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    The list below is an alphabetized listing of the passengers aboard the ship The John and Elizabeth, upon which the three brothers from Birkenau arrived in the port of Philadelphia  on November 7, 1754.  Johannes and George were illiterate as indicated by the X in the middle of their names, which were set down in the same hand.  Adolph apparently could write his own name. There were actually three lists.  The heading of the C list reads:

   At the Court House at Philadelphia, Thursday, the 7th November, 1754.

   Present: The Worshipful Charles Willing, Esquire, Mayor of Philadelphia.

   The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship John and Elizabeth, from Amsterdam and Portsmith, from Hanau. the Palatinate, & Wirtemberg, Capn Ham, did this day take the usual Oaths and Qualifications.  330 Whole Freights. 11 Roman Catholicks. 120 Protestants.





Abel, Stephan

Acheback, Philib

Amand, Jacob

Bach, Henry

Bannot, Johann Peter

Bartleman, Adam

Bernhardt, Jacob

Blecher, Johannes

Blecher, William

Bott, Bartle Hendrick

Bruckmann, Johann Valentin

Buger, Philip

Burgemeyer, Hans George

Cacheler, Martin

Darendinger, Johannes

Deh, Johann Nicolaus

Derst, Friedrich Adam

Desch,  Nicolaus

Dexheimer, Daniel

Diener, Casber

Dorr, Johann Heinrich

Dresbach, Heinrich

Dubier, Joseph

End, Jacob

Eyler, Henry

Feeck, Johan Gorg

Fey, Johann Georg

Fisher, Peder

Flohri, Adolph

Florin, Georg

Florin, Hans

Flimer, Johannes

Fonstock, Caspers

Franck, Johann Heinrich

Fronheuser, Johann Craft

Gander, Jacob

Gebhardt, Andreas

Gleim, Carl

Gotz, Johann Andreas

Greiffestand, Johannes

Gross, John Jacob

Gross, Philip Christian

Han, Johannes

Hauff, Johann Peter

Hauswirth, Christoph

Heldmann, Johannes

Hense, Burget

Hermann, Conrad

Hermann, Johann Peter

Homan, Michael

Hoffman, Paul

Jost Susse, Johann

Keil, Johann Conrad

Keller, Christian

Kempf, Johann

Kifie, Jean Jaque

Klein, Johannes

Klein, Johann Philips

Klein, Niglaus

Kleinpetter, Hans Georg

Klunck, Alberdt

Konigsfeldt, Johann Wendel

Kramer, Christian

Krebs, Martin

Krug, Michel

La Gneau, Barthelmi

Lang, Nicklauus

Larosch, Johannes

Laux, Johann Wendell

Leithauser, Johann Gebhart

Leukel, Daniel

Losch, Michel Martin

Manig, Johann Adam

Manig, Johannes

Mengel, Christopher

Meichler, Melchior

Meisner, Georg

Meister, Johannes

Mergel, Freidrich

Mey, Christopher

Miller, Georg

Minich, Hans

Muller, Jacob

Neess, Johannes

Nees, John Adam

Nees, Richard

Neiff, Michael

Pein Theobold

Peteri, Lenhart

Pfadt, Daniel

Polay, Johannes

Preiter, George

Pritzius, Wendall

Ralman, Johann Georg

Reinharth, Martin

Renner, Johann Phillip

Roth, Joanes

Runer, Hans George

Scheck, Michael

Schlesser, Jacob

Schlotzer, Johann Jacob

Schmid, Johann Heinrich (twice)

Schneider, Jorge Wilhelm

Schneider, Wilhelm

Schultz, Carl Freidrich

Schumaker, Johannes

Schuster, Johannes

Schuser, Johann Heinrich

Schutz, Johann Georg

Schwartz, Andreas

Seidel, Johann Nicolaus

Senger, Hermann

Smith, Michael

Sneigel, Henry

Staub, Michel

Swartzenbagh, Henry

Theobold, Friedrich

Togend, Jacob

Uder, Jergen

Uhting, Johann Michael

Wagener, Jacob

Weingart, Jacob

Wertmuller, Jacob

Weygandt, Johannes

Wilflinger, Henry

Winholt, Hans

Zeiner, Johann Adam