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Welcome to my website! My name is Penny. My ancestors hailed from Folkestone Kent England. Over the years when researching my family tree I have crossed paths with many others who share a link back to Folkestone. This site was launched in February 2001 and is dedicated to fellow Family History addicts with an interest in families from Folkestone.

My plan is to continually update the site. My hope is that these pages will provide a forum for sharing stories, research, information and resources. My aim is to bring some enjoyment to others.

Please visit the site regularly. If you would like to contribute to it please feel free to email me. All contributions will be gratefully received and appropriately acknowledged.    

I'd love to hear from you!

A special thank you to the following people who have kindly contributed to this site:
Peter Bailey, Carol Bowler, Maureen Branson, Janice Brooker, Maureen Cate, Christine Catt, Heather Cave, Mark Chalk, David Cornish, Joan Dibble, Mike Durtnall, Janet Eaves, Shelley Haigger, Lesley Haigh, Mary Harvey-Wright, Sheila Jackson, Ann Lamb, Jane Marshall, Richard Nelson, Pat and Trevor Robbie, Matthew Rosenz, Greg Snedden, Bill Stevens, Annie Stuart, Jean Thomas, Debbie Worwood

Did you know? The first International Beauty Contest took place at the Pier Hippodrome, Folkestone, Kent in 1908

My home is in NSW Australia


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A Brief History of Folkestone

About Folkestone, Kent, England and Nearby Areas Including references through the centuries. Contributed by Richard Nelson

Selected Baptisms, Marriages and Burials

Folkestone Wills

Early Folkestone Quaker Records contributed by Mark Chalk

Folkestone Census Extracts

Quarter Sessions Records

Finding My Folkestone Family - Plus A Twist In The Tail contributed by Annie Stuart

Folkestone Family Interests

Folkestone Families Most Wanted!


Percy Ernest Fray 1898 -1915
Contributed by Pat and Trevor Robbie

Unknown Soldiers of Folkestone
Contributed by Jane Marshall

"All The Brothers Were Valiant"
The story of the Hunt Brothers of Folkestone contributed by Janice Brooker

The Bombing of Tontine Street 1917 
Contributed by Janice Brooker
Includes lists of fatalities and persons injured.

Folkestone WWII Civilian Casualties

Alice Emily LAWSON nee PUNNETT
Contributed by Heather Cave

Folkestone's Great War Soldiers

One Folkestone Soldier's Story

The Queen HMTS


The Houndsditch Murders and The Goddard Family NEW!
Kindly contributed by Joan Dibble

Letters to America From Folkestone
Kindly contributed by Joan Dibble

Stories of the Folkestone Lifeboats
Kindly contributed by Lesley Haigh

The CORNISH Family of Folkestone
Kindly contributed by David Cornish

Walter Hill
Second Mate - SS Albert Edward
Also the story of Fanny Hill
Kindly contributed by Mary Harvey-Wright

Northcott Family of Folkestone
Kindly contributed by Kevin

Rescue at Sea
Story of a rescue at sea by the crew of the Folkestone Fishing boat INVICTA
Kindly contributed by Jane Marshall

Morford and Catt Connections contributed by Christine Catt

Accident in the Slaughter House

Trade and Business People  Over 580 names.

Jenner's the Builders contributed by Maureen Cate

Davis and Davis

The Folkestone Corporation - Mayors Freemen and Jurats

"The Folkestone Dollies" contributed by Ann Lamb

Folkestone Clerics and Church Officers


The Folkestone Of Edward Hasted 1778- 1799  Contributed by Janice Brooker
Includes lists of Lords od the Manor

Dover Gaol A folk song about smugglers contributed by Janet Eaves.
Names of Folkestone smuggles included.

Folkestone in the Newspapers

The Folkestone Countryside 1823  as described by William Cobbett

The Holy Well of Folkestone contributed by Sheila Jackson

The Four Brothers

The Folkestone Fiery Serpent


Folkestone Harbour Today contributed by Annie Stuart and Greg Snedden

Panoramic View of the Town of Folkestone contributed by Annie Stuart and Greg Snedden

The Story of Saint Eanswythe and the Folkestone Parish Church
contributed by Annie Stuart and Greg Snedden

Folkestone Churches - Past and Present

Books about Folkestone

Index of A Descriptive and Historical Account of Folkestone and Its Neighbourhood
Kindly compiled and contributed by Richard Nelson

Photo Gallery  Pictures and stories


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