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The George Washington Hotel

60 S Main St.
Washington, PA 15301
(724) 225-3200

The George Washington Hotel is an historic hotel in downtown Washington PA.  Built in 1923, two floors in the hotel served as residences for Washington & Jefferson College students from 1968 to 1971. For a time in the mid 1970s, the hotel transitioned into private apartments. It has since returned to a service hotel. 

Lobby entrance to The George Washington Hotel

The entrance is on east-sloping East Cherry Avenue.

Front of The George Washington Hotel and Taylor's Pharmacy

However the hotel faces Main St.
Taylor's Pharmacy occupies the first floor on Main Street; 
there you can still get fountain cokes.
Taylor's Pharmacy also had a wooden phone booth.

In its heyday, the hotel breathed opulence, finery, refinery, and wealth. It  provided hospitality to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Harry S. Truman, film star Joan Blondell, big band leader Harry James, and many well-to-do visitors.

Growing up, a door man stood at the lobby entrance, wearing a crisp uniform and cap, and white gloves.  He ushered guests from their cars, held open the lobby door, then took charge of luggage.  I don't know the African American's name, but he always smiled as I walked down the alley from HS to Citizens Library.

The George Washington Hotel is within walking distance to all locations uptown.  Though people in online reviews question the 'safety' of the area, the City of Washington is well patrolled with the police station mere blocks from the building.  Perhaps people do not know to expect a small town atmosphere?



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Obituary as posted on the William G. Neal Funeral Home Web Site, for John Reck, Head Chef at The George Washington Hotel



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