Recent Griswold Pix

Recent Griswold Pix

Going L to R: My brother Lew, my brother Rog, my sister-in-law Silvia, and me, Frederick R. Griswold. Thanksgiving 1992 in Stockton, CA.

Here's a picture of me that was painted, I think, by my talented friend Mike Meyer in 4th grade. Haven't changed any, I still look the same:

Below is a painting which Faye says is of my father R. L. Griswold, done by Kmit, an Australian artist of some note. Kmit was a a patient at Stockton State Hospital when Dad was a doctor there. On the right is my nephew Eric Griswold and my neice Natalie Griswold trying to ride Bowie the Dog like he's a horse, taken Thanksgiving 2001.

A couple more pictures of Natalie. The one on the left was taken by me at, I think, Thanksgiving 2001. Valerie Gerstenberger says she looks like a Dute, alright. The other is her playing cello at a school event in 2011.

Here's a picture of Eric Sathler Griswold, his school friend Maya, and Uncle Fred Griswold at upper right:

Here are two pictures of Juliana Sathler Griswold, the newest member of the R. L. Griswold clan, first from 2003, then 2010:

And click here for a slide show of my brother's family.

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