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Ninety Sixth Ohio

Volunteer Infantry

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Field and Staff Roster of the Ninety Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

First Name Last Name Rank_In Rank_Out
Herman W. Allen Hospital Steward Hospital Steward
Silas Baldwin Quartermaster Regimental Quartermaster
Thomas Rogers Bowland Musician Chief Musician
Albert H. Brown Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
George N. Clark Adjutant Adjutant
David W. Henderson Surgeon Surgeon
John F. Hess Assistant Surgeon Surgeon
Otho W. Holtz Corporal Quartermaster Sergeant
C. W. Ketchum Chaplain Chaplain
Ichabod King Assistant Surgeon Assistant Surgeon
Frederick W. Marseilles Surgeon Surgeon
Charles H. McElroy Major Major
Wilson S. McGinley Private Chief Musician
Lewis H. Mitchell Ordnance Sergeant Adjutant
George W. Ramage Assistant Surgeon Assistant Surgeon
William J. Sullivan Assistant Surgeon Assistant Surgeon
Joseph W. Vance Colonel Colonel
Enos Ward Musician Musician
George Webster Colonel Colonel

Added as a Result of Reorganization and Promotion

First Name Last Name Rank_In Rank_Out
Henry S. Green Private Hospital Steward
James G. Hamilton First Lieutenant Quartermaster
Joseph Leonard Captain Major
George M. Scott Corporal Chaplain
David A. Stark Second Lieutenant Adjutant

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