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Washington County 'Little Washington' Pennsylvania
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History of and Other Families (o_f) from 
The City and County of Washington Pennsylvania

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Washington County Pennsylvania History and Families

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From the News Comet, East Berlin, Pa., 
June 12, 1942, page 3, for Latimore Valley, PA.

From the News Comet, East Berlin, Pa., June 12, 1942, page 3, for Latimore Valley, PA. Latimore Valley

Mrs. BURDETTA and sister, Miss Nellie ECKENRODE, of Waynesboro [Pa], visited Arlie MORRELL last Thursday.

Ralph GRIEST and Mrs. Russell WHISLER visited their sister, Mrs. James ALTHOFF, near Arendtsville on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin LEER visited their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph HIKES, near York Springs, on Sunday.

Patsy STARNER spent the past week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel DAVIS.

Ralph [GRIEST] and Richard GRIEST and Alie Z. MORRELL made a business trip to Dillsburg last Wednesday.

Mrs. William JOBE, Mr. and Mrs. John STALLSMITH and Bobbie SMITH visited Mr. and Mrs. Russell BENTZ in Camp Hill.

One of the heaviest rains in many years swept over the Latimore Valley last Thursday afternoon. The Latimore creek overflowed its banks and covered the state road (Route 15) at the bridge to the depth of over a foot. Many cellars were flooded and gardens washed out.

Richard GRIEST and Alie Z. MORRELL were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin STARNER.


Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. NEELY, Fairfield [Pa], have issued invitations to the wedding of their daughter, Hannah [NEELY], to Daniel E. TEETER, Esq., Gettysburg, which will be held in the Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian church Saturday, June 20.


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