Mary Eliza Griswold Frank Delanson Salibury and Mary Eliza Griswold Salisbury (Grandpa Griz's aunt). On the back, in the handwriting of Hazel Marie Risley Whipple, it says "My Grandpa & Grandma Salisbury". David Whipple says, "Frank was not particularly handsome or had an injury to his eye which makes identifying him in photo's rather easy."

This is a 5-generaton picture of: Graedon Whipple (Hunt), the baby in the center (who is still alive as of May 2000); and going clockwise, her mother Hazel Marie Risley Whipple; her mother Agnes Levina Salisbury Risley; her mother Mary Elizabeth Griswold Salisbury; and her mother Lovina Boyce Griswold Bennett Stewart, or Grandma Stewart as she was called at the time of the photo - she was the grandmother of L. D. Griswold. This must have been taken around 1916.

Dave Whipple says this is the only page he has from what he assumes is the Salisbury Bible. It has Frank and Mary's four children.