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Plymouth Brethren Gospel Hall

Aller Bridge Gospel Hall - Brethren Chapel ©Ruth Bartlett (2002)

With special thanks to Ruth Bartlett of Swansea in Wales for providing the pictures of Aller Bridge Gospel Hall and the two graves of her ancestors. Also to Teresa Wadman in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK for her Monumental Inscriptions of Graves at Allerbridge Gospel Chapel

Aller Bridge Gospel Hall

The entrance to Aller Bridge Gospel Hall.  ©Ruth Bartlett (2002) Aller Bridge is no more than a few dwellings and a bridge over a stream, lying about a mile south-east of the village of Coldridge. This tiny place lies between Morchard Road Station and Taw Gate, on the B3220 towards Winkleigh. 

A map from  shows Allerbridge in relation to Coleridge - note Allerbridge is shown as Aller Br.

Mentioned in White's (1850) "History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devonshire", about a mile from the main village of Coldridge, lies the Plymouth Brethren Chapel of Aller Bridge Gospel Hall which no doubt served the outlying communities of Coldridge.  It was often common for people to use a nearby chapel of non-conformist denomination, rather than walk to the nearest Church of England, if such a chapel was nearer. So if you can't find a baptism, marriage or burial where you might expect then try one of the local non-conformists chapels!

Monumental Inscriptions

Ruth Bartlett's DAVEY Family

The grave of Ruth's grandparents Richard Metters DAVEY and Caroline DAVEY (nee JONES) ©Ruth Bartlett (2002) The grave of Ernest and Lena DAVEY (nee SAMPSON) ©Ruth Bartlett (2002)
To the left, is the grave of Caroline DAVEY (nee JONES), known as Kate, born 24 May 1868 and died 27 May 1939.  Buried with her is husband Richard Metters DAVEY born 7 Dec 1865 who died in Nov 1944. 

To the right, is the grave of Richard and Caroline's son, Ernest DAVEY (1899 - ?) and his wife Lena (nee SAMPSON).  Both were Ruth's Uncle and Aunt.

Below are the monumental inscriptions provided by Teresa Wadman of Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, UK.

©JOD's Genealogy Graphics

In memory of
Caroline, wife of Richard Metters DAVEY
who died 27 May 1939, age 71

Mark John GIBBINGS son of John and Ann GIBBINGS
who died 2? May 1881, age 18 years and 8 months

In memory of
Hilda, daughter of Sydney and Harriet GIBBINGS
who died 25 December 1913, age 17 years and 10 months

In loving memory of
Anne and John GIBBINGS
Mother fell asleep 18 December 1929, age 89
Father died 5 May 1927, age 85

Henry Charles MILTON
who died 2 January 1960, age 47
and his sister
Gertrude Annie TOWELL
who died 14 May 1993, age 76

In memory of
Johnnie, son of W. and E. ROUNSLEY
who died 18 October 1907, age 27

In memory of
Fanny, wife of John ROUNSLEY
who died 25 March 1907, age 63
Lucy Maria, daughter of the above,
who died 27 May 1907, age 22

who died 1 October 1908, age 27

In memory of
who died 29 June 1930, age 63

In memory of
who died 14 November 1993, age 63


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