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Notes on Using Devon 1901 Census Pages

Most of the headings that appear in my 1901 Census tables will be self explanatory and follow those that appear on the original pages of the census.  But here are a few notes on helping you understand these transcriptions.

  • Some headings have been abbreviated, so that the information will fit more easily onto a webpage. 
  • I have also used different colours to show the divides between separate households.  In the original pages the divide between a household is shown by // at the end of the household.
  • Census pages also consist of various different scrawls, that were added by the emunerators, many of them in the checking process.  The typical "ticking off" of families that you often see on scans has been ignored, but everything else transcribed as seen.
  • No effort has been made to correct any miss-spelt entries that appear in the original documents... they are transcribed as seen, complete with spelling errors.

Sch Address Room
Name Surname Relation to Head Marr Status Age M Age F Profession/
Own Acc
Working at Home Where Born County Disability
8 24 Silver Street   Thomas DUNN Head M 74         Atherington Devon Blind last 20 years
      Bessie DUNN Wife M   74       Tawstock Devon  
      William LIMEBEER Boarder Widr 83         Atherington Devon  
      William GLOVER Boarder S 46   Labourer in Timber Yard Worker   Stackerleigh Devon  
      Richard LAWILL Boarder S 35   Labourer in Mining ? Stone Worker   Combmartin Devon  
9 24A Silver Street 4 William COX Head M 30   Cab Driver Groom Worker   Barnstaple Devon  
      Ann COX Wife M   29       Barnstaple Devon  
      William COX Son S 3         Barnstaple Devon  
      John COX Son S 2         Barnstaple Devon  
  25 Silver Street Not in Occ                        

Explanation of Table Headings

By using the above table showing part of the parish of Holy Trinity in Barnstaple, Devon, I will explain what the headings mean that have been used for the main census pages on this site.

Heading Explanation
Sch Sch=Schedule Number.  This is not the number of the actual house but was a number given by the emunerator to distinguish between separate households
Address Addresses where shown have been written in full, but sometimes the census pages do not show what we would consider a proper address and might just say something like "Village".  Some cottages and Farmers were generally shown with their names.
Room<5 This shows the number of rooms in a building where in total there were less than five.  So for some households, you will see that the occupants were living in rather cramped conditions!

Properties that were Not in Occupation or being built, had their own columns in the original census, but to save space I have incorporated this into the Room column, the fact that very few properties came under this criteria.  Thus, the following mean:

Not in Occ=Not in Occupation - basically showing the property was empty.
Building=Property in the process of being constructed.

Name and Surname The name and surname of a person appeared in the same box on the original census, but I have split for ease of finding surnames and surnames have been highlighted in blue.
Relation to Head Shows the relationship of an individual to the Head of the household.  Remember that some people may have been shown as a visitor, lodger or boarder in a household, but in some cases they may still have been a relative.  So don't just assume that full relationships were always given.
Marr Status Shows the marital status of an individual.  Commonly the following abbreviations were used, but you may find others:
M=Married S=Single Wid/Widr=Widow or Widower
Age M Age F Shows the Age of Males and Females respectively.  Sometimes you will see mths and wks after an age and no doubt you guessed correctly, that these mean months and weeks respectively.  To save space, these have been abbreviated to m and w respectively.
Profession/Occupation Shows the Profession or Occupation for those people who were working.
Emp/Worker/Own Acc Emp=Employer Own Acc=Own Account Uem=Unemployed
Working At Home Generally At Home appears in this column and shows that a person was working from their own home, normally for themselves, rather than for an employer.
Where born and County The original census pages show place of birth and the county in the same column, but these have been split for the purposes of these pages.
Disability I have used disability to replace the following heading that appears on the the original census pages:

(1) Deaf and Dumb
(2) Blind
(3) Lunatic
(4) Imbecile, feeble minded

Most enumerators wrote the disability of an individual, sometimes with further information.  In the example above, you will note that Thomas DUNN had been blind for the last 20 years.

A Note on Transcriptions

Please remember that all the pages contained in the Devon 1901 Census pages are transcriptions and to the best of the transcribers ability have been transcribed as accurately as possible.  However, as with all transcriptions, sometimes the writing on the original scans may be very difficult to read - where appropriate ? have been used to query an entry along with *** for unreadable characters.

As with all transcriptions - we are only human!  As humans, unfortunately errors may occur when copying material.  So please remember that these pages must be treated as a secondary source of information and are provided for guidance as to what appears on the original page.  The enumerated pages are a primary source, but of course are only as accurate as the information given to and recorded by the enumerator.

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