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Grable-Martin Descendants 1909


[Technically this is not a reunion article.]

Article from The Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mon., Nov. 22, 1909, Whole Number 6283, first page:

Five Generation Group of Daniel Grable's Descendants" - [Photo of 6 persons, 5 adults and one baby; Photo is a little bigger than 5x 7 inches.] 

The accompanying picture shows a group containing five generations of the Martin family, all descendants of Daniel Grable, who was the grandfather of Mrs. Catherine Martin. The members of this group are Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Martin, who celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage on November 9; their daughter, Mrs. Demas Garrett; their granddaughter, Mrs. John Vester; their great-grandson, Everette D. Vester, and Mrs. Amanda Burson, aunt of Mrs. Martin, and daughter of Daniel Grable.

"Mr. and Mrs. Martin, who reside near Ten Mile, were married November 9, 1859, by the late Rev. Charles T**on, of Jefferson, Greene county. To them were born eight children, seven of whom are living. They are, Mrs. G. K. Gilmore, of Washington; Mrs. Demas Garrett and Mrs. J. A. Gilmore, of Washington; Samuel E. Martin, Jr., William M. Martin and Howard B. Martin, of Ten Mile, and Miss Sarah Martin at home. Mr. and Mrs. Martin have 30 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

"Mr. and Mrs. Martin were born near where they now reside. Mrs. Martin is a daughter of the late Israel and Hannah Grable Smith and is the second oldest of 15 children of which ten are still living. Mr. Martin is a son of Bonen [or Donen ?] and Sarah Lana Martin, deceased. He is one of ten children, three of whom are living. Daniel Martin, of the Eighth ward, is a brother. His grandparents, Joseph and Russell Lana, who were of noble birth came from Dublin, Ireland over 100 years ago. They settled near Huntingdon where some of their descendants still reside.

"Mr. Martin is a veteran of the Civil war [sic] having served three years. Since the war [sic] he has been engaged in farming." [NOTE: What a genealogical find in this article!]




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