Fleet People Of The Millennium


Century Birth/Death
(Ammo Domino)
Name Description
11 1080 - 1120 Henri de la Flotte The earliest evidence of the Fleet surname yet found concerns one Henri de la Flotte.
11 1075 - ? Arnaud de la Flotte Arnaud de la Flotte was an Archibishop of Embrun in Flotte, Charente-Maritime or Auvergne, France.
14 ? - 1383 William Flete William Flete was educated at Cambridge. In England, one William Fleete was an Augustine Erminite monk who wrote religious treatises and recommendations for reforming the order.
17 1600 - 1661 Henry Fleete Henry Fleete was an active man, a useful citizen, a shrewd leader, an excellent interpreter, and contributed his full share towards laying the foundations of the Colony of Maryland, and building up the Colony of Virginia. In 1995 Virginia Department Of Historic Resources established roadside sign "Henry Fleete and Fleet's Island" in the memory of the dedication of him.
17 - 18 1685 - 1758 Thomas Fleet Thomas Fleet was one of Boston's most influential printers. He ran the most successful printing shop in eighteenth-century Boston, Massachusetts. Their publications included books, pamphlets, broadsides, and also the Boston Evening-Post, the most important newspaper of its day, until it ceased publication at the beginning of the American Revolution.
19 - 20 1843 - 1916 Charlie Browne Fleet Today C.B. Fleet Company, Inc., a pharmaceutical/ health & beauty consumer products manufacturer located in Lynchburg, Virginia which is still in existence.
19 - 20 1887 - 1965 Frederick Fleet Lookout Frederick Fleet was a 25-year old native of Southampton, England when he boarded the Titanic, famous and world's largest passenger ship, became the greatest ship disaster on April 10, 1912. He shouted the famous quote "Iceberg right ahead" was announced. He was responsible for helping to save almost a thousand passengers. There is a memorial to Fleet in Hollybrook, Cemetery Ireland.
19 - 20 1887 - 1965 Reuben Hollis Fleet Reuben Hollis Fleet won Army pilot wings No. 74 in 1917. He organized the first air-mail between New York and Washington in 1918; was the Army Air Services' Chief Contracting Officer after World War I and founded Consolidated Aircraft Corporation in 1923. He became the leading producer of Army and Navy trainers and in the 1930's moved into the field of multi-engine aircraft with great success as demonstrated by the famed PBY Catalina flying boats and B-24 Liberator bombers which contributed so much to American victory in World War II. He was enshrined in the International Aerospace Hall of Fame at the institution named in his honor at San Diego's Balboa Park. In San Diego, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center is now opening for the exhibition and activity.
20 1906 - 1996 Betsy A. Fleet The best author of many published books about Fleet Family in Virginia, United States.
20 - 21 ? - Today James Fleet The world's renown movie and theatre actor in England.
20 - 21 ? - Today Greg Fleet The well-known comedian in Australia.
20 - 21 1967 - Today Eric Cameron Fleet That is me. Tell me how I can be involved in "Fleet People Of The Millennium".

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