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NEW: as of 2004 a roll of honor of those that died during their tour of duty with the 96th.  


"The Civil War was the central event in the lives of most of the men who served in the armed forces. Many of them had never traveled more than a few miles beyond their homes, and the war took them to places they otherwise would not have seen, made them participants in great events, and often left them with scars that constantly reminded them of how much they had sacrificed. During the postwar years, thousands of men joined veterans’ organizations such as the Grand Army of the Republic in the North and the United Confederate Veterans in the South. They revisited the sites of their battles, raised monuments to commemorate their service, and, in large numbers, wrote reminiscences about their part in the war."  ("Civil War, American," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2002).


This web site is dedicated to the history of the Ninety Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  The regiment came into existence on August 29, 1862 and mustered out of the Union Army on July, 1865


My Great Grandfather, Albert Cummins, enlisted in the Ninety Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment on August 4, 1862 and, except for a reported "absent without leave" from Aug 16, 1863 to October 1863, he served until he mustered out with his company, July 1865 at Mobile, Alabama.  


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