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Washington County 'Little Washington' Pennsylvania
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History of and Other Families (o_f) from 
The City and County of Washington Pennsylvania

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Washington County Pennsylvania History and Families
Genealogy Poetry

The Clues
Dec. 2007 by Judith Florian

The Clues
(* Change the county name to suit you.)

Allegheny* County is but one of the few
of many places ancestors passed through.
They stayed for a time, with jobs and kids
Daily survival and busyness they lived amid.

Whether out on the porch or in the yard
Neighbors hardly needed an 'Introduction Card'.
They shared their sorrows, good fortune too
Neighborhoods became family without 'Ta-do'.

Like marriages, in sickness and health
Everyone helped, shared their wealth.
Whether fresh fruit, veggies, or milk
Friendships made life go 'smooth as silk.'

Now, we look with a magnifying glass
At where our ancestors lived in past
We boldly search for the lives they led
We scrounge for records til we go to bed.

When they gave their name, did they think
100 years ahead that we'd curse fading ink?
Did they consider how all their daily acts
Would become so important to us as "facts"?

As they married, baptized, raised their kin
Did they imagine future generations coming in?
A 5th great-grand, whether narrow face or so round
Descendants from one to hundreds here abound.

No, they never thought we'd want them so
As we search here, there---high and low.
They simply lived lives, much as we all do
Without considering leaving us any clues.

Written by Judith Florian, Dec. 21, 2008 at 3pm
Permissions: You may reproduce this and use it on other Message Lists if the author's name is included.
* You can change the county name if you wish.

Permission granted to reprint "The Clues" by Judy Florian as long as this complete statement remains with the poem. Ms. Florian can be reached at: "at"

Comments about this poem:

Dec. 22, 2008

What a wonderful poem!

Thank you Ms. Florian.

Kelley Moseley MBA, DrPH
Professor and Director
Program in Health Care Administration


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Life in Washington, PA

Brethren and other Families of "Washpa"

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