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and the daughter church, South Pigeon Creek Dunkard Church (now defunct)
Washington Co., PA

Ten Mile is the area east of Washington PA that surrounds Ten Mile Creek along Route 40 East.  It was named for Ten Mile Creek - with several forks - which runs through this area.

By the mid 1700s, there was an influx of settlers into this new region of Washington County, PA.  They represented many different faiths, including the Friends / the Quakers, the Baptists, the German Baptists (often called Dunkards), the Lutherans, and the Methodists.

Several churches were very important to the German settlers of this area but I am only focusing on a few (the interest of this section of the website is the Church of the Brethren).  In addition to Ten Mile Church of the Brethren, some Brethren families intermarried with persons attending "Dutch Glory" Bethlehem Lutheran Church which is in this same area.



Going right to left across a map, first you'd find the Ten Mile Church of the Brethren (and very nearby is the Highland Brethren Church, formed by a group that split off to become "Progressive Brethren" about 1881), then there's "Dutch Glory" Bethlehem Lutheran Church to the right of Route 40, then crossing Route 40 and going down Route 40 (and north off of 40) to the site of the former South Pigeon Creek Dunkard Church.  Of these, only Ten Mile Church of the Brethren ("mother" church) and South Pigeon Creek Dunkard Church (offshoot of Ten Mile COB) were connected by denomination.  The Highland Brethren Church is technically considered as a separate denomination -- although the families split from Ten Mile Church of the Brethren originally and even though these 2 churches have shared preachers/pastors for a long time (as they still do today).


Here are maps that show these 3 places.

Map to Ten Mile Church of the Brethren

To Ten Mile Church of the Brethren

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Map to South Pigeon Creek Dunkard Cemetery

To South Pigeon Creek Dunkard (former Church) Cemetery
  Church torn down between 1920-1930.

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Map to Bethlehem Lutheran Church

To Bethlehem Lutheran 'Dutch Glory' Church and Cemetery

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