Ninety Sixth Ohio

Volunteer Infantry




Regimental Roster
Roll of Honor



Organization of a Typical Union Army Regiment


Field and Staff (typically 15 officers and noncommissioned officers)

1 Colonel

1 Lieutenant Colonel

1 Major

1 Adjutant

1 Quartermaster

1 Surgeon

2 Assistant Surgeons

1 Chaplain

1 Sergeant Major

1 Quartermaster Sergeant

1 Commissary Sergeant

1 Hospital Steward

2 Principal Musicians



1 Captain

1 First Lieutenant

1 Second Lieutenant

1 First Sergeant

4 Sergeants

8 Corporals

2 Musicians

1 Wagoner

82 Privates

(Typically 10 Companies per regiment, initially a total of from 845 to 1,010 officers and men.  The Ninety Sixth Ohio appears to have had more men than the usual infantry regiment if the National Archives lists are to believed.)


From "Brother Against Brother Time-Life Books History of the Civil War"  By the Editors of Time-Life Books.  (New York: Prentice Hall Press 1990).

96th Ohio Companies and County of Origin

Company A- Knox Co.

Company B- Knox Co.

Company C- Morrow Co.

Company D- Marion and Morrow Cos.

Company E- Marion Co.

Company F- Delaware Co.

Company G- Delaware Co.

Company H- Logan Co.

Company I- Logan Co.

Company K- Union Co.

Command Structure of the Ninety Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Grades in the Union Army: Lieut. General Major General Brigadier General Colonel: Lieut.-Colonel: Major: Captain:  First Lieutenant: Second Lieutenant: Surgeon: 


1. Lieutenant General

2. Major General

3. Brigadier General

4. Colonel

5. Lieutenant Colonel

6. Major

7. Captain

8. First Lieutenant

9. Second Lieutenant


Grant, Ulysses S.  Sherman, William T.; Banks, Nathaniel P.; Ord, Edward O. C.; McClernand,  John;  Hurlbut, Stephen A.; Reynolds, Joseph J.; Canby, E. R. S.; Granger, Gordon  Burbrdge, Stephen G.; Ransom, Thomas E. G.; Emory, William H.; Lawler, Michael K.; Sherman, Thomas W.; Benton William P.; McGinnis, George F.; Vance, Joseph W.; Landram William J.; Parker, Job R.; Moore, F. W; Grier, David P.; Clark, George W.; Webster, George Brown, Albert H. McElroy, Charles H.; Leonard, Joseph Thomas, Armstrong J.; Campbell, Edward B.; Hamilton, Horatio C.; Norris; John A.; Leonard, Joseph; Kimball, Joseph H., Reichelderfer, Levi; Coulter, Samuel; Weiser, Solomon B.; Mitchell, William; Niven, William B.; Dwyer, William M.; Beatty, William W.; Bennett, Henry P.; Williams, John B.; Cline, Jonas; Chandler, William H,; Lindsay, Barnet N.; Godman, John M.; Baird, Eli L.; Eastman, Emery M.; Kendall, Franklin; Evans, Thomas L.; Sterling; J. B. C.


Jarvis, Henry J.; Bennett, Henry P.; Hamilton, James G; Williams, John B.; Dunlap, John Newton; Cline, Jonas; Woodmansee, Louis; Lafever, Minard J.; Martin, Samuel B.; Shunk, Thomas E.; Chandler, William H.; Young, William M.; Lapham, Valentine; McClurg, George; Bayton, John; Terry, George H.; Oldfield, Charles O.; Cellar, John A. F.; Godman, John W.; Seigfried, levi; Huntley, Lyman S.; Chamberlain, Oscar W.



Stark, David a.; Baird, Eli L.; Eastman, Emery M.; Kendall, Franklin; Terry, George H.; Ashwill, Henry C.; Van Fleet, Henry T.; Litzenburg, Thomas; Evans, Thomas L.; Wing, William S.; Cooper, Daniel N.; Dalrymple, Jacob W.; Kirk, John Eli; Glesseman, Simon; Bachelder, David; DeWolfe, James; Marmon, Peter;  Henderson, William M.; Marseilles, Frederick W.;  Hess, John F.

Assistant Surgeons: Clark, George N.; Rampage, George W.; King, Ichabod; Sullivan, William J.; Hess, John F.

Ninety Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company Rosters

Field and Staff Company A Company B Company C Company D Company E Company F Company G Company H Company I Company K Unassigned

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