Grayce F. Fleet

Colorful Street Plan Of Grayce Drive

Original Street Sign Of "Grayce Drive"

December 25, 2000

Dear Gorgeous Grayce,

Congratulations on this new street sign, GRAYCE DRIVE, in your honor. This is so thousands and thousands of civilized people will see your street name sign and might come to know about you. Because of all the work you have performed in the instruction of nearly 1,000 students for 10 years in the American Sign Language classes at the University of Memphis, church, family and private institutions, you have been responsible for large numbers of hearing people to be able to communicate with all the hearing impairment in the Memphis area. Therefore, you have your own lovely husband who is presently working as a Land Development Engineer for W. H. Porter & Co., Inc. for more than seven and half years, also known as Shelby County's well-known Deaf Civil Engineer. As you know, I have designed many commercial properties and subdivisions in the Southwest Tennessee and North Mississippi areas. I have designed more than 3189 residential lots, over 55 subdivisions with more than 1092 acres of land. I have chosen approximately one third of all names for the new street signs myself. One member of my family asked if I planned on moving onto one of the lots of the existing Fleets Bay Drive street sign where my name appears. I said, "No, because that is just a status symbol. But it is representative of my work as a hearing-impaired engineer which has been equal to those who hear." Tourists will see the name and will know the site was of my design. It is the same idea as yours!

Because of your ten years of service your retired Director of Short Course Instruction at the University Of Memphis, Patsy Madewell, awarded you this "Certificate Of Appreciation" for Outstanding Service Teaching American Sign Language Levels One to Three. Also your GRAYCE DRIVE street sign is your honorable plaque and unforgettable status.

Your very own GRAYCE DRIVE street sign will be located in Phases 1 & 2 of Ole Bartlett Village, which is a private subdivision of 85 residential lots on 17.41 acres of land, developed by Gary Blume of T.G.T., L.L.C. at Mallard Creek Realty, Inc.; engineered & surveyed by your husband, Eric C. Fleet of W. H. Porter & Co., Inc.; legislated by City Of Bartlett, Department of Public Works & Engineering; and accepted by Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division, Department of Address Assignment. The location of GRAYCE DRIVE is the northeast area of Bartlett Boulevard and Bartlett Center Drive in Bartlett, Shelby County, Tennessee.

The storm runoff from GRAYCE DRIVE flow along Harrington Creek Canal then Wolf River approx. 14 miles to Mud Island where there exists the Fleets Bay Drive street sign.

It is obvious you get great joy from being able to interpret and teach ASL. It is as though it is your gift to the hearing impaired and you are my greatest gift from the Lord.

Yours, with Love, Truly and Deeply,
Eric C. Fleet

See Temporary Street Sign of Grayce Drive #1

See Temporary Street Sign of Grayce Drive #2

New Permanent Street Sign

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