If you are like most of us who have researched and continuously come across people who show up in the oddest places, like living in the same community as your ancestor and they share the same surname but, for the life of you there appears to be NO connection---then this project is of value to YOU!


I have come across GALLS, COYLES, GEILS, CALES, KAILS, COILS, COYLS, COILES, KILES, KYLES, and even KITES!  Many of these families came to America in the early 1700’s and settled all over the east coast.  They are found all over America today and supposedly we are not related!  Well, I want to find out if this is truth or fiction.


My direct family research has stopped in the 1750’s with our progenitor Valentine Coil.  I am sure if you have been lucky enough to trace back this far, then your line stops sometime in the same era.  I find it very hard to believe my progenitor “came alone.”  Who came with him?  Who were his siblings?   Where did they go?   What surname do they answer to?


If I am touching on some of the same questions you have then this project is right up your alley!  Lets get serious about this and find out if we are spinning our wheels or if we really are working on the same family lines.


If you have a desire to participate and contribute to your already hard efforts of paper work then click the link below and allow your next journey begin!  SEARCH COIL and you will find our homepage for our DNA project!                                                            

Come join us— (To JOIN our project)