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If a documented source is not listed please do not take the information as fact but as a place to start to find the truth.

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Descendants of Francois GOUMAZ


Generation No. 1

1. FRANCOIS1 GOUMAZ was born 1774 in Switzerland. He married CATHERINE TERRAPON. She was born 1778.


2. i. PIERRE2 GOUMAZ, b. Abt. 1800, Fatigny, Fribourg, Switzerland; d. 06 Mar 1855, Vandalia, Fayette, Illinois.


Generation No. 2

2. PIERRE2 GOUMAZ (FRANCOIS1) was born Abt. 1800 in Fatigny, Fribourg, Switzerland, and died 06 Mar 1855 in Vandalia, Fayette, Illinois. He married MARIE JOSEPHINE LAMBERT 26 Apr 1830 in Fetigny, Frebourg, Switzerland, daughter of PIERRE LAMBERT and MARIE BRASEY. She was born 04 Aug 1804 in Fetigny, Fredberg, Switzerland, and died 1866 in Vandalia, Fayette, Illinois.

Notes for PIERRE GOUMAZ: Family landed in New York in 1851. Went to Illinois 1869. This is not possible if Pierre died in Illinois in 1855


i. JACOB3 GOUMAZ. Notes for JACOB GOUMAZ: Listed in files at Fayette County, Illinois. No age given


iii. ELIZABETH GOUMAZ, b. Abt. 1831, Switzerland.

3. iv. ISADORE PIERRE GOUMAZ, b. 24 Apr 1836, Fetigny, Fribourg, Switzerland; d. 04 Feb 1877, Oswego, Labette, Kansas.

4. v. FRANCOIS XANTHIOUS GOUMAZ, b. 24 Apr 1836, Payerne, Pierne, Fribourg, Switzerland.

5. vi. ANNA MARIE GOUMAZ, b. 22 Jul 1837, Switzerland; d. 31 Dec 1929, Susanville, Lassen, Ca.

vii. NANETTE GOUMAZ, b. Abt. 1838, Switzerland.

viii. MARIE JOSEPHINE GOUMAZ, b. 13 Dec 1840, Switzerland; m. JOSEPH FLEMING. Notes for MARIE JOSEPHINE GOUMAZ: Believed to have married a Fleming in Illinois; could have been married more than once. Photo of Marie Josephine Goumaz Fleming and family members.  Original photo owned by Jeanne Harvey (I have checked all Flemings in 1900 IL Census for Joseph, Josephine, Marie or any initial of J.,M. and nothing matches)

ix. CELESTINE GOUMAZ, b. Abt. 1841, Switzerland. Notes for CELESTINE GOUMAZ
On ancestry.com
Celestine Goumaz Claimed Residence in Vandalia Enlist Date 13 May 1864 Enlist Place - Enlist Rank PrivServed Illinois Enlisted E Co. 143rd Inf Reg. IL Mustered Out at Mattoon, IL on 26 September 1864

Source: Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men Abbreviation: IL Roster Published by on 1900
Celestine Goumaz (First_Last)   Regiment Name 143 Illinois Infantry (100 Days, 1864.)
Side Union Company E  Soldier's Rank_In Pvt.  Soldier's Rank_Out Pvt.  Film Number M539 roll 34

UNION ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS  143rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry (100 days, 1864)
Organized at Mattoon, Ill., and mustered in for 100 days June 11, 1864. Moved to Memphis, Tenn., June 16-19. Attached to 3rd Brigade, Memphis, Tenn., District of West Tennessee. Transferred to 3rd Brigade July 12. Duty at Memphis, Tenn., till July 27. Moved to Helena, Ark., District of Eastern Arkansas, July 27-28, and duty there till September 10. Mustered out September 26, 1864.
Regiment lost by disease during service 55.

6. x. PHILLIP JAQUES GOUMAZ, b. 19 Nov 1843, Pierne, Fribourg, Switzerland; d. 07 Jan 1933, Susanville, Lassen, Ca..

7. xi. JOSEPH PHILO GOUMAZ, b. 14 Feb 1844, Pierne, Fribourg, Paris, Geneva Switzerland; d. 26 Jul 1929, Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado.

xii. PHILOMAN BERNICE GOUMAZ, b. Abt. 1845, Switzerland; d. Abt. 1851. Notes for PHILOMAN BERNICE GOUMAZ: The beautiful daughter who was lost. The account passed on by Grace Goumaz Long was that Philoman was detained at the immigration station because she had gotten ill as the family came from Switzerland and when the family went back for her they could not locate her.



Generation No. 3

3. ISADORE PIERRE3 GOUMAZ (PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 24 Apr 1836 in Fetigny, Fribourg, Switzerland, and died 04 Feb 1877 in Oswego, Labette, Kansas. He married (1) ADELINE MCKINNEY 31 Jan 1867 in Fayette County, Illinois (Source: Illinois Marriage Search Internet http://www2.sos.state.il.us/cgi-bin/marriage.). He married (2) SARAH MELISSA JUDD 04 Sep 1870 in Labette County, Kansas, daughter of LEWIS JUDD and SUSANNAH MICHAEL. She was born 20 Apr 1845 in Delphi, Carroll, Indiana, and died 07 May 1884 in Chetopa, Labette, Kansas.
 1850 census IN Clinton County Michigan Twp pg 439-Lewis & Susannah Judd) She was born 20 Apr 1845 in Delphi, Carroll, Indiana, and died 07 May 1884 in Chetopa, Labette, Kansas.

Notes for ISADORE PIERRE GOUMAZ: Family Records obtained from:
1. Headstones Isadore and Sarah and Addie-JUDD family plot, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Oswego, Kansas.
2. Fayette County, Ind./Ill. Marriage Index 1821-1874 pg.65
3. Marriage Certificate (Goumaz-Judd), Labette County, Kansas
4. 1850 US Census, Michigan Twp., Clinton, Indiana, pg. 429
5. GSF848.651 Isadore GOUMAZ ad. Adeline McKinney, pg.102, Old Book, Fayette County
6. May have crossed the plains in 1859.
7. In California 1859 and at least until 1861; lived in Taylorville, Ca.;returned to Illinois.
8. 1863 went with brother Philip and sister Anna to California via ship to Isthaus of Panama, walked across the Isthaus, and sailed on ship, Moses Taylor, to San Francisco.
9. In Vandalia, Fayette, Illinois Jan. 12-22 and Aug 1-6 1867.

Purchaser: GOUMAZ ISADORE Record ID: 528511
Date: 03/29/1855  Acres: 40    Price: $1.00     Type of sale: School (SC)   County: 26    Section: 7 Section Part: LOT9PTS2NW   Township: 06N Range: 01E  Meridian: 3 Purchaser Res:  Arch. Vol. No: 819 Vol. Page No.: 099Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0    Purchaser: GOUMAZ ISADORE Record ID: 528512  Date: 03/29/1855  Acres: 39.64 Price: $1.50  Type of sale: School (SC)  County: 26  Section: 7 Section Part: LOT3PTN2NW  Township: 06N Range: 01E  Meridian: 3 Purchaser Res:  Arch. Vol. No: 819 Vol. Page No.: 099  Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0 
More About I
SADORE PIERRE GOUMAZ:  Burial: Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Labette Co, KS
Notes for A
DELINE MCKINNEY: 1860 census IL Fayette County Vandalen P. O. pg 112, listed with the Miller family?
Notes for S
ARAH MELISSA JUDD:   There is a marriage license for Sarah M. Goumaz and W. R. Arey on file in Labette County, KS but it was never returned. It has written at the bottom "No Go" date 19 Aug 1882
More About S
ARAH MELISSA JUDD: Burial: Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Labette Co, KS

Children of ISADORE GOUMAZ and SARAH JUDD are:

i. J.P.4 GOUMAZ.


iii. WALLACE PHILIP GOUMAZ, b. 20 Jul 1871, Oswego, Labette, Kansas; d. 28 Jun 1909, Buried Pleasant Valley Cemtery, Labette Co, KS

8. iv. GRACE GERTRUDE GOUMAZ, b. 03 Oct 1872, Oswego, Labette, Kansas; d. 05 Sep 1956, Weiser, Washington, Idaho.  Photo of Grace and Wallace Goumaz

v. NORA BERNICE GOUMAZ, b. 1874, Oswego, Labette, Kansas; d. 1876, Oswego, Labette, Kansas. Buried Pleasant Valley Cemtery, Labette Co, KS

vi. NELLIE BELL GOUMAZ, b. 29 Dec 1875, Oswego, Labette, Kansas; d. 19 Aug 1976, Oswego, Labette, Kansas. Buried Pleasant Valley Cemtery, Labette Co, KS

vii. WILLIAM DELL GOUMAZ, b. 29 Dec 1875, Oswego, Labette, Kansas; d. 03 Jul 1876, Oswego, Labette, Kansas.  Buried Pleasant Valley Cemtery, Labette Co, KS


4. FRANCOIS XANTHIOUS3 GOUMAZ (PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 24 Apr 1836 in Payerne, Pierne, Fribourg, Switzerland. He married HANNAH ESTELLA PLUMMER 05 Sep 1870 in Labette County, Kansas (Source: I have copy of marriage license.), daughter of JOHN PLUMMER and LUCINDA SUTTON. She was born Apr 1853 in Leesburg, Indiana, and died 07 Aug 1908 in Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas. 
Notes for F
RANCOIS XANTHIOUS GOUMAZ 1900 Census KS Labette County pg 141
Civil War Veteran-Illinois
1910 Kansas, LABETTE, Roll 444 Book 1, Page 113b
Burial: Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas
More About H
ANNAH ESTELLA PLUMMER:Burial: Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas


i. JOHN PARMEN4 GOUMAZ, b. 05 Nov 1874, Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas; d. 30 Dec 1885, Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas. More About JOHN PARMEN GOUMAZ: Burial: Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas

ii. UNKNOWN GOUMAZ, b. 29 Jan 1865, Oswego, Labette, Kansas; d. Bef. 1900.

iii. ORAN GOUMAZ, b. Jun 1878, Kansas; d. 18 Nov 1951, Cherryvale, Montgomery County, Kansas. Notes for ORAN GOUMAZ: 1920 Census KS Labette County pg 16B Burial: Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas

9. iv. CARRIE AMAZON GOUMAZ, b. Sep 1881, Labette County, Kansas; d. 25 Apr 1963, Independence, Montgomery, Kansas.

v. JOSETTE GOUMAZ, b. 02 Sep 1883, Labette County, Kansas; d. 01 Feb 1954, Independence, Montgomery, Kansas.Burial: Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas

vi. MOLESSA GOUMAZ, b. 19 Feb 1878, Labette County, Kansas; d. 29 Sep 1881, Labette County, Kansas. Burial: Labette County, Kansas


5. ANNA MARIE3 GOUMAZ (PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 22 Jul 1837 in Switzerland, and died 31 Dec 1929 in Susanville, Lassen, Ca. She married LYMAN COLLINS STILES 10 Mar 1865 in Quincy, Plumas, California.
Notes for A
NNA MARIE GOUMAZ:  Went to California 1859; May have returned to Vandalia, Fayette,Illinois and then returned back to California in 1863.  1900 Census CA Lassen

Children of ANNA GOUMAZ and LYMAN STILES are:

i. LAURA M.4 STILES, b. 15 Aug 1866, California; d. 12 Sep 1955, San Franciso, California; m. UNKNOWN WILLARD.

ii. STELLA M. STILES, b. 16 Nov 1868, California; d. 22 Jun 1949, Alameda, California; m. UNKNOWN SPAULDLING.


6. PHILLIP JAQUES3 GOUMAZ (PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 19 Nov 1843 in Pierne, Fribourg, Switzerland, and died 07 Jan 1933 in Susanville, Lassen, Ca. (Source: Headstone states dates buried in Memorial.). He married SUSAN TALBOT 20 Jun 1880 in Susanville, Lassen, California, daughter of ENOCH TALBOT and SOPHIA BACON. She was born 26 Jan 1858 in Outside USA on a ship off the coast of Peru, and died 11 Jul 1942 in Lassen County, California.  Photo of Matilda  courtesy of Enrique La Roche
1870 CA Census Susanville, Lassen, California  P.J. Goumaz age 25 farmer born Switzerland
1880 Census : Susanville, Lassen, California 
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Phillip GOUMAZ Self M S W 32 IA --- - -- Farmer
William LEITH Other M S W 26 PA US US Laborer-Farmer
1900 Census CA Lassen   .Founded a small town outside of Susanville called Goumaz. 
1910 Census > California > Lassen > 1-Twp > District 31 under Philip P Gormaz
OBIT for Phillip J. Goumaz   NEW!!  Photo of Phillip Goumaz 

OBIT for Susan Talbot Goumaz

1910 census stats Susie had given birth to 2 children, 1 was living
Mrs. Goumaz and daughter, Miss Lina, left for Oakland on Monday, where they will remain for several weeks. Mr. Goumaz took them by private conveyance as far as Amedee. – Mail


i. DAUGHTER4 GOUMAZ, b. 1882, California; d. 20 Mar 1882, California. More About DAUGHTER GOUMAZ: Burial: Susanville Cemetery - Lassen County, California

ii. DAUGHTER2 GOUMAZ, b. 1883, California.

iii. E.S. GOUMAZ, b. Nov 1883, California.

iv. PHIL S. GOUMAZ, b. 20 Mar 1886; d. 14 Jan 1898. More About PHIL S. GOUMAZ: Burial: Susanville Cemetery - Lassen County, California


7. JOSEPH PHILO3 GOUMAZ (PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 14 Feb 1844 in Pierne, Fribourg, Paris, Geneva Switzerland, and died 26 Jul 1929 in Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado. He married MATILDA FRANCES JEFFRIES 13 Mar 1875 in Oswego, Labette, Kansas, daughter of HENRY JEFFRIES and RACHEL RUPERT. She was born 06 May 1853 in Ohio, and died 03 Jul 1949 in Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado.  1900 OK Census Vol. 15 E.D. 52 Sheet 26 line 68
1910 Census 1-PCT, ROUTT, Colorado page 116A
1920 Census Joseph and Matilda listed with son Fred in CO Routt County pg 2A

Notes for MATILDA FRANCES JEFFRIES:Information from headstone online Goumaz Matilda F. May 3, 1856 July 3, 1949
death certificate

Notes for J
OSEPH PHILO GOUMAZ: Goumaz's in Switzerland were Catholics . The Goumaz family were mostly small and good-looking. Served in Civil War as regular Enlisted 25 Oct 1865. Company E, 125th Ill. Infantry. Discharged 28 Feb 1866. Lived in Illinois until after.......
 Information from headstone   Goumaz J. P. Sept. 7, 1848 July 24, 1921 Father.  Smoked a pipe and went fishing everyday.
More About J
OSEPH PHILO GOUMAZ: Burial: Orchard Mesa Cemetery, Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado
Fact 2: 04 Sep 1843, birthdate according to Civil War Pension Records.
Fact 3: 14 Feb 1849, birthdate according to guardianship papers on file, Fayette Co. Courthouse.
Fact 4: 07 Nov 1848, Birthdate given by; Anna Marie Stiles and Philip Goumaz
Notes for M
ATILDA FRANCES JEFFRIES: Information from headstone online info.Goumaz Matilda F. May 3, 1856 July 3, 1949
Was 1/2 Indiana Wyndotte/Cherokee. On her son James Wallace 1930 census it lists him as Mixed Cherokee. ordered death certificate 1 July 2004- nothing new on death certificate 
More About M
ATILDA FRANCES JEFFRIES: Burial: Orchard Mesa Cemetery, Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado


10. i. CHARLES PHILLIP4 GOUMAZ, b. 03 Mar 1878, Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas; d. 30 Apr 1959, Grand Junction, Colorado.

11. ii. JAMES WALLACE GOUMAZ, b. 17 May 1879, Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas; d. 21 Nov 1960, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

12. iii. MAUDE VIAN GOUMAZ, b. Feb 1881, Mounds Valley, Labette, Kansas; d. Nov 1934, Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma.

13. iv. FRANK HENRY GOUMAZ, b. 19 Feb 1886, Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma- Indiana Territory; d. Aug 1971, Caldwell, Canyon, Idaho.

v. FRED XANTIOUS GOUMAZ, b. 01 Jul 1887, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma; d. 27 Jul 1963, Grand Junction, Colorado. Notes for FRED XANTIOUS GOUMAZ: 1920 census CO Routt County pg 2A listed as head of household with parents living with him, single
Living in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1960. Burial: Orchard Mesa Cemetery, Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado   Never Married.

vi. ARTHUR GOUMAZ, b. 1891, Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma. Notes for ARTHUR GOUMAZ:
Does not show up with family in 1900 KS census    : Died as a small child.

vii. ALICE GRACE GOUMAZ, b. Sep 1891, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma; d. Oct 1911, Steamboat, Mesa, Colorado; m. JOHN FERNSTRON  Notes for ALICE GRACE GOUMAZ: Checked Cherokee Dawes Rolls and found nothing.

viii. EFFIE GOUMAZ, b. 1893, Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma. Notes for EFFIE GOUMAZ: Died as young child. Does not show up on 1900 ok census with family
More About E
FFIE GOUMAZ: died when a baby  several birthplaces given: Oswego or Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas

14. ix. MABLE PRINCESS GOUMAZ, b. Aug 1896, Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma- Indian Territory; d. Aft. 1960.


Generation No. 4

8. GRACE GERTRUDE4 GOUMAZ (ISADORE PIERRE3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 03 Oct 1872 in Oswego, Labette, Kansas, and died 05 Sep 1956 in Weiser, Washington, Idaho. She married EDWIN WILLIS LONG 10 May 1899 in Labette County, Kansas. He was born 31 Aug 1872 in East Palestine, Columbiana, Ohio, and died 30 Nov 1952 in Weiser, Washington, Idaho. More About GRACE GERTRUDE GOUMAZ: Burial: Hilcrest, Weiser, Idaho   Photo of Grace and Wallace Goumaz - photo sent by Enrique La Roche

Children of GRACE GOUMAZ and EDWIN LONG are:

i. MARIANNE GERTRUDE5 LONG, b. 11 Mar 1900, Cheetopa, Labette, Kansas; d. 13 Sep 1926, Bend, Deschutes, Oregon; m. HERMAN HANSEN, 29 Sep 1920, Chetopa, Labette, Kansas.

15. ii. LOIS VIRGINIA LONG, b. 05 Feb 1904, Idana, Clay, Kansas; d. 1999.

iii. CLARA CANDACE LONG, b. 14 Sep 1905, Darlington, Beaver, Pennsylvania; m. FRANK LEO BEDNAREK, 16 Oct 1935, Stevenson, Skamania, Washington.

iv. JAMES HARTZELL LONG, b. 07 May 1907, Darlington, Beaver, Pennsylvania; d. 11 Sep 1981, Port Angeles, Clallam, WA; m. LEOTI KUBICK, 1926.

v. JOHN EDWIN LONG, b. 21 Dec 1912, Idana, Clay, Kansas; m. PHYLLIS ANN COE, 16 Oct 1949. Photo of Ed Long - photo sent by Enrique La Roche

vi. ROBERT ISADORE LONG, b. 20 Jun 1917, Idana, Clay, Kansas; d. 10 Jan 1957, Weiser, Washington, Idaho.  More About ROBERT ISADORE LONG: Burial: Hilcrest Cemetery, Weiser, Idaho  Photo of Bobby Long   Bob Long age 35 - photos sent by Enrique La Roche


9. CARRIE AMAZON4 GOUMAZ (FRANCOIS XANTHIOUS3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born Sep 1881 in Labette County, Kansas, and died 25 Apr 1963 in Independence, Montgomery, Kansas. She married RAY EDWARD PROVENCE, son of JAMES PROVENCE and MARY EDWARDS. He was born 07 Sep 1867 in London, Kentucy, and died 21 May 1938 in Neodesha, Wilson, Kansas. Notes for CARRIE AMAZON GOUMAZ:
There is a Carrie listed with Oren in the 1920 Census KS Labette County pg 16B as sister and the age is the same as Clara's.    Burial: Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas


16. i. OREN GOUMAZ5 PROVENCE, b. 28 Nov 1921.


10. CHARLES PHILLIP4 GOUMAZ (JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 03 Mar 1878 in Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas, and died 30 Apr 1959 in Grand Junction, Colorado. He married (1) OLIVE MINNIE "MAY" BAXTER. She was born 25 Aug 1884 in Lawrence, Douglas, Kansas, and died 12 Jan 1971 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho. He married (2) BETTY BATES Oct 1927.  Notes for CHARLES PHILLIP GOUMAZ:
1900 Census KS Republic County Charlie Goumz W servant Mar 1878 BP KS fathers switzerland mother Ohio1
1920 Census CO Routt County KS pg6A
Burial: Orchard Mesa Cemetery, Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado
Occupation: Carpenter


i. HILVIA ANNA5 GOUMAZ, b. 10 Feb 1904, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma; d. 09 Jul 1970, Pocatella, Bannock, Idaho; m. RULON CHARLES ELLIS, 04 May 1923, Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho; b. 23 Dec 1903, Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho.


11. JAMES WALLACE4 GOUMAZ (JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) (Source: 1920 Census Tulsa County, OK, vo. 72 ED29 sheet 8 Line 26, Goumaz, James W. 40 KS.) was born 17 May 1879 in Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas, and died 21 Nov 1960 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Source: Buried Memorial Gardens Tulsa, Ok.). He married NORA CORNELIUS OLIVER 1903, daughter of JAMES OLIVER and MARINDA CALHOUN. She was born 18 Feb 1877 in Illinois, and died 19 Aug 1964 in Guthrie, Oklahoma (Source: Buried Memorial Gardens Tulsa, Ok.).  1930 Census OK Tulsa County pg  - unsure why under where mother and father are born it says Mixed Cherokee. If anyone has any idea what this would mean please contact me: Laura Flebbe
Notes for J
Was a Methodist, Professional Boy Scout, Worked as Janitor, A member of the Mason Lodge
1910 Oklahoma, TULSA, Roll 1274 Book 2, Page 116a - listed under W. James. states race as White
1920 U.S. Census • Oklahoma • Tulsa • Tulsa • ED# 209
1930 Census > Oklahoma > Tulsa > Tulsa > District 79 states race as Mixed Cherokee

1913 Goumaz, James W. (Nora) janitor North Side School 202 Xanthus
1914 Goumaz, James V. (Nora) janitor 202 S. Xanthus
1915 Goumaz, James (Nora) janitor Central 202 S. Xanthus
1917 Goumaz, James. W (Nora) janitor Central H.S. r. 202 S. Xanthus Ave
1919Goumaz, James W. (Dick)(Nora C.) janitor Central Grade School r. 202 S. Xanthus
1920 Goumaz, James W. (Nora C.) janitor Central Grade School r. 113 E. 5th
1923 Goumaz, James W. (Nora)janitor r. 202 S. Xanthus Ave
1925 Goumaz, Jas. W, (Nora C.) custodian r. 40 N. Gillette Ave
1926-1930 Not listed
1931 Goumaz, J.W. (Dick)(Nora) custodian Cleveland School r. 40 1/2 N. Gillette
1932 Goumaz, J.W. D. (Nora) 40 S. Gillette Ave
1933 Goumaz, James (Nora) Custodian Cleveland School r. 40 N. Gillette
1934 Goumaz, James (Nora) custodian Bd. of Education 40 1/2 N. Gillette
1935 Goumaz, James (Nora)
1936 Goumaz, James W. (Nora) custodian 40 N. Gillette
1937 Not listed

Former Employee of Schools Dies
Funeral services for James Wallace Goumaz, 81, of 1549 E. 10th St., a retired public school custodian-building engineer and pioneer resident will be held at 10am Wednesday in the Moore Funeral Home chapel.
He died at his home Monday of an apparent stroke.
He attended Tulsa's first public school when it opened in 1885. Coming to Tulsa with his parents.
More About J
AMES WALLACE GOUMAZ: Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery - Tulsa, OK
Notes for N
ORA CORNELIUS OLIVER: Not listed with parents in 1900 census.
Death Records from funeral home states birthplace as Carthage, Missouri.
Buried Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa, OK.
Had beautiful hands and was very proud of it. Called James Wallace Dickie!  Had bad scare on head from bad car wreck.

Children of JAMES GOUMAZ and NORA OLIVER are:

17. i. E. ROY5 GOUMAZ, b. 05 Sep 1904, Oklahoma; d. 21 Feb 1987, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

18. ii. FLOYD FRANCES GOUMAZ, b. 01 Oct 1906, Springfield, Greene, Missouri; d. 21 Apr 1979, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


12. MAUDE VIAN4 GOUMAZ (JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born Feb 1881 in Mounds Valley, Labette, Kansas, and died Nov 1934 in Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma. She married JESSIE JAMES BREWSTER 1902, son of GEORGE BREWSTER and MARY UNKNOWN. He was born 1878 in Missouri.
Notes for M
AUDE VIAN GOUMAZ: Maude, OK was named after Maude??? She won a beauty contest in Oklahoma. Was a good cook.  Very partial to all her boys girls had to wait on their brothers  Checked Cherokee Dawes Rolls and found nothing. Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery - Tulsa, Oklahoma  Had 10 children.
Notes for J
ESSIE JAMES BREWSTER:  1910 census OK Osage County Black Dog pg 180B  
could not find 1920 census
1930 Census OK Creek County Sapulpa pg 7B


i. FORREST5 BREWSTER, b. 1904, Oklahoma; d. New Mexico. Notes for FORREST BREWSTER: Forrest and Gus were twins.

ii. GUS BREWSTER, b. 1904, Oklahoma; d. Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Notes for GUS BREWSTER: Was a twin with Forrest  Died as a teenager

19. iii. HENRY BREWSTER, b. 1903, Oklahoma.

20. iv. HELEN BREWSTER, b. 1909, Oklahoma.

v. LOYAL J. "COTTON" BREWSTER, b. 1910, Oklahoma. Notes for LOYAL J. "COTTON" BREWSTER: Iron worker in CA

21. vi. ALICE MARY BREWSTER, b. 26 Jul 1911, Oklahoma.

vii. HERMAN V. BREWSTER, b. 03 Dec 1913; d. 05 Oct 1979. More About HERMAN V. BREWSTER: Burial: Memorial Park - Tulsa

viii. THERMAN BREWSTER, b. 03 Dec 1913; d. Abt. 1913.

22. ix. JESSIE ZOE BREWSTER, b. 1916.



13. FRANK HENRY4 GOUMAZ (JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 19 Feb 1886 in Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma- Indiana Territory, and died Aug 1971 in Caldwell, Canyon, Idaho. He married ALMA BRENTON 25 Oct 1908 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, daughter of ROBERT BRANTON and BELL BRENTON. She was born 07 Jul 1889 in Newton, Kansas, and died May 1974 in Caldwell, Canyon, Idaho.
Notes for F
1917 Goumaz, Frank H. (Alma) burner Tulsa Vit r. 627 N. Detroit
1919 Goumaz, Frank H. (Alma J.) janitor Sequayah School r. Lombard Addn.
1920-1937 Not listed
1930 census CO Grand Junction Mesa County pg 780
Lived in Caldwell, Idaho in the 1960's.

Children of FRANK GOUMAZ and ALMA BRENTON are:

23. i. EVELYN5 GOUMAZ, b. 15 Oct 1909, Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma.

ii. JOSEPH MERRYFIELD GOUMAZ, b. 09 Sep 1911, Indiahoma, Oklahoma; m. ELSIE COFFELT. Notes for ELSIE COFFELT: Unknown if this is the same Elsie: Goumaz, Elsie Death Date: 23 Apr 1947 Multnomah County, OR Certificate: 2888

iii. FRANKLIN BRENTON GOUMAZ, b. 09 Apr 1917, Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma; d. 01 Apr 1998, Spokane, Spokane, Washington; m. PAULINE HANCOCK, 23 Dec 1945. More About FRANKLIN  BRENTON GOUMAZ:  Had 3 girls.


14. MABLE PRINCESS4 GOUMAZ (JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born Aug 1896 in Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma- Indian Territory, and died Aft. 1960. She married BERT HOCKER. He was born 1887 in Illinois.
Notes for M
Have death date in notes as Oct. 11 but she is named in James Wallace Goumaz Obit. in 1960 as still alive and living in Springfield, Ill. Checked Cherokee Dawes Rolls and found nothing.
Notes for B
1920 U.S. Census • Colorado • Denver • Denver • ED# 165 Burt Hocker
1930 census KS Cherokee County pg 252 Rose Township
 Had 6 Children.  Lived in Florida

Children of MABLE GOUMAZ and BERT HOCKER are:

i. GENEVA R.5 HOCKER, b. Abt. 1916, Oklahoma.

ii. DORIS L. HOCKER, b. Abt. 1918, Kansas.

iii. JOE N. HOCKER, b. Abt. 1920, Colorado.

iv. BERT W. HOCKER, b. Abt. 1922, Colorado.

v. MAXINE HOCKER, b. Abt. 1926, Colorado; m. UNKNOWN HIATT



Generation No. 5

15. LOIS VIRGINIA5 LONG (GRACE GERTRUDE4 GOUMAZ, ISADORE PIERRE3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 05 Feb 1904 in Idana, Clay, Kansas, and died 1999. She married (1) UNKNOWN TINSLEY. She married (2) WENDALL BULL Abt. 1933 in N.J..  More About LOIS VIRGINIA LONG: Burial: Hilcrest Cemetery, Weiser, Idaho


i. LORELEY6 BULL, m. CALVIN CARLOS CREED LAROCHE; b. 28 Oct 1927, Manhattan, New York; d. 21 Sep 2002, Mariposa, California. Notes for CALVIN CARLOS CREED LAROCHE:
Judge Carlos C. LaRoche of Mariposa died on September 12 He was 74.
Judge LaRoche was born on October 28, 1927 in Manhattan, NY and was an avid photographer who enjoyed walking and travel. He retired from the bench on January 4th of this year and was known for his common sense, compassion and fairness, all attributes that were born of an extraordinary life.
At age twelve he started working as a professional singer in radio theater on the "Uncle Don" show. The show, now better known for an infamous blooper, gave the young Carlos a chance to work with entertainment greats like Burgess Meredith and Barbara Belgeddes.

In the Navy — and under-aged 
Later, during WWII an under-aged Carlos enlisted in the US Navy where he stayed for the next 1 1/2 years. It was during this time that he turned the skills he had learned in the streets of New York into the pugilistic arena. His skills gained him acclaim and he quickly went on to earn several base and regional boxing championships. However, his career with the Navy was cut short when his true age was discovered and he was honorably discharged.
However, never one to shirk his duty, Carlos rejoined the war efforts after attaining legal age, this time transporting ammunition and explosives to the war zone with the Merchant Marines. The duty was hazardous and nearly cost him his life when one of his ships was torpedoed by an enemy submarine.
Carlos was on deck, the day the "Abandon Ship!" message blared. The ship was hit and its explosive cargo blew taking the lives of everyone below decks. Those on deck either jumped or were thrown by the blast into the water where they then spent hours in cold water waiting for rescue.

After the War
The end of the war found Carlos making his way back to New York. He worked for several months in the Garment Center to save up money to go to Mexico and in December of 1945, he moved in with relatives in the city of Ixtapa and in January, 1946, began classes at the University in Mexico City.
A year later he returned to New York City to find that his mother had arranged an appointment for him to meet with an acquaintance in order to garner educational guidance. The acquaintance was Lionel Trilling, who suggested that Carlos enroll in the New School of Social Research. Carlos took the advice, continuing his studies under the likes of W. H. Auden and Karen Horney.
Ever the champion, it was during this time in New York that Carlos learned of a brutal sweatshop operating in the vicinity. Carlos, accompanied by newspaper photographers, stormed into the sweatshop taking photographs to chronicle the filth and horrid conditions in which the "workers" were kept.
In an attempt to stop the story, the shop owner made a retaliatory attack and police were called. The story and photographs did make it into the newspaper, the shop’s owner was arrested and the sweatshop was closed.
A year later, Carlos returned to the University of Mexico where he discovered what would be a life long love of history. He began studying archaeology and in 1952 earned a bachelor’s degree in Mezo-American archaeology.

Editor et al.
During this same year Carlos became the editor of the Mexico City Post, the only English language newspaper in the city at the time. Seeking to elicit similar work in the states he moved to San Francisco in 1954, but when he couldn’t find employment in the field, he ended up working as a bartender/bouncer at Vesuvios, a San Francisco landmark, and at a steel mill.
He later went into a partnership with Connie Smith in "Miss Smith’s Tea Room" a well-known bar in the North Beach area of San Francisco. The bar became a watering hole for beatniks and jazz aficionados and it was here that Carlos was to rub elbows with celebrities like Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway. When his partnership split he found himself working at the steel mill again.
However, this time Carlos took on a responsibility that would change his life: he became Shop Steward for ILWU Local 6 from 1958-1959. His duties found him speaking on behalf of the union members and from this a thirst to represent others was born. In 1960 Carlos enrolled in evening classes at Golden Gate University School of Law.
Carlos left his job with the steel mill when his revolving shift began conflicting with school. Instead, he began working as an investigator for the personal injury lawfirm of Berkeley, Randall & Harvey in Berkeley, California where he remained until he earned his law degree in 1964.
Private practice, public service
After graduating Carlos set up his own practice where he became known as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in California. He served as the Vice President of the Northern California Trial Lawyer’s Association from 1973-1974. In 1976 he was named the "Hispanic Man of the Year" by the Arriba Juntos organization for his work on a youth scholarship fund. By 1978 he had built a prominent San Francisco practice that had grown to eight lawyers. 
In that year, he was offered a judgeship in San Francisco but decline, as greener pastures awaited. Those pastures were located in Mariposa where he owned a vacation property. Local friends and businessmen convinced him of the need for his services in the town and he opened a branch office which was staffed only part-time.
Charmed by the town and townspeople, he closed his office in San Francisco and by December of 1978 was living and working full time in Mariposa.
In 1979, he met his third wife and they married in 1982. Together they staffed his law office until his appointment to the bench on December 21, 1988. Judge LaRoche was to gather many accolades for his service including: serving on the Executive Committee of the California Judge’s Association from 1992-1995 and as Vice President of the California Judge’s Association from 1994-1995. 
His commitment to service was not limited to the state level. Locally, he was a former member of the Mariposa Rotary Club, a former Director for the Mariposa Bears Football, a current member of the Mariposa Lions Club, and a long standing member of the Mariposa Mental Health Board.

Personal accomplishments
His greatest professional joy came from the formation of the Mariposa Drug Court and the success of its graduates who held a special place in his heart. His greatest personal joy came from his family and friends, of whom there were many.
Judge LaRoche is survived by his wife, Rene’; by his sons, Enrique and Carlos M. LaRoche of Oakland; and Andre’ and Alec LaRoche of Mariposa; by his daughters, Anita LaRoche-Winn of Antioch and Carmen LaRoche-Wright and Claudia LaRoche both of Oakland; seven grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.
A memorial service will be held on Saturday, September 21, at 11 a.m. at the Mariposa Funeral Home followed by a reception on the Courthouse lawn. Arrangements are under the direction of the Mariposa Funeral Home.



16. OREN GOUMAZ5 PROVENCE (CARRIE AMAZON4 GOUMAZ, FRANCOIS XANTHIOUS3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 28 Nov 1921. He married DOROTHY IRENE GITTINS 05 Jan 1945 in Altamont, Labette, Kansas. She was born 30 May 1926 in Cherryvale, Montgomery, Kansas.




17. E. ROY5 GOUMAZ (JAMES WALLACE4, JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 05 Sep 1904 in Oklahoma (Source: Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: 19 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #, and died 21 Feb 1987 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Source: Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: 19 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. # He married MARY JO MCDOWELL, daughter of UNKNOWN MCDOWELL and LEONA BROWN. She was born 27 Jun 1920.

Child of E. GOUMAZ and MARY MCDOWELL is:



18. FLOYD FRANCES5 GOUMAZ (JAMES WALLACE4, JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 01 Oct 1906 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri, and died 21 Apr 1979 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Source: Buried Memorial Garden Cemetery Tulsa 51st and Memorial). He married RUTH MADELINE WYGANT 24 Dec 1924 in Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma, daughter of EDWARD WYGANT and MARY ROCHAT. She was born 22 Nov 1909 in Kolcomo, Howard, Indiana, and died 22 Feb 1981 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Source: Buried Memorial Gardens Tulsa, Ok.).   Floyd and Ruth 50th wedding anv.

Notes for FLOYD FRANCES GOUMAZ: 1930 Census OK Tulsa County pg 7B
Floyd was a Janitor for Tulsa Public Schools. He enjoyed his work and the children. He collected everything and anything. He had a wonderful collection of coins he spent all of his life collecting. Just before his death his house was robbed of the coin collection. His S.S.# 442-01-6895   Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery - Tulsa, OK
Notes for R
UTH MADELINE WYGANT:  1910 United States Federal Census > Indiana > Howard > 4-wd kokomo > District 128 with parents

OBIT Tulsa Tribune Monday February 23, 1981
GOUMAZ-Ruth Madeline, 71, 2425 S. Memorial passed away Sunday. Survived by 4 sons: Floyd Goumaz, Jr., Donald J. Goumaz, Robert G. Goumaz all of Tulsa, James E. Goumaz of Cleveland, Oklahoma: 9 grandchildren: 4 great-grandchildren. Services Tuesday 1 p.m. Moore's Eastlawn Chapel. Interment Memorial Park. Moore's Eastlawn
Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery - Tulsa, OK

Children of FLOYD GOUMAZ and RUTH WYGANT are:

i. FLOYD FRANCIS6 GOUMAZ, JR, b. 21 Jan 1926, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma; d. 14 Nov 1993, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma


iii. DONALD JOE GOUMAZ, b. 13 Jul 1931; d. Jan 1986, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery - Tulsa, OK

iv. ROBERT GENE GOUMAZ, b. 13 May 1933, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma; d. 06 Nov 1998, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma   Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery - Tulsa, OK


19. HENRY5 BREWSTER (MAUDE VIAN4 GOUMAZ, JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 1903 in Oklahoma. He married EMMA WARD, daughter of UNKNOWN WARD and UNKNOWN SHANKS.  Notes for HENRY BREWSTER: Was in Marines


Children of HENRY BREWSTER and EMMA WARD are:



iii. ERMA BREWSTER. Notes for ERMA BREWSTER: Erma and Herman were twins.




20. HELEN5 BREWSTER (MAUDE VIAN4 GOUMAZ, JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 1909 in Oklahoma. She married (1) FRANCES STINNETT. She married (2) BILL KERR.


i. KERR6.


21. ALICE MARY5 BREWSTER (MAUDE VIAN4 GOUMAZ, JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 26 Jul 1911 in Oklahoma. She married (1) CLYDE BRUCE. She married (2) JESSE WHITEHEAD.




22. JESSIE ZOE5 BREWSTER (MAUDE VIAN4 GOUMAZ, JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 1916. She married (1) CLARENCE SHANKS. He died Jun 1934. She married (2) FARRIS PHILLIPS.




23. EVELYN5 GOUMAZ (FRANK HENRY4, JOSEPH PHILO3, PIERRE2, FRANCOIS1) was born 15 Oct 1909 in Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma. She married PAUL C. HILL 16 Nov 1927 in Grand Junction, Colorado. He was born 1908 in Colorado.
Notes for P
AUL C. HILL: 1930 census Grand Junction, Mesa, CO


i. ROBERT6 HILL, b. 1929, Colorado.