About Eric Cameron Fleet

 About Eric Cameron Fleet

On May 1986, I graduated from Tennessee Temple Academy in Chattanooga, Tennessee and earned a general educative diploma. In Fall 1987, I enrolled at State Technical Institute at Memphis, Tennessee (now Southwest Tennessee Community College) where it became "Top Ten Two-Year College In United States" by U.S. News magazine. I received honorable award "1989 Outstanding Hearing Impaired Student" from Mid-South Council of the Hearing Impaired and 1989 Certification Of Appreciation - Shelby County Administration (on behalf of Mayor William N. Morris, Jr.). Then I graduated with double Associate of Applied Science degrees in Civil Engineering Technology (major) in December 1990 and Architectural Engineering Technology (minor) in April 1991 at State Tech. I am currently a certified Tennessee Notary Public At Large effective May 1994 and Mississippi Statewide Notary Public effective January 2002. I attended one-day at Notary Law Institute Training Seminar and earned "1994 Certification Of Attendance" in Memphis area. I have been a member of National Notary Association since December 1997 and a member of National Association of Signing Agents since April 2000. I illustrated first a publication called "Stay in the Breeze" authored by S. Faithe Finley and photographed a second publication called "As The Waters Cover The Sea: A Visit To The Seashore" written by Judith S. Finley. Both books were published in 1998. I designed the huge family tree chart called "The Great Fleet Family Tree: The Descendant Of Henri de la Flotte Circa Late 9th Century", First Edition in 1999. I passed Certified Signing Agent on March 2000. On December 2000, I printed the copyrighted publication called "Construction Plan & Surveying Plat Check Lists, First Edition" in Memphis, Tennessee. On March 2001. Again, I am working as a Sr. Civil Engineer Technician, for the civil engineering & surveying firm in Memphis for more than ten years and I have accumulated the work experience of a 15-year veteran Civil Engineer. I am enjoying teaching part time my children who are the home school students under the Memphis-area Home Education Association. I am also interested in stamp, coin, rock and wedgwood collections as well. I am a part-time owner of Fleet Notary Express, a Mobile Notary Service since the first day of new millennium. I am now practicing to be a Registered Land Surveyor for the Tennessee Board Of Examiners For Land Surveyors effected April 2000.

While I was in college, I first took Computer Aided Drawing and Word Processing classes. Then my full time jobs, I usually worked with IBM computer. I have experience with AutoCAD 2000, TerraModel Release 10.0, WordPerfect Version 8 and QuattroPro in Windows ME. At my home, I have Word 97 and Parsons Technology Family Origins Version 7 in Windows 95, too. This year I began to learn HTML Editor by myself. Therefore, I finally created this Fleet Family Tree home page. Some of these pages are automatically created by Parsons Technology Family Origins. Everyday I am a HTML learner!

For the Lord is good: his mercy is everlasting: and his truth endureth to all generations. Psalm 100:5 (KJV)

His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed. Psalm 112:2 (KJV)

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