, but there is a female 20-30 the right age to be
Judy A., and another female 10-15. No sign of Emeline, though, who
would have been three then. On the other hand, right next to him is an
Ashu or Asher Wells (see below); the only people there are two free
colored men between 10 and 24. 
    But a better candidate for Gilbert G. Griswold in 1840 was found
by Don Nussbaum in Sheffield, Ashtabula County, OH. Under Gilbert
Griswold are: a male 30-40 (Gilbert, age 37); a female 20-30 (Judy A.,
age 26); 2 females under 5 (Emeline, age 3, and a newborn Rachael);
plus a male 15-20, maybe a farmhand. 
    Gilbert is in the 1850 census for Cherry Valley Twp., Ashtabula
Co., OH, p. 520 (though the index says 521):
        Gilbert Griswold, 47, blacksmith, worth $200, b. NY
        Judy A., 36, b. NY
        Emeline C., 13, b. OH
        Rachael L., 10, b. OH <-- must be named after her gradmother
        John W. Smith, 20, blacksmith, b. NY    <-- apprentice?
    Gilbert G. Griswold first shows up in the Crawford Co. land
records on 8/23/1855 when he bought 30 acres from A. B. Spalding for
$175. Since his middle initial is there, this is probably Gilbert b.
1803 and not Gilbert b. 1826, though there is probably some overlap
between when these two were in Crawford Co.
    Gilbert is in Beaver Twp. Craford Co. PA in 1860, on p. 38 (or 414
depending how you count it), under Griswoold:
        Gilbert Griswoold, 57, ?farmer, worth $150, b. NY
        ?Aurilla   "    , 30, b. NY
        Silla      "    , 8, b. NY - must be last kid from prev. mrg
    In 1870 Gilbert Griswel is in Marion, Juneau Co. WI:
        Griswel, Gilbert, 67, farmer, b. NY, $400 rl estate
           "   , Orilla, 41, b. NY
           "   , William, ?8, b. PA
Son William here may be the Wm G Griswold b. 12/1861 found in 6-wd
Merrill WI, 1900. 
    If Gilbert died in Feb. 1880, he won't be in the 1880 census, but
he should be in the mortality schedules.
    I looked at the county books for Outagamie, Ashtabula, Crawford,
and Niagra Counties at Sutro and none of them had a bio of him. As for
Juneau County, the only Heritage Quest book I could find on northern
Wisconsin had nothing. Sutro has a Juneau Co. book that might be worth
a look. There are some off-year censuses for Wisconsin too. 
    There is, however, an obit of 2/19/1880 which Don Nussbaum (e-mail
of 3/1/11) found in the Appleton Post (Appleton is near Hortonville)
which reads: "The funeral services at the M. E. church on Sunday
afternoon were attended with circumstances somewhat peculiar and
    "An aged couple, Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Griswold, after a brief
illness of about one week both passed away on Friday last, one at noon
and the other in the evening. Thus in a few short hours death had
twice wrought its mission, one to widow and again to wod." I can't
find "wod" at, but the rest of this all makes sense. 
    Don also found his headstone at Union Cemetery in Hortonville, WI.
"His second wife Aurilla is also buried there, along with a Cornish
girl, probably Jesse's niece or granddaughter", about whom he found an
obit. See Find-A-Grave too. The headstone is hard to read, but Don
decodes it as:
        GILBERT G
        GRISWOL(No "D", stone is broken)
        Feb 6 1880
        Aged 76 y
        AURILLA A
        wife of
        G G GRISWOLD
        Feb 6 ???0
        Aged 50 y
"I think they both died on the same day, maybe a fire or something."
This inscription also makes it pretty clear that Gilbert's middle
initial was G, not C. This is from Don's e-mails to me of June 2010.
    Regarding his first wife, genealogist Chris Wade suggests she may
have been Juda Ann Hill, daughter of Rachel Haskins and Almeron Hill
(e-mail, 3/19/2000). Chris's source is the privately-published
"Genealogy and Descendants of Elijah Smith" by granddaughter Mrs.
Louise Dewey, 1917 (10/3/2002). Chris has more info, for anyone
interested in this line. On Find-A-Grave you can find Judy A. Griswald
(sic) - she's in Beaver Center Cemetery, and if you play around with
the contrast and gamma correction for the .jpg files the inscription
seems to say "JUDY A. / Wife of / GILBERT G (or C?) GRISWOLD / Died
Apr. 18 1858 / A. 43 Yrs 9 Mo 10 ds". That would put her birthdate at
Friday, July 8, 1814, which is a year off from the date noted above.
    Regarding his children, his daughter Emeline C. (b. 1837 in
Renssalaer, NY; m. 4/9/1854 in Beaver Center PA; d. 12/26/1907 in
Conneaut) m. Ira Hayford (b. 7/31/1832; d. 1899 in Conneaut).
Genealogist Edythe Heilner is one of their descendants. Regarding Ira
Hayford, he's 18, with his father Joab Hayford, in 1850 Beaver, b. NY
(in Sand Lake), right near Elind and Hezekiah Griswold. Ira and
Emeline are in Ashtabula Co., 1860 & 1870. From these sources and
their descendant Dee Heilner (e-mail, 6/3/04) they had children Lura
Ann, Celissa, Jasper Joab, Zeno Gould, Frank West, Harley Learned,
Cornelia, Vena Ebenezzar, and Alonzo Abijah. Dee says Frank West
Hayford's son Ralph committed suicide at about age 22. She has more on
all these siblings.
    Regarding 8-yr-old daughter Silla (and the first letter does look
like an S), with him in 1860, who must be from his first marriage, Don
Nussbaum (2/20/2010) says she's Lillie Griswold, the mother of his
great-grandmother Carrie Cornish-Winch. She's on p. 66 (or n83
depending how you count it) of "The history and genealogy of the
Cornish families in America" by Cornish, Joseph E., 1907, available
on-line at American Libraries Internet Archive. It says Lillie M.
Griswold married Jesse Hubert Cornish, a civil war vet and, like some
of the Griswolds, a lumberman, on 3/28/1870, and she was born
9/18/1851 in Ashtablua Co. OH. It lists 9 kids. (There is a G. Cornish
in 1870, age 36, b. NY, at Hortonville PO in Outagamie Co. WI with
wife Mary, but Don thinks that's Jesse's cousin Gabriel William
Cornish in New London next to Hortonville, as per the Cornish book,
since Jesse and Lillie were still living in Germantown, Juneau Co. in
1871 when Carrie was born - see his e-mail of 4/27/10.) Jesse H.
Cornish and Lillie M. Cornish are then found in 1880 Hortonia,
Outagamie, Wisconsin; the only thing that doesn't really match up are
the birthplaces of Lillie's mother Juda Ann Hill (Canada W., though
that's where Juda Ann Hill's mother was born according to a source Don
found on Rootsweb) and father (VT, which is probably the birthplace
for Jesse's father). But 5 kids are listed, including Carrie, Gilbert,
and Lillie. And Don says they were in Calumet Co. WI in 1890. Don sent
me confirmation of Lillie's marriage and parentage from a Juneau Co.
WI Registration of Marriage: Jesse H. Cornish, farmer of Germantown,
and Lillie M. Griswold were married March 28, 1870 in a civil
ceremony, by Charles DeWitt, at Germantown, Juneau Co. WI. Lillie's
mother is listed as Julia Ann Griswold and her father as Gilbert
Griswold. The groom's parents were Silas and Hannah Cornish and he was
b. Oneida Co. NY. (E-mail, 4/26/2010.)
    Edythe Heilner theorizes that Gilbert, not Daniel, may have been
Delanson Griswold's father. She reasons: 1) Gilbert was b. 1803 and
Delanson 1828, both in NY. 2) She found some people with the first
name Delanson, rare though it is, in NY, the most likely candidate
being Delanson Foster b. 1/11/1784 in CT, d. Onondaga NY 7/1/1875, m.
Harriette Noble. Maybe he had a daughter who was Delanson Griswold's
mother. 3) There is in 1840 & 1850 Cherry Valley a Delanson Squires.
Maybe his mother was another of Delanson Foster's daughters. 4) The
Smith connection: John W. Smith, blacksmith, is with Gilbert,
blacksmith, in Cherry Valley 1850. Ralph's business partner was J. P.
Smith, and they were harness makers, which is not too far removed from
blacksmithing - they both work on horses. And in another possible
Smith connection, in 1870 Conneaut (p. 4) there is a Selby Smith
living right next to Ralph K. Wright.
    Let me attempt to address all this. Regarding Gilbert's wives,
Judy A. must have been born around 1813, meaning she would only have
been about 15 when Delanson was born, which is awful young but not
impossible. Or maybe Gilbert was married before her, which is
plausible but there's no hard evidence for it. 
    More on the Smith connection. In New London 1880, Ralph shows up
with John Wells, who matches up in some ways with the John W. Smith
who was with Gilbert in 1850:
        Wells, John, 50, harness maker, b. England
        -----, Hannah, 41, wife, b. Ohio
        -----, Frank E., 19, son, harness maker, b. Ohio
        -----, Harley M., 6, son, b. Ohio
        Griswold, Ralph, 26, boarder, harness maker, b. PA
    In another tantalizing Smith/Wells connection, there is a Smith,
Wells E. b. 1881 in the Kelloggsville Cemetery Records at (no www) 
    The John W. Smith who was with Gilbert in 1850 shows up again in
1860 Pierpoint Twp., which is halfway between Cherry Valley and
Conneaut. He's 29 now, still a blacksmith, but born in Ohio this time;
with him are 29-year-old Alfina and kids Addison, Eva, and Ethel. 
    In 1920 Conneaut Twp. on Beaver St., living alone right next to
Ralph's family is Mary Smith. Her age seems to be unknown, but she's
widowed and with no occupation, so she is probably old. 
    In the 1912 Conneaut directory, their business is listed: "Smith &
Griswold (J P Smith and R K Griswold), harnesses and carriages, 222
    Mr. Smith is not in Conneaut 1870 - there is a John Smith but he's
only 12. Neither is John Wells. J. P. Smith is there by 1897, though -
see Ralph's record. 
    I find J. P. Smith in two of the Conneaut censuses. 1900, p. 264
(he's in the index as J W Smith):
        Smith, J? P?, 56, b. 9/1843, carriage dlr, b. OH, parents b NY
        -----, Julia E., wife, 51
        -----. C? W? Jr., son, 26, newspaper editor
They've been married 33 years. I can't account for the son's name
being different from the father's, except that the writing is bad in
the census.
    In 1910:
        Smith, Joseph P., 67, harness merchant, b. OH, father b.
            Vermont, mother b. Conn.
        -----, Julia E., 61
    So far there's no really solid evidence to connect Delanson up
with Gilbert. Their professions, though similar, are nonetheless
different; the John W. Smith who was Gilbert's apprentice in 1850 was
probably not the John Wells who was Ralph's master in 1880, though
they match in age, because John W. Smith was born in the US and John
Wells was born in England, and because their wives don't match up; and
the second possible Smith link, that between Joseph P. and John W., is
unlikely because of the 13-year gap in their ages, so they were
probably neither brothers nor father and son. The other possible Smith
connection (Selby) is equally tantalizing but none of the names or
professions in his family match up. Also, if Delanson was born in
Otsego Co. (the only other likely place being Steuben Co.), you would
expect his father to show up in the land records there. Gilbert
doesn't, but Daniel does. The only Gilbert Edythe could find in NY at
all was in 1840. He's not in the NY censuses for 1820 or 1830, and
Delanson was born in 1828.

ID: 994
Sex: F
Birth date: Aug. 23, 1827
Birth place: Milford, Otsego, NY      
Date of death: Sep. 25, 1911
Place of death: Dubuque, IA              
Age at death: 84 years, 1 month, 2 days.
Mother: MARY GAMMET (712) (    -    )
Father: DANIEL GRISWOLD (762) (1787-1863)
Wedding: 5/6/1849, Beaver Twp.    
Her father had an aunt and a grandmother named Lydia. Her parentage
can be established from the letter her youngest brother Charley wrote
her in 1859 in which he calls her sister. She married Thomas Gibb
Hall. From the Crawford Democrat, 5/15/1849: "In Beaver, on the 6th
inst., by Rev, E. M. Alden, Mr. Thomas G. Hall of Spring, to Miss
Lydia S. Griswold of the former place." It would be worth finding out
if Rev. Alden was in the Disciple Church. 
    Thomas Hall was son of Collins Hall according to Kathryn Ellison
though the "History of Rushford" by Alden Dreiveld says it was S. S.
Hall. Descendant Christine Eschbaugh, from whom much of the info here
comes, says Thomas was born 1/14/1826 in Springfield Corners, PA,
though I imagine this is really Springboro which is right next to
Beaver. The Fillmore Co. MN Courthouse has a death record for Thomas
G. Hall. He died 5/4/1897, and was married so his wife was still alive
then. He lived 71y11m3d, which would mean he was born June 1 1825; and
his birthplace was NY, which is very possible if his family had a
westward migration path like Lydia's. (Note also that Delanson and
Lester sold some land in 1854 in Spring Twp. to Ebenezer H. Hall.)
Thomas (1826-1897) and Lydia (1827-1911) are buried in Rushford Oak
Grove Cemetery. An obituary for Thomas might be available from the
Minnesota Historical Society if I figure out what paper to look in.
    They are in the 1850 census in Crawford Co., Spring Twp, PA, even
if the names are a little off:
      Thomas J Hall, 24, b. PA, worth $1000
      Sementhia Hall, 23, b. NY
      Isaac M Newton, 15, b. PA - hard to say who this is
    "I know that Lydia's parents, the Griswold's, also came to
Minnesota along with her husbands father, Collins Hall." Kathryn
Ellison, 1/22/08. 
    Lydia S. is in the 1857 MN state census, for Fillmore Co., Twp.
102, Range 8, taken on ?21 Sep. She's with her husband Thomas G. Hall,
millwright, age 31, she's b. PA, age 29, and with them are Ann, age 7,
b. PA, and Virgil, age 3, b. PA. This all agrees with an 1855 arrival
in MN. They're right next door to a Wm. R. Hall. 
    In 1860, they're in Preble Twp., Fillmore Co., Minnesota:
      Thomas G Hall, 34, miller, b. PA, $300 rl estate
      Samantha Hall, 32, b. NY
      Ann Hall, 10, b. PA
      Virgil J Hall, 6, b. PA
      Ema Hall, 2, b. MN
      George Hall, 1, b. MN
      William Ramsly, 40, b. Ireland, $1000 rl estate, farmer;
      William K Hall, 36, b. PA, $5000 rl estate, farmer; TG's bro?
    Right next door is Collins Hall, ?60, miller, b. PA, with a
21-year-old Hannah Hall.
    In the 1865 MN state census, in Preble Twp., Thomas G. Hall and L.
S. Hall are listed with V. G., Ann, Emma, G., and Mary Hall. All their
neighbors have Norwegian names.
    In 1870, on June 22, they're still in Preble, Fillmore, Minnesota:
      T G Hall, 44, farmer, $2000 rl estate
      Lydia Hall, 42
      Virgil Hall, 15, b. PA
      Emma Hall, 12, b. MN
      George C Hall, 15, b. MN
      Mary Hall, 8, b. MN
      Rose Hall, 1. b. MN
    The Minnesota State Census taken May 1 1875 lists them in
Rushford, Fillmore Co.: 
      Thomas G. Hall, 48, b. PA, father b. NY, mother b. PA
      Lydia S. Hall, 46, b. NY, fa b. NY, mo b. Conn. 
      Virgil J. Hall, 20, b. PA
      Emma M. Hall, 17, b. MN
      George G. Hall, 15, b. MN
      Mary Hall, 13, b. MN
      Olive Hall, 6, b. MN
      Adelaide, 1, b. MN
    J. W. Bray of the Elind line wrote a 56-page autobiography (see my
website) in which he mentions a visit he and his wife Della paid in
May 1876 to Della's Aunt Samantha Hall in Rushford. She wasn't exactly
Della's aunt, Della was her first cousin once removed, Daniel and
Abigail being the common ancestors.
    Lydia shows up in the 1880 census, without Thomas, in Rushford
        Lydia S. Hall, age 52, b. NY, keeping house, fa b. CT, mo PA
        Emma M. Hall, dau, 22, b, MN
        Mary S. Hall, dau, 18, b. MN
        Ollie Hall, dau, 11, b. MN
        Adelaide Hall, dau, 7, b. MN
The children's father was b. PA, mother NY. The last two were in
school. Mary S. AKA Mary Manda is probably Mary Samantha; Ollie is
probably Rose. The name Adelaide was also used for one of Lester's
daughters. Thomas's whereabouts are a mystery, if he lived til 1897.
He seems to have been gone a lot. 
    But in 1891 Thomas Hall show up in the Denver city directory on
Heritage Quest: he's a "car repairer, A., T. & S. F. Ry., r. 830
Clark". Ry means railway, and his daughter shows up with railroad man
Olaf Berg in Dubuque a few years later, so this could well be him. 
    The 1885 MN state census has them in Rushford City: Thos, Lydia,
Mary, Ollie, and Addie. 
    Thomas's 1895 MN census record, for Rushford, says he had been a
resident of that enumeration district for 14 years, which means since
1881. It also says he had been a MN resident for 39 years, meaning he
came there in 1856:
      Hall, Thoms G, 68, b. Pna
      Saydi S. (sic), 67, b. NY
      Berg/Borg, Ada, 22, b. MN
    In 1900 Lydia's in the household of her son-in-law Olaf Berg in
      Olaf H. Berg, 28, station agent
      Adelaide E, wife, 26, b. 11/1874?, m. 7 yrs, 3 kids, 2 living
      Agnes Berg, 6, b. MN in May 1894
      Mildred Berg, 4, b. MN in May 1896
      Lydia S. Hall, 72, b. 8/1827, widow, b. NY, fa b. NY, mo b. Conn
It says Lydia had 1 child, who was living, but we know there were more
than that. 
    In the 1905 MN state census Lydia Hall is in Rushford, 77; it's
hard to tell whether she's living alone or in an old folks' home or
    Lydia Hall isn't in the 1909 Dubuque IA city directory on Heritage
Quest, but her daughter and son-in-law are: "Berg Olaf B. wife Addie.
chief train dispatcher C. M. & St. P. r 770 w 5th". They're also in
the 1910 census there, p. 116: he and Adelaide m. 16 yrs, she's mother
of 3, 2 still living; dau Mildred is 13, Agnes looks like 15. 
    In 1910 Lydia Hall is with her son-in-law Dr. L. David Clay in
Denver: age 83, widowed, 7 kids all living, b. NY, father b. NY,
mother b. Conn. The wife's name is hard to read, but they've only been
married 6 years so she's probably not Lidia's daughter. Lydia's not in
the Denver directory that year, but David L. Clay is, at 3424 Colfax
Ave. It might be worth checking for an obituary in Denver.
    Her date of death comes from an obituary notice from a Rushford
paper found by Kathryn Ellison at the Fillmore County Genealogy
Center. She died in Dubuque at the home of one of her daughters, which
Kathryn thinks was Adelaide Berg. Kathryn's copy is probably the only
one that still exists, since a flood wiped out the Rushford Public
Library's back issues of the Tri-County Record; though "The papers we
had on microfilm went to the Fountain museum". The Dubuque County-Key
City Genealogical Society has some old newspapers they will research
for a fee. 
    There is another short obituary for her "in the Dubuque paper. She
is called Lyda Hall, aged 84. Said she had been ill only a few days,
death resulted from old age. Her death is a distnct loss to her family
and large circle of friends throughout the city." Which implies she
had been there a while, though she's in Denver the year before. "The
body will be taken to Rushford, Minn. for internment." It doesn't say
where she lived. If it was out in the county somewhere, there might be
an obit in another paper; a look for her daughter in an old city
directory or in the 1910 census would probably clear this up. And
there must be some Dubuque county books. Obit from e-mail 1/23/08 from
Betty Baule at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque. 
    E-mails to me of 3/10/08 and 1/17/08 suggest some other places to
look for obits, notably the Loras College Center for Dubuque History.
And the county courthouse would surely have a death certificate. 
    Lydia is also found in the MN state censuses for 1865, 1875, 1885,
1895, and 1905. The Halls could probably be found in the Fillmore Co.
plat maps. A bio of Thomas O. Hall is mentioned on p. 72 of the May
2002 Ancestor Hunt, the Ashtabula Co. periodical, which might be worth
sending away for.
    Here is a partial descendant tree from various sources including
Chris Eschbaugh, the censuses, and Jennie Pierce's 1967 letter:
Lydia Samantha Griswold
+ Thomas Gibb Hall b. 1/14/1826 in Springboro. Miller. 
    Ann b. 1850 in PA, m. at 18. In 1880: 28, b. PA, mother b. NY
    + Simmons Pierce - of Lenora, MN. In 1880: 42, butcher, b. NY
        Guy - 9 in 1880
        Clara - b. in log house TGH built in Root River Val. 7 in 1880
        Jennie - author of 1967 letter. Born in Lenora. 3 in 1880
    Hezekiah Gibb 1851-1853; b. & d. in PA        
    Thomas Alind Hall 1851-1851; twin of Hezekiah
    Virgil Jackson 11/24/1854-10/30/1945; b. Springboro, d. Salem OR
    + Cora S. Seeley 7/8/1859-3/26/1945; d. Salem; m. in Fillmore Co.
        Nettie Samantha Hall 4/13/1884-3/20/1945; b. in Mabel MN
        + William Leonard Newton
            Gerald Leonard Newton
            + Doris Emily McGowan
                Jon Gerald Newton
                + Ruth Anne Neet
                    Christine Ann Newton - genealogy fan
                    + William George Eschbaugh Jr.
            Wallace Newton
        Hugh - two sons, probably
    Lydia Samantha 1856-1859; b. Fillmore Co. MN; drowned
    Daniel b. c. 1858 in Fillmore Co.
    Emma M. b. 1858 in Fillmore Co.
    + Mr. Avery - black sheep of the Rockefeller clan
        Milo - had son and daughter
        Addie - unmarried, still lived on the old homestead in 1959
        Clarence - big fam, moved west; married dau stayed in Bowman
    George E. b. 1859 in Fillmore Co; given father's hardware store in
        Rushford but he moved south. M. Spring Valley girl; 2 daus
    Mary Manda b. 1860 in Fillmore Co. 13 in 1875, 23 in 1885
    + Ed Rowlee; grad Rushford High School 1908
        Blanche - taught school in Minneapolis for 30 years
        Ernest L. Rowlee of Spring Valley 
          Ed Rowlee - genealogy fan
          Amy Rowlee
          + --- Squires
          Kathryn Rowlee
          + --- Ellison
    Olive or Rose b. 1869 in Fillmore Co.
    + Dr. L. David Clay, Denver; 71 in 1910; can't find in 1920, 1900
      Arthur F. Ward, 15 in 1910; son of Dr. Clay, tho dif't last name
    Adelaide E., age 1 in 1875; 46 in 1920; left 2 dau at death
    + Olaf Berg, Rushford; in Dubuque 1910; worked for RR; d. c. 1967
      Agnes Hall Berg, b. 5/9/1894 in Rushmore (IGI); d. 2/7/1993
      + William Andrew "Andy" Humke, b. 12/8/1884, m. 6/8/1918, 
             d. 1/18/74 all in Dubuque (IGI)
        David Allyn HUMKE, b. 5/16/1919, d. 7/28/1943 in North Sea,
                 Army Air Corps, bur. in Belgium
        + Ann Elizabeth Helscher  m. Feb. 24 1943
        Roger Keith Humke, b. 12/29/1920 Dubuque, d. 5/8/07 Fla (SSDI)
        + Eloise Mary Driscoll b. 10/11/1920 Lead Mine WI, d. 11/2/91 
          Denise Ann Humke
          Ashley Nicole Humke of Apopka
          Sarah Christine Clavity
          Michael Roger Clavity
          Deborah Jean Humke
          + Floyd Jarvi
        Raymond Berg Humke b. 2/11/1923 Dubuque d. 11/27/03; of Beloit
        + Helen Mae Macomber  m. 10/12/1946 in Cascade, IA
            Nancy Jo HUMKE - twin
            + ?Francis KRESSIN
                Lisa Kari KRESSIN
                Brad Curtis KRESSIN
            Carol Ann HUMKE - twin
            +  Ronald E. WARREN
                Todd Christopher WARREN
                Jennifer Whitney WARREN
            Janet Louise HUMKE
            + James GOCHT
                Jeffrey James GOCHT
                + Brenda Durst
                    Megan Marie GOCHT
            David Allan HUMKE
            + Connie Sue Germann
                Daniel Taylor HUMKE - twin
                Derek Thomas HUMKE - twin
                Jessica Rhea HUMKE
            Brian Jeffrey HUMKE
            + Ann Allinger
                Matthew Brian HUMKE
                Andrew Raymond HUMKE
                Mitchel David HUMKE
      Mildred Hall Berg, 4 in 1900, 23 in 1920 Dubuque; b. 5/13/1896
             in Houston MN, d. 6/30/1965 in Dubuque (AF)
      + Andrew Lucius GALLIART, b. 4/30/1898; m. 9/8/1929 Nashua Iowa 
        Betty Lou GALLIART, b. 12/10/1931 in Dubuque, d. 2/23/1992 
        + Jon Daniel Luckstead
    Much of the info here about the Humkes came to me from Marilyn
Dale in e-mails of Jan. 2010; also from genealogy fan Lorraine Humke
in an e-mail of 3/17/2010. Lorraine has some entertaining tales about
the Humkes, including the following one about Wes Humke, to whom I
don't seem to be a blood relative even if I wish I was: "One busy day
when Wes was delivering for Clean Towel Service, the truck stalled.
When the guy behind him honked and honked his horn Wes lost his
patience. He got out of his truck, went back to the motorist, took his
keys out of the ignition and threw them in the bushes. During that
interval, Wes' truck had regained enough spark to start and he
continued on his route."
    There is a Sim Pierce of Lenona mentioned in J. W. Bray's
autobiography (above), who is either Aunt Samantha's son or daughter.
This must be her son-in-law Simmons Pierce, of Lenora in Fillmore
County south of Rushford. And parenthetically, in the 1865 MN state
census, Lester b. 1817 has neighbors named both Simmons and Pierce.
    A letter written Feb. 5, 1967, probably to Lyndon Pierce, by
Jennie Pierce, granddaughter of T. G. and Lydia Hall, a copy of which
is in the possession of the Fillmore County Historical Center,
contains a good deal of information about this clan, even if it
doesn't say much about Lydia. T. G. Hall, born in the PA coal country,
worked as a youth at a sorting table separating coal from worthless
stones by hand. He had to stand on a box to reach the table. Later he
was a captain, fighting the Sioux Indians first and then in the Civil
War, at which time he may have gone into North Dakota. When that ended
he and his brother Jack went off prospecting to the Colorado silver
country, and he came back (about 1875 according to his obit) a wealthy
man. "As I remember him, he always wore a black suit, a black hat and
carried a cane. He seemed very much alone in the world. Would walk
down for his mail, than back home always alone, never seemed to have
any friends or cronies." He and Lydia operated and lived on a canal
boat for 6 years after they were married; one wonders if this was on
the Erie Canal, down which a lot of lumber and other things from
places like Beaver were shipped; and sometimes people lived in
houseboats on the Erie Canal; though evidence indicates Ann and Virgil
were born in PA. Lydia and Thomas both "were large people, Grandpa
very tall well built, black hair and beard." "Mother" is referred to
as the oldest child in this letter, so Jennie's mother must have been
Ann Hall. "A few years before the Civil War, they decided to move
west, Grandma & Grandpa Hall" - Thomas and Lydia - "the two children,
his father, Grandma's father and mother Griswold" - that would be
Daniel and Mary - "and other relatives" - including Lester, I imagine,
and maybe Gilbert. This was in 1855, according to the History of
Rushford by Alden Dreiveld. "...They ended their journey in S. E.
Minnesota on what was known on the South Fork of Root River....
Grandfather Hall built a log house he liked liquor so he had a still
in the cellar, one day he had an accident so Grandmother made him take
his still into the woods for her son George came near being burned to
    "Did you know that the passenger pigeons are extinct birds, but
Mother could remember when they came by the hundreds to the Root River
Valley. They roosted low in the trees, so at night men went out with
clubs knocked them out and carried them away in sacks. The last
passenger pigeon died in a museum several years ago. Their cow ran
loose in the woods and Mother" - Ann  Hall - "had to go for her at
night, said she used to be afraid she imagined she could hear an
animal running through the woods with her. And perhaps there was a
wolf. Who knows? Mother had red, red hair and I often imagine that
little red, red head racing through the woods. Then Mother went to
Chatfield to school, stayed with a lady there and worked for her
board. Taught, believe in Preble Township."
    Whereabouts of Lydia Griswld:
        1827: born in Milford
        1849: Beaver Twp. PA (marriage)
        1850: PA (birth of daughter Ann)
        1851: PA (birth of twins)
        1854: ?Springboro PA (birth of Virgil)
        1856: Fillmore Co. MN (birth of Lydia)
        ?1858: Fillmore Co. (birth of Daniel)
        1858: Fillmore Co. (birth of Emma)
        1859: Newburgh, Fillmore Co. MN (letter from brother)
        1859: Fillmore Co. (birth of George)
        1860: Fillmore Co. (birth of Mary Manda)   
        1860: Preble Twp., Fillmore Co. w/ Thomas (census)
        1865: Preble Twp., Fillmore Co. MN (state census)
        1869: Fillmore Co. (birth of Rose)
        1870: Preble Twp., Fillmore Co. MN (census)
        1875: Rushford City, Fillmore Co. MN (state census)
        1876: Rushford Twp., Fillmore Co. (visit from the J. W. Brays)
        1880: Rushford Twp., Fillmore Co. MN (census)
        1885: Rushford City (state census)
        1895: Rushford City (state census)
        1900: Rushford City
        1905: Rushford City (state census) 
        1910: Denver
        1911: d. in Iowa, probably Dubuque

ID: 995
Sex: F
Birth place: Palo Alto, CA            
Mother: SILVIA MORAES SATHLER (007) (    -    )
Father: ROGER WALLING GRISWOLD (005) (    -    )
Born at 4:21 PM at the Stanford Med Center, 8 pounds 1.6 ounces, 20.5
inches long, with a stubble of hair.