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St. Alphonsus Church Dedication 1893

From the McDonald Outlook, May 13, 1893, page unknown:

St. Alphonsus Church

Its Dedication To-Morrow—Something of the History of the Church and Its Building.

Feb. 2, 1892, the Rt. Rev. R. PHELAN, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburg, after hearing the necessity for a church explained to him by the committee sent for that purpose, approved of the claim and granted the power to erect at once a church. Architect J. N. CAMPBELL, of Crafton, after some delay, submitted designs for the edifice which were approved of. The difficulties of undertaking a $13,000 church, without a cent to begin with, are known only to the committee themselves. How we have succeeded is for the public to say.

The site selected is the best in the town, overlooking the whole borough and the valley for miles. The cornerstone was laid July 31st, 1892—a day long to be remembered—about 5,000 people being in attendance. The dimensions ar 86-46, two story—height of ceiling 32 feet. The design is Gothic. The vestments, from a leading New York firm, are fine works of art—white, red, black, purple and green. The cope is moiré antique embroidered in gold. No expense was spared to have everything the finest. The same firm furnished the Ostensorium, Cibarium, Chalice, Censor, Candlesticks, crucifixes and all other alter trimmings.

The statuary imported from Munich, Europe. One over the main alter is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, another is St. Alphonsus; and on the side alters, St. Joseph, The Blessed Virgin and the Infant Jesus. The Stations of the cross were also imported. They are of stone in high relief ad decorated in gold. The background is landscape. The cost of the Stations, duty free, was $218—would have cost, if bought here, $416. The originals of these models were exposed in Paris salons, and are acknowledged by connoisseurs the most beautiful works of art of the kind ever executed, and they are masterpieces.

One of the chief attractions of the church are the windows. They are admired by everybody day after day. The praise of visitors is without stint. Even those who see them every day can never grow tired of them. The superior art displayed in execution, the chaste colors, and the originality of the designs of all the windows make them new every time one looks at them. The windows were donated by the following persons: the BUCHHEIT family; A. J. MCDONALD children, Mr. and Mrs. M. O’GRADY, the Misses MALONEY, J. P. GILMORE and wife, Building Committee, Sunday School children, Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT, A. O. H. of McDonald, Jas. LAUGHLIN, Minnie REND NEWTON, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. O’ROURKE, Mr. and Mrs. John CARROLL, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. MCCABE, HOEY family, James MORGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. RODGERS, Mr. and Mrs. M. HAYES, Miss Julia HAYES, Charles HAYES, Jacob DANIEL family, Michael MONAHAN family. Total cost of glass was $945. The Rose window in front cost $300.

The main alter was built at St. Joseph’s Home, Columbus, O. It is Gothic in style and in keeping with the other designs of the church, and skilled workmanship in every detail. The side alters are not so costly but they conform to the surrounds and were designed and made by W. WRIGHT, of … were manufactured by the … Furniture Company, of … and are of ash, circular in … and with kneeling attachment, they cost $700.

Following is the musical program of Sunday, which will be rendered by the Cathedral Choir of Pittsburg, consisting of—sopranos, Miss Grace MILLER, Mrs. Wm. MELLON, Miss Maggie SHATTUCK; altos, Miss Agnes MCCORMICH, Miss A. CARTER; tenors, Fred. ROBERTSHAW, Chas. MCNALLY, M. MCCORMICK; bassos, Thos, HEYL, T. J. FITZPATRICK, Chas. CORCORAN; organist Miss Alice CARTER. Morning service, 10 o’clock; Mozart’s Mass No. 12; Offertory, Ave Verum, Kreutzer. Evening service; Vespers, MILLARD; Ave Maria, OWENS; O Saintaris, VERDI; Tantum Ergo, LAMBILLOTT.


* See Town-Talk section for a more information on the history of McDonald Pa.* 


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