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Data and stories about persons or families from Little Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

This site focuses on how folks lived their lives, the occupations they had, where they attended church, and their families.  If you want to include your family who lived in Little Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania at anytime throughout history to recent times, please submit biographical information or your and family stories.

Some of the first settlers in the area came as early as 1744, with the majority arriving after the 1760s.  The 1700s is less documented, of course, than the 1800s, so I welcome any submissions you might have for the 1700 time-period.  The very earliest newspaper that is available on microfilm is also closer to the 1800s for this area.  I will do my best to provide 1700s information.

Ages - Index to Past Events by Years

Ages - US Presidential Inaugurations held on January 20th or 21st

Ages - World Historical and Societal Life 1957

Biographies - Information about people born in or who lived in Washington County PA but moved to counties in Ohio


Songs and Singing at Camps in Washington PA

Girls' and Boys' CAMPS in Washington County PA

Sports at Camp Buffalo and Other Camps 1940s to 1960s

1944 Tornado at Camp Buffalo

Church of the Brethren (COB) - This website also focuses on the lives of individuals and families associated with the Ten Mile Church of the Brethren, Marianna, Washington Co., PA.


Index to Families of Lane, Baker, McGary - Items about Judith Florian's family and ancestors, the descendants of John Lane Sr through his son Rev. Daniel Lane. Baker Family history.

Family-Brennan - BRENNAN FAMILY submitted by Submitted by Rod Carnahan

Family Stories - Families of Washington County PA

Index to Current Reunions

Index to Reunions Archives

Family Reunions 2007

Family Reunion Reports 2007

Family Reunions 2008

Family Reunion Reports 2008 - none

Family Reunions 2009

Family Reunion Reports 2009 - none

Family Reunions 2010 to 2012 - none

Family Reunion Reports 2010 to 2012 - none

Index Page for Farmers and Farming History in Washington County PA
with some photos of early tractors

Index to Cooking History

The George Washington Hotel - Information about the hotel in Washington, Washington Co PA

Homes-Houses - Photos and information about some homes/houses built in the 1700s-1800s.

Genealogy and Historical Humor

Lane Family in Bedford County PA (Rev. War Soldier John Lane Sr.) - This Lane family is NOT my line but was mistakenly connected to my John Lane Sr.  I present a long break-down of information concerning a DAR Application with proofs about why it is inaccurate.

My Lane Family My John Lane Sr. - of Frederick Co Md to Washington County, PA

Lane Descendants Family Newsletter

Memories - People Remembered - Some personal notes.

Mills and Plants - Information about Plants and Mills that have operated in Washington County PA

1951 Coca-Cola advertisement

Farmers and Farming History 

Coal Mines - Information about some of the Coal Mines that have operated in Washington County PA

Old Movies - Some movie theaters that have operated in Washington County PA

Parlor and Party Games - Please add your memories of party games

Schools - Some schools that have operated in Washington County PA.  Also see the "school-alumni" website.

Towns / Town Talk - Information about Washington Co. towns, boroughs and villages and persons who lived in those areas in the Town-Talk pages.  I do not know all the towns, so if you want to do a write-up I would appreciate it. 

Washington PA Uptown Landmarks -1 for North Main Street and Uptown Landmarks -2 for South Main St. in a walking tour-description of buildings and places.  These descriptions are personal perspectives, with some early history. 

Memories of Locations
Read Jefferson Avenue to Main Street

Read Uptown Landmarks - n1 for North Main Street Locations.

Read Uptown Landmarks - s2 for South Main Street Locations

Read about lower South Main Street to Maiden Street

MAPS see below

Old Webpages from The Washington Business District Authority "Main Street" Program (WBDA) 
-- Bus Route Map
-- City of Washington PA, streets around downtown 
-- Washington PA Improvement Development Map with primary downtown locations
-- Old Newsletters from The Washington Business District Authority "Main Street" Program (WBDA) 


Index to Trolley Transportation in Charleroi PA

Tributes to Aunts and Uncles who have lived in Washington County PA

Tributes to Grandparents  who have lived in Washington County PA

Tributes to Parents  who have lived in Washington County PA


Washington Hospital and Washington Hospital School of Nursing - Learn about the Washington Hospital (under construction) and the Washington Hospital School of Nursing - (Personal Perspectives). I hope to add more biographical sketches of graduates of the Washington Hospital School of Nursing.

Workers - misc. - Information about people who have worked in Washington County PA


List of Changes since 1948



Thank Yous & Credits



Index to Personal Memories


If you are looking for documents, newspaper items, obituaries, etc. for families of Washington Co., PA and surrounding areas (especially 1800 to 1990s), see my website: "Little Washington," Washington Co., PA: Genealogy and Family History.  Read some articles, obituaries, and other newspaper information found in Washington PA Newspapers and in McDonald PA, Washington Co., PA area Newspapers (also on the Little Washington website).




This website (Life in Washington Co., PA "Little Washington" 1700s to Present) received notice by the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, which publishes "GSP Timely Resources," a service of the GSP Technology Special Interest Group, Feb. 2006 Issue.
Local and County Histories:
Life in Washington County ("Little Washington") from 1700s to the present with a focus on lives of those who have lived there. A section called "Town Talk" provides history of towns in the county and where you can submit information about the lives of your ancestors and about the towns.


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The background was chosen specifically to emphasize the matriarchal role of women in "the life" of children and families, and the resilience of all the women of southwestern Pennsylvania.


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