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Life in Washington Co., PA "Little Washington" 
1700s to Present


My Interests


Genealogy:  I started family research in 1983 to help my grandmother. But in the process of learning how to track dead people through their records, I got hooked.

Web Design:  I began learning webmaking in 2005 and used my genealogy research as the content so I could 'practice' and learn codes.  I ended up with 7 web sites, including two sites that the original webmaster allowed me to take over and re-design.

Creative and Academic Writing:  I've always enjoyed writing stories and poems, but I also feel challenged when doing writing that requires source documentation.  Genealogy uses different methods to give sources than academic writing, but at heart it is similar.

Disability Issues:  I've always been passionate about disability concerns.  The current ADA does not address all the problems a disabled person faces each day.

Television:  I tend to 'listen' to television like a radio. So I rarely 'watch' TV, but it's on as background noise while I work on webpages.  I detest most 'sitcoms'--I don't think they're funny, though I love to watch skillful comedians.  I mostly watch crime dramas...always grateful 'Justice' can be sought.


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Judith Ann Florian
Girard, Ohio 44420

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Backgrounds by Marie. The background was chosen specifically to emphasize the matriarchal role of women in "the life" of children and families, and the resilience of all the women of southwestern Pennsylvania.