Johannes Flohri from Birkenau



      The genealogy below is that of Johannes Flohri (John Flory), who immigrated here in 1754 aboard "The John and Elizabeth" with his brother George and his half-brother Adolph.  For a history of Johannes and his brothers, click on The History of the Brothers from Birkenau.

      Children are listed with their parents' generation.  If they have children of their own, they are re-listed with the next generation.  If they don't have children, their names will not re-appear.   The ancestry of each entry is recorded by two different ways: (1)by the numbering system which precedes the entry; and (b) by the list of ancestors in parenthesis which follows each name. 

      The descendant chart of Johannes' half-brother, Adolph, appears elsewhere in this site as the E-2 Line.  For an extensive GEDCOM file that lists over 7,000 descendants of both Johannes and Adolph, click on The Descendants of the 1754 Birkenau Brothers.  For a passenger list for the ship on which Johannes arrived in the port of Philadelphia on November 7, 1754, click on John and Elizabeth.




Descendants of Johannes Flohri


Generation No. 1


1. JOHANNES FLOHRI (JOHANN3, PETER2, HANS1) was born April 21, 1724 in Birkenau,Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, and died May 1801 in Northampton Co., PA. He married CHRISTINA HAHN April 07, 1760 in Philadelphia, PA.

   Johannes or John I was one of three brothers who emigrated from Birkenau, Germany in 1754 and landed in Philadelphia on November 7th of that year. The ship was named The John and Elizabeth, and it was commanded by Captain Peter Ham from Amsterdam. The ship's list indicates that both John and his brother George were probably illiterate, as there is a space on that document to leave their marks, and that they shared Cabin 63. The third brother is listed as "Adolph Flohri, " who was really their half brother and whose full name was Nicholas Adolph Flohri.

   The brothers were preceded by the arrival in Philadelphia in 1733 of another Flory, Joseph, along with his wife and children. Although no evidence exists to link these two families together, there is a slight possibility that they may have been distantly related.

   John I probably settled originally near Philadelphia, for there is a marriage record of a Johannes Flory to Christina Hahnin (aus Bechlob) on April 7, 1760 at the church repository at Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. Their first child, Johannes or John II, was born in the city in 1761. In 1766, the family moved to Northampton County, Pa. Johannes was joined in that county by his brother Adolph in 1774. Both Adolph and his sons, John and David, served in the Revolutionary Army. John I, who was advancing in age, did not, although his son, John II did, albeit his enlistment was brief. Despite the presence of Adolph in the area for a period of time, it is Johannes or John I who was the ancestor of all of the known Northampton County Floreys.

   Johannes was buried at the Old Lutheran and Reformed Cemetery in Easton, Pa. Unfortunately, there is no grave marker.

   There are a respectable number of records about Johannes that survive today that are primarily church related. For example, he and his wife, Christina, were sponsors to the son (Johannes) of John and Elizabeth Krauss (?) on March 15, 1795 at the First Reformed Church of Easton. This pair may have been the Ludwig and Elizabeth Knauss who were sponsors to the birth of Johannes and Christina's son, Ludwig. Johannes and Christina were also the sponsors of several other children at their baptisms at the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Easton. These include:

   (1) Catherine Hertfield on July 28, 1782 (b. 5/10/1782)-Parents John and Catherine Hertfield

   (2)Samuel Hep on May 22, 1791 (b. 3/7/1791)-Parents Frederich and Maria Hep

   (3) John Otto on Feb. 21, 1784-no parents listed

   (4)Susana Wudringer on Nov. 12, 1796 (b. 10/24/1796) to Philip and Margaretha Wudringer

   The name "Johanes Flora" appears on the list of communicants at this church on Aug. 16, 1770. On May 15, 1773, Johannes once again received communion, and his name was listed as "Johs Flore."

   There are also municipal documents that carry his name--He appears on the tax lists of Northampton County (see "Tax Lists Northampton Co. 1774-1806") in 1779 as John Flora of Williams Township, in 1783 as John Flory of Williams Township, and in 1786 as John Flory. In the Pa Archives, series 3, v. 19, p. 85 ("Tax Lists of Northampton Co., 1772-1786") there is a reference to a John Flory of Williams Twp. in 1785, who is taxed 9.4 for 100 acres of land, 2 horses, and one cow. On p. 187, which reports the taxes billed in the township for 1786, this John Flory is charged 9.0 for the same property plus an additional cow.

   A "John Flohrie" took the oath of allegiance to the state of Pa. on May 25, 1778 ("Oaths of Allegiance, Northampton Co., Pa. 1777-1784"). Had he not taken this oath, he could have been arrested when he appeared on the public streets.

   On March 5, 1796, John Flory and Henry Sackrider inventoried the estate of Margaret Lerch, widow, who left two sons, Anthony and Peter (Abstract of Wills, p. 104, File Number 1727 for 1796). The settlement was made on Feb. 8, 1797.

   John Flory's will, to which he affixed his mark, was dated April 2-, 1801 and probated on May 16 of the same year. It is readily available from the Northampton County Courthouse in Easton, Pa. In this will, he left all of his goods to his son Ludwig and his wife, Christina, with the proviso, as was common to the times, that Ludwig be responsible for the care of his mother. A transcript of this will follows:

   "This is to say that my son Ludwig shall have two of the best horses and the

   [ ?] for the horses, and the Wagon of the Windmill. And the other horses shall

   be sold on the Public [?]. And my wife Christina shall have all the house holds

   [sic] goods, And shall stay with my Son Ludwig her [?] time, and my wife shall

   have two horses. Here unto have I set my hand and seal the Day and year

   above written-----------


   John (x) Flory


   While records don't give a complete picture of a person, Johannes or John appears to have been religious, law-abiding, and conservative. He waited until he was settled in this country to marry and have children, and, once having migrated to Northampton County, he stayed there, unlike his half-brother, Adolph. It is not known what he did with his carpentry skills apart from having passed them along to his descendants. From indications in the tax lists, his farm, which he probably rented, would have been sufficient to provide basic maintenance for his family, but little more.

   While we can only speculate, John's reasons for leaving Germany were probably economic. His father, Johannes, was not a wealthy man, and what little he had was undoubtedly given to John's eldest brother, George. Since there was little opportunity for him in Birkenau, John probably responded to the persuasions of an agent for The John and Elizabeth, who may have been recruiting passengers in the area. Although it is speculative at this point, John's older brother, Christian, may have immigrated to America in 1744, providing a precedent for the other brothers.


1.1. JOHN5 FLORY II, b. October 10, 1761, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA; d. March 19, 1827, Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., PA.

1.2. ANNA MARGARETHA FLORY, b. Aft. 1762; m. PHILIP WATRING, February 24, 1789, Easton, Northampton Co., PA.

1.3. ELIZABETH FLORY, b. Abt. 1763, Easton, Northampton Co., PA.

1.4. LUDWIG FLORY, b. February 13, 1768, Northampton Co., PA; d. December 09, 1851, McConnelsburg, Fulton Co., PA.

1.5. SOPHIA FLORY, b. June 25, 1770; d. July 26, 1843, Northampton Co., PA.

1.6. CATHARINA FLORY, b. Abt. July 23, 1772.

1.7. JOHN GEORGE FLORY, b. July 04, 1777, Williams Twp., Northampton Co., PA; d. May 02, 1858, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA.


Generation No. 2


1.1.  JOHN FLORY II (JOHANNES4 FLOHRI, JOHANN3, PETER2, HANS1) was born October 10, 1761 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, and died March 19, 1827 in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., PA. He married ELIZABETH ILLICK 1791 in Northampton County, PA, daughter of JOHANN ILLICK and ELIZABETH HUBER.

     At the age of 20, John II was a private in the Revolutionary War army, attached to Captain John Wagner's Company of the Northampton County Militia, 4th Battalion, commanded by Stephen Balliat. His service, however, was extremely brief lasting from August 20, 1781 to Sept. 22 of that same year. From records in the Pa. Archives, it appears that John may have located a substitute. Despite the brevity of his service, a DAR marker appears on his grave, and several of his descendants have been members of either the DAR or the SAR.

   John was a carpenter and cabinet maker, as were many of his descendents. He lived in Lower Saucon Twp. in Northampton County, Pa. until 1811, when he moved to Upper Mt. Bethel and purchased a farm there of 76 acres for $2433. He is buried at Stone Church Cemetery in upper Mt. Bethel along with his wife.

   He is described in John Fremont Keve's family history, published earlier this century, as a fine cabinet maker. At the time of Keve's writing, a Mrs. Beck of Bangor, one of John's descendants, had in her possession a grandfather clock that he made along with a high tenoy.

   John's move to Upper Mt. Bethel was a major event in the development of the Northampton Florys, all of whom descend from his father through him. John's brothers, George and Ludwig, left the county, and relocated in the Western part of Pennsylvania. From Upper Mt. Bethel, John's descendants fanned out into Bangor and Plainfield Township and then to other areas of the county including Nazareth and Bath. For many generations after, Northampton Florys referred to him as "the Founder of the Family."

   Baptismal records at both Easton and Centerville indicate that he and his wife had at least fourteen children, although tradition gives them but thirteen.


1.1.1. JOHN FLOREY III, b. October 19, 1792, Northampton Co., PA; d. January 28, 1861, Northampton Co., PA; m. ELIZABETH REISER. Both John and his wife are buried at St. Peter's Church in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania.

1.1.2. ELIZABETH FLORY, b. June 12, 1794, Northampton Co., PA.

1.1.3.  PETER FLORY, b. November 28, 1795, Northampton Co., PA; d. October 18, 1850; m. MARY SISELACH, 1815, PA.

The witnesses for the baptism of their son Joseph at Stone church were Peter's sister Anna Margaret and Daniel Schoch, who were later to marry. The witnesses for baptism of his son John George Flory were George and Margaret Mann. Peter and his wife, Maria, Maria, were witnesses themselves for the baptism of Maria Corell, daughter of George and Susanna Corell on Sept. 10, 1820. Peter  was both a farmer and a blacksmith and was christened 2/7/1796 at Old Williams Church, Easton, PA

1.1.4.  SUSANNAH FLORY, b. November 23, 1797, Northampton Co., PA; d. November 25, 1854; m. HENRY REIMER.

1.1.5. SARA FLORY, b. November 12, 1799, Northampton Co., PA.

1.1.6. ANNA MARGARET FLORY, b. August 20, 1801, Northampton Co., PA; d. April 23, 1860; m. DANIEL SCHOCH, Lower Saucon Reformed Church, Northampton Co., PA.

1.1.7.  JACOB FLORY, b. April 1803, Northampton Co., PA; d. March 28, 1884, Beloit, WI.

Jacob and his brother George left Northampton Co., and migrated to Lendhannock, Pa. in 1850 where they built a saw mill. The town became known as Florey Town. Later it was called Keiserville after Michael Keiser, who married Catherine Florey. Jacob and his family then moved to Beloit, Wisc. 

1.1.8. GEORGE FLOREY, b. May 18, 1805, Lower Saucon, Northampton Co., PA; d. September 06, 1882, Tunkhannock, PA; m. CATHERINE BEST.

1.1.9. LYDIA FLORY, b. May 29, 1807, Northampton Co., PA; m. SAMUEL SCHOCH.

1.1.10. HANNAH FLORY, b. March 06, 1809, Northampton Co., PA; d. March 1862; m. ABRAHAM BRODT.

There is confusion about date of birth and husband. She or her sister Lydia married Abraham Brodt. It was probably her.

1.1.11.  CATHERINE FLORY, b. December 06, 1810, Northampton Co., PA; d. August 18, 1874; m. MICHAEL KEISER.

1.1.12. DANIEL FLORY, b. March 17, 1813, Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., PA; d. 1897; m. MARIA SARAH STACKHOUSE.

Daniel was a short man and a carpenter. He loved his numerous grandchildren, and often entertained them with ghost stories. He was buried at Bender's Church, Plainfield Twp., PA where his gravestone gives his dates as 1813-1895.

1.1.13.  ANNA FLORY, b. August 06, 1815, Northampton Co., PA; d. February 09, 1866; m. ELIAS DUTT.

1.1.14 JOHANNES FLORY, b. March 11, 1816, Northampton Co., PA; d. Bef. 1827.


1.2.   ELIZABETH FLORY (JOHANNES4 FLOHRI, JOHANN3, PETER2, HANS1) was born Abt. 1763 in Easton, Northampton Co., PA. She married PETER HILL September 18, 1787 in Easton, Northampton Co., PA.


1.2.1. JOHANNES HILL, b. June 25, 1788, Easton, Northampton Co., PA.

Johannes was baptized on 9/25/1788 at the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Easton and the sponsors at his baptism were listed as John & Christina Flory

1.4.  LUDWIG  FLORY (JOHANNES4 FLOHRI, JOHANN3, PETER2, HANS1) was born February 13, 1768 in Northampton Co., PA, and died December 09, 1851 in McConnelsburg, Fulton Co., PA. He married SARAH L.. 

1.4.1. CHARLES FLORY, b. October 30, 1796, Northampton Co., PA.

1.4.2. WILLIAM FLORY, b. April 09, 1802, Northampton Co., PA.

1.4.3.  MARY CATHERINE FLORY, b. December 07, 1804; m. WILLIAM FLENECIE.

1.5.  SOPHIA FLORY (JOHANNES4 FLOHRI, JOHANN3, PETER2, HANS1) was born June 25, 1770, and died July 26, 1843 in Northampton Co., PA. She married NICHOLAS DIETZ September 20, 1798 in Easton, Northampton Co., PA.


1.5.1.  SARA DIETZ, b. July 22, 1799, Northampton Co., PA; m. JONATHON KINSEY, November 21, 1819, Easton, Northampton Co., PA.

1.5.2.  CHRISTINA DIETZ, b. January 23, 1801, Northampton Co., PA.

Christina was baptized on March 23, 1801.  It is possible that she was named after her grandmother, Christina Hahn Flory

1.5.3.  ELIZABETH DIETZ, b. December 25, 1802, Northampton Co., PA.

1.5.4. GEORGE FLORY DIETZ, b. March 27, 1806, Northampton Co., PA.

1.5.5.  SOPHIA DIETZ, b. March 15, 1808, Northampton Co., PA; d. March 15, 1814, Northampton Co., PA.

1.5.6.  SUSANNA DIETZ, b. April 05, 1810, Northampton Co., PA; d. October 18, 1815, Northampton Co., PA.

1.5.7.  JOHN DIETZ, b. February 14, 1812.

1. 6. CATHARINA  FLORY (JOHANNES4 FLOHRI, JOHANN3, PETER2, HANS1) was born Abt. July 23, 1772. She married PETER SCHNEIDER February 17, 1801 in Easton, Northampton Co., PA.


1.6.1. CARL SCHNEIDER, b. August 21, 1801, Northampton Co., PA.

1.6.2.  SARAH SCHNEIDER, b. 1802, Forks Township, Northampton Co., PA; d. April 13, 1882, Easton, Northampton Co., PA; m. SAMUEL KICHLINE, October 31, 1820, First Reformed Church, Easton, PA.

1.6.3. MARIA SCHNEIDER, b. July 24, 1805, Easton, Northampton Co., PA.

1.6.4. GEORGE SCHNEIDER, b. November 15, 1806, Easton, Northampton Co., PA.

1.6.5.  ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER, b. February 20, 1808, Easton, Northampton Co., PA.

1.7. JOHN GEORGE FLORY (JOHANNES4 FLOHRI, JOHANN3, PETER2, HANS1) was born July 04, 1777 in Williams Twp., Northampton Co., PA, and died May 02, 1858 in Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA. He married HENRIETTA BARBARA ? Abt. 1809.

 George Flory's Will

   In the name of God Amen I George Flory of the borough of Chambersburg County of Franklin and state of Pennsylvania make and ordain this as and for my last will and testament. To my beloved daugher Christiana Sophia I devise the one half lot of ground in the borough of Chambersburg bounded by main street and on which I now live with the buildings and improvements thereon for and during her lifetime. To my daughters Catherine Augusta and Lucretia Juliana I bequeath each one good bed and beding [sic] and as many other articles of household and kitchen furniture as will make them equal to what has been given to my daughter Henrietta Amelia and Caroline Maria who were married and when said named Catherine and Lucretia I [sic] have received their furniture all the rest and residue and remainder of my household and kitchen furniture and articles of personal property a said [sic] half lot of ground is bequeathed to my daughter Christiana I before named. The half lot of ground in said borough adjoining the half lot devised to Christiana S. I will and devise shall be sold and conveyed by my executors hereafter named on of the three acre lots of ground situated in Guilford Township adjoining lands of George Ludwig and which I purchased from Daniel Arnold. I devise unto my son William Flory his heirs and assigns as a compensation for working for me after he was twenty one years of age. The other lots of ground situated in Guilford Township containing about eleven acres of land I authorize and empower my executors to sell and convey within two years after my death the lot of ground on which the shop is built to be sold at same time all the shop tools I own bequeath to my son William Flory without charge. The money raised by selling said real estate after deducting expenses is to be equally divided among all my children share and share alike. My children are Frederick William, Christian Sophia [sic], Henrietta Amelia, Catharine Augusta, Caroline Augusta, Caroline Maria and Lucretia Juliana and after the death of my daughter Christian Sophia [sic] I order my dwelling house and the half lot of ground on which it is built to be sold by my executors and the proceeds are to be divided equally among my children who are then living and the heirs of such as are dead the heirs of each one who are dead are to receive the same share their parents would have received if living and for carrying this my will into effect I appoint my daughter Christiana Sophis executrix of my last will and testament. Witness my hand and seal this first day of December 1857.

George x Flory

his mark

  Children of GEORGE  FLORY and HENRIETTA ? are:

1.7.1. FREDERICK WILLIAM FLORY, b. 1810, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; d. October 08, 1863; m. MARY R. ?.

1.7.2.  J. BARNHARD FLORY, b. July 17, 1814, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; d. June 02, 1843, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA.

1.7.3. CHRISTINA SOPHIA FLORY, b. 1816, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; m. WILLIAM GROVE, Aft. 1857.

While it is impossible at this point to determine from whence Christina Sophia derived her first and middle names, it is interesting to speculate. Her grandmother's name was Christina and one of her aunts was named Sophia. Her father, George, may have wanted to remember them both in the same child.

1.7.4. HENRIETTA AMELIA FLORY, b. 1818, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; d. July 12, 1896, Allegheny City, Allegheny Co, PA; m. (1) JOHN MONAGHAN; m. (2) DAVID DEAVES, 1842; m. (3) BENJAMIN TREXLER, Abt. 1850.

In 1854, Benjamin Trexler sold property in Chambersburg, Pa, which was deeded over by him and "his wife" Henrieta. Additionally, this document carries the signature of "Henrietta A. Trexler."

The 1870 Allegheny Co., Pa census shows: "Monaghan, Henrietta age 51 born PA. Trexler, John age 19 born PA." Relationship not stated. Both are enumerated at the same address.

The newspaper obituary for Henrietta Monaghan on 12 July 1896 in Allegheny Co. gives her age as 78 and her birthplace as Chambersburg, Pa. It mentions that the funeral is to take place at the residence of her son, John Trexler. She is buried in Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA.

1.7.5.  LOUISA FLORY, b. August 07, 1821, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; d. March 13, 1830, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA.

1.7.6.  GEORGE L. FLORY, b. January 16, 1827, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; d. February 15, 1846, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA.

1.7.7.  CATHARINE AUGUSTA FLORY, b. 1828, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA.

1.7.8.  CAROLINE MARIE FLORY, b. 1831, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; m. BRENIZER, Bef. 1858.

1.7.9.  LUCRETIA JULIANNA FLORY, b. 1834, Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; m. BENJAMIN J. SNODDY, June 26, 1860, Washington Co., MD.